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Blog: Australia vs India, Day 3, Sydney Test

ABC News logo ABC News 08-01-2015 Jon Healy

In pictures: Sydney Test, Day 3

12:17 PM THAT'S STUMPS! IND 5-342 (Kohli 140*, Saha 14*) - trails by 230 runs

India reaches the end of the day at 5-342 with Virat Kohli (140*) and Wriddihman Saha (14*) still out in the middle.

It was India's day today and, if not for a late burst from Shane Watson, picking up two wickets in two balls in the final session, the tourists could be in far better shape.

The other disappointing area for Australia was their fielding which saw a handful of chances go begging.

Australia's bowlers performed admirably but their effectiveness was blunted by some excellent batting by Kohli and Lokesh Rahul (110).

They mixed defence and attack together brilliantly and have India in the reckoning for a draw.

Australia desperately needs to find something in this wicket tomorrow morning and get rid of the Indian tail and pile on a few hundred runs.

AUS bowling

Watson: 2-42 off 15 overs

Starc: 2-77 off 21 overs

Lyon: 1-92 off 32 overs

Harris: 0-63 off 23 overs

Hazlewood: 0-45 off 20 overs

Smith: 0-17 off 4 overs

12:12 PMIND 5-342 (Kohli 140, Saha 14) - trails by 230

Steve Smith will bowl the final over of the day.

Kohli gets one on to the leg side.

Saha is given some width and cuts hard but doesn't get all of it and they only pick up two.

He adds two more behind point.

Smith almost finds the edge with his last ball and that is it.

12:09 PMIND 5-337 (Kohli 139, Saha 10) - trails by 235

Lyon will continue to Kohli from around the wicket.

That's turned easily off his hip for a single and the fielders crowd around Saha.

He defends the rest of the over an Kohli will be left to negotiate the last over of the day.

12:05 PMIND 5-336 (Kohli 138, Saha 10) - trails by 236

Harris continues and Kohli pushes to gully for no run to start the over.

He keeps out a yorker out and follows it up with a nice off drive that beats Warner. Josh Hazlewood does a great job to track it down and save a run with a sliding effort on the rope. Very good to see from a fast bowler late in the day.

Harris gets one to rise very sharply on Saha and the keeper does well to keep it down.

12:02 PMIND 5-333 (Kohli 135, Saha 10) - trails by 239

Lyon continues and Kohli gets a single off his hip. I thought there was two there but they don't want to risk it with four overs left in the day.

Lyon gets back outside off after bowling his first two deliveries too straight.

He coaxing a couple of outside and inside edges from Saha and brings in a silly mid-off for his last ball of the over.

Too leg side and Saha turns it away easily. No run though.

11:58 PMIND 5-332 (Kohli 134, Saha 10) - trails by 240

Ryan Harris returns to the attack.

He's on the right marks immediately and opens with five dots.

Make that six, as Saha chops down on a yorker to end a maiden over.

 11:54 AMIND 5-332 (Kohli 134, Saha 10) - trails by 240

Nathan Lyon will bowl to Saha as we approach the scheduled close of play.

Saha picks up three runs with a punch off the back foot through point.

Kohli and Saha trade singles to end the over. Lyon also throws in a no ball for good measure.

11:49 AMIND 5-326 (Kohli 133, Saha 6) - trails by 246

Hazlewood sends his first ball spearing past the leg stump.

The next few are directed more towards the stumps and Kohli defends.

BANG! Kohli gets some width and crunches that beautiful cover drive of his to the boundary for four.

11:46 AMIND 5-322 (Kohli 129, Saha 6) - trails by 250

Watson starts his next over with a leg bye off Saha's thigh.

Kohli takes three more runs with another well-timed push through cover.

FOUR! Saha gets his first boundary with a nice cut shot behind square. Joe Burns can't track it down before the boundary.

Saha turns off his hip for no run to end the over. Probably Watson's last.

In pictures: Sydney Test, Day 3

11:43 AMIND 5-314 (Kohli 126, Saha 2) - trails by 258

Hazlewood's first ball is wide of the off stump and left alone by Kohli.

Kohli drives well and, there's that man again, David Warner comes across to cut it off.

Kohli plays off his hip and gets two more runs as Bills charges around from fine leg to stop it reaching the boundary.

The last ball of the over is played to Warner gently.

11:39 AMIND 5-312 (Kohli 124, Saha 2) - trails by 260

Kohli chips past mid-on and takes two as Nic Bills, the sub-fielder, catches up to it.

Now he gets three with another unconvincing drive, this time just wide of cover.

Saha leaves outside off and Haddin fumbles the pick-up. Looks like hurt himself.

Five from the over.

11:35 AMIND 5-307 (Kohli 119, Saha 2) - trails by 265

Starc bowls across Kohli who bottom edges an attempted cut shot into the pitch.

