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Blog: Australia vs India, Day 2, Brisbane Test

ABC News logo ABC News 18-12-2014 Dean Bilton

12:44 pm  - A pretty even day that sets up a very even Test match. India would have been annoyed to have been bowled out for less than 500 and for just 408, but they will be very pleased to have Australia four down. The tourists haven't bowled the best but have been good enough to take the wickets, and if they can manage to get Smith early tomorrow, or just blitz through the rest of the Aussie batsmen, then it will be them in the box seat.

For Australia, the run rate and stroke making has been fantastic and they will still be backing themselves to get a first-innings lead, but the frustration will come with the wickets lost. All four dismissed batsmen got themselves off to good starts but couldn't go on with it. All eyes will be on captain Smith tomorrow as he chases another ton, but Marsh, Haddin and the bowlers will need to play their part too.

This Test is impossible to call at the moment, but it is perfectly set up for the next three days. Thank you so much for you company today, I've loved all your comments and whatnot and hope you can join me, Dean Bilton, for the action again tomorrow. Until then, have a nice night.

12:33 pm - THAT'S STUMPS! Australia 4 for 221 - Steve Smith 65*, Mitch Marsh 7* - Trail by 187

We have confirmation that the day's play has been ended early by bad light, and that play will start on time at 10:00 am local time tomorrow.

12:31 pm - AUS 4/221 - M Marsh 7*, Smith 65* - Trail by 187

Ashwin again to Smith.

A single down to long-on.

And then another couple of singles to Marsh and Smith again. That's the over.

12:28 pm - AUS 4/218 - M Marsh 6*, Smith 63* - Trail by 190

Yadav to Marsh.

It is worth noting that Smith had a little look to the sky when he reached 63 last over. Phillip Hughes always in these players' minds.

Patient batting from Marsh. He plays out a maiden.

12:24 pm - AUS 3/218 - M Marsh 6*, Smith 63* - Trail by 190

Ashwin to Smith.

Looked like it would just be one or two for Smith there, but a generous overthrow made it three. Everything is going Smith's way.

Marsh grabs a single to mid-wicket to end the over.

12:21 pm - AUS 3/214 - M Marsh 5*, Smith 60* - Trail by 194

Now Yadav to Marsh.

Yadav is throwing down the boucners, Marsh is ducking with ease.

And that is the over bowled.

12:15 pm - AUS 4/214 - M Marsh 5*, Smith 60* - Trail by 194

Ashwin now to Smith, who takes a quick single.

FOUR! A thick edge from Marsh goes for four at third man. He's off the mark.

Now another single for Marsh.

CLOSE! Smith tries to cut one from too close to his body and is lucky not to get bowled.

There's the over bowled.

12:11 pm - AUS 3/208 - M Marsh 0*, Smith 59* - Trail by 200

So Yadav ends a wicket-taking over with a loose bouncer to Mitch Marsh.


So Rahane's drop isn't too costly! Marsh goes hard at a ball outside the off-stump and edged it quickly to the man at first slip. It was Ashwin, and he took a sharp catch above his head. Another Australian batsman doesn't go on with a good start, disappointing for him.

His brother Mitch Marsh is now back on the field, let's see how the hamstring is.

12:08 pm - AUS 3/208 - S Marsh 32*, Smith 59* - Trail by 200

Umesh Yadav is the new bowler and Smith is on strike.

Smith pulls hard but there are two men out for it. Just the single.

OUCH! Marsh pulls this time and it has cracked into the man at short leg. Lucky he's got the shin guards on!

And that one is a wide from Yadav!

12:05 pm - AUS 3/206 - S Marsh 32*, Smith 58* - Trail by 202

Ashwin to Smith.

Smith takes him away to the on-side and grabs two, bringing up the 200.

SHOT! Smith is on fire. A beautiful drive through the covers and the runs are piling up.

One more for Smith to end the over.

12:03 pm - AUS 3/199 - S Marsh 32*, Smith 51* - Trail by 209

Aaron to bowl to Smith.

Really short that time, Smith ducks under it.

Aaron strays onto Smith's hip, that's clipped away for one.

A better bouncer that time from Aaron, Marsh had to drop the hands quickly to get out of the way.

DROPPED HIM! Oh no! It's an absolute sitter for Rahane! Marsh skies a pull shot, it goes straight up in there and he was half way to the rooms when Rahane put it down. Incredible, what a let off.

What a way to end the over, a nightmare for India.

11:58 am - AUS 3/198 - S Marsh 32*, Smith 50* - Trail by 210

Marsh sees out the rest of that Ashwin over.


Brilliant batting, this guy is in some serious form. He tickles one away on the on-side to bring up his third straight half-century in this series. He has hardly put a foot wrong and is leading this team in style What a start for the new captain.

11:55 am - AUS 3/197 - S Marsh 32*, Smith 49* - Trail by 211

Ashwin to Smith.

DELIGHTFUL BATTING! All timing from Smith as crunches one behind point for four. A little too short from Ashwin.

