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Blog: Australia vs India, Day 2, Melbourne Test

ABC News logo ABC News 27-12-2014 Jon Healy

Match pics: Australia vs India, Day 2, Melbourne Test

THAT IS STUMPS! INDIA 1-108 (Vijay 55*, Pujara 25*), TRAILS AUSTRALIA BY 422 RUNS

It was a day that belonged to Steve Smith after he smote the Indian attack to register a Test career-best 192 to lead Australia to a mammoth 530 all out. India's field placements and bowling were symptomatic of a team with no plan or end in game in mind. As terrible as India was in the field, Smith was exemplary, and supported brilliantly by the once out-of-form Brad Haddin (55), and the prodigious batting of lower-order specialist Ryan Harris (74).

Some credit should go to India for showing some discipline and resisting Australia in the final session. They've scored a par 100 for the session and lost just the one wicket, but are still 222 runs short of the follow-on target, though it unlikely Australia will enforce it. In total, they remain 422 runs in arrears, with Murali Vijay looking good value for his unbeaten 55.

Cheteshwar Pujara, however, was given a massive reprieve when Brad Haddin dropped a regulation keeper's catch off Josh Hazlewood's bowling, in the one black mark for the day for the hosts.

IND 1-108 (Vijay 55, Pujara 25) - trail by 422 runs

BOUNCER! Johnson gets it in short and at Vijay, who just about blocks it down with silly mid-on lying in wait for a catch.

Last ball of the day is ... down the offside and left alone. That's stumps.

IND 1-108 (Vijay 55, Pujara 25) - trail by 422 runs

BOOM! FOUR RUNS! Vijay, not content to wait out the day cautiously, charges down the wicket and swats Lyon over mid-wicket! One bounce and four runs.

Vijay follows that up with a clipped shot to long-on for a single.

IND 1-103 (Vijay 50, Pujara 25) - trail by 427 runs

EDGED, AND FOUR! 100 up for India as Pujara gets forward and plays a defensive shot with soft hands to edge Johnson between gulley and slip to the third man fence.

FIFTY FOR VIJAY! 4x4s, 0x6s, 93 BALLS. INDIA 1-99 (Pujara 21*)

Vijay works Lyon to fine leg for two runs and that brings up his half-ton! A chanceless knock and well played from the opener. He's shown discipline to stay in as the day nears the close of play.

IND 1-97 (Vijay 48, Pujara 21) - trail by 433 runs

BIG APPEAL! Lyon gets Vijay on the pad but it was pitched well outside the offstump.

Vijay now moves to 48 with one run to fine leg.

Pujara rocks back and cuts between cover and point and runs well to pick up three runs.

IND 1-93 (Vijay 47, Pujara 18) - trail by 437 runs

We're still due to finish four more overs of the day. Johnson gets through another maiden over.

IND 1-93 (Vijay 47, Pujara 18) - trail by 437 runs

Lyon concedes just the one run in his over as Pujara works him to square leg for a quick single.

IND 1-92 (Vijay 47, Pujara 17) - trail by 438 runs

Johnson is back into the attack as we approach stumps. He gets through a maiden to Vijay.

IND 1-92 (Vijay 47, Pujara 17) - trail by 438 runs

A false shot from Pujara as he leans forward to Lyon, inside edging onto his pad.

Pujara's next shot is a lot better, driving hard towards the cover boundary for three runs.

Vijay comes across his wicket and taps Lyon behind his shoulder for two runs to fine leg.

CATCH? No, there was no edge off the bat as Lyon gets one to spit off the pad, up in the air and pouched by the man at silly mid-on.

Vijay drives the last ball firmly to long-on for one.

IND 1-86 (Vijay 44, Pujara 14) - trail by 444 runs

Vijay works Hazlewood to the man at mid-wicket and hurries home to get two quick runs.

Latest match pictures

IND 1-84 (Vijay 42, Pujara 14) - trail by 449 runs

Lyon back in and Vijay moves into the forties with a single to mid-wicket.

Pujara also gets one run to fine leg, before Vijay works Lyon to cover for another single.

Another single as Pujara picks up another run. A great throw from Chris Rogers too, who hits the stumps from mid-on.

Vijay bookends the over with another single. Five singles and a dot in that Lyon over.

IND 1-79 (Vijay 39, Pujara 12) - trail by 452 runs

PLAY AND A MISS! Hazlewood pitches it slightly shorter and finds Pujara attempting the cut shot, but it glides just under the blade.

DROP CATCH! Now Hazlewood gets the edge off Pujara's defensive stroke and Haddin spills the catch! He attempted it one handed! Terrible, terrible glovework from the experienced keeper.

