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Blog: Australia vs India, Day 1, Brisbane Test

ABC News logo ABC News 17-12-2014 Dean Bilton

1:01 pm - THAT'S STUMPS! India 4 for 311, A Rahane 74*, R Sharma 27*

Unquestionably India's day, and the tourists now have a fantastic platform from which to really attack this second Test. The star was Murali Vijay, who plundered a stellar 144 to set the whole innings up. Having fallen on 99 in Adelaide, this century will be particularly sweet. He was well supported by Ajinkya Rahane who closes play on 74 not out, alongside the dangerous Rohit Sharma who is 27 not out. India will be looking to really get at the bowlers tomorrow morning, and if they can do that, they will find it hard to lose this Test.

For Australia, there are some real worries. Aside from a lackluster bowling performance they've seen Mitch Marsh, Josh Hazlewood and Mitchell Starc all succumb at one point to injury. Marsh looked the most seriously injured, his hamstring going on him straight after the lunch break. Hazlewood was the pick of the bowlers with 2 for 44, but he limped off late in the day. Starc was pretty pedestrian throughout the day, and spent time off the field with heat stroke and what looked to be a problem with his side. In short, the Aussies didn't bowl well, toiled in the heat and now look short of numbers heading into day two.

And so we look ahead to tomorrow and wonder how Australia will be able to get out of this hole. I'll be there to take you through all the action again tomorrow, on what will be a pivotal day. Until then, this is Dean Bilton signing off for the day.

1:00 pm - IND 4/311 - A Rahane 74*, R Sharma 27*

Johnson will bowl again, it may well be the last over of the day.

First ball is short and turned behind for one by Rahane.

Sharma leaves alone outside off stump. Possibly only four balls left today.

Too straight again from Johnson, clipped away for a single by Sharma.

Wide down the leg side, Rahane misses out. Two to come, unless they hurry through.

Another short ball easily nudged away for a single on the off side. I reckon they'll sneak another over here, although Rahane is trying to make sure that doesn't happen by mucking around with towel around his neck.

Sharma drives straight.... We'll get another over in.

NO WE WON'T. I'm a horrible liar. Ian Gould knocks the bails off and that's stumps.

12:54 pm - IND 4/308 - A Rahane 73*, R Sharma 25*

Hazlewood to Sharma... and a very pedestrian first ball. He looks very sore, he can't get through the crease at all. Test cricket really testing him. As it should I suppose, hence the name.

And the physio is on! He is in big trouble, the debutant. He won't finish the over, his day is over.

What on earth is going on out there? I've never seen a cricket team ravaged by injury like this. Something is going seriously wrong right now, and it can't just be the heat.

Anyway, Shane Watson will finish the over.

BEATEN! To be honest, that has happened a fair bit today. But this time Sharma gets away with it, missing one outside off stump.

12:49 pm - IND 4/302 - A Rahane 67*, R Sharma 25*

The new ball has been taken! And it is in the hand of Mitchell Johnson, can they snag a wicket or two late?

There's swing! But it's down the leg side, into Rahane's pad for no run.

SHOT! It was a full swinging yorker, and Rahane has jammed it into the turf and somehow over Lyon at point. It's flown away for four. And that's the 300 up!

Two more to Rahane off his pads.

OH BOY! There's another beautiful shot from Rahane, looks like he's loving this second new ball! Full, wide and spectacularly driven through point.

12:42 pm - IND 4/298 - A Rahane 63*, R Sharma 25*

The Warner Experiment is over, and now it's the skipper's turn. Steve Smith to bowl.

Too short and pulled away, but only for two to Siddle on the fence. The next one is dragged down too and cut for a single.

Rahane ends the over with another single.

12:39 pm - IND 4/294 - A Rahane 62*, R Sharma 22*

Watson again.

An inside edge from Rahane! Close to the stumps, but it safely rolls away for a single.

Sharma glides one down to Hazlewood at fine leg for two more. Runs coming with ease.

Another leg glance for a single from Sharma.

BEAUTIFUL! Oof. Nothing like an elegant straight drive past the bowler for four. Rahane has gracefully stroked that straight, lovely batting.

And that's the over bowled.

12:36 pm - IND 4/286 - A Rahane 57*, R Sharma 19*

Hey look, celebrity overs! It's none other than David Warner!

And he's bowling seam up! We could be in for some fun here...

FOUR! Right on cue! But that was disappointing, a wide ball just prodded away to the third man boundary.

Another single for Rahane. Also a no-ball, which is understandable considering Warner is steaming in like Michael Holding here.

And another single for Sharma.

He's bowled a bouncer! Rubbish though, another single. And another single for Sharma. Batsmen licking their lips as the over ends.

12:30 pm - IND 4/277 - A Rahane 55*, R Sharma 13*

Shane Watson back into the attack now, looks like Starc is feeling the pain again.

LBW SHOUT! Watson nips one back and takes some pad, but Erasmus doesn't want a bar of it. Probably hit him just outside off. A good ball though.

There's a maiden. He's bowled alright today, Watson.

12:26 pm - IND 4/277 - A Rahane 55*, R Sharma 13*

Lyon to Rahane, another quick single this time to Warner at short fine leg.

MAXIMUM! Sharma comes down the wicket and absolutely dispatches that one over mid-wicket for six! A glorious shot. Pretty much standard for Sharma though.

FOUR MORE! Now a fantastic sweep shot hits the fence! Sharma kicking off now.

Two dot balls end the over, some relief for Lyon.