11:53 am - AUS 3/193 - S Marsh 32*, Smith 45* - Trail by 215

Aaron to Smith.

A very sharp single to short fine leg, the thrower actually hit the stumps at the bowler's end but Smith was home.

Aaron is sending some short stuff down to Marsh, who is evading well.

Over bowled, just the single from it.

11:49 am - AUS 3/192 - S Marsh 32*, Smith 44* - Trail by 216

Ashwin to Marsh.

And another sharp single to point, just like the last over.

Smith now for one down the ground, where a man is now deep.

Half an appeal as Marsh is hit on the pad, but he had come down the pitch so that will never be given out.

Marsh now flicks away behind square leg and Aaron barely keeps it from hitting the rope. Looks like they've got two...

NOPE, FOUR! Aaron mucked it up. His foot was touching the rope as he flicked it back.

Over bowled.

11:45 am - AUS 3/186 - S Marsh 27*, Smith 43* - Trail by 222

Aaron in again to Marsh.

A sharp single for Marsh to point.

SHOT! Smith drives beautifully through the covers. He's seeing them like beachballs despite the cloudy conditions now.

Another over bowled.

11:42 am - AUS 3/181 - S Marsh 26*, Smith 39* - Trail by 227

Ashwin in again to Smith.

THWACK! A huge six from Smith! He comes down the wicket at Ashwin and crashes him back over his head for a maximum. That is a big fat six.

EDGED FOR FOUR! Smith tries the cut shot but gets a thick edge on it and sends it away to the third man fence.

AND THEN ANOTHER BIGGIE! Smith comes down the pitch again and gives it some serious tap. Six again, straight back over Ashwin's head.

Big over!

11:32 am - AUS 3/159 - S Marsh 20*, Smith 23* - Trail by 249

Varun Aaron back into the attack to bowl to Smith.

Smith is hit on the thigh and they scurry on through for a leg bye.

FOUR MORE! Marsh again presents the full face of the bat and gets a boundary down the ground. Ishant Sharma's fielding attempt at mid-off was... questionable.

Two more for Marsh as he flicks onto the on-side.

Marsh blocks the last ball of the over to bring out the 16th drinks break of the day.

11:29 am - AUS 3/158 - S Marsh 20*, Smith 23* - Trail by 250

Ashwin to Smith now.

Nice hands from Smith, he gets one to mid-wicket.

That's the over bowled.

11:26 am - AUS 3/157 - S Marsh 20*, Smith 22* - Trail by 251

Sharma again, he's been tighter in this spell. Marsh to face.

FOUR RUNS! Lovely shot off his pads by Marsh. That's good batting, and this is now Marsh's highest ever score against India. Good on him.

EVEN BETTER! Straighter this time from Marsh, a glorious on-drive. Good signs.

Marsh lets the last two go through to the keeper to end the over.

11:21 am - AUS 3/149 - S Marsh 12*, Smith 22* - Trail by 259

Ashwin to roll his arm over to Marsh.

A very sharp single to square leg gets Marsh off strike.

And another over is done in the blink of an eye.

11:19 am - AUS 3/148 - S Marsh 11*, Smith 22* - Trail by 260

Sharma to Marsh.

Marsh drops one on the on-side and takes off for a quick single.

Smith wants nothing to do with Sharma's wide ones outside the off stump.

And that's the over bowled, one from it.

11:14 am - AUS 3/147 - S Marsh 10*, Smith 22* - Trail by 261

Ashwin to Smith once more.

Smith punches smartly behind point and will take two. That's the over bowled, goodness me he gets through the overs sharply.

11:11 am - AUS 3/143 - S Marsh 8*, Smith 20* - Trail by 265

Ishant Sharma coming back into the attack, he's been struggling today but he will try again.

CLOSE! First ball is almost the breakthrough! Smith chops one towards the stumps but just wide. He grabs a single.

AUS 3/143 - S Marsh 8*, Smith 20* - Trail by 265

Ishant Sharma coming back into the attack, he's been struggling today but he will try again.

CLOSE! First ball is almost the breakthrough! Smith chops one towards the stumps but just wide. He grabs a single.

11:05 am - AUS 3/142 - S Marsh 8*, Smith 19* - Trail by 266

Ashwin now to Marsh.

ALMOST! An edge onto Marsh's pad almost sent the ball to the man at short leg, but it falls just wide.

And that's the over.

11:01 am - AUS 3/141 - S Marsh 7*, Smith 19* - Trail by 267

We've worried about the weather all day with the threat of an afternoon storm looming, and it is just getting a bit darker now. The radar suggests we may end up with some wet weather shortly.

Yadav to Smith now, who he has edging but short of the man at second slip.

That's a lovely back-foot drive again through the covers. Only another three, but really nice stuff from Smith.

Marsh off his hip for another single to fine leg.

A dot ball finishes the over.

10:59 am - AUS 3/138 - S Marsh 7*, Smith 16* - Trail by 270

Ashwin bowls to Smith.

WELL SWEPT! Just a little down the leg side from Ashwin and Smith sweeps fine away for four. Good shot.

