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Blog: Australia vs India, Day 3, Brisbane Test

ABC News logo ABC News 19-12-2014 Dean Bilton

Brisbane Test: Day 3 in pictures

1:02 pm - THAT'S STUMPS! India 1 for 71 - S Dhawan 26*, C Pujara 15* - Trail by 26

So day three is over and we really are no closer to knowing who will take this Test out. Early on in the day, when Australia lost their fifth wicket well short of India's first-innings total, it looked as if the tourists would storm ahead in the match. But some brilliant batting from Steve Smith, Mitchell Johnson, Nathan Lyon, Mitchell Starc and Josh Hazlewood forced Australia to a near-100 run lead by the time they were finally bowled out after tea.

From there, we might have thought Australia would take the momentum and pick up some late wickets but India's batsmen, including the man out Murali Vijay, have done a stellar job late in the day and nearly wiped that deficit off. If Shikhar Dhawan and Cheteshwar Pujara can kick on tomorrow morning, all of a sudden India will have the momentum back.

It's an ebbing and flowing game with plenty of action and plenty still to come. Thanks for joining me, Dean Bilton, for the day's play and I hop you will join me again tomorrow. Until then, enjoy your night.

1:01 pm - IND 1/71 - C Pujara 15*, S Dhawan 26* - Trail by 26

Oh good, another break in play. Gloves are being run out onto the field for the batsmen... with one over left. Now the players are having a drink. THERE'S ONE OVER LEFT GUYS.

Right, Johnson for the last over.

A couple of leaves and a forward defence from Pujara. Three balls left.

Johnson around the wicket for the last two balls.

Fifth ball is defended easily. One to come.

Well defended by Pujara, and that is stumps.

12:57 pm - IND 1/71 - C Pujara 15*, S Dhawan 26* - Trail by 26

Hazlewood to Dhawan. Can Australia weasel out one more tonight?

Dhawan drives through the covers and takes two more.

BEATEN! That's a nice line and length from Hazlewood and Dhawan wanted a little prod at it. Lucky not to nick it.

That's the over bowled, probably one to come.

12:52 pm - IND 1/69 - C Pujara 15*, S Dhawan 24* - Trail by 28

Johnson to Pujara.

FOUR MORE! A short ball was angled in at him from around the wicket but smartly deflected to the third man fence. Good use of the pace there.

The rest of the over was a bit tighter though, eight minutes to play today.

12:48 pm - IND 1/65 - C Pujara 11*, S Dhawan 24* - Trail by 32

Josh Hazlewood on to replace Watson now.

Great fielding on the fine leg boundary from Johnson saves four, but Dhawan still gets two.

A sharp bouncer from Hazlewood wraps Dhawan on the gloves, that would have hurt a bit.

CLOSE! So close for Hazlewood! Dhawan chops down hard on that one and it skews just wide of the stumps.

Not a bad over, there.

12:43 pm - IND 1/63 - C Pujara 11*, S Dhawan 22* - Trail by 34

Johnson to Pujara.

Another rapid single, terrific running between the wickets.

Johnson around the wicket now to the left-hander, and sends the first one flying towards his body. Dhawan sways out of the way smartly.

Okay, Australia need to switch on in the ring. There's another sharp single that they have to be preventing.

That's the over bowled from Johnson.

12:39 pm - IND 1/61 - C Pujara 10*, S Dhawan 21* - Trail by 36

Watson to bowl to Dhawan.

DHAWAN TAKES A TUMBLE! He patted one back to Watson, who threw the ball at the stumps and hit him on the foot I think. Well, Dhawan went flying. The pair exchanged pleasantries afterwards, which is nice.

AND BEATEN! The very next ball Dhawan plays a loose cover drive that misses by some distance.

A bit of excitement to end the over.

12:34 pm - IND 1/61 - C Pujara 10*, S Dhawan 21* - Trail by 36

Time for Mitchell Johnson to bowl again, can he make something happen this time?

Not yet.

SHOT! A slashing cut shot rockets away for four backward of point, boy that was a good shot.

A good way to end the over.

12:29 pm - IND 1/57 - C Pujara 6*, S Dhawan 21* - Trail by 40

Watson to Dhawan again.

Dhawan is doing that annoying thing of leaving by pulling his bat just inside the line, which is confusing Watson no end. He thinks he is beating him, he's not really.

EDGED FOR FOUR! That time he beat him! Got a thick outside edge that went between slip and gully and for four.

That's the end of the over, more tight stuff from Watson.

12:24 pm - IND 1/53 - C Pujara 6*, S Dhawan 17* - Trail by 44

Starc to bowl to Pujara.

Three runs to Pujara, cutting away from a loose ball outside the off-stump.

Another quick single from Dhawan, the running has been excellent this evening from India.

And again! Australia need to wake up to these quick singles.

A leg bye to fine leg to end the over.

12:20 pm - IND 1/47 - C Pujara 2*, S Dhawan 16* - Trail by 50

Watson bowling to Dhawan.

OUT!! IS IT!?! NO!! A big shout from Haddin and Watson as a bouncer goes through to the keeper, but Erasmus correctly says there was no edge or glove. Good decision.

BEATEN! Watson follows up with a great ball that beats the outside edge. He's bowling well.