12:23 pm - IND 4/266 - A Rahane 54*, R Sharma 3*

Starc to Sharma.

A very sharp single taken as Shaun Marsh dives and throws. Safe, well run by the Indian pair.

Rahane pulls away and grabs another single, and there's the over bowled.

12:18 pm - IND 4/264 - A Rahane 53*, R Sharma 2*

Lyon to Sharma, who works a single to get off the mark.

A nice sweep from Rahane looked to have beaten Starc, but the big quick slid in well and kept it to one. Good fielding.

OUCH! Sharma sweeps hard and straight into Chris Rogers's bonce at short leg! It's flown off to the fielder, but Rogers is a little shook up. He's fine though.

A dot ball ends the over, just the headed single from it.

12:14 pm - IND 4/261 - A Rahane 52*, R Sharma 0*

Watson will continue to Rahane.

That's a maiden for Watson.

12:11 pm - IND 4/261 - A Rahane 52*, R Sharma 0*

Rohit Sharma is the new batsman, and he sees out the over comfortably.


Finally a wicket for Australia! Vijay's outstanding innings comes to a close in disappointing fashion really, a cheap way to get out having batted so well. It turns out he got a little tickle on it before Haddin took the bails off so it's another catch for the keeper. Well batted, Murali Vijay.

12:05 pm - IND 3/261 - A Rahane 52*, M Vijay 144*

Now the batsmen are struggling with the heat. They have 12th and 13th men out there trying to keep them cool as Nathan Lyon prepares to bowl.

Lyon bowling around the wicket again. For some reason.

12:02 pm - IND 3/261 - A Rahane 52*, M Vijay 144*

Vijay helped himself to a single before Rahane stroked a drive through the covers and grabbed two more.

Over bowled, six from it.

12:02 pm - 50 UP FOR RAHANE! 85 BALLS, 5 FOURS, 0 SIXES

He's looking the business here. Rahane was troubled by Hazlewood early but now looks very comfortable. If he puts his foot down he may even be able to ton up before the close of play today, but either way he should be eyeing off a big score.

11:59 am - IND 3/255 - A Rahane 47*, M Vijay 143*

Watson to Rahane.

11:58 am - IND 3/255 - A Rahane 47*, M Vijay 143*

Hazlewood again.

WOOF! A big swing from Rahane but completely missed! How Australia would love him to get a little tickle on that.

Rahane grabs a single down to fine leg as Hazlewood gets too straight.

BELTED! Vijay stands, delivers and belts Hazlewood straight back down the ground for four. He really is having a dip now.

A good over aside from that powerful Vijay shot.

11:54 am - IND 3/250 - A Rahane 46*, M Vijay 139*

Watson steaming... strolling in again.

Another lovely shot through the covers from Rahane, only Watson's lack of pace stopping that from reaching the rope. Three more.

Watson's bouncers are interesting beasts. They aren't really that threatening, but batsmen always seem a little surprised by them. Like that net bowler who bowls absolute pie leg spinners, but then lands one and threatens to embarrass you completely.

What am I talking about? That's the end of the over.

11:50 am - IND 3/247 - A Rahane 43*, M Vijay 139*

We have a return for the day's best bowler Josh Hazlewood. Has he shaken off his cramp?

Tidy batting from Rahane as he tucks one off his pads for three more. Mostly a tight over though.

BANG! Until now! Only fractionally short and Vijay has lept all over it, what a fantastic pull shot that it. He is racing towards a 150!

11:45 am - IND 3/240 - A Rahane 40*, M Vijay 135*

The new bowler is Shane Watson.

Good running from the Indians turning one into two as Rahane works one to fine leg.

A tidy over from Watson comes to an end after another Rahane single.

11:40 am - IND 3/233 - A Rahane 37*, M Vijay 131*

Lyon to Rahane.

He lashes another cut shot but straight to the point fieldsman that time.

SMACKED! A wide half volley gets met. Rahane has laced that one to the cover boundary.

He follows up with a single to square leg.

CHARGED AND BELTED! Vijay comes down the pitch and whacks Lyon back over his head for four more. India may be looking to pile on the runs here in the last stage of the day.

FOUR MORE! Swept this time! The batting is superb at the moment and Lyon is looking listless.

Another big over for India, these two are flying.

FOUR MORE! Swept this time! The batting is superb at the moment and Lyon is looking listless.

Another big over for India, these two are flying.

11:36 am - IND 3/224 - A Rahane 32*, M Vijay 127*

Starc will bowl again to Rahane.

A bit tighter this over so far, the fourth ball drawing an inside edge onto Rahane's thigh.

Rahane pulls away for a single.

Vijay leaves the last ball alone as Starc puts his hands on his knees. He isn't well right now.

11:32 am - IND 3/223 - A Rahane 31*, M Vijay 127*

Lyon to bowl again.

Vijay sweeps very smartly again. He's been great at that little lap shot around the corner, and he picks up two more.

SHOT! FOUR MORE! One of the shots of the day from Rahane. He rocked back and creamed Lyon through extra cover off a ball spinning in towards leg stump. Such a difficult shot to play and he made it look easy.

Another single for Rahane, and then another single for Vijay. Way too easy for this pair.

And another single! Ten off that over, really not good enough for Australia.

11:28 am - IND 3/213 - A Rahane 25*, M Vijay 123*

Starc will carry on bowling as cloud covers the stadium in much-needed shade.

Rahane edges one away, maybe a hint of outswing there. Nicely fielded by Lyon at point to stop any runs.