IND 1-77 (Vijay 38, Pujara 11) - trail by 455 runs

Hazlewood to Vijay, who works the paceman towards cover and picks up a trio of runs.

Pujara gets two, working Hazlewood to deep midwicket.

IND 1-72 (Vijay 35, Pujara 9) - trail by 458 runs

Hazlewood gets through yet another maiden over.

Now Lyon bowls to Pujara, who attempts to leave the ball but watches as it hits him in the pad and dribbles down towards the third man boundary. No shot was attempted so the batsman holds his ground and the umpire signals for dead ball.

Pujara gets a single, playing Lyon to point. Vijay gets a run the next ball with a sweep behind square leg.

IND 1-70 (Vijay 34, Pujara 8) - trail by 460 runs

Nathan Lyon is to start his first spell of the MCG Test.

His first delivery is wide of the off stump which Vijay flicks to fine leg for a single.

FOUR! Pujara then drives Lyon through cover and picks up a boundary to double his score to eight.

IND 1-65 (Vijay 33, Pujara 4) - trail by 465 runs

Hazlewood is back into the attack after Smith gets bored of Watson. Hazlewood pays his captain back in the form of a maiden over.

IND 1-65 (Vijay 33, Pujara 4) - trail by 465 runs

FOUR! Following a Harris maiden, Vijay pummels a wide Watson delivery straight to the cover boundary. Imperious.

IND 1-61 (Vijay 29, Pujara 4) - trail by 469 runs

Pujara gets an inside edge off Watson but will get one run as it squirts out behind square leg.

IND 1-60 (Vijay 29, Pujara 3) - trail by 470 runs

GOOD BALL! Harris finds the perfect line and length to beat the edge of Vijay's bat.

Vijay does get a single off Harris, towards mid-on, before Pujara gets a run in the exact same position to end the over.

IND 1-58 (Vijay 28, Pujara 2) - trail by 472 runs

Vijay gets another quick single, punching Watson off his pads to mid-wicket.

IND 1-57 (Vijay 27, Pujara 2) - trail by 473 runs

Cheteshwar Pujara is the new man in. He leaves his first delivery down the offside well alone.

Pujara is off the mark with two runs, playing Harris off his pads to midwicket.


Harris gets the breakthrough! His line is excellent as Dhawan is on the back foot and defending, but he gets the edge to second slip and Steve Smith obliges with the catch.

Latest pics from Day 2

IND 0-55 (Vijay 27, Dhawan 28) - trail by 475 runs

Harris to Vijay, and Vijay is driving again, through the covers. That region is providing a few runs for India as Vijay picks up three.

IND 0-52 (Vijay 24, Dhawan 28) - trail by 478 runs

Great shot! Watson is welcomed to the fore with a fine Dhawan cover drive that sails through the gap for four more runs.

FOUR MORE! Too far wide down the offside and Dhawan helps himself to another boundary!

IND 0-44 (Vijay 24, Dhawan 20) - trail by 486 runs

Harris keeps Vijay quiet with a maiden over.

Shane Watson will now join the Australian bowling attack.

IND 0-44 (Vijay 24, Dhawan 20) - trail by 486 runs

Vijay works Hazlewood behind square leg and thinks about two runs, before settling on the single.

IND 0-43 (Vijay 23, Dhawan 20) - trail by 491 runs

Harris is back into the attack. Vijay gets a single, working the bowler towards square leg for one.

Dhawan pokes the ball to cover to get one run, before Vijay drives through the covers to pick up three runs.

IND 0-38 (Vijay 19, Dhawan 19) - trail by 492 runs

Hazlewood gets through a tidy maiden over to Dhawan. Just 292 runs required for India to avoid the follow-on.

IND 0-38 (Vijay 19, Dhawan 19) - trail by 492 runs

Vijay works Johnson to mid-wicket for a single.

Now Dhawan cuts Johson behind point for three more runs.

GOOD BALL! Johnson rediscovers his line and length to find Vijay driving at air as the ball narrowly misses the edge and sails into Haddin's gloves.

IND 0-34 (Vijay 18, Dhawan 16) - trail by 496 runs

Nice shot from Vijay as he pushes a cover drive through the gap and picks up three runs off Hazlewood.

Another great shot, this time from Dhawan who caresses Hazlewood between cover and point. It falls about a millimetre short of the boundary rope, but the batsmen put the effort in to run four.

IND 0-27 (Vijay 15, Dhawan 12) - trail by 503 runs

A tidy over from Johnson follows, conceding just the single to Vijay.

IND 0-26 (Vijay 14, Dhawan 12) - trail by 504 runs

Josh Hazlewood is already on to start his first spell in place of Harris.