A nice little turn of the hands gets Smith a single to end the over.

10:56 am - AUS 3/133 - S Marsh 7*, Smith 11* - Trail by 275

Yadav to Smith now.

Good batting from Smith, a crunching back-foot drive through the covers grabs him three.

Marsh solidly plays out the rest of the over.

10:52 am - AUS 3/130 - S Marsh 7*, Smith 8* - Trail by 278

Ashwin to Marsh.

BEATEN! Lovely ball, but poorly played by Marsh. Very poor footwork.

BIG SHOUT! Now on the pads, good appeal! But he got a tickle on it, which saved him because I think he would have been plumb without it.

FOUR RUNS! Well, that's more like it! Marsh uses his feet and drives well through the covers and for four.

And there's the over bowled, an interesting one.

10:49 am - AUS 3/126 - S Marsh 3*, Smith 8* - Trail by 282

Now Yadav is back to Marsh, who drops and runs onto the on-side again.

Good fielding from Rohit Sharma, Smith drives well but can't score.

Nice pull shot from Smith, just a delicate swivel. He'll grab two more to end the over.

10:46 am - AUS 3/123 - S Marsh 2*, Smith 6* - Trail by 285

Ravi Ashwin to bowl now.

He is probing at Marsh, but he edges one away on the on-side for a single.

Over bowled. Another quick over from Ashwin.

10:44 am - AUS 3/122 - S Marsh 1*, Smith 6* - Trail by 286

Right, we're back. I swear that tea break was too short...

Marsh took a single off Yadav's last over to keep the strike for the next.

10:26 am - THAT'S TEA! Australia 3 for 121 - S Smith 6*, S Marsh 0* - Trailing by 287

Maybe that last wicket has swung that session in India's favour? All of Australia's top three scored at a great rate and all looked comfortable, but you have to say Warner, Watson and Rogers have all got themselves out. India have quite a handy lead now and if they can grab a few more in this evening session they will be well and truly in the box seat.

Shaun Marsh will join Steve Smith at the crease after the tea break, and I'll be back soon to take you through all of it.


Right before tea! Rogers tries to tickle one down to fine leg but can only glove it straight to Dhoni down the leg side! The first mistake he has made all innings and it has come to a close. A big scalp for India who now may say they are on top in this Test again. And that's the tea break!

10:22 am - AUS 2/121 - Rogers 55*, Smith 6* - Trail by 287

Yadav to Rogers.

Nice shot off the back foot towards point, and a pretty comical attempt to stop it by Ishant Sharma. Rogers grabs three.

Smith tickles one off his hip for another single.

Yadav has taken a bit of tumble there... And bowled a wide at the same time.

10:18 am - AUS 2/116 - Rogers 52*, Smith 5* - Trail by 292

Ashwin to bowl to Smith.

That was a quick over, a maiden too. One to come before tea.

10:16 am - AUS 2/116 - Rogers 52*, Smith 5* - Trail by 292

Umesh Yadav on to bowl to Smith now.

Smith squirts one away for a single on the on-side. He wanted two, but Rogers was having none of it.

Quiet over though, tea closing in.

10:12 am - AUS 2/115 - Rogers 52*, Smith 4* - Trail by 293

Rogers sees out the rest of the over.

10:12 am - 50 UP TO CHRIS ROGERS! 73 BALLS, 10 FOURS, 0 SIXES

Bang, Rogers laces a cut shot away to the boundary for four to bring up the fifty. He hasn't been anywhere near as tentative as in recent knocks, and it's paying off. Great start for Rogers, time for him to kick on from here.

10:10 am - AUS 2/111 - Rogers 48*, Smith 4* - Trail by 297

Ashwin to Rogers.

BEATEN! Lovely off-spin bowling. Drifted in at Rogers and spun away from him.

10:08 am - AUS 2/111 - Rogers 48*, Smith 4* - Trail by 297

Aaron in to Rogers again.

NICE SHOT! Another punchy little straight drive from Rogers pierces the gap between bowler and close mid-off and goes to the fence.

FOUR MORE! Not so pretty this time, he's gloved one down the leg side past Dhoni and away for four. Closing in on a half-century.

A quick single moves him to 48.

STRANGE SHOT! Smith is off the mark with a weird little paddle thing that has gone for four to fine leg. Not sure what that was really.

Over bowled, an expensive one.

10:04 am - AUS 2/98 - Rogers 39*, Smith 0* - Trail by 310

An excellent breakthrough for India is followed by Smith seeing out the next two balls well.

Good bowling by Ashwin, a good over.


Oh no. That's a shocker for Watson. He was looking so comfortable, had made a good start and was setting everything up for Australia only to run down the pitch at Ashwin and hit one straight to Dhawan at mid-on. Wasn't on the ground and he wasn't really trying to go over the top. Just a poor shot really.

Steve Smith, the captain, will come in to bat at four.

10:01 am - AUS 1/98 - Rogers 39*, Watson 25* - Trail by 310

More discussion about the ball, looks like India could be onto their third one.