That's the over bowled, Watson doing a good job.

12:16 pm - IND 1/47 - C Pujara 2*, S Dhawan 16* - Trail by 50

Starc again to Pujara.

An excellent quick single, that ball fell almost right at the batsman's feet and they took one.

Dhawan punches into the covers and gets two of his own.

Another quick single to Rogers at mid-on is successful, that's great running.

A rising bouncer ends the over for Starc.

12:12 pm - IND 1/43 - C Pujara 1*, S Dhawan 13* - Trail by 54

Watson to Dhawan.

Little inside edge onto the pad by Dhawan, he grabs a single to fine leg.

BEATEN! What a seed from Watson! Perfect outswinger that so very nearly grabbed the edge of Pujara's bat. Lovely bowling.

Edged away to the gully but parried down, Pujara is off the mark with a single. Over bowled.

12:08 pm - IND 1/41 - C Pujara 0*, S Dhawan 12* - Trail by 56

Big scalp for Starc, now he will bowl to Cheteshwar Pujara.

Rest of the over passes for no run, good stuff from Starc.


Huge wicket for Australia and Starc! A nagging length around the off stump forced Vijay into a tentative leave, but he couldn't get his bat out of the way in time and chopped on. No repeat of Vijay's first-innings ton today, Starc has got him early! That's his first wicket of the match.

12:01 pm - IND 0/41 - M Vijay 28*, S Dhawan 12* - Trail by 56

Starc to Vijay again.

Match pictures

12:00 pm - IND 0/41 - M Vijay 28*, S Dhawan 12* - Trail by 56

The new bowler is Shane Watson, and he will bowl to Vijay.

Strays onto Vijay's hip and he will pinch a single.

A little bit wayward in that first Watson over, but no more runs from it.

11:55 am - IND 0/40 - M Vijay 27*, S Dhawan 12* - Trail by 57

The ball is thrown to Mitchell Starc, time for him to lift.

A gentle start, but in good spots so far.

Vijay punches a single to point.

Just one from Starc's first over.

11:51 am - IND 0/39 - M Vijay 26*, S Dhawan 12* - Trail by 58

Here's Hazlewood to Dhawan.

He drops and runs no more than five metres from the crease.

Great fielding from Starc saves four at mid-wicket! Very athletic stuff.

LOVELY SHOT! Delightful cover drive from Vijay, straight through the gap and all the way to the rope.

One more single to Vijay to end the over.

11:46 am - IND 0/33 - M Vijay 21*, S Dhawan 11* - Trail by 64

Johnson again to Vijay.

That's a maiden over, not overly threatening but at least a tighter bunch.

11:42 am - IND 0/33 - M Vijay 21*, S Dhawan 11* - Trail by 64

Hazlewood bowling to Dhawan.

FOUR AGAIN! Short, wide, hammered. Good batting, but every single bowler has been much too short today.

CLOSE! Better length from Hazlewood, Dhawan chopped it back and was very lucky not to be skittled. He takes two more.

Better end of the over from Hazlewood.

11:36 am - IND 0/24 - M Vijay 21*, S Dhawan 2* - Trail by 73

Johnson will bowl again... Eventually. One of the batsmen has his helpers out there putting a new grip on his bat. That's a shambles in my opinion, there's no way the umpire should be letting this sort of stuff go considering the over rates in this series.

Anyway, Johnson around the wicket.

FOUR! Might have been a slower ball but Vijay has chipped it up and over cover for four.

FOUR MORE! That one might have been an edge, but the same result. Four runs to third man much to Johnson's frustration.

Three more for Vijay! Again the cover drive is spooned straight in the air but into space and away for runs, Johnson is not happy with the way this over is going.

That's a great shot from Dhawan, a short ball right at him has somehow been cut away behind point for two.

And another single down to fine leg to end the over. India motoring early doors.

11:31 am - IND 0/13 - M Vijay 10*, S Dhawan 2* - Trail by 84

Hazlewood to Dhawan.

A quick single to cover for Dhawan.

Now three more for Vijay thanks to a nice clip off the pads and into mid-wicket.

That's the end of the over, easy work for India so far.

11:27 am - IND 0/9 - M Vijay 7*, S Dhawan 1* - Trail by 88

Johnson in to Vijay.

Not even a hint of swing or any movement off the pitch for the bowlers. Still great conditions for batting.

No-ball from Johnson. He's getting great carry through to the keeper, I must say.

OUCH! Johnson sends down a sharp short ball and Vijay can't dodge it. Straight into Vijay's shoulder, that would have hurt.

FOUR! A wide half-volley there and Vijay helps it on its way to the backward point boundary.

That's the over bowled, this pair look settled.

11:21 am - IND 0/4 - M Vijay 3*, S Dhawan 1* - Trail by 93

So here is Josh Hazlewood to bowl, fresh from first innings runs and wickets.

Dhawan plays the first ball down to mid-off for no run.

There's Dhawan's first run, a little inside edge to square leg gets him one.

A misfield at square leg from Labaus.. Laba... Labausca... Marnus the sub fielder gets Vijay off the mark with two.

And then another single for Vijay.

And that's the over bowled, no swing for Australia which is a worry but not the worst start.