Good shot! Dhawan chases a wider ball and drives it beautifully through cover. It won't make it all the way but he will pick up three runs.

Vijay gets a single on the leg side to rotate the strike.

Hazlewood completes the over with a bouncer that Dhawan ducks underneath, prompting a cheeky smile from the bowler.

Meanwhile, news is filtering in that David Warner was hit on the forearm in the nets this morning and apparently has significant bruising, hampering his ability to field today. He has been replaced in the outfield by Peter Siddle.

Match pictures

IND 0-22 (Vijay 13, Dhawan 9) - trail by 508 runs

Johnson's back and his first ball is short and pitched at Dhawan is turned away to fine leg for one run.

FOUR! Vijay times this well and works Johnson to square leg. It's racing away to the fence and it won't be stopped. Four runs.

FOUR MORE! Johnson gets the outside edge but it slices between gulley and slip to third man for another boundary.

IND 0-13 (Vijay 5, Dhawan 8) - trail by 517 runs

FOUR! Now Dhawan's in on the act as he drives Harris superbly through cover for his first boundary of the day.

Dhawan hits an off-drive past mid-off into a vacant space. He will hurry home for two runs.

Harris procures something of an inside edge off Dhawan's bat as his defensive shot squirms clear towards square leg for one run.

IND 0-6 (Vijay 5, Dhawan 1) - trail by 524 runs

Johnson to Vijay.

SHOT! Vijay leans forward and steers a textbook straight drive past the bowler's reach to the long-on rope. Terrific.

IND 0-2 (Vijay 1, Dhawan 1) - trail by 528 runs

Ryan Harris begins his first over of the Test. "Ryyyyyno" gets through a maiden over to start his first spell off tidily.

IND 0-2 (Vijay 1, Dhawan 1) - trail by 528 runs

Murali Vijay and Shikhar Dhawan are wandering out to the middle. The tourists' first innings will start very soon. Mitchell Johnson will bowl the first over.

The first ball is on a good line but Vijay shoulders arms to it and watches it sail past the offstump.

Second ball, more of the same. Didn't seem like a slower ball but there was less carry through to the keeper.

Vijay is off the mark, flicking off his pads to fine leg for a single. Dhawan follows suit, getting one run out to cover.

AUSTRALIA ALL OUT FOR 530!! SMITH'S GONE FOR 192, b Yadav (Hazlewood 0*)


After a ridiculously good innings, Steve Smith tries to scoop Yadav over Dhoni's head but goes too far and is bowled.

The skipper hit 17 fours and two sixes in his brilliant knock but fell just short of the double century. He was clearly trying to get a wriggle on to set up a tea declaration and did so admirably but went for just one too many agricultural shots.

Regardless, congratulations on an amazing innings, meanwhile Josh Hazlewood still doesn't have a Test batting average.

Mohammed Shami was the best of a bad bunch for India, picking up 4 for 138 at an unfortunate economy rate of 4.75.

Umesh Yadav finished with 3 for 130 from 32.3 overs, while Ravi Ashwin had 3 for 134 from 44 overs.

Ishant Sharma was very poor, finishing with figures of 0 for 104 from 32 overs.

AUS 9-530 (Smith 192, Hazlewood 0)

Smith tries to loft Yadav over mid-off but doesn't get all of it and the ball falls short of the man in the deep. He then tries to flat bat him to cow corner and it goes straight to mid-on. No run.

LYON'S GONE FOR 11!! b Shami AUS 9-530 (Smith 192*)

Lyon tries to go the big heave-ho again but he misses everything and his bails go flying.

Josh Hazlewood is coming out to the crease. He's also no slouch with the bat.

AUS 8-526 (Smith 192, Lyon 7)

Mohammed Shami replaces Ashwin.

Smith backs away and hammers a cut to cover but they don't run. I don't know if he's farming the strike or he may be suffering some leg pain.

Smith charges and Shami follows him, Smith plays a bizarre overhead smash that flies to mid-wicket for a single.

CRACK! Lyon's in on the act now. He lofts Shami over cover for four.

FOUR MORE!! Shami follows him and Lyon hooks for four. Great shot by a number 10.

AUS 8-521 (Smith 191, Lyon 3)

CLOSE! Lyon gets off the mark with a shot to cover and he should have been run out there, but Yadav was a bit sluggish getting the return throw down to the stumps.

And Smith cuts to deep cover for two more. He adds a single to retain the strike.

Match pictures

AUS 8-515 (Smith 188, Lyon 0)

SMASHED!! Smith charges Ashwin and drills it straight for four. That was almost a brilliant catch from Ashwin.