A frustrating break in play 20 minutes from tea. Now Ashwin to Watson.

Well bowled Ashwin. Spinning sharply back at Watson, but covered well enough.

9:57 am - AUS 1/97 - Rogers 39*, Watson 25* - Trail by 311

Aaron to Watson again.

A drop and run single onto the off-side.

LASHED AWAY! A no-ball from Aaron is short and wide and Rogers has slapped it up and over the cordon for four! Great shot, Rogers has been playing his strokes today.

BEATEN! That's a seed from Aaron. Quick, swinging and really squaring Rogers up. Just past the outside edge.

Up and down over that one.

9:52 am - AUS 1/92 - Rogers 35*, Watson 24* - Trail by 316

Ravi Ashwin, the spinner is the new bowler.

Watson turns the first ball away for a single.

Rogers gets through the rest of the over easily enough.

9:50 am - AUS 1/91 - Rogers 35*, Watson 23* - Trail by 317

Varun Aaron back into the attack now to bowl to Rogers.

LOVELY SHOT! Four more for Rogers, there's another elegant cover drive. The run-rate still very good.

Two more for Rogers onto the on-side this time.

FOUR AGAIN! A misfield at mid-off Virat Kohli and the ball has managed to negotiate its way to the boundary. A nice straight drive, good batting.

Over bowled.

9:41 am - AUS 1/82 - Rogers 25*, Watson 24* - Trail by 326

Sharma will charge in again at Watson.

Solid defence from Watson, but as usual he looks like he's falling over to the off-side just a little.

SHOT! Onto the pads and whipped away. Nice batting, but not the best bowling from Sharma.

Watson's had a real go at a pull shot now and gets it away, but only for three. There's the over bowled, more drinks to be taken.

936 am - AUS 1/75 - Rogers 25*, Watson 17* - Trail by 333

Yadav to Watson.

CRACKING SHOT! A delightful cover drive from Watson, no need to chase that one. When he's on, Watson is great to watch.

Two more from Watson, nicely taken off the pads.

Another single for Watson on the off-side.

Nice from Rogers, that typical little nudge into the off-side brings about two more.

Another over down.

9:32 am - AUS 1/66 - Rogers 23*, Watson 10* - Trail by 342

Sharma now to Watson.

BIG APPEAL!! Big LBW shout as Watson is struck on the pads, but Ian Gould says no dice! Too high I think, Watson got a good stride in.

Oops, Watson is then squared up and edges away to third slip. Luckily it falls short and they take a single.

And now a wide from Sharma. Lots of extras already.

He isn't making Rogers play now. The rest of the over passes without alarm.

9:25 am - AUS 1/64 - Rogers 23*, Watson 9* - Trail by 344

Yadav to Watson.

Watson gets himself off strike.

More runs for Rogers, turning another ball to backward square leg. He'll have two.

FOUR! Lovely shot from Rogers, just a push down the ground and it has flown away to the rope. Nice way to end the over.

9:21 am - AUS 1/57 - Rogers 17*, Watson 8* - Trail by 351

Sharma back into the attack now, and starts off with another no-ball.

The rest of the over was better though, just the one extra from it.

9:16 am - AUS 1/56 - Rogers 17*, Watson 8* - Trail by 352

Yadav now to Rogers.

Rogers turns one away on the on-side and grabs a single.

FOUR! Watson breaks the shackles with a lovely leg glance through mid-wicket. Better from Watson, but as we know, he can get out playing that shot.

And that's the over bowled.

9:11 am - AUS 1/51 - Rogers 16*, Watson 4* - Trail by 357

Aaron to Watson.

ALMOST OUT BUT FOUR! Watson so lucky! A good short ball gets Watson on the shoulder of the bat and it spoons over the slips cordon! He's gotten away with that one and got four.

Aaron is really hurrying Watson up with his pace, that wicket has given India a big boost.

Great fast bowling from Aaron. Fast, threatening and on the money. A top over.

9:06 am - AUS 1/47 - Rogers 16*, Watson 0* - Trail by 361

Yadav to continue to Rogers, the batsmen crossed during that dismissal.

And that's the over bowled, a good one for India.


And just like that, Warner's innings is over! He has tried to paddle a pull shot but got a top edge on it and is gone straight up in the air for Ashwin to take an easy catch in the slips. Big breakthrough for India, they really needed that one.

Shane Watson is the new batsman, but drinks are on the field.

9:01 am - AUS 0/47 - Rogers 16*, Warner 29* - Trail by 361

Yadav to Warner.

AND ANOTHER FOUR! Another crunched drive off the back foot, this time from Warner. Lovely timing and that has flown to the boundary.

9:00 am - AUS 0/43 - Rogers 16*, Warner 25* - Trail by 365

Aaron to bowl again to Rogers.

FOUR! Lovely shot from Rogers, when he is in form his cover driving is always good to watch. That was a beauty.

Great fielding from Aaron off his own bowling saves four, but can't prevent a single.