11:15 am - IND 0/0 - M Vijay 0*, S Dhawan 0* - Trail by 97

Out come the Australian players for a big couple of hours of cricket here. The batsmen follow, we are about to get underway.

It will be Mitchell Johnson to bowl with a new ball, and that's enough to spook any batsman. Massive few overs to come. Game on the line potentially.

First ball left alone. The crowd oohs and ahhs. Not a fun time to be batting.

A good bouncer sails past Vijay's nose.

No swing here yet for Johnson, but a good line and length.


So that's that! Starc goes the big hoik and loses his leg bail, so Australia are bowled out for 505 and with a lead of 97. A terrific first innings lead that will make it awfully hard for them to lose this Test.

The bowlers will go and quickly try to freshen up because the next couple of hours will be crucial for Australia. India simply must get off to a good start tonight.

Match pictures

11:01 am - AUS 9/504 - J Hazlewood 31*, M Starc 52* - Lead by 96

The always-too-short tea break has ended, and now Ravi Ashwin will bowl to Starc.

And a single straight away into the covers.

Ooh, Hazlewood has a swing and inside edges away for a single.

10:40 am - THAT'S TEA! Australia 9 for 503 - M Starc 51*, J Hazlewood 31* - Lead by 95

The extra 30 minutes did nothing for India as Starc and Hazlewood added more and more misery, as well a whole stack of runs to the ever-growing Australian lead.

At the start of this session, the game was in the balance. By the end of it, the ascendancy is unquestionably with Australia and if they can get that lead over 100 and take some wickets tonight, then the match will be theirs for the taking. India have been very poor since early this morning, seemingly losing their heads as soon as Mitchell Johnson came to the crease. They badly need to get this last wicket and survive the day only one wicket down at worst.

A pretty exciting session there, lots of runs to be enjoyed. I'll be back soon to take you through the final session of the day.

10:40 am - AUS 9/503 - J Hazlewood 31*, M Starc 51* - Lead by 95

Yadav to Hazlewood.

CLOSE! That one goes straight through him. India need some luck, which is a worry given they are bowling to numbers nine and eleven.

That's the over... Is it tea?

10:36 am - AUS 9/503 - J Hazlewood 31*, M Starc 51* - Lead by 95

Ashwin to bowl to Hazlewood.

Hazlewood nearly hit one straight back to the bowler, but luckily it fell short.

FOUR OFF AN EDGE! A big swing, a bigger inside edge but a boundary for Hazlewood and that's the 500 up for Australia. A fantastic fight back.

And another single for Hazlewood.

10:34 am - AUS 9/498 - J Hazlewood 26*, M Starc 51* - Lead by 90

Umesh Yadav to bowl to Starc now.

A single for Starc to deep (for some reason) point.

A quick single for Hazlewood ends the over.

10:29 am - AUS 9/496 - J Hazlewood 25*, M Starc 50* - Lead by 88

Just after Starc's 50 came up...

SMASH! Hazlewood back down the pitch and over cover for four more! Brilliant shot.

And that's the over.

Latest pictures from Day 3


10:27 am -AUS 9/491 - J Hazlewood 21*, M Starc 49* - Lead by 83

Ashwin to Starc.

BIG SHOUT! LBW shout, but I think it pitched outside leg. Given not out, although Ashwin can't believe it.

10:26 am - AUS 9/491 - J Hazlewood 21*, M Starc 49* - Lead by 83

Sharma to Starc.

BORT! Sharma drops one short and Starc has crunched a pull shot to the fence! What a beauty of a shot!

Followed by a wide, India in disarray.

SPOONED! But safely. Nobody at mid-wicket so the little popped up dab is as safe a single as they will take.

The umpires are taking a look at the ball again, and they will need to swap it over.

The over is completed finally.

10:19 am - AUS 9/485 - J Hazlewood 21*, M Starc 44* - Lead by 77

Ashwin to Starc.

Starc takes a quick single.

FOUR MORE! Hazlewood is loving this! Now he's cracked Ashwin through mid-wicket for another boundary.

WALLOP! Hazlewood goes again! This time through point, but another screamer of a shot. How easy is batting in Test cricket?

Over bowled, the runs piling up.

10:14 am - AUS 9/476 - J Hazlewood 13*, M Starc 43* - Lead by 68

Okay, Australia are nine wickets down so we will keep playing for another 30 minutes or until the final wicket falls. You'll have to boil the kettle later.

Sharma to Hazlewood.

CREAMED! Hazlewood laces one straight back down the ground for four! That's a fair shot from the number eleven!

FOUR MORE! Almost identical, that's great batting! This lead is blowing right out now.

10:10 am - AUS 9/468 - J Hazlewood 5*, M Starc 43* - Lead by 60

Ashwin to Starc.

MISSED! A huge slog from Starc but no contact at all.

Good running. Starc gets two for a gentle push to mid-wicket.

Over bowled, and no, it isn't tea!

10:08 am - AUS 9/466 - J Hazlewood 5*, M Starc 41* - Lead by 58

Now Ishant Sharma to bowl again.

SOMEHOW NOT OUT! Starc lobbed one up harmlessly on the on-side but somehow, it has fallen in between the mid-on fielder and the bowler. One run.

Swing and a miss for Hazlewood outside off stump.