Smith goes again and Ashwin gets a hand to it but that was hit far too firmly. No run.

FOUR MORE!! He charges again and Ashwin fires it wode outside off but Smith still reaches it on the full and it race to the cover boundary.

AND ANOTHER! More finesse this time, reverse sweeping for four to third man. This is getting silly, Steven.

AUS 8-503 (Smith 176, Lyon 0)

Smith charges Yadav and lofts it just out of reach of cover for two runs.

CRACK!! He follows that up with a crunching square cut that reaches the boundary in no time at all. If only India had a deep point in place.

That's 500 for Australia.

And a quick single to give Lyon two deliveries to survive.

AUS 8-495 (Smith 168, Lyon 0)

BANG!! Smith charges Ashwin and gets every ounce of that on-drive, lofting right over the boundary rope for a maximum.

That's a new highest Test score for Smith.

He gets a single and Lyon survives the last ball of Ashwin's over.

AUS 8-489 (Smith 162, Lyon 0)

COP THAT! Smith flat bats Umesh Yadav to long-on for four. That wasn't pretty but it was certainly effective.

It appears Smith wants them to get on with it as he works Yadav off his pads for two more.

Smith picks up another single and ties his highest Test score of 162.

AUS 8-482 (Smith 155, Lyon 0)

Lyon survives the last two deliveries from his off-spinning counterpart.

HARRIS IS OUT FOR 74!! lbw Ashwin AUS 7-482 (Smith 155*)

Harris tries to sweep the off-spinner against but this time is trapped in front and umpire Dharmasena had no hesitation in raising the finger. That was plumb.

A brilliant innings by the big-hitting number nine and Nathan Lyon enters the fray.

AUS 7-482 (Smith 155, Harris 74)

Smith goes down the pitch and down the ground but just a single as long-off stops it.

WALLOP!! Harris hammers a six over mid-wicket and that's his highest Test score.

AUS 7-475 (Smith 154, Harris 68)

Smith gets a single off Sharma to move to 153.

Harris drops the bat on one and steals two as it trickles through cover before a cut for one through point gets him his equal top score.

Smith gets another single and edges ever closer to his highest Test score of 162 not out.

Latest pictures from Day 2

AUS 7-470 (Smith 152, Harris 65)

Smith and Harris work Ashwin all around the ground for 13 runs in that over, including a brilliant slog sweep for four from Harris off the penultimate delivery.

1-3-1-2-4-2 in that over.

150 FOR SMITH! 273 balls (12 x 4s, 1 x 6) AUS 7-457 (Harris 54*)

The skipper looks unbeatable as he picks up a single to reach another milestone.

AUS 7-456 (Smith 149, Harris 54)

Sharma to resume after the drinks break.

Smith cuts him away for another easy single, his 59th of the innings thus far.

Harris does the same and Smith, once again, flicks off his pads for one to deep mid-wicket.

Drop and run from Harris. He bunts a defensive stroke and takes off for a quick single.

AUS 7-452 (Smith 147, Harris 52)

Smith gets a single and Harris works two off his hip to close the over.

That's drinks.

50 FOR HARRIS!! 75 balls (8 x 4s) AUS 7-449 (Smith 146*)

Harris reaches his third Test half-century with a single to the leg side. He's looked every bit an all-rounder this morning and deserves the milestone.

He's the fifth Aussie batsmen to pass 50.

Can he go on with it? It's not beyond the realm of possibilities considering his batting and India's bowling so far today.

AUS 7-448 (Smith 146, Harris 49)

Whack! Smith charges Ashwin and hammers it straight but it's cut off just before the boundary.

He gets a single and gives Harris the strike.

AUS 7-445 (Smith 143, Harris 49)

Harris survives a couple of Sharma dots before it looked like he'd reached 50 with a leg glance for two, but the umpire says leg byes.

After the excitement of those two leg byes, Harris just defends the last few deliveries from Sharma who, all of a sudden is bowling good line and length.

AUS 7-443 (Smith 143, Harris 49)

Smith drives Ashwin to deep cover and picks up a third run as Umesh Yadav takes three grabs at it before finally picking up the ball and getting it back in.

Harris gets a single off his pads to retain the strike for Sharma's over. He's one away from a half-century.

AUS 7-439 (Smith 140, Harris 48)

Ishant Sharma back into the attack.

Smith moves to 140 with another easy single to deep point. I don't want to keep harping on it, but ... that is a garbage fielding position.

Harris ducks a Sharma bouncer and plays and misses a pull shot outside off before skying a hook into the deep. Fine leg was too square and Murali Vijay just barely keeps that to two runs.

AUS 7-436 (Smith 139, Harris 46)

Ashwin continues.