A maiden, a better over for Starc.

11:20 am - IND 3/213 - A Rahane 25*, M Vijay 123*

Lyon back over the wicket now. Surely a better plan than persisting around the wicket, from which he hasn't worried the batsmen at all.

FOUR! Now Rahane is getting involved! Too short from Lyon and heaved away to the square leg boundary. Siddle tried to make an acrobatic stop on the fence but made a meal of it really.

Another single taken by Rahane, and there are more drinks on the field.

11:17 am - IND 3/208 - A Rahane 20*, M Vijay 123*

Starc to bowl to Vijay.

And a single straight away to Vijay. Starc will be happy to bowl to Rahane.

FOUR! Really loose bowling from Starc. Short, wide, harmless. Belted away over the slips cordon and into the fence.

Johnson fields well at mid-off to prevent another boundary.

11:13 am - IND 3/202 - A Rahane 14*, M Vijay 122*

Nathan Lyon back into the attack now.

FOUR! What a delightful little sweep shot. Just a paddle from Vijay but he's found the boundary with it.

Three more comes from an aggressive cut shot off middle stump. Vijay really stepping it up after tea.

Over bowled, Rahane can't match Vijay's flair.

11:07 am - IND 3/194 - A Rahane 14*, M Vijay 114*

New bowler, Mitchell Starc is the man. 

FOUR! A straight drive is miscued, but still has enough on it to roll away to the mid-on fence.

FOUR MORE! Vijay on fire! A wide ball is ruthlessly cut, Starc needs to get this sorted here. Great batting though.

Starc follows up with a pair of bouncers. Typical fast bowler, really.

11:04 am - IND 3/186 - A Rahane 14*, M Vijay 106*

Watson in again to Rahane.

Rahane comfortably plays a couple for no run and ducks a tame bouncer.

Over bowled, Rogers fields excellently in cover to keep it to a maiden.

11:00 am - IND 3/182 - A Rahane 14*, M Vijay 102*

Johnson in again.

BANG! Another excellent bouncer that thuds into Vijay's gloves again! It almost came back down onto the stumps, but he has gotten away with it again.

Vijay grabs a single off the next ball.

Another sharp single, this time to Rahane.

DROPPED! Shaun Marsh again, and that is a deplorable effort. A lovely Johnson slower ball was spooned to short cover, and instead of standing dead still and taking it in front of his eyes, he has tried to take a one-hander while flying through the air. Inexplicable mistake, and the second time he has put Vijay down.

AND FOUR! Insult, meet injury. Too full and belted to the backward-point fence. Johnson will be fuming. That's an eventful over completed.

10:56 am - IND 3/180 - A Rahane 13*, M Vijay 101*

Watson bowls out the rest of the over for one more run.


Another crashing cover drive flies to the fence and that is his ton! What an outstanding innings it has been, it seems a long time ago he was a nervous wreck in Adelaide, but now he is batting supremely and looking completely at home. He'll want to keep on piling on the runs this afternoon, but it has already been a great dig.

10:52 am - IND 3/175 - A Rahane 13*, M Vijay 96*

Hazlewood is off the field now. Goodness me, they are running out of players.

Shane Watson, a pillar of health and fitness in this Australian team, is on to bowl.

FOUR! Belted off the pads and all the way to the fence! Just one shot away from a ton now!

10:49 am - IND 3/171 - A Rahane 13*, M Vijay 92*

Johnson will bowl again.

A good bouncer and a good yorker start the over off. And would you look at that, Johnson looks like he's getting a bit tight in the legs as well! He's stretching out on his way back to his mark.

SHOT! Another delightful cover drive from Vijay races to the fence, and he moves into the 90s!

A single to Vijay ends the over.

10:44 am - IND 3/154 - A Rahane 13*, M Vijay 76*

Josh Hazlewood will bowl from the other end.

FOUR! Too straight, and Vijay flicks it away for four to fine leg. And Hazlewood is down! He's fallen over and seems to be cramping up pretty seriously. There's quite the crowd around him now, and after one ball of the spell, cramp has struck Hazlewood.

They are dropping like flies today! 

Quite a long break in the play here, there's a bit of concern. He doesn't seem too unhappy, and looks to be ready to bowl again.

FOUR! Hazlewood finally bowls again but it is loose outside the off stump and Vijay dispatches it. A flashing cut shot that has raced away to the fence.

Another nice flick off the pads from Vijay ends the over, he grabs three more and moves to 87. Doing it in style.

10:35 am - IND 3/154 - A Rahane 13*, M Vijay 76*

Right, Mitchell Johnson will start us up.

CLOSE! First ball! Johnson sends down a screaming bouncer that hits Vijay on the gloves and goes straight up in the air, but somehow it has fallen safely on the on-side. A tremendous ball from the fiery quick.

Better from Vijay, a lovely cover drive that gets him three. Mitchell Starc went and chased it, which is a good sign for Australia too.

Rahane leaves the last couple alone, but a good start after tea for Johnson.

10:17 am - THAT'S TEA! India 3 for 151, M Vijay 73*, A Rahane 13*

A much more even session that saw players injured, Hazlewood make his mark and the DRS thrown back into the spotlight yet again. Mitch Marsh went off the field early on in the piece with a hamstring problem and hasn't returned, while Mitchell Starc's heat-related problems don't look to be too serious thankfully. All the players are feeling the heat out there, that's for sure.