Missed again, Sharma hitting that angle again.

That's the over, one more before tea.

10:02 am - AUS 9/465 - J Hazlewood 5*, M Starc 40* - Lead by 57

Ashwin to Starc.

And Starc takes one away to long on.

Hazlewood drives away through the covers and gets one.

Another single down the ground for Starc.

Over bowled.

10:00 am - AUS 9/462 - J Hazlewood 4*, M Starc 38* - Lead by 54

Aaron to Starc.

A lovely cover drive from Starc, he deserved more than just one there.

EDGED BUT SAFE! A genuine outside edge but it has fallen just short of first slip. Dhoni's ball really, but he just stood and watched it. Not great keeping in my books.

FOUR! Hazlewood is away! He has punched one through mid-wicket and there is nobody near it, so it slowly trickles all the way to the rope. Nice way to end the over and get your first Test runs.

Latest pics from the match

9:55 am - AUS 9/457 - J Hazlewood 0*, M Starc 37* - Lead by 49

Ashwin to Starc.

A big swing there from Starc and another top edge, but it sails over first slip and they take two.

And then another single out to mid-wicket.

Hazlewood sees out the over, still no runs for him.

9:51 am - AUS 9/454 - J Hazlewood 0*, M Starc 34* - Lead by 46

Hazlewood's first ball in Test cricket... Is well defended.

MISSED! Hazlewood nibbled at that one, lucky not to nick it.

Hazlewood survives his first three balls easily, and that's the over bowled.


Oh well, the fun had to end some time! Lyon's little cameo was great to watch but has closed inauspiciously. He tried to lob Aaron over his head again but hit it straight down mid-on's throat instead. Crucial runs for Australia though from Lyon, that was a big partnership and will really have hurt India.

Josh Hazlewood now to bat in Test cricket for the first time.

9:47 am - AUS 8/454 - N Lyon 23*, M Starc 34* - Lead by 46

Aaron to Starc.

A good yorker, Starc clamps down on it and gets one to fine leg off the edge.

9:45 am - AUS 8/453 - N Lyon 23*, M Starc 33* - Lead by 45

Ashwin to Starc.

DHONI APPEALS! But nobody else does, and umpire Gould isn't interested. Maybe an edge onto the pad.

Goodness me, Starc swung awfully hard at that one. Got none of it though and it rolls away for just a single.

LYON GOES BANG! What a great slog sweep from Nathan Lyon! It almost made it for six, but just a one-bounce four. Brilliant shot!

9:40 am - AUS 8/446 - N Lyon 17*, M Starc 32* - Lead by 38

Aaron to Lyon.

Another good shot! Just a deft clip off the hip but its earned Lyon three more.

Aaron bowls a wide, the bouncer was too high to Starc. That means it was really, really high.

EDGED FOR FOUR! Starc pulls, Starc edges over the keeper, Starc gets four. Classic tail-end batting.

And then a leg-bye.

Lyon had a go there! He succeeded in hitting Aaron back over his head, but it meekly trickled away for just two. Over bowled.

9:35 am - AUS 8/437 - N Lyon 14*, M Starc 28* - Lead by 29

Ravi Ashwin back into the attack after that drinks break. He will bowl to Starc.

Starc takes a single down the ground.

Lyon sweeps well, but the man on the square leg boundary keeps it to one.

Over bowled.

9:31 am - AUS 8/435 - N Lyon 13*, M Starc 27* - Lead by 27

Yadav to Lyon.

FOUR! Lyon has a go at a cover drive but successfully edges it over the slips and away to the fence!

FOUR MORE! How about this? Nathan Lyon getting involved now! A lovely little clip off the pads goes for four down to fine leg.

That's the over bowled.

9:25 am - AUS 8/424 - N Lyon 2*, M Starc 27* - Lead by 16

Poor old umpire Erasmus now has the Australian doctor out there putting ice on his sore wrist. There's a fair old lump on it, to be fair!

Now Aaron to Lyon.

Lyon is off the mark thanks to an inside edge to fine leg. He takes two.

Aaron around the wicket... And short at Lyon! That has smacked into his back. Ouch.

Day 3 in pictures

9:20 am - AUS 8/422 - N Lyon 0*, M Starc 27* - Lead by 14

Umesh Yadav into the attack to Starc.

Starc flashes at a drive and picks up two over cover.

DROPPED! And the umpire has worn one! Yadav has dropped the caught and bowled chance and it has ricocheted onto umpire Erasmus! All sorts going on now.

BANG! What a shot from Starc! He's lashed that hard through mid-wicket and it has belted into the fence. Such valuable runs for Australia.

Now through the off-side! Didn't hit this one as well in front of point, but Starc will take two more.

FOUR MORE! Short, straight and pulled away to the fine leg boundary. How about that over from Starc!?

9:16 am - AUS 8/410 - N Lyon 0*, M Starc 15* - Lead by 2

Sharma to Starc.

FOUR! Starc has thrown his hands at that one outside the off stump and it has just barely made it all the way to the boundary rope.

FOUR MORE! Starc follows up with a nicely timed straight drive that also reaches the rope, and gives Australia a first-innings lead! Great effort.

Starc's weak pull shot gets him one more.