Smith gets another easy run off his body.

FOUR! Harris backs away and cuts again but this time it gets past cover and rockets to the boundary.

AND ANOTHER!! This time he waits for it and late cuts for four.

FOUR MORE!!! Another late cut and another four runs.

AUS 7-421 (Smith 137, Harris 33)

BORT!! After defending the first ball of Shami's over, Harris drills a straight drive for four. Amazing shot.

He gets off strike with a single to the off side and Shami may be glad to see Smith back on strike.

Smith retains the strike for next over with a single worked off his hip.

AUS 7-417 (Smith 137, Harris 29)

Ashwin continues to bowl very tight lines. Smith finally gets a run to long-off on the fifth delivery and Harris turns another run off his hip.

Ashwin is playing the perfect role if his quicks were threatening, but as it stands, the off-spinner is comfortably India's best.

AUS 7-415 (Smith 136, Harris 28)

Smith plays a strong square drive and it pierces the in-field but it's stopped at deep point. Yes, Dhoni has a deep point in place for Steve Smith. Ridiculous. One more run.

Harris drops another short Shami delivery behind point and takes a quick single.

And Smith again guides it to DEEP BLOODY POINT for a single.

Day 2: Latest pictures

AUS 7-412 (Smith 134, Harris 27)

Harris gives himself some space and tries to cut Ashwin hard but it's stopped dead at cover. Nice stop. That would have flown to the boundary.

He turns Ashwin off his hip for two runs to fine leg. Nice stroke, excellent running from the apparently injured Harris.

Australia may be edging towards a tea-time declaration at this rate.

AUS 7-410 (Smith 134, Harris 25)

Smith defends to cover to start the over. Harris was looking to set off for a quick single but Smith sends him back. Probably a good idea.

Again, Shami bowls too short and it's too easy for Smith bunt him to backward point for a single off the back foot.

As much as I've criticised the Indian pace attack today, they haven't been helped by defensive field placings from skipper MS Dhoni.

BOOF! Harris drills Shami to long-off for another four. Very strong batting from the quick here.

He follows that up with another single behind point.

Mohammed Shami returns to the attack for his 26th over.

AUS 7-404 (Smith 133, Harris 20)

Smith rocks back and gets an easy single to cover off Ashwin's first delivery, leaving Harris to face the spinner.

Not that it matters. The number nine has looked as solid as anyone this innings and continues that form, easily defending the final five balls of Ashwin's 35th over.

AUS 7-403 (Smith 132, Harris 20)

Smith rocks on to the back foot and easily guides a Yadav delivery to deep backward point for another single. None of the pacemen look threatening at the moment.

Of course, no sooner have I said it than Yadav almost sneaks one through Harris' gate but the Aussie gets an inside edge on to his pad.

WHACK!! Harris follows it up with a front-foot pull shot for four over mid-on.

That's the 400 up for Australia.

AUS 7-398 (Smith 131, Harris 16)

Smith goes down the track to Ashwin and whips past mid-wicket for a single. It looks almost impossible to dominate Ashwin here.

Harris tries to emulate his skipper but Smith sends him back as he takes off for a run.

The over ends with a shout for caught behind down the leg side but the umpire is having none of it.

Harris also almost fell out of his ground and Dhoni was ready to whip the bails off, but no such luck.

AUS 7-397 (Smith 130, Harris 16)

Yadav continuing to Smith.

He strays down the leg side for the first two balls of the innings and Smith tries but fails to get some bat on them.

He then drives hard to the off side but Lokesh Rahul is equal to it at cover. Just a single.

Harris then plays a beautiful back-foot square drive and they pick up three runs for their trouble.

Smith finishes the over with a single to retain the strike.

Day 2 in pictures

AUS 7-392 (Smith 128, Harris 13)

The first ball from Ashwin gives Harris some trouble as it skids straight on just outside off. But Harris has soft enough hands to negotiate it.

Harris continues to defend well but the fourth ball gets through and there's a stifled LBW appeal, but it was clearly sliding down leg.

Harris half-heartedly tries to attack the last ball of the over but just bunts it back to the bowler.

Another maiden. Ashwin's ninth.

AUS 7-392 (Smith 128, Harris 13)

Umesh Yadav continues at the other end.

Harris gets the first runs after lunch with a cramped pull shot for two. It's well stopped just before the boundary rope.

He follows that up with some very nice looking defensive strokes before working off his hip for a single to fine leg.

That's the 100 up for Yadav. Not the good kind though.

AUS 7-389 (Smith 128, Harris 10)

Ashwin is bowling typically tight lines and even Smith can't get him away. Another maiden for the off-spinner to start the second session.