Edgy there from Warner, squirting that one away for a single to point.

FOUR MORE! Good signs for Rogers. Another punchy back foot drive that goes backward of point to the fence. Over bowled, Australia starting very well here.

8:55 am - AUS 0/32 - Rogers 6*, Warner 24* - Trail by 376

I think Sharma has been dragged, but before that the umpires are swapping the balls over. Warner seems to have belted it out of shape.

Now Umesh Yadav is in the attack.

He bowls on Warner's pads who takes two to square leg.

Good running from Warner, a sharp single to mid-off.v

Now Rogers uses his hands well to clip one away for a single to fine leg.

A tighter finish from Yadav, four from that over.

49 am - AUS 0/29 - Rogers 6*, Warner 21* - Trail by 379

Aaron to Sharma.

A nice little drive behind square gets Rogers two runs.

The runs aren't flowing for Rogers like they are for Warner, but do they ever?

Aaron's bouncer is a good one, and that's another over bowled.

8:44 am - AUS 0/27 - Rogers 4*, Warner 21* - Trail by 381

Sharma to Warner.

FOUR MORE! Groundhog Day stuff here. Sharma bowls full, Warner cover drives him for four. And repeat.

YEP, THERE IT IS AGAIN! A little bit straighter this time from Warner, but the same result. Crazy stuff.

Dhoni has laid down the law now and told Sharma to come back over the wicket.

GORGEOUS! Oh boy, that is supreme batting. A textbook straight drive back down the wicket for another boundary. This man is a hell of a cricketer. And a no-ball! Bad start for India.

Another big over for Australia ends.

8:39 am - AUS 0/14 - Rogers 4*, Warner 9* - Trail by 394

Aaron bowls to that man Rogers again.

He gets a fiery bouncer but gets underneath well.

Nice defence from Rogers, there's a maiden over from Aaron.

8:35 am - AUS 0/14 - Rogers 4*, Warner 9* - Trail by 394

Sharma to Warner now.

Sharma is coming around the wicket to Warner, just as he did in Adelaide. Didn't really work there, did it?

FOUR! Wide and swinging wider from Sharma, and Warner has stretched out to send it to the backward point fence. Don't bowl there.

FOUR MORE! More lashing cover drives from Warner, just like on the first day in Adelaide! Lovely batting, but you can't help but think India have their plans to him all wrong.

8:29 am - AUS 0/6 - Rogers 4*, Warner 1* - Trail by 402

Varun Aaron will start from the other end, bowling to in-form David Warner. How will he play in this afternoon session?

APPEAL! There's a noise as Warner misses out on a flick down the leg side! Dhoni takes the catch and there's a slight appeal, but it took the thigh pad rather than the bat.

Warner defending well but can't get off the mark.

Now he's off the mark. Warner flicks away to find leg and grabs a single to end the over.

8:20 am - AUS 0/0 - Rogers 0*, Warner 0* - Trail by 408

Here we go, welcome back, Ishant Sharma will bowl to Chris Rogers to start us back up.

First ball is defended onto the on-side.

GOOD BALL! Well, it was a no-ball, but still a good one! It's flown past the outside edge and really slapped into Dhoni's gloves. Well bowled.

FOUR! That's the stuff from Rogers! A lovely square drive, using all of Sharma's pace to send it to the rope. Maybe he wants to be a little more assertive today.

And that's the over bowled, some good bowling and some good batting.

7:44 am - THAT'S LUNCH! 

Australia put in a much improved performance this morning to keep India to 408, with Josh Hazlewood the star of the show. He picked up 5 for 68 on debut to lead the bowling attack, while Lyon has finished up with 3 for 105 and there was a wicket apiece for Watson and Mitch Marsh. The left-armers, Johnson and Starc, had less luck and will need to be better in the second innings.

India looked to score quickly this morning and with Ashwin and Dhoni at the crease, they did just that. I'm sure they would have liked to have scored above 500 given the situation at stumps on day one, but 408 is certainly a very competitive total.

I'll be back after the lunch break as Australia begins its first innings with David Warner and Chris Rogers at the crease.


That's the end of the innings! Yadav went for a massive hoik, as he did for all of his innings, but skied it straight to Chris Rogers in the deep. A comfortable catch for Rogers and Lyon finishes with three wickets. And how about India being bowled out for the now-sentimental total of 408? Cricket, eh?

7:41 am - IND 9/408 - I Sharma 1*, U Yadav 9*

Lyon to bowl to Sharma.

Sharma gets off the mark with one to square leg.

7:39 am - IND 9/407 - I Sharma 0*, U Yadav 9*

Right, Mitchell Johnson will bowl to Yadav.

MISSED! Yadav flashes at it but misses.

Back to Labuschagne's catch... Shades of David Boon there. He's made incredible round to catch that on the pitch just about. A day he certainly won't forget either!

Johnson's over is a maiden.


It's not lunch now! We will have another half an hour because they are now nine wickets down. Lyon caught the inside edge of the bat and the sub fielder, young Marnus Labuschagne has launched himself forward to take it inches above the ground! Brilliant catch, and Australia are one wicket away now. We will play on!