Hazlewood took the big wickets of Pujara and Kohli in that session, both caught behind - although Pujara has grounds for complaint as he was clearly struck on the helmet rather than the glove. Regardless, they are two big wickets and have the game sitting pretty much dead level after two sessions.

A big session to come, I'll be back to take you through it shortly.

10:12 am - IND 3/151 - A Rahane 13*, M Vijay 73*

Lyon to complete this session.

Almost a chance as Rahane whips one in the air past Rogers at short leg, but he was never catching that. Rahane gets a single.

Vijay gets through the over, and that will be tea.

10:09 am - IND 3/150 - A Rahane 12*, M Vijay 73*

Watson will bowl this (probably) last over here.

First four balls of the over not as good as the last over, when Watson caused problems.

That's the over bowled.... We might sneak one more in!

10:05 am - IND 3/150 - A Rahane 12*, M Vijay 73*

Lyon again.

Rahane cuts hard and Marsh takes up the chase. He gets to the ball inside the rope but looks to send a relayed throw to Watson, but throws it over his head! They end up running five, bit of a debacle out there.

Just the four from that over, probably one to come before the tea break.

10:02 am - IND 3/146 - A Rahane 8*, M Vijay 73*

Smith turns to Shane Watson now. What can the all-rounder produce?

BEATS HIM! So close first ball! Vijay drives at a swinging ball and is lucky not to nick it.

ALMOST! This time he does get the edge, but it doesn't carry to Smith in the slips! So close to two wickets in Watson's first over.

9:58 am - IND 3/146 - A Rahane 8*, M Vijay 73*

Lyon bowling again.

Rahane hoiks one away and beats the fielder, he'll grab two more.

Over bowled, just two from it.

9:54 am - IND 3/144 - A Rahane 6*, M Vijay 73*

Hazlewood again, steaming in.

BEATEN! Another beauty beats the outside edge of Rahane's bat. Lovely bowling.

A better shot from Rahane follows, pulling away for two.

Another single for Rahane, tickled away to fine leg.

A great over bowled, Hazlewood is doing the business.

9:50 am - IND 3/140 - A Rahane 2*, M Vijay 73*

Now Lyon again.

Vijay takes a single to square leg.

Rahane has a pop! He charges Lyon and tries to hit him out of the park but chips it away for only two.

Another interesting over ends.

9:46 am - IND 3/137 - A Rahane 0*, M Vijay 72*

SO CLOSE! Rahane is nearly castled first ball! An absolute snorter from Hazlewood goes between bat and pad and just goes over off stump.

AND AGAIN! Even closer! Rahane miscues a pull shot and skies it towards the despairing bowler who throws himself backwards but can't get a finger to it! He is a very lucky man right now!

What an over from Hazlewood, he has been very good indeed on debut.


Massive wicket for Australia! Kohli looked to cut Hazlewood's second ball but it just darted back at him a little. In the end it was too close to cut and he could only nick one through to Haddin, who has three catches today. Good bowling from the debutant and the Aussies have Kohli cheaply.

Ajinkya Rahane is next in.

9:41 am - IND 2/137 - V Kohli 19*, M Vijay 72*

Time for Josh Hazlewood again, can he be the one to get through this dangerous partnership?

9:40 am - IND 2/137 - V Kohli 19*, M Vijay 72*

Lyon will bowl now after a well earned drink.

One off the over as everyone tries to catch their breath. Not sure if Starc has returned yet, or if we are still down to just one Mitch.

9:37 am - IND 2/136 - V Kohli 18*, M Vijay 72*

Drinks are on the field but Mitchell Starc is not. Looks like the heat has gotten to him and he is "forlornly, slowly and unhappily" leaving the field according to Jim Maxwell. He's not well at all here.

9:34 am - IND 2/136 - V Kohli 18*, M Vijay 72*

Starc bowling again.

DROPPED! Starc may have just put one down off his own bowling there. A tough one, but a half chance nonetheless.

AND THEN FOUR! A lovely square drive by Vijay, he's flying now. That's poor bowling though, Starc is looking pretty pedestrian.

9:29 am - IND 2/132 - V Kohli 18*, M Vijay 68*

Lyon starts again, Kohli easily works him for another single.

FOUR MORE! Vijay plays a cover drive in the air but it luckily evades the field and runs away for four. It was Mitchell Johnson who put the dive in but he had no chance really.

A couple more singles end the over. Comfy batting.

9:26 am - IND 2/124 - V Kohli 16*, M Vijay 62*

Starc to Kohli, and great running from the pair earns Kohli three after a nudge into mid-wicket.

Plenty of bouncers from Starc at the moment, but the batsmen are getting out of the way relatively comfortably.

Yet another bouncer ends the over, three runs from it.

9"22 am - IND 2/121 - V Kohli 13*, M Vijay 62*

More from Lyon. He's been tight but pretty harmless.

A little tickle from Vijay gets him off strike, before Kohli belts a sweep shot but gets the same amount of runs.

Vijay runs at Lyon and just miscues a flick off the pads, but safe enough for one. Another tickle and another single Kohli. Scoring easy for the batsmen in that over.

9:18 am - IND 2/117 - V Kohli 11*, M Vijay 60*

Starc in to Kohli.

Looked like he might have taken the outside edge, but I think Kohli may have intentionally glided that one through backward point for two.

That's a massive bouncer from Starc, surely should have been a wide.

A better bouncer from Starc ends the over, Kohli did well to get out of the way of that one.

9:14 am - IND 2/115 - V Kohli 9*, M Vijay 60*

Lyon continues, and Kohli works him to the on-side for a single.