Ashwin resumes to Smith.

The players are making their way back out on to the field for the second session.

THAT'S LUNCH! Australia goes to the break on 6-389 (Smith 128*, Harris 10*)

Shami ends his over with a poorly-directed bouncer down the leg side.

That delivery is pretty indicative of India's bowling this morning - too short, too wide, inaccurate and inconsistent. That's not to take anything away from Australia's batsmen who all played nicely.

Captain Steve Smith remains unbeaten on 128, while Brad Haddin batted with some serious intent to reach 55 in no time at all.

Mitchell Johnson (28) looked in fine nick before getting stumped off the bowling of Ravichandran Ashwin (2-65) and Ryan Harris (10*) has played some very solid shots to remain not out at lunch.

AUS 6-389 (Smith 128, Harris 10)

They give Smith another single and he takes it without hesitation, down to third man.

Harris has five balls to survive until lunch. He starts off with a well-taken two to deep square leg before negotiating a couple of Shami short balls.

Shami's persisting with his around the wicket tactics to everyone except Smith.

AUS 6-386 (Smith 127, Harris 8)

Ashwin flies through yet another over. The first four balls comfortably defended by Smith who looks like he's just trying to survive to lunch.

He gives Harris one delivery to negotiate with a single on the fifth delivery. Harris survives the final ball of the over.

AUS 6-385 (Smith 126, Harris 8)

Smith flicks Shami off his pads for another single to fine leg. He has been faultless off his pads this morning ... and for most of his career if we're being honest.

Shami bangs one in short to Harris and the number nine comfortably hooks him to the boundary for four to get himself off the mark. Bad bowling. No two ways about it.

Four more. No exclamation point there because it was all run. Harris just leaned on a wider delivery and it flew almost to the cover boundary. Great running from Smith and the bustling seamer.

JOHNSON'S GONE FOR 28!! b ASHWIN st DHONI AUS 7-376 (Smith 125*)

Mitchell Johnson charges down the pitches but the straighter Ashwin delivery gets in between the yawning gap between bat and pad and MS Dhoni gets one of the easiest stumpings a wicketkeeper can get.

Johnson didn't even try to make his ground.

Ryan Harris comes out to the middle and defends the rest of Ashwin's over.

Match pictures: Day 2, Boxing Day Test

AUS 6-376 (Smith 125, Johnson 28)

Smith starts the over by charging Ashwin and gets a single off a thick inside edge to square leg for his trouble.

And that's the 50 partnership for this pair.

AUS 6-375 (Smith 124, Johnson 28)

Mohammed Shami back into the attack.

TONK!! Johnson pulls Shami down the ground and mid-on can't get a hand on it as it flies to the boundary for four runs.

HE GOES AGAIN! This one's even better. A beautiful Mitchell Johnson off-drive flies through the in-field. Neither batsmen moved an inch after that came off the bat.

Eight runs off that Shami over.

AUS 6-367 (Smith 124, Johnson 20)

Smith defends Ashwin's first couple of deliveries before picking up a single to mid-on.

Johnson gets one to mid-off and another "blink and you'll miss it" Ashwin over is finished.

AUS 6-365 (Smith 123, Johnson 19)

Sharma continuing to Johnson, who leaves the first ball outside off.

Sharma follows up with an attempted bumper which Johnson easily gets on top of, hooking for a single.

Smith is back on strike and immediately drives smoothly almost to the cover boundary for three more runs.

Sharma bangs another one in short (which for some reason has become his stock delivery) and Johnson hooks fine for four.

0 for 91 for Ishant from 28 overs. He needs to sort out his line and length.

AUS 6-357 (Smith 120, Johnson 14)

I don't envy Ashwin the task of bowling to a set Steve Smith and a confident Mitchell Johnson on an Australian wicket.

Johnson goes down on one knee and tries the slog sweep but he didn't go the whole hog and it dribbles away to deep square leg for a single.

Smith comfortably defends the rest of Ashwin's over.

Ravichandran Ashwin is into the attack for the first time today.

AUS 6-356 (Smith 120, Johnson 13)

Ishant Sharma back into the attack.

Smith gets a single but some typically Indian overthrows allow him to turn it into two runs.

The skipper tries to cut the next delivery but bottom edges it on to his foot. Johnson takes off for a single, there's a bit of a mix-up but there really shouldn't have been, very easy single in the end.

Johnson drives to mid-off again and takes off for another quick single. This time there is a direct hit but Johnson comfortably makes his ground.

AUS 6-352 (Smith 117, Johnson 12)

BANG, BANG!! Johnson hooks Yadav for four and follows it up with a copybook off drive for another boundary. Great strokeplay from the number eight.