7:32 am - IND 8/407 - V Aaron 4*, U Yadav 9*

Nope, Lyon will bowl the last over of the session.

Ooh, a chipped drive from Aaron luckily finds the gap. He's off the mark with two.

DROPPED! Aaron gets a feather on that one but Haddin can't glove it. Tough one.

Aaron then has another swing and it's off for two more.

One more to come before lunch...

7:29 am - IND 8/403 - V Aaron 0*, U Yadav 9*

Hazlewood to Yadav.

Yadav is swinging from the bootlaces now. But he didn't get any of it, no run.

FOUR! An ugly pull shot, I'm not sure he even knew he had hit it! But Yadav has spooned it away to the fine leg fence for another bounday. That's the 400 up.

BEATEN! That's the spot to bowl. Just outside the off stump, watch Yadav have a prod.

The over is completed, is that lunch?

BEATEN AGAIN! This time Yadav swings wildly at a cut shot and misses by a mile. He's not mucking around, that's for sure.

7:25 am - IND 8/399 - V Aaron 0*, U Yadav 5*

Lyon to bowl to Yadav.

FOUR! A hefty slog from Yadav somehow is clipped away to fine leg for four. Could have gone for six, could have clean bowled him. But four it is.

Yadav swings again! This time he picked out Starc in the deep and just gets a single.

Aaron defends and that's the over.

7:22 am - IND 8/394 - V Aaron 0*, U Yadav 0*

Varun Aaron is the new man in.

CLOSE! Aaron edges but it falls just short of Shaun Marsh in the slips. Hazlewood a constant threat.

MISSED! Aaron has almost swung his arms out of their sockets, but no contact.

Another great over from Hazlewood ends.


He's done it! What a fine performance from Josh Hazlewood, five wickets on debut. Another catch for Haddin, this time Dhoni tried to shoulder arms to that one but couldn't get the bat out of the way in time, feathering a catch through to the keeper. Lovely bowling putting the batsman in two minds.

Well done Josh Hazlewood, may there be many more to come.

7:18 am - IND 7/394 - MS Dhoni 33*, U Yadav 0*

Hazlewood to bowl, can he grab a fifth?

Excellent fielding from Johnson on the boundary! Dhoni belted a pull shot that looked destined for the rope, but Johnson somehow managed to keep it in play. Just two runs.

7:16 am - IND 7/391 - MS Dhoni 30*, U Yadav 0*

Lyon to Dhoni.

He's weaseled that ball down to fine leg and almost gets four for it, but has to settle for two.

REVERSE SWEEP! Great stuff from Dhoni, he's cracked it away for four. I don't think he trusts this tail very much and wants to have a crack right now.

Dhoni grabs a single off the last ball of the over to keep the strike.

7:12 am - IND 7/385 - MS Dhoni 24*, U Yadav 0*

Umesh Yadav is the new batsman.

Great bowling from Hazlewood, that's another over bowled.


That's how you bowl at the Gabba! Get it swinging, find that right length and you will find the edge of the bat. Hazlewood has been fantastic, and that one was right in the right spot and Ashwin has nicked it straight to Watson at first slip. Hazlewood has four, and now deserves five on debut.

Well batted Ravi Ashwin, he'll be kicking himself for missing out.

7:08 am - IND 6/385 - MS Dhoni 24*, R Ashwin 35*

Hazlewood to bowl.

ALMOST! Ashwin chops one back towards the stumps but it just misses. There have been a few of those in this innings. Two runs all the same.

7:06 am - IND 6/383 - MS Dhoni 24*, R Ashwin 33*

Lyon to bowl some more.

CLOSE! Dhoni definitely edges one onto his pads, but it bounces up off the pad and lands safely. Good turn for Lyon.

A maiden over, but some promise for Lyon.

7:03 am - IND 6/383 - MS Dhoni 24*, R Ashwin 33*

Josh Hazlewood back into the attack.

Dhoni walks at him straight away and takes a single to the on-side.

EDGED AND FOUR! A genuine outside edge goes through between slip and gully at head height. All the scoreboard says is four runs though...

LOVELY SHOT! You can't bowl on Ashwin's pads. He will murder you when you get to straight. A brilliant glance to the mid-wicket boundary.

Over bowled, nine more off it!

6:58 am - IND 6/374 - MS Dhoni 23*, R Ashwin 25*

Time for Nathan Lyon to have a crack.

Dhoni pushes back and takes a single to mid-on.

Just one from the over.

6:51 am - IND 6/373 - MS Dhoni 22*, R Ashwin 25*

Starc to Ashwin.

And another short ball is flicked behind to fine leg for a single.

Dhoni does the exact same thing.

Short again to Ashwin, who this time punches it backward of point for two more.

And then a wide. A stupidly short bouncer that has flown over the batsman's head.

This is worrying for Australia. Starc is really spraying them now, that's a second wide for the over.