That's the over bowled, Starc getting in on the fun now.

9:11 am - AUS 8/401 - N Lyon 0*, M Starc 6* - Trail by 7

Aaron to Starc.

Starc is watchful at the moment, trying to settle things down for Australia.

BEATEN! Aaron comes around the wicket and beats the edge of Starc's bat.

Starc flicks his wrists and clips one away behind point. The fielding is good and they keep it to three.

Over bowled.


Another scalp for Sharma, but a memorable knock has come to a close. Australia's new Test captain has chopped one on to his stumps after an innings of the highest quality. He was looking a little tired after such a long time batting in the heat, but his job was really already done. Well bowled Ishant Sharma, India fighting back just a little.

9:03 am - AUS 7/398 - S Smith 133*, M Starc 3* - Trail by 10

Sharma finally has his breakthrough and will now bowl to Starc.

A bouncer straight up that Starc tries to hook, but no contact.

Runs! A mistimed off-drive is spooned to the vacant mid-off position, and trickles away for three.

Smith is struck on the pads but via the inside edge. Sharma bowling very well now.


A brilliant innings comes to an end, but it was looking like heading that way after lunch. Sharma finally started pitching up to him and he looked like a bowler batting again. A wild woosh at a cover drive finally produced a nick and an easy catch for Dhoni. A fantastic knock though, a game changer.

Mitchell Starc is in now.

8:59 am - AUS 6/395 - S Smith 133*, M Johnson 88* - Trail by 13

Sharma to Johnson.

8:56 am - AUS 6/391 - S Smith 129*, M Johnson 88* - Trail by 17

Smith has received some strapping on his quad in that drinks break... Hopefully it's not the same injury that he picked up at the end of the South Africa ODI series.

Varun Aaron on to bowl now to Smith.

BANG! FOUR MORE! That's a beautiful square drive from Smith, he is one of the most watchable batsmen going around at the moment. Such an elegant stroke.

And he follows it up with an ugly slog. You're making me look silly, Steven.

FOUR AGAIN! Squirted away through the gully for another boundary. That's more like it.

Over bowled, a good one for Smith and Australia.

8:50 am - AUS 6/387 - S Smith 125*, M Johnson 88* - Trail by 21

Sharma to Johnson.

And Johnson has learnt his lesson, leaving that wider ball alone.

MISSED! Didn't last long though! He's back swinging wildly at a ball on the off-side.

FOUR! Sharma gets a little straight and Johnson whips him away to the mid-wicket rope. Much better batting.

Oof, he's still having a go! That one went flying over point but wedged in the turf, only two for Johnson.

The over is bowled and the players will have a drink.

8:45 am - AUS 6/381 - S Smith 125*, M Johnson 82* - Trail by 27

Yadav to Smith.

Nice cover drive from Smith picks him up two more.

The rest of the over produces no score.

8:42 am - AUS 6/379 - S Smith 123*, M Johnson 82* - Trail by 29

Sharma again to Johnson.

SWING AND A MISS! Johnson is still having a crack, but that one was too wide. The slashing cut shot made no contact.

And then almost a carbon copy the next ball. Smith comes down to remind Johnson that he doesn't have to swing at everything, or perhaps just telling him to hit it.

BEATEN AGAIN! That was a genuinely good ball. It swung across Johnson and just beat the outside edge.

AGAIN! Johnson keeps on swinging and keeps on missing! Sharma starts clapping him sarcastically, perhaps not realising the number eight batsman is 82 not out and he's been getting pumped all morning.

Anyway, that's the over.

Day 3 in pictures

8:37 am - AUS 6/379 - S Smith 123*, M Johnson 82* - Trail by 29

Yadav to Johnson.

FOUR! Inexcusable fielding fro Sharma! Johnson swung at a pull shot and top edged it straight to Sharma at third man, but for some reason he was standing five metres off the fence and could only watch the ball land a metre inside the rope. A horrible error, Johnson should be out.

Johnson is then beaten by a good ball, but smartly gets off strike with a single.

Smith sees out the rest of what should have been a wicket-taking over.

8:34 am - AUS 6/373 - S Smith 123*, M Johnson 77* - Trail by 34

The physios are back out there, with the batsmen scoffing down bananas and drinking some sort of sports drink. I don't know who is feeling it worse of the pair, but something is up.

Ishant Sharma will bowl now.

CLOSE! Johnson drives hard but it flies over the slips cordon and short of the man at third man. Just a single.

Plenty of swing for India with the new ball, just need to hit the right areas.

Nice shot. Smith clips one square and picks up two onto the on-side.

Over bowled, not a bad start for Sharma with the new ball.

8:29 am - AUS 6/370 - S Smith 121*, M Johnson 76* - Trail by 37

India will take the new ball and give it to Umesh Yadav.

The Aussie physio is on the field, but I think it's just heat related.

First ball is full and swinging, but Smith drives it through the covers for three more.

Nice ball from Yadav, squaring Johnson up and earning the edge but it rolls safely to third man for a single.

Smith shoulders arms to the rest of the over.

8:23 am - AUS 6/367 - S Smith 118*, M Johnson 75* - Trail by 41

Ashwin to Smith.

Nicely clipped off the pads for two to deep square leg, and a misfield earns the jeers of the crowd.