He works off his hip and takes two as mid-on tracks it down.

FOUR! Kohli hooks perfectly and Hazlewood makes an absolute meal of try to pick it up. That should have been one, two at most, but it bobbled off Hazlewood and into the rope.

Kohli steals a quick single to Warner at mid-off to end the over.

11:31 AM IND 5-300 (Kohli 112, Saha 2) - trails by 272

Watson bowls to Kohli and he's defending again with just over half an hour left in today's play.

He shapes to hook as Watto bowls short but thinks better of it as the ball rises past his head.

Kohli brings up the 300 for India with a single to mid-off.

And Saha defends the last ball of the over.

11:28 AMIND 5-300 (Kohli 112, Saha 2) - trails by 272

Watson bowls to Kohli and he's defending again with just over half an hour left in today's play.

He shapes to hook as Watto bowls short but thinks better of it as the ball rises past his head.

Kohli brings up the 300 for India with a single to mid-off.

And Saha defends the last ball of the over.

11:25 AMIND 5-299 (Kohli 111, Saha 2) - trails by 273

IND 5-299 (Kohli 111, Saha 2) - trails by 273

Starc continues and Saha defends.

Saha's watching closely as Starc angles across him.

That's a maiden from Starc.

11:22 AMIND 5-299 (Kohli 111, Saha 2) - trails by 273

Haddin will stand up over the stumps to Watson.

Saha pushes a short ball through cover for two runs to get off the mark.

Saha watches one skid past outside off.

India gets a leg bye off Saha's thigh and Watson stops a Kohli drive to end the over.

11:17 AMIND 5-296 (Kohli 111, Saha 0) - trails by 276

Starc returns to the attack and Kohli works off his pads.

FOUR! Starc bangs one in short and Kohli punches over the top of point and to the boundary.

He defends the end of the over and Saha will be on strike to Watson.

11:13 AMIND 5-292 (Kohli 107, Saha 0) - trails by 280

Saha defends the hat-trick ball with fielders all around him.

Great over from Watson.

In pictures: Sydney Test, Day 3

11:12 AMRAINA'S GONE FIRST BALL!!! c Haddin b Watson. IND 5-292 (Kohli 107*)

Raina pushes at a wide one first up and Haddin takes a nice low catch. The all-rounder has changed the face of this game in the space of two deliveries!

Shane Watson is on a hat-trick and Wriddhiman Saha is the next man in.

11:11 AMRAHANE'S GONE FOR 13!! LBW Watson. IND 4-292 (Kohli 107*)

He tries a pull shot, but it stays low and he's given out after a lengthy deliberation. That really didn't get up at all but height still might have been an issue.

Hawkeye says it's too high by about half a ball.

Suresh Raina comes to the crease.

11:08 AM IND 3-292 (Kohli 107, Rahane 13) - trails by 281

Kohli picks up three more, punching Watson through cover.

11:02 AMIND 3-288 (Kohli 103, Rahane 13) - trails by 284

Hazlewood continues and Kohli defends.

He pitches short and outside off and Kohli tries to pull through the leg side but bottom edges. He probably should have been cutting but he probably knows what he's doing.

Kohli gets off strike with a quick single to mid-on.

Hazlewood gets one to bounce on Rahane and almost catches the shoulder of the bat, but it's well defended as it hits high on the bat.

That's drinks.

10:59 AMIND 3-288 (Kohli 103, Rahane 13) - trails by 284

Lyon continues and finds Rahane's inside edge to start.

Rahane gets down low and pulls hard past square leg for three. That was four runs for all money if not for a flying David Warner coming around from mid-wicket.

Kohli gets another single to mid-on.

Rahane gets one of his own with a slapped sweep behind square and Kohli adds another runs with a single off his hip.

10:55 AMIND 3-282 (Kohli 101, Rahane 9) - trails by 290

Kohli tries to pull the next ball and it's cut off at short mid-wicket.

He gets right back into his defence to see out the over.

10:54 AMCENTURY FOR KOHLI!! 162 balls (17 x 4s). IND 3-282 (Rahane 9*)

He drives down the ground for two and brings up his fourth ton of the series. This man is unbelievably good form and looks unbeatable with bat in hand.

10:52 AMIND 3-280 (Kohli 99, Rahane 9) - trails by 292

Hazlewood continues to Kohli on 99.

Hazlewood bangs it in short, and the umpires call it a wide. That went about two feet over his head.

10:49 AMIND 3-279 (Kohli 99, Rahane 9) - trails by 293

Lyon will bowl his 28th over.

BIG SHOUT! Lyon screams for an LBW but Richard Kettleborough says no. That looked very close. Replays show it was hitting in line but Hawkeye says sliding down leg.

Kohli takes a tight single as mid-on scoops up the ball and gets direct hit.