He and Smith trade singles before the captain clears his front leg for an almighty inside-out heave over mid-off. He doesn't get all of it but that's three more.

14 from the over.

AUS 6-338 (Smith 113, Johnson 2)

The next over starts with a leg bye. Another sundry for Ishant Sharma.

Smith adds three more with a drive through backward point and two more go on to the total as Johnson gets a single off YET ANOTHER SHARMA NO BALL.

Just take half a step back, Ishant.

Sharma finishes his over with a few dot balls. He has been very poor

AUS 6-332 (Smith 110, Johnson 1)

Yadav continuing to Smith.

WOOF! Smith slashes at one outside off but misses everything. That must have been close.

India really needs to restrict Australia to under 400 if they want a chance to win this Test.

Basically, they need to send Smith AND Johnson back to the pavilion sharpish.

OUCH!! Smith as copped one in the ... ahem ... midriff. He collapses to the ground and quickly remembers there are certain parts of your body you do not grab on live television.

Smith is calling for a new box. Every man in the world knows Steve's pain right now. Condolences skipper. Thank god it was Yadav and not someone a bit sharper because that hit him flush.

AUS 6-332 (Smith 110, Johnson 1)

Smith gets another half-volley from Shami and drives beautifully through cover for three.

Johnson defends a ball to mid-on and they take off for a quick single. Johnson turns for two but Smith sends him back and there's a run-out chance.

Johnson dives into the crease but that was very close. A direct hit and Johnson would have definitely been on his way.

Smith gets another easy single

AUS 6-327 (Smith 106, Johnson 0)

Smith flicks another single off his pads to start Yadav's over.

There's no respite for India's bowlers getting into Australia's tail because all the Aussie bowlers can bat.

Yadav bounces Johnson and it stays low, hammering into the shoulder of a ducking Johnson.

That may come back to hurt him when MJ gets the ball in hand.

Day 2 in pictures

HADDIN'S GONE FOR 55!! b Shami c Dhoni AUS 6-326 (Smith 105*)

The wicketkeeper-batsman tries to leave one outside off but gets a bottom edge and it carries low to Dhoni.

After blasting his way to 50, Haddin really relaxed and stopped going for his shots and that is really what brought about his downfall.

Mitchell Johnson is the next man in.

AUS 5-326 (Smith 105, Haddin 55)

FOUR! Smith gets another boundary off his hip, too fine for fine leg.

He gets off strike with a single through mid-wicket and Sharma has words with him.

100 FOR SMITH!! 191 (9 x 4s, 1 x 6) AUS 5-321 (Haddin 55*)

The skipper continues his ridiculous run of form. Flicking another four off his pads and fine leg can't track it down. Beautifully played by Smith.

It's really hard to see how India will get him out while he's in this form.

Shami continuing to Smith.

AUS 5-317 (Smith 96, Haddin 55)

Yadav running in to Haddin.

The run rate this morning is just a tick under six by the way. That's mostly thanks to Haddin. Pretty crazy when you consider he had a grand total of 21 runs this series before Boxing Day.

He adds one more off his pads.

FOUR MORE!! Smith pulls, not quite out of the middle but it rolls all the same to the boundary at long-on.

And that's the 100-run partnership up for these two.

Smith hooks a single to fine leg and moves within four of another century.

Consistency has certainly not been the name of the game for India's bowlers this morning. Very wayward line and length.

AUS 5-311 (Smith 91, Haddin 54)

Shami back into the attack in place of Ishant Sharma.

Haddin gets off strike with big french cut. That's the Brad Haddin we've gotten used to recently.

FOUR!! Smith goes into the 90s with a flick through leg slip. How does he make batting look so simple?

He's also reached 2,000 Test runs faster than Allan Border, Ricky Ponting and Michael Clarke. Pretty fair company.

Shami finishes his over with a couple of dots. Five runs from it but he could have very easily had Brad Haddin chopping on.

AUS 5-306 (Smith 87, Haddin 53)

FOUR!! Half-volley for the in-form Smith and he crunches that to the boundary. Beautiful off drive.

A dot followed by another easy single off his pads.

Haddin follows suit off his hip.


AUS 5-300 (Smith 82, Haddin 52)

Sharma continuing to Haddin.

He gets too straight and Haddin works a single off his hip. He looks to have calmed a bit since reaching fifty.

Smith leaves outside off but, like he did to Mitchell Marsh in Brisbane, the ball has jagged back and flown very close to the stumps.

Sharma is bowling back of a length far too regularly for my liking. It doesn't seem like rocket science - if you pitch the ball up, your chances of taking a wicket increases exponentially.