Vijay attempts a sweep but misses, a slight LBW appeal follows but he was well outside the line.

This time Vijay makes contact with a sweep and takes one, but Drew Morphett and Terry Alderman correctly point out that the batsman isn't feeling too well out there. Is he injured or feeling ill?

Kohli ends the over with a single, but there are doctors out there consulting Vijay.

9:10 am - IND 2/112 - V Kohli 7*, M Vijay 59*

Now Mitchell Starc comes into the attack.

BANG! Lovely cover drive by Kohli off a rank half volley. Was always going for four, you can't bowl there to Kohli.

Kohli takes one to mid-off before Starc ends the over with a good bouncer.

9:06 am - IND 2/107 - V Kohli 2*, M Vijay 59*

Time for Nathan Lyon to return to the attack.

Good bowling from Lyon keeps Vijay locked up until he edges one away and grabs two. Over bowled.

9:00 am - IND 2/102 - V Kohli 2*, M Vijay 54*

Here comes Johnson to Kohli. A big battle here.

Just briefly going back to the dismissal of Pujara... From umpire Gould's vantage point, I can completely understand why he thought it took the glove. Which is exactly why we have the DRS, because it only took one replay from another angle to show that it didn't. Would have been a two minute process and Pujara would still be there. Anyway...

Kohli deflects one away for a single through the gully.

Vijay pushes one through cover and takes three to end the over.

8:58 am - IND 2/101 - V Kohli 1*, M Vijay 54*

Virat Kohli is the new batsman, and it's fair to say he is in some sort of form after two tons in Adelaide.

His first shot was a little iffy though, a miscued and lofted pull shot that runs to fine leg for a single.

That's the over bowled, one that Hazlewood will never forget I'm sure!


Josh Hazlewood has his first Test wicket... But he wouldn't if India would allow the use of DRS! A good short ball nipped back at Pujara and glanced the front of his helmet grill on the way through to Haddin. Ian Gould gave it out immediately, but Pujara wasn't happy and you can see why. Desperately unlucky, but that's cricket. Or at least it was cricket, before technology came into it.

8:49 am - IND 1/100 - C Pujara 18*, M Vijay 54*

Here's Hazlewood again.

8:47 am - IND 1/100 - C Pujara 18*, M Vijay 54*

Johnson again.

A rather high bouncer to Vijay that time. The pace starting to increase for Australia's key man.

The scoring rate is slowing down just a little bit now, but Johnson is staying on a good length.

Another maiden bowled, that's two in a row.

8:44 am - IND 1/100 - C Pujara 18*, M Vijay 54*

Hazlewood to bowl again.

Purjara defending and evading the short ball well. He was shaky early on but he seems more composed now.

Tight leave that time from Pujara as Hazlewood stays tight near the off stump. Good leaving, and another over is completed.

8:39 am - IND 1/99 - C Pujara 17*, M Vijay 54*

Johnson to Pujara.

We've now heard that Mitch Marsh has gone off with hamstring soreness, and is undergoing treatment. Fingers crossed it isn't as bad as the last Australian Test player to go down with a hammy...

A pretty dull over is ended with some terrific fielding by Starc at mid-off, definitely saved a boundary. Still pick up a single and the 100 is up for India.

8:34 am - IND 1/99 - C Pujara 17*, M Vijay 54*

Starc's spell comes to an end, Josh Hazlewood will bowl again.

Vijay glances the first ball away for two.

Some excellent fielding from Shaun Marsh and Chris Rogers in this over have saved plenty of runs.

Over bowled, just two from it.

8:28 am - IND 1/97 - C Pujara 17*, M Vijay 52*

Mitchell Johnson to replace the injured Marsh from the Vulture St end.

MISSED! Pujara lashes at a short and wide one outside the off stump and very nearly grabs the edge. Almost a carbon copy of Dhawan's dismissal.

That's a maiden for Johnson.

8:25 am - IND 1/97 - C Pujara 17*, M Vijay 52*

Some bad news here for Australia... Mitch Marsh has pulled up sharply after the final ball of that over and has gone straight off the field. He has a history of bad injuries, and given the way he pulled up that one does not look good at all. We'll update you on the situation as soon as we hear more.

Meanwhile Starc is continuing, and Pujara is taking a sharp single.

Over completed, a good one but all eyes are on the dressing room to see how Mitch Marsh is travelling.

8:20 am - IND 1/96 - C Pujara 16*, M Vijay 52*

Mitch Marsh will kick us off from the other end.

Pujara pulls away from a short ball, but he does so well. Only a single, but Starc is down in that position for a skied pull shot. Pujara up to the task for now.

Just the one run off that over.

8:18 am - IND 1/95 - C Pujara 15*, M Vijay 52*

Vijay sees out the rest of Starc's over.

8:17 am - 50 FOR MURALI VIJAY! (79 balls, 7 fours, 0 sixes)

Vijay crashes Starc through the covers and all the way to the fence for four and to bring up his half century. He was very good in the second innings in Adelaide before he hit some nerves in the 90s, but he is certainly in some great form. A top 50 that he really must captitalise on.

8:13 am - IND 1/91 - C Pujara 15*, M Vijay 48*

It's going to be Mitchell Starc to get us underway after the break. Very important passage of play coming.

First ball is whipped off Vijay's pads - uppishly though - but safely away for two.

8:10 am - The Australian players are back on the field with the batsmen to follow them now, so we are just about ready to get the second session underway here.