Poor ball from Ashwin, but so poor that Smith couldn't hit it properly. Really short and wide, and Smith stretched for a cut shot only to get three.

Over bowled, and the new ball is now due.

Brisbane Test: Day 3 in pictures

8:20 am - AUS 6/362 - S Smith 113*, M Johnson 75* - Trail by 46

Sharma to Johnson, who helps himself to another single on the on-side.

Followed by Smith doing likewise down the ground.

And another single to Johnson! I don't know how to make this sound exciting.

OOH! A single to Smith. Sorry, I'm trying.

THERE WE GO! Johnson comes down the pitch and cracks one wide of the man at long-off for a boundary. That will get him going again!

Over bowled.

8:17 am - AUS 6/354 - S Smith 111*, M Johnson 69* - Trail by 54

Ashwin to Johnson again.

Quick single for Johnson, runs coming a little more slowly in the first few overs after lunch. That's the over bowled.

8:15 am - AUS 6/353 - S Smith 111*, M Johnson 68* - Trail by 55

Now we have the part-time spin of Rohit Sharma to Smith.

Smith takes a quick single. As does Johnson, bunting to cover.

And there's the over bowled.

8:11 am - AUS 6/351 - S Smith 110*, M Johnson 67* - Trail by 57

The players have enjoyed their lunch, and I hope you have too. Let's get this underway again with Ravi Ashwin to bowl.

Johnson is on strike, and is having a look at Ashwin... For now, at least.

A maiden starts us up after lunch, comparatively dull compared to the last session!

7:37 am - THAT'S LUNCH! Australia 6 for 351 - S Smith 110*, M Johnson 67* - Trail by 57

An unbelievable session comes to a close with Australia now seemingly in the driver's seat. India got rid of Mitch Marsh and Brad Haddin quickly and it looked for all money like they would roll through the Aussies and end up with a great first-innings lead. And then, for some reason only known to them, they tried to wind Mitchell Johnson up. And it didn't work.

Johnson has belted 67 off just 53 balls and taken the Indian bowlers to all parts, and in doing so completely changed the game. At the other end, Steve Smith has proved that he is the perfect man to captain this team with a glorious hundred. If these two bat for a little longer and get Australia a lead, then they will be favourites to win this Test.

Great stuff at the Gabba, I'll be back to take you through the second session shortly.

7:30 am - AUS 6/351 - S Smith 110*, M Johnson 67* - Trail by 57

Aaron to Smith.

FOUR MORE! Yep, easy as that. Smith just glides one down through the gully and to the fence. Lovely batting and that is the 100 partnership up in quick time!

This will be the last over before lunch I'd say.

Smith takes off for a single, luckily Johnson is quick because the throw hit the stumps! Safely home though.

Another gorgeous leg glance from Johnson earns him a single.

Smith drives the final ball for no run and that is lunch!

Match pictures

7:26 am - AUS 6/345 - S Smith 105*, M Johnson 66* - Trail by 63

Ashwin to Smith, a single is taken to short fine leg.

LOVELY! Mitchell Johnson really can bat. Little skip to the pitch of the ball and he cracks it over the bowler's head for four more.

Over bowled, five from it.

7:24 am - AUS 6/340 - S Smith 104*, M Johnson 62* - Trail by 68

What a moment! Smith grabbed another single as the over wound down, but that cut shot to the fence will be a shot we will remember for a long time! Australia's new leader is here.


What an innings, what a man and what a way to bring it up! A spectacular century on his captaincy debut brought up with a beautiful cut to the fence! With his team in a bit of trouble and with so much pressure on him, he has stood tallest with one of the knocks of his life. He will be Australia's captain for years to come. Well done, Steve Smith.

7:20 am - AUS 6/335 - S Smith 99*, M Johnson 62* - Trail by 73

Right, Aaron to Smith on 98.

Oooh, a single to fine leg gets him to 99. Almost there!

Johnson swings as hard as he possibly can and top edges it short of the man at third man. No-ball anyway, but Smith is back on strike.

7:17 am - AUS 6/332 - S Smith 98*, M Johnson 61* - Trail by 76

Ashwin to Smith.

He takes it to mid-wicket and wants two... Just one. Settle down, boys!

SIX OF THE BEST! Massive! Johnson stands and smacks it straight back over Ashwin's head for a maximum.

This game is motoring along now, good over for Australia.

7:15 am - AUS 6/325 - S Smith 97*, M Johnson 55* - Trail by 83

FOUR AGAIN! He's really having a go now! That was quite a swing and it has crashed into the mid-wicket fence. India have lost the plot. Why would you try to provoke Mitchell Johnson? They are still trying it! Bizarre stuff.

A misfield at mid-off gets Johnson a single.

CLOSE! Oh dear! Smith inside edges it just inches away from the stumps! It then would have been four and a hundred if not for a fine stop from Dhoni. Just one to end the over.


Full toss, creamed down the ground for four more! What a fifty, India have poked the bear here and it is costing them so very dearly. This is great to watch.

7:11 am - AUS 6/315 - S Smith 96*, M Johnson 46* - Trail by 93

Varun Aaron back into the attack.

FOUR MORE! Johnson throws the hands at a wide ball and it has flown away to the rope for another four.