10:45 AMIND 3-278 (Kohli 98, Rahane 9) - trails by 294

Hazlewood will bowl to Kohli. He defends the first few deliveries.

He gets one more run with a single wide of mid-on, played off his hip.

Rahane defends the last two balls of the over.

In pictures: Sydney Test, Day 2

10:41 AMIND 3-277 (Kohli 97, Rahane 9) - trails by 295

CHANCE! Rahane tries to work off his thigh and it pops up off the top of the pad, but Burns isn't quite quick enough to get there in time from bat-pad. Very close.

Rahane prods behind point and gets one. Kohli follows suit, picking up a single to mid-on.

10:39 AMIND 3-275 (Kohli 96, Rahane 8) - trails by 297

Hazlewood starts to Kohli and gets some shape in straight away.

FOUR! Kohil moves within one shot of another century with a nicely played whip off his pads to the boundary wide of long-on.

10:32 AMIND 3-271 (Kohli 92, Rahane 8) - trails by 301

Lyon will bowl to Kohli.

The skipper looks to turn off his pad but instead edges on to it for an iffy start. But that's the benefit of getting a good stride in, it ensures the ball doesn't balloon up but instead goes safely back down the pitch.

He gets off strike with one off his thigh and Rahane gets a look at some spin.

SKIED! Rahane tries to pull but his shot his launched behind square. Starc tracks around but can't get to it in time and the batsmen run two.

10:29 AMIND 3-268 (Kohli 91, Rahane 6) - trails by 304

Starc continues to Rahane.

He pitches short and Rahane looks to pull in front of square but bottom edges and it bounces to mid-on. Watson has a few words from slip.

Full toss from Starc and Rahane opens the face and guides it almost to the backward-point boundary. Lyon does well to stop it and tip-toes along the rope. Three runs.

FOUR! Starc bowls short and Kohli spoons one between point and gully for four runs, taking him into the nervous (although not for him) 90s.

He gets off strike with a single, and Rahane pulls another short ball for two runs as the man in the deep cuts it off.

10:25 AMIND 3-258 (Kohli 86, Rahane 1) - trails by 314

Kohli looks to whip Harris through cover but he's launched it high into the air and gets two as gully chases it down. That hit him very high on the blade.

Good defence from Kohli after that opening flourish.

CRACK! Harris angles in at leg stump and Kohli whips through mid-wicket for four.

10:22 AMIND 3-252 (Kohli 80, Rahane 1) - trails by 320

Rahane faces Starc to start.

He gets off the mark as Burns mid-fields at cover. Disappointing.

Kohli adds one more with an edged drive to mid-on.

Starc sends a short ball own leg side and Rahane watches it go past. He'll attack that ball more often than not ... and do so very, very well.

His hooking and pulling was a really strong part of his innings in Melbourne, although he did eventually get caught at mid-wicket playing the pull shot.

Two from the over.

10:18 AMIND 3-250 (Kohli 79, Rahane 0) - trails by 322

FOUR! Kohli just pushes at a Harris delivery outside off but it's so well timed that it races through cover for four.

Kohli watches one fly past his hip down the leg side.

FOUR MORE! Harris pitches short and Kohli pulls well through mid-wicket for four.

AND ANOTHER!! He guides another four, this time between the slips and gully. That was short and Kohli just opened the face.

10:17 AMRAHUL'S GONE FOR 110!! c&b Starc. IND 3-238 (Kohli 67*) - trails by 334

Rahul tries a pull shot but skies it and Starc runs down the pitch and takes an easy catch right next to the batsman.

Great innings from the man who looked so out of place in Melbourne. Promoted to opener he blunted the attack well and then got a move on nicely once he was joined by Kohli.

Ajinkya Rahane comes to the crease after congratulating Rahul on his way off.

10:12 AMIND 2-238 (Kohli 67, Rahul 110) - trails by 334

Starc will bowl from the other end.

Rahul is right back into the saddle, leaving and defending watchfully.

FOUR! Starc bowls short and across and Rahul drives behind point off the back foot. That wasn't very well controlled.

10:07 AM IND 2-234 (Kohli 67, Rahul 106) - trails by 338

Harris gets us back underway after tea, and Kohli defends.

He's batting about a foot out of his crease to Harris but the bustling quick is unshaken and bowls a maiden to start.

In pictures: Sydney Test, Day 3

9:45 AMTHAT'S TEA! IND 2-234 (Kohli 67, Rahul 106) - trails by 338

Rahul turns a four off his pads to end the session. A good one for India.

After scoring at under two runs an over in the morning session, Kohli and Rahul picked up the pace, scoring 112 runs after lunch.

The second new ball created a few chances, the best of which was tough but absolutely should have been taken by Steve Smith at second slip off the edge of Kohli.