FOUR! Starc tries a full ball and is beautifully glanced away to the rope. He's outstanding off his pads, Ashwin.

Starc will be glad that over is done.

6:45 am - IND 6/363 - MS Dhoni 21*, R Ashwin 18*

Watson to Dhoni.

Dhoni takes a single, and then Ashwin follows suit. These two looking comfortable now.

Finally Dhoni ducks a short ball instead of copping a bruise.

It must be so difficult to bowl to Dhoni, every ball he ends up standing in a different spot. He looks like he's treating this like an ODI at the moment, the bowlers will need to be smart.

Case in point! He ended up miles outside the off stump and somehow flicked it down to fine leg for two.

There's the over bowled.

6:41 am - IND 6/359 - MS Dhoni 18*, R Ashwin 17*

Starc to Dhoni.

Dhoni is strolling around the crease like it's a T20. Big challenge for Starc.

Just a nudge behind point from Dhoni and he takes one more.

CRASH! Ashwin throws everything at that one and lashes it over cover for four! Short, wide and smashed for four.

DELIGHTFUL! Starc goes too full now and that's a beautiful shot by Ashwin. Clipped away through midwicket, a classic glance to the rope.

Another costly Starc over, that pressure is leaking out now.

6:36 am -IND 6/350 - MS Dhoni 17*, R Ashwin 9*

Watson to bowl to Ashwin.

Now Watson tries out his short ball. Ashwin pulls away for two pretty comfortably really.

Watson is staying tight, just two off that over.

6:31 am - IND 6/348 - MS Dhoni 17*, R Ashwin 7*

Time for Mitchell Starc to prove himself now.

Dhoni wears another on the body, this time just presenting the thigh to an inswinging ball.

FOUR MORE! Starc dug that one in but Dhoni pulled it away aggressively. Wasn't the prettiest shot, but it raced away to the boundary.

EVEN BETTER! That one was full and absolutely dispatched! Dhoni has charged Starc there and cracked it down the ground. What a shot!

BEATEN! A good response, Starc sends one past the outside edge. He needed that... But he really needs a wicket more.

Over bowled.

6:23 am - IND 6/340 - MS Dhoni 9*, R Ashwin 7*

Watson again.

FOUR! Aswin drives but gets a thick edge. In the air briefly but in the gap and it's away for the boundary.

The rest of the over is a little less exciting, just the boundary off it.

6:17 am -IND 6/336 - MS Dhoni 9*, R Ashwin 3*

Johnson to Dhoni.

This time he actually plays a shot at the bouncer, and pulls it away for a single.

A leg bye there to get Ashwin off strike, although he has handled Johnson well so far.

Lovely shot from Dhoni, a trademark cover drive. Except for the fact it didn't reach the boundary, only three runs.

Another good shot, this time from Ashwin. He pushes Johnson through the covers and grabs three more. Better over for India.

6:15 am -IND 6/328 - MS Dhoni 5*, R Ashwin 0*

The new batsman is Ravi Ashwin, Watson to continue.

He sees out the rest of the over, but all of a sudden Australia will be looking to bowl India out for less than 400.


A huge wicket and the skipper has stood up! Watson grabbed the edge but it was flying well wide of Smith at second slip, but he has just hurled himself at it and taken a beauty of a one-hander! Surely the catch of the summer, and it could be a catch that changes the match. Brilliant from Smith, so important for himself as well.

Wow, that was special. Australia on top now.

6:10 am - IND 5/328 - MS Dhoni 5*, R Sharma 32*

The new bowler is Shane Watson, who was tidy yesterday.

6:04 am -IND 5/328 - MS Dhoni 5*, R Sharma 32*

Johnson in to Dhoni again, starts wide of the off stump and Dhoni lets it through.

BEATEN! Dhoni has tried to hit the cover off that. Jim Maxwell says he is "unsettled" and I have to agree. That was wide of the off-stump and Dhoni missed it completely with a wild swing.

AND AGAIN! That one was a ripper. Dhoni just flirting with it around the off-stump and it is straight past the outside edge. For the first time in the Test, Australia are on top.

FOUR! A much better shot from Dhoni. Fuller and wider, Dhoni has cracked it away through the covers. Let's not forget this bloke's talent.

Over bowled.

5:59 am -IND 5/324 - MS Dhoni 1*, R Sharma 32*

Hazlewood to bowl to Sharma.

Full to Sharma who pushes to cover and takes one. That's the sort of footwork you need against the swinging ball, Dhoni isn't moving at all and Rahane was stuck on the crease for his dismissal. Get forward, boys.

An ugly push to midwicket gets Dhoni off the mark.

Sharma tried to leave that one but accidentally deflected it to the slips cordon. Lucky it went straight into the ground.

Over bowled, just two from it.

5:53 am -IND 5/322 - MS Dhoni 0*, R Sharma 31*

Here comes Johnson.

A bouncer, but off line. Easy to avoid for Sharma.

Sharma gets a single with a cover drive that went through square leg. They all count, I guess.

Dhoni lets his first ball from Johnson sail through to Haddin.