7:38 am - THAT'S LUNCH! India 1 for 89, Murali Vijay 46*, Cheteshwar Pujara 15*

A brilliant start to this Test match for India, who has won the toss and batted on a hot and sticky day in Brisbane. There is pace and bounce in the pitch but it really is tremendous batting conditions which Murali Vijay and Shikhar Dhawan took advantage of early. The former is closing in on a half-century and has been relatively untroubled for his 46. Great stuff for India.

For Australia, the hosts will be bemoaning some lackluster bowling and one crucial missed chance. Vijay was dropped at third slip by the recalled Shaun Marsh off Mitchell Johnson's bowling in pretty much the batsman's only mistake of the innings so far. Debutant Josh Hazlewood has bowled well and has been unlucky, while Mitch Marsh has taken his first Test wicket and bowled fairly well. A couple of close calls for Australia but the bowlers will need to up their game after lunch.

Time to grab some lunch, but I'll be back shortly to take you through the second session.

7:29 am - IND 1/89 - C Pujara 15*, M Vijay 46*

Wicket taker Mitchell Marsh will bowl the final over of the session.

SO CLOSE! Marsh draws an inside edge from Pujara and somehow it has missed the leg stump. Pujara gets two, but is lucky to still be there.

Final ball of the session to come... And it's away to the gully for no run. That's lunch.

7:27 am - IND 1/87 - C Pujara 13*, M Vijay 46*

Lyon bowls to Pujara.

Smart batting from Pujara, deflecting away to backward square-leg for a single.

One from the over, slow going now.

7:24 am - IND 1/86 - C Pujara 12*, M Vijay 46*

Hazlewood to bowl to Vijay.

Vijay closing in on another half-century but he can't pierce the infield.

There's a maiden over bowled, probably time for two more before lunch.

7:19 am - IND 1/86 - C Pujara 12*, M Vijay 46*

Lyon continues.

A fraction short from the spinner and Pujara rocks back and pulls. Doesn't quite catch it so he only gets three.

Lyon is back around the wicket to Vijay, but he is turned away for a single instantly.

An over is bowled quickly as lunch approaches.

7:17 am - IND 1/82 - C Pujara 9*, M Vijay 45*

Hazlewood again. Pujara bunts and runs into the covers and takes a quick single.

Good bounce and carry from Hazlewood, but the swing is well and truly gone.

SMACK! Vijay belts a fuller ball from Hazlewood up and over cover for four. Confident batting to end the over.

7:12 am - IND 1/77 - C Pujara 8*, M Vijay 41*

Here comes Lyon again.

He's back over the wicket to Pujara now.

SO CLOSE! Lyon completely beats Pujara all ends up, but somehow it has missed the off stump. Goodness me, that was incredibly tight. Haddin missed it completely as well, so it went for four byes.

Pujara ends the over with another single.

7:08 am - IND 1/72 - C Pujara 7*, M Vijay 41*

Josh Hazlewood back for his second spell of the match.

Vijay watches the first three balls fly by, Hazlewood trying to get his pace up but struggling.

He's wonderfully consistent, Hazlewood, and he'll be hoping that his patience will pay off with a rash shot. But not in this over, Vijay sees out a maiden - by my count, the first of the match!

7:03 am - IND 1/72 - C Pujara 7*, M Vijay 41*

A big cheer goes around the crowd as Nathan Lyon is handed the ball. He is bowling around the wicket, just as he did when he caused England problems on this ground last year. Can he repeat his Adelaide heroics?

Vijay gets himself off strike quickly with a single to short fine leg.

Pujara then follows suit with an identical shot for one.

Another single ends a low key start to Lyon's Test.

7:00 am - IND 1/69 - C Pujara 5*, M Vijay 40*

Johnson to bowl to Vijay.

Okay, that was bizarre. Johnson fielded his own delivery which rolled back to him, only for him to roll the ball to nobody at all at mid-wicket. So they took a single. I have no idea what just happened.

Plenty of bouncers today from Johnson, and on a pitch like this so there should be.

FOUR! Lovely shot, Pujara waits for the full ball and crunches it through the covers. That's good batting.

6:55 am - IND 1/64 - C Pujara 1*, M Vijay 39*

Marsh again, now with his tail up.

SO CLOSE! He gives Pujara an absolute beauty that misses the outside edge by a coat of varnish.

Pujara takes a single to mid-wicket to get off the mark, but he's looked shaky.

Vijay ends up glancing that one-handed, but he's still good enough to take a single. Another good over bowled.

6:50 am - IND 1/62 - C Pujara 0*, M Vijay 38*

Johnson to bowl again.

FOUR MORE! A delightful cover drive this time from Vijay as Johnson struggles for swing. He's looking the goods here, Vijay.

DROPPED! I almost put the mockers on Vijay there, but as Johnson grabbed the outside edge Shaun Marsh couldn't take the sharp, low catch at third slip. Perhaps he should have done better, but it was hardly a sitter. A missed chance anyway!

Two more for Vijay through the covers, before a leave ends the over. Frustration for Johnson.

6:46 am - IND 1/56 - C Pujara 0*, M Vijay 32*

MISSED! Pujara's first ball whistles past the outside edge and couldn't have missed the off bail by much.

Regardless, Marsh has a Test wicket and Australia has a breakthrough. A great over.


A big scalp for Mitch Marsh who has his first Test wicket! Dhawan got a short, wide ball outside the off stump and he had a real lash at it, but could only nick it through to Haddin behind the stumps. A wasted opportunity for Dhawan who goes for 24, but Australia finally has a breakthrough.