7:09 am - AUS 6/311 - S Smith 96*, M Johnson 42* - Trail by 97

Ashwin to bowl to Smith.

Another little drive down the ground earns Smith a single.

Johnson is more watchful against the spinner, but he does take a single off the final ball of the over.

7:06 am - AUS 6/309 - S Smith 95*, M Johnson 41* - Trail by 99

Yadav to Johnson.

BEAUTIFUL! Textbook straight drive. Johnson stands and delivers by belting Yadav straight back down the ground for four. Sensational, and that brings the 300 up.

FOUR MORE! An edge this time, but the same result! Third slip would have been in the game if there was one, instead it's another boundary.

FETCH IT! Johnson teeing off now! A lashing cut shot from Johnson has flown away to the point fence. The Indians are still trying to have words with Johnson, but given that he is taking them apart, it's not really working.

7:01 am - AUS 6/297 - S Smith 95*, M Johnson 29* - Trail by 111

Time for some spin after drinks, Ravi Ashwin to bowl now.

Smith charges and takes one down to long on.

Johnson follows suit, although his single comes from a tickle to fine leg.

FOUR MORE! Lovely feet from Smith and the timing was even better. A delightful cover drive to the fence.

BIG APPEAL! Ashwin is up for an LBW shout... But Ian Gould says no! Maybe hit Smith just outside off stump, certainly a close one.

Over bowled.

Match pictures

6:53 am - AUS 6/291 - S Smith 90*, M Johnson 28* - Trail by 117

Yadav to Johnson.

BEATEN! See what happens when you bowl full to Johnson? That's the trick for India. Sod those bouncers off, get him driving. Well bowled Yadav.

Okay, not there though. Yadav bowls full but on Johnson's pads and he grabs an easy single.

MISSED AGAIN! Smith flashes at a cut shot but gets nothing on it. A loose shot for a man on 89.

He's now on 90 though, just a single to deep square-leg.

More singles, this time Johnson skews one away into the covers for one.

And then a leg bye adds one more run before the over ends and the drinks come onto the field yet again.

6:49 am - AUS 6/287 - S Smith 89*, M Johnson 26* - Trail by 121

Sharma to Smith.

Apparently Smith's 86th run in this innings was his 300th this series without getting out. Impressive.

Sharma strays onto Smith's pads and a quick single is taken to mid-wicket.

FOUR MORE! Short again to Johnson and now he's tried out the ramp! A lovely deflection over the cordon and to the rope. And a no-ball. Runs are flowing.

Johnson cuts away again to get three more. He's doing it easy at the moment!

Smith plays off his pads again and will take two to fine leg. An expensive over is completed.

6:42 am - AUS 6/276 - S Smith 86*, M Johnson 19* - Trail by 132

Yadav to Johnson.

Short again, and pulled away by Johnson. Just a single.

Excellent fielding in the gully saves four, but Smith still gets one from the knock down.

MISSED IT! Johnson tries to drive a ball that was on a good length and he misses out. Lucky he didn't nick that, really.

Another over bowled, well bowled Yadav.

6:36 am - AUS 6/272 - S Smith 83*, M Johnson 18* - Trail by 136

Ishant Sharma back into the attack.

I don't know what's going on with the chatter, but Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli are both getting spoken to by umpire Ian Gould. They aren't happy about it though.

Anyway, cricket.

Another nice shot from Johnson, a back-foot push to mid-off for two more. And another no-ball too!

SMACK! Johnson pulls and pulls hard! There are two men out on the square-leg boundary but he has picked the gap perfectly. Four more.

AND AGAIN! This time in front of square, but an equally brilliant pull shot from Johnson.

Oooh, he's getting a bit carried away there! He's skied another pull shot away but it has landed short of the man on the rope. Just a single.

BEATEN! Good ball there from Sharma, sneaks it past the outside edge of Smith's bat.

Good answer from Smith though, he whips the next one away for two to square leg. An expensive over there!

6:30 am - AUS 6/260 - S Smith 83*, M Johnson 7* - Trail by 148

Yadav to Johnson.

Lovely shot from Johnson, again off the pads for two more.

Johnson pulls away for a single. Aaron has a little wrestle with the cricket ball but it doesn't cost India a run.

Smith tries to pull one away that was probably too full to pull, and he wears it on the thigh. No harm done.

Over bowled.

6:28 am - AUS 6/257 - S Smith 83*, M Johnson 4* - Trail by 151

That was the first ball of the over from Aaron, so now he bowls to Johnson.

Lovely shot first ball from Johnson, he flicks it away for three to mid-wicket.

SHOT! Smith pulls out the ramp! Aaron back around the wicket to Smith and drops one short, and Smith has ramped that one over the slips, almost for six but just four. What a shot that is!

A miscued pull shot earns Smith one more.

Stacks of verbal out there, Rohit Sharma and Johnson are having a serious conversation.

Johnson grabs a quick single down the pitch and Aaron tries to stop it with a dive, but has landed awkwardly on his shoulder. He looks sore, but should be okay. Over bowled.

Match pictures


First ball after drinks! The round the wicket plan has paid off spectacularly, as that was a wicked bouncer that Haddin couldn't get his gloves out of the way of. Pujara took an easy catch a short leg to end another short and disappointing innings from Haddin. India well and truly on top now.