BIG APPEAL! Johnson wraps Dhoni on the pads and they all go up!! Erasmus says.... not out. Maybe too high, very close though!

Replays prove it was just going over. Great ball though, no footwork from Dhoni had him caught on the crease.

BANG! Dhoni is hit again! And just like the last over, he just stood there and got whacked on the shoulder! It almost went for four and the Indian pair took off for three runs, but Erasmus has called it a dead ball as he wasn't ducking the ball, he was letting it hit him.

A correct call in my books, but Dhoni is blowing right up.

Anyway, that's the over. A good one for Johnson.

5:49 am -IND 5/321 - MS Dhoni 0*, R Sharma 30*

Hazlewood to continue, Dhoni looming as the big scalp to get now.

Started with an outswinger, followed by an inswinger. Dhoni makes it look easy though.

OUCH! Well, that's one way to play a short ball. Dhoni stands dead still and lets it smack into his arm. Like some sort of Bond villain just copping punishment to prove he can.

The pace is good and the bounce is even better. Plus he swings it. I don't want to get carried away, but Josh Hazlewood will play 100 Tests and take 500 wickets.

Another maiden over, Australia fighting back early.

5:45 am -IND 5/321 - MS Dhoni 0*, R Sharma 30*

Johnson to bowl to Sharma.

Also worth mentioning that Haddin has five catches now! All of them nice and straightforward, but good for him. Does he get to hold a glove up or something? Should probably just concentrate on catching the next one.

Just a hint of swing for Johnson, but they are wide enough for Sharma to let go.

That's a maiden over for Johnson, Australia trying to turn the screws here.

5:44 am -IND 5/321 - MS Dhoni 0*, R Sharma 30*

Hazlewood has finished off that over fantastically as well, his pace is up and they are belting into Haddin's gloves.

The last ball was a wicked bouncer that Dhoni just managed to get out of the way of. Top over from Hazlewood, a good start for him.


IND 5/328 - MS Dhoni 5*, R Sharma 32*

What a response from Hazlewoood! He follows up a loose half-volley with an absolute pearler, pitching on middle and off and swinging away to a catch the outside edge. A delightful delivery from Hazlewood and a massive wicket for Australia. Rahane will be disappointed to have missed out on a big score, but sometimes you just get a ball with your name on it.

MS Dhoni, the returning skipper, is the new batsman.

5:39 am -IND 4/321 - A Rahane 81*, R Sharma 30*

Hazlewood in again.

He gets good bounce, Hazlewood. I guess it helps when you are twelve-foot tall.

FOUR MORE! No bounce there though! A half volley is an early Christmas present for Rahane, and he belts it through the covers for four.

5:34 am -IND 4/317 - A Rahane 77*, R Sharma 30*

Time for Mitchell Johnson to stand up now.

First ball is well defended, but he has the crowd at his back.

Johnson strays down the leg side but Rahane misses out.

HALF SHOUT! Johnson throws one full and wide and Rahane has a dip, but no edge. There's a slight shout behind the stumps but there's nothing there.... I don't think.

Johnson then swings one in and Rahane chops it away for a single.

There's the first bouncer of the day. Sharma gets out of the way comfortably.

FOUR! The first boundary of the day comes off a thick outside edge from Sharma. A little wide from Johnson and Sharma had a go, and got four despite a mistimed shot.

Five from the over.

5:29 am -IND 4/312 - A Rahane 76*, R Sharma 26*

Right, here we go. This ball is only three overs old and now it is in Josh Hazlewood's hand.

Some swing, but Rahane leaves it alone.

There's the first run of the day, Rahane takes a sharp single into the covers.

Mitch Marsh is not on the field at the moment, but apparently the Aussies are hopeful he will be able to bat with his hamstring injury. In his place is young Andrew Gode from the Valley District Cricket Club in the north of Brisbane. How nervous would he be?

Tight stuff from Hazlewood but Sharma is solid in defence. Just the one run from the first over of the day.

5:20 am -Will it rain?

Probably. The experts are forecasting quite a substantial storm this afternoon, but then again they pretty much forecast a substantial storm every afternoon here in Brisbane. It's going to be very hot again so I hope the Australian bowlers spent the entire night hydrating.

Right now, it's beautifully sunny and as you can see from Ned Hall's tweet below the pitch is spectacular. Every single one of India's batsmen, Ishant Sharma included, should be eyeing off a ton today.

5:02 am -Vijay stars on day one

Murali Vijay cracked a sensational hundred on day one, making Australia rue a handful of missed opportunities throughout the day. Vijay showed form in Adelaide but looked an absolute superstar on the opening day in Brisbane with the conditions seemingly suiting him to a tee.

4:58 am - In case you missed it...

Yesterday was a rollicking win for India and the perfect way to respond to the disappointing loss in Adelaide. They piled on runs, watch Australian bowlers drop like hailstones in a Brissy storm and had most of the team watching with their feet up in the air-conditioned changing rooms.

As it happened: Day 1 || Day 1 in pictures

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