Cheteshwar Pujara is the new batsman.

6:41 am - IND 0/56 - S Dhawan 24*, M Vijay 32*

Marsh will bowl again.

6:40 am - IND 0/56 - S Dhawan 24*, M Vijay 32*

Straight after a much-needed drinks break it's Mitchell Johnson to take it up.

He's straight onto Dhawan's pads and it's away for four... all run! Impressive. That's the 50 up too, and Harsha Bhogle informs us that's the first 50 stand from an Indian opening pair outside of Asia since 2011.

Johnson follows it up with an excellent bouncer that smacks into Dhawan's shoulder.

There's another one! Johnson is warming up now, and those bumpers are quick and rising.

Dhawan drives away through the covers for three more. Batting looking relatively easy at the moment.

And then another bouncer to end the over! Johnson looks his best when he's sending them down short and quick.

6:31 am - IND 0/49 - S Dhawan 17*, M Vijay 32*

More from Marsh now.

Dhawan grabs one on the leg side.

BANG! Brilliant cut shot from Vijay as he laces it over point and away to the boundary. Only a little wide but Vijay trusted the bounce from this pitch.

Vijay shoulders arms to the final ball of the over, and drinks will come on the field. Excellent first hour for India.

6:26 am - IND 0/43 - S Dhawan 15*, M Vijay 28*

Starc continues.

A decent bouncer to Vijay but he swerves out of the way well. Clearly that's a tactic the Aussie quicks will be using against Vijay.

Too wide from Starc but Vijay miscues it, only three through the covers. Nathan Lyon fields and gets rapturous applause from the crowd. Australia may have its new cult hero. 

Another single to Dhawan as Starc strays onto the pads. Over bowled.

6:22 am - IND 0/40 - S Dhawan 15*, M Vijay 25*

Time for a change, Mitch Marsh is going to have a bowl now. There's a bit of conjecture about the ball itself, and I think the Aussies have managed to have it changed. Maybe this one will swing a bit more.

Two more Dhawan through the off side.

This is looking like an outstanding toss to win for MS Dhoni. There's some bounce in the pitch, but it's looking a belter to bat on.

Too straight from Marsh but Starc field well on the fine-leg fence. Two more to Dhawan.

Final ball of the over is left alone.

6:17 am - IND 0/36 - S Dhawan 11*, M Vijay 25*

EDGED AND FOUR! Starc grabs the outside edge of Vijay's bat but it won't go to hand! Warner can't track it down, another boundary for Vijay.

Another wide one from Starc is driven through the covers and away for three.

Great running that time, a sharp single from a real drop-and-run shot into the covers.

Vijay defends the final ball and there's another good over for India done.

6:12 am - IND 0/28 - S Dhawan 10*, M Vijay 18*

This opening pair have started well here, Australia will be banking on early wickets and the first 40 minutes or so have gone past harmlessly. Hazlewood again.

Another lovely straight drive earns Dhawan three down the ground.

BEATEN! Lovely bowling from Hazlewood, those outswingers are causing problems. Vijay missed that by some distance in the end.

No swing on that one, and Vijay works it to mid-wicket for a single.

Dhawan inside edges again away to fine leg for a single. Now Vijay drives to cover for another run, another over bowled.

6:03 am - IND 0/22 - S Dhawan 6*, M Vijay 16*

Mitchell Starc returns to Test cricket, and he's about to bowl his first ball of the match. Can he get some swing early here?

Nope, clipped off Dhawan's thigh for one.

Spoke too soon though, the second ball straightened a fair bit. Starc needs to swing it and bowl quick here, he certainly has the talent but hasn't always used it at this level.

Another swinging ball is edged away to square leg by Vijay for two.

Starc is looking for that inswinging yorker, but again Vijay has chopped it away for one on the on side.

Final ball of the over strays down the leg side and is clipped away for one to fine leg.

5:58 am - IND 0/17 - S Dhawan 4*, M Vijay 13*

Hazlewood to bowl.

Nice drive from Dhawan there, he's managed to turn a defensive shot into two down the ground.

Hazlewood throws down a rising bouncer. Wasn't overly quick, but it really took off from just back of a length. Dhawan evaded comfortably though.

An inside edge this time, maybe even through Dhawan's legs. Impressive, but good for only one run.

Nice over again from Hazlewood.

5:52 am - IND 0/14 - S Dhawan 1*, M Vijay 13*

Johnson continues to Vijay.

He reaches for a full ball outside off and miscues it. No run there.

Vijay again manages to edge away to third man, but this time Warner is up to the chase and keeps it to two.

FOUR! Johnson strays onto the pads of Vijay, who deftly flicks it to fine leg for four. Too easy for the batsman.

BEATEN! Excellent response from Johnson who so very nearly takes Vijay's outside edge through to Haddin.

There's that bouncer again! Vijay gets out of the way better this time to end the over.

5:48 am - IND 0/8 - S Dhawan 1*, M Vijay 7*

Hazlewood comes in again. Cramps Dhawan up on the back foot, no run to backward point.

Dhawan looked a goer in Adelaide, certainly in the first innings he took it to the bowlers. Will he have a crack at the debutant here?

Good swing and bounce from Hazlewood, striking Dhawan on the thigh.

PLAYED AND MISSED! Told you he was a goer! Dhawan has taken a wild swing at a wide ball outside off and missed it completely. A little fortunate, maybe, but he's here to play shots!