FOUR! Too short again and Smith coolly late cuts for a boundary past the slips cordon.

He ends the over with an easy single off his pads.

AUS 5-294 (Smith 77, Haddin 51)

Yadav almost draws an edge with his second delivery but Haddin gets off strike with a single to deep square leg on the next ball.

Smith shoulders arms to his first delivery from Yadav, then tries to flick him to fine leg but can't get any bat on it.

Not a bad first over from Yadav.

Umesh Yadav into the attack for the first time.

50 FOR HADDIN! 75 balls (7 x 4s, 1 x 6) AUS 5-293 (Smith 77*)

I don't know what's gotten into him but he's been amazing this morning, adding 27 in no time at all.

India should be very worried.

AUS 5-292 (Smith 77, Haddin 49)

Sharma gets on to Smith's pads and he works a single to mid-wicket.

FOUR!! Sharma pitches up and Haddin goes again. Hammering it to long-off for four more. What did he eat for breakfast?

ANOTHER BOUNDARY. Haddin's gets space outside off and uses finesse to late cut through the slips for another four.

All of a sudden the "struggling" batsman is within one run of a half-century.

AUS 5-283 (Smith 76, Haddin 41)

FOUR MORE!! Shami bowls short to haddin again and he clears his front leg and swats a cross-bat shot to the long-on boundary.

That's followed up by a better bouncer. Dot ball.

AND ANOTHER!! Short over the stumps again and Haddin clears that front leg and cross bats another boundary.

Maybe they should vary their tactics somewhat. Haddin just knows where the ball is going to be every time.

FOUR!! Now Shami goes back over the wicket and gives Haddin space outside off but it's the same result as before. Four runs, this time through cover/point.

He ends with a dot but that's a very expensive over. 12 from it

AUS 5-271 (Smith 76, Haddin 29)

Sharma continues around the wicket to Haddin.

He bowls one right across him and Haddin tries to pull one that he should have been trying to cut. Big airswing.

Another short ball, this time misfired down leg.

Followed up by a no ball. It just wouldn't be an Ishant Sharma over without a few sundries.

Single to Haddin, hooking again to backward square. Six runs for Haddin today, all of them off hook shots.

Sharma bowls a good line and length to Smith and the skipper defends nicely but maybe a bit edgily.

More length bowling from Sharma to Smith for two dots. India clearly has very, very different tactics for these two batsmen.

Match pictures

AUS 5-269 (Smith 76, Haddin 28)

Wide and short again. I don't know if it's a plan or they can't get in on a length but that's all too easy for Smith to caress that one through cover for three more runs.

Shami pitches up to Haddin and the veteran keeps that out. Nice pace right on the stumps.

Two more dots to Haddin. India needs to be careful about letting him get settled.

Right on cue, short leg comes in and Shami comes around the wicket. In the words of Ian Gould; "Bit of bodyline, son".

FOUR! Shami bowls short and right at Haddin and it's hammered past fine leg.

Another bouncer and Haddin hooks more gently but it's straight to fine leg for a single.

Mohammed Shami to bowl next.

AUS 5-261 (Smith 73, Haddin 23)

A subdued start to the day as Smith lets Sharma's first delivery go through to the keeper outside the off stump.

The second ball is another short one and well outside off but this time the Aussie skipper tries to cut but just bottom edges it straight into the ground for no run.

Sharma pitches a couple up and Smith gets forward for two defensive strokes. He just seems to have so much time at the crease. Just outlandishly good form.

Once again Sharma goes short and outside off, and Smith plays a back-foot drive to cover for a single.

Haddin facing his first ball. Short and wide from Sharma again and even the out-of-form Haddin knows to leave that alone.

Another delivery back of a length to end the over and Haddin just defends on to the off side.

Ishant Sharma will open the bowling on day two.

The Indians gather for their requisite huddle and Smith and Haddin jog past them. Play's not too far away.

Umpires Dharmasena and Kettleborough are out on the field. But they're still waiting for the players.


Smith finished day one on 72 and if he can add 28 more runs today he will have his third century in as many Tests against India this summer.

The man who will accompany him out to the crease is firmly at the other end of the spectrum. Brad Haddin (23) battled through to stumps yesterday.

He's already reached his highest score of the series but needs a hell of a lot more runs if he wants to secure his place in the team for next year's Ashes.


Picking a winner from the first day's play is tough. Almost every Australian batsmen made a start, with Chris Rogers, Shane Watson and Steve Smith reaching half-centuries.

Hello and welcome to the second day of the third Test between Australia and India at the MCG.

I'm Jon Healy and I'll be your guide through today's play.

Australia vs India, Day 2, Melbourne Test: In pictures

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