Mitch Johnson the new batsman.

6:11 am - AUS 5/247 - S Smith 78*, B Haddin 6* - Trail by 161

Umesh Yadav will replace Sharma and bowl to Smith.

And that's a maiden over. Nice bowling there from Yadav and drinks are on the field.

6:06 am -AUS 5/247 - S Smith 78*, B Haddin 6* - Trail by 161

Aaron to Haddin.

Digs in a bouncer but Haddin ducks comfortably.

Aaron around the wicket to Haddin...

FOUR! Haddin steps across and clips it away to fine leg for a boundary. Smart batting.

Aaron ends the over with a bumper.

5:59 am - AUS 5/243 - S Smith 78*, B Haddin 2* - Trail by 165

Haddin now to face his first ball from Sharma.

He may have been struggling lately, but historically Haddin loves the Gabba. Australia needs him today.

He's off the mark with an edged two.

BIG APPEAL! The Indians go up for LBW... But Haddin got an inside edge on that. Not out.

EVEN BIGGER APPEAL!! Oh boy, that looks very good.... Not out again! Well I'm not sure why that one isn't out. Maybe just sliding down leg side, but a very tight decision. Erasmus just doesn't give LBWs, does he?

Haddin gets off a strike with a leg bye.

Smith now pulls away hard, and it's very close to the man at square leg but away for two. No-ball too.

Busy over, that one!

5:54 am - AUS 5/237 - S Smith 76*, B Haddin 0* - Trail by 171

That was the end of the over, so now Aaron will bowl to Smith.

A no-ball for Aaron... They did check the no-ball for Sharma's wicket last over but he had just a little bit of foot behind the line.

FOUR! First boundary of the day for Smith. Pushing at a wide one he has edged it away behind point for four. A pretty controlled shot.

Aaron now coming around the wicket to Smith. Interesting.

Smith is watchful again to end the over, probably trying to work out what Dhoni's grand plan is.


Beautiful bowling by Ishant Sharma! That has jagged back at Marsh some distance and has just taken the top of off-stump. You might even say it was a perfect bit of bowling, although Marsh will be disappointed at his poor judgement that time. A big wicket for India, Australia in a bit of trouble now.

Brad Haddin the new batsman.

5:48 am -AUS 4/232 - S Smith 72*, M Marsh 11* - Trail by 176

Sharma to Marsh.

A bouncer straight up, but the tall Marsh gets underneath it easily.

Another bouncer, but this one is very high indeed. Not called a wide, but it couldn't have been far off.

5:43 am - AUS 4/232 - S Smith 72*, M Marsh 11* - Trail by 176

Aaron bowling to Smith.

The first ball is a bit wild, flying miles down the leg side.

Tidy off the pads again from Smith, but again only for a single to fine leg.

Nice shot from Marsh, punching into the on-side for three more.

And then another single into the covers for Smith, before Marsh does the same. Nice batting, turning the strike over well as the over ends.

5:39 am -AUS 4/226 - S Smith 70*, M Marsh 7* - Trail by 182

Sharma bowling to Smith.

Tight bowling from both ends, but Smith is defending well.

More good bowling from Sharma, angling in at Smith but the batsman gets an inside edge to fine leg for the single.

There's the over bowled.

5:34 am -AUS 4/225 - S Smith 69*, M Marsh 7* - Trail by 183

Now Varun Aaron to bowl from the other end.

Aaron squares Smith up just a little, but he squirts it away to point for a single.

BEATEN! Great ball from Aaron. Quick and on a perfect length with maybe just a little bit of movement away. It went straight past Marsh's outside edge.

Aaron looking good in his first over, just one from it.

5:30 am -AUS 4/224 - S Smith 68*, M Marsh 7* - Trail by 184

Here we go! Ishant Sharma to Steve Smith.

First ball is left alone outside the off-stump, as is the second.

Smith is watchful early. He knows he has got all day.

But there are the first runs of the day! They come from a lovely cover drive from Smith that almost makes the rope, but they have to settle for three.

There's the first over of the day bowled.

5:06 am -Weather update

BREAKING: It's still hot.

And it will be all day long I'm guessing, with no real chance of rain to cool things down. Now, the forecast may say "chance of showers" but in Brisbane in summer, that's like saying "chance of oxygen". It's a safe bet.

4:57 am -The state of play

Yesterday looked like it was to be Australia's, then India's, then Australia's again before finally settling somewhere close to even ground. Early wickets this morning will see India take control of the Test while Australia, at 4 for 221, will be looking to Steve Smith (65*) to drive his team towards a first-innings lead.

It was a fantastic day for young spearhead Josh Hazlewood though, taking five poles on debut and being all-round fantastic

Match pictures

4:52 am - Australia v India: Second Test, Day Three at the Gabba

Good morning and welcome back! Just like I was yesterday and the day before that, I'm Dean Bilton and I am here to take you through the day's play from this, a fluctuating and entertaining second Test.

They are all important days in this tight Test series, but this one might turn out to be even more pivotal especially if India can start it well. There's going to be plenty to talk about all day, so send your comments in and find somewhere comfortable to enjoy another great day of cricket.

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