BEATEN! Another great ball from Hazlewood beats the outside edge of a more defensive shot. A half appeal, maybe even a quarter appeal, from behind the stumps but no edge.

Dhawan wisely lets the next ball go.

And the final ball too! An excellent over from Hazlewood, he certainly looks the part early.

5:43 am - IND 0/8 - S Dhawan 1*, M Vijay 7*

Johnson in to bowl again. A full ball to Vijay, who jams it out to cover for no run.

FOUR! First boundary of the Test isn't a particularly pretty one, but four runs all the same. Johnson was full again and Vijay drove, but edged past Warner at gully and away to third man fence.

Johnson is tight again though, as he gets a chat from his new skipper Steve Smith. He's run all the way from the cordon to offer some advice.

OOF! Johnson sends down a rollicking short ball that has Vijay in all sorts! Somehow he's managed to glove it over Rogers at short leg and he'll take a single. Any guesses as to what Smith told Johnson?

Dhawan gets himself off the mark with a flick down to fine leg for one, and there's another over bowled.

5:37 am - IND 0/2 - S Dhawan 0*, M Vijay 2*

Massive moment now for young Josh Hazelwood. A new Kookaburra in his hand and a Gabba crowd behind him, he's ready to start his Test career.

Here he comes, to Vijay... Full and swinging but left alone. A nice little start.

The second ball is also watched past the off stump, and we have a break while Vijay sorts out the sight screen.

Four balls in the exact same spot to start Hazlewood's career, all of which left alone.

More sight screen problems as Jim Maxwell describes "some goon" walking in front of it.

Vijay finally takes a quick single from the final ball of the over, and Hazlewood's first over is a good one.

5:32 am - IND 0/1 - S Dhawan 0*, M Vijay 1*

Here we go Mitchell Johnson to Murali Vijay to start the Test!

First ball is left alone outside the off stump. Likewise the second. No swing to speak of straight away, but we'll give him some time.

Third ball is again left alone, but that one did move back just a little. That will be key for all the bowlers today.

After wearing one on the thigh, Vijay takes the fifth ball through midwicket for a single, and the first run of this Test.

Bit of swing to the left-handed Dhawan to finish the over, but he pulls the bat inside the line safely enough.

There's the first over bowled, just the one from it.

5:24 am - The national anthems are underway, which means cricket is not far away.

5:20 am - The players are out on the pitch and lining up for a minute's silence to commemorate the two innocent lives lost in Sydney this week. Black armbands will also be worn as a sign of respect.

5:13 am - Pitch and weather

Guess what? It's a stinking hot day in Brisbane! Who'd have guessed, hey? Moreover it's nice and muggy, with a real chance of a storm coming later in the afternoon. In other words, it's a Test match in Brisbane. Did you really expect anything different?

Dhoni's decision to bat is a brave one, but if the top three can get through the opening session it will look a great one. There's a bit there for Mitchell Johnson, Josh Hazlewood and Mitchell Starc but they will have to bowl well to get something out of it.

The forecast looks okay for the rest of the Test, with heat and storms always on the cards.

5:07 am - The toss

So, two different captains to the pair we saw in Adelaide, but how will the coin fall?

MS Dhoni calls heads.... It is a head! And he takes the sensible option and chooses to bat first. Not a great start for Smith's captaincy career, but I can't imagine he will be too upset to see his quicks tearing in on a green and sticky pitch.

Dhoni confirms the changes to the Indian team. Dhoni, Ravi Ashwin and Umesh Yadav are in, while Wriddhiman Saha, Karn Shama and Mohammad Shami go out.

4:58 am - India looks to ring changes

The visitors may have mirrored the hosts with three changes of their own, but we will have to wait to the toss to find out for sure.

We do know that MS Dhoni will return to captain India after missing the first Test through injury, but our own Jim Maxwell believes we will also see Umesh Yadav and Ravi Ashwin to bolster the bowling stocks. As soon as we have confirmation on India's eleven, we will let you know.

4:54 am - Cap and jacket presented

The big team news leading into the Test was that Australia was to make three changes from a winning side. The piece of sticky tape holding Michael Clarke's hamstrings together blew out on day five in Adelaide, and he has since gone in for surgery, while Ryan Harris (quad strain) and Peter Siddle (omitted) also come out of the team.

The good news is that provides opportunities for Shaun Marsh, Mitchell Starc and debutant paceman Josh Hazlewood, who seriously impressed in the recent one-day series and should be perfectly suited to a nice juicy Gabba wicket.

Of course, Clarke's injury means Australia needs a new captain and the selection panel took a long view in appointing Steve Smith the nation's 45th Test captain. Mark Taylor presented Smith his captain's jacket a short time ago, which he will be wearing at the toss very soon.

Here is Glenn McGrath presenting Hazlewood his Baggy Green.

4:40 am - Australia v India: Day One at the Gabba

Good morning and welcome to day one here at the Gabba as Australia and India resume hostilities in this, the second Test of the four-Test series. I'm Dean Bilton and I am in the blogging hot seat to bring you all the action from a stinking hot day in Brisbane.

The series, of course, got off to an unforgettable start in Adelaide last week as Nathan Lyon spun and bounced his country to a famous 48-run win. That first Test saw David Warner and Virat Kohli score runs for fun, Steve Smith seal his spot as Australia's next big hope and maybe Michael Clarke play his last Test for Australia.

But with all of that left on the pitch back in Adelaide, we look ahead to this Test and hope we can get an equally brilliant game. So stick around for the day as we bring you every run, wicket, milestone and verbal bust-up over the next five days.

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