AUS bowling

Lyon: 1-71 off 25 overs

Starc: 1-50 off 15 overs

Harris: 0-42 off 18 overs

Hazlewood: 0-30 off 14 overs

Watson: 0-24 off 20 overs

Smith: 0-12 off 3 overs

9:41 AMCENTURY FOR RAHUL! 253 balls (11 x 4s). IND 2-230 (Kohli 67*)

The opener gets his first ton in just his second Test. He brings it up with a four through backward point and that is just reward for a brilliant, watchful innings. Not without its lucky moments, but what Test centuries are completely devoid of luck?

9:38 AMIND 2-226 (Kohli 67, Rahul 98) - trails by 346

Starc will bowl the last over before tea.

Rahul looks to drive but gets the inside edge and it bounces off his pads.

9:35 AMIND 2-226 (Kohli 67, Rahul 98) - trails by 346

Harris continues and Kohli pushes to point for no run.

BANG! Kohli gets forward and punches Harris through cover. Good timing, not much of a swing there.

Kohli takes one and gives Rahul the strike.

He steals a single with a dab to cover. He takes on Warner's arm and wins comfortably.

Kohli plays and misses at one outside off. Very close to finding the edge that time.

9:32 AMIND 2-220 (Kohli 62, Rahul 97) - trails by 352

EDGE! DROPPED!!! Starc gets Kohli's edge as he pushes at a drive. It flies to Smith at second slip and he's dropped a very catchable chance above his head. They run three. That got to Smith faster than he expected. Very bad miss. Can't blame SpiderCam either.

He sends a few across Rahul and he leaves. He's in no rush to reach 100.

9:28 AMIND 2-217 (Kohli 59, Rahul 97) - trails by 355

Ryan Harris will bowl from the Randwick end.

His first ball is wide and swings away. Good swing but too far from the batsman.

Kohli whips off his pads and gets one more.

He finds the inside edge of Rahul and it raps into the pads. He leaves the next ball as it goes past the off stump.

Rahul plays nicely off his pads. It was a bit edgy though and he takes just two through mid-wicket. There was three on offer if they'd run hard.

9:20 AMIND 2-214 (Kohli 58, Rahul 95) - trails by 358

EDGED! FOUR! Starc gets one to tail in immediately but Kohli gets an inside edge on it and it runs past Haddin for four.

He picks up three runs with a glance to deep mid-wicket and Ryan Harris does well to stop it from going for four.

Starc swings another in at leg stump but it flies off his pad for four leg byes. This hasn't been a terrible over but it's already gone for 11 runs.

Starc swings another one in and Rahul gets a leg glance to square leg. That was well bowled and Rahul was a bit late on it. Inside edge. No run.

Over bowled. 11 runs from it but some promising signs for Australia.

9:16 AMIND 2-203 (Kohli 51, Rahul 95) - trails by 369

Rahul adds a single with a sweep to long leg.

Kohli follows suit, and keeps the strike for the next over.

9:15 AMFIFTY FOR KOHLI! 108 balls (9 x 4s)

He turns a single to mid-wicket and brings up yet another half-century. He looks unbeatable right now.

9:14 AMIND 2-200 (Kohli 49, Rahul 94) - trails by 372

Lyon around the wicket to Kohli.

In pictures: Sydney Test, Day 3

9:13 AMIND 2-200 (Kohli 49, Rahul 94) - trails by 372

Watson continues despite going for 10 in his last over.

Kohli works to square leg for a single and he moves to 49.


Watson bowls to Rahul, who's defending, waiting for a bad ball. He's been very patient today.

Just one from the over as Starc cuts one off at mid-wicket to end the over.

9:12 AMIND 2-199 (Kohli 48, Rahul 94) - trails by 373

Lyon continues to Rahul. He's gone back around the wicket. He's got a slip, leg slip and bat-pad in place.

SIX!! Rahul hammers a short ball from Lyon into the stands to move into the 90s.

He turns the last few balls to the leg side for no run and he and Kohli are both nearing milestones.

9:08 AMIND 2-193 (Kohli 48, Rahul 88) - trails by 379

Watson bowls to Kohli who gets three runs through cover. He just pushed at that one and it raced away. Perfect timing.

FOUR! Rahul now uses some finesse to take it from just outside off stump to the third man boundary.

He adds to more, whipping through mid-wicket. Another sub-fielder cut that off. Looks like Chris Rogers is still off the field and I haven't seen Mitchell Starc for a while.

They pick up a bye as Watto sends one down leg.

9:04 AM IND 2-183 (Kohli 45, Rahul 82) - trails by 389

Lyon continues over the wicket to Rahul who defends a maiden over.

9:01 AMIND 2-183 (Kohli 45, Rahul 82) - trails by 389

Shane Watson replaces Hazlewood and Kohli defends as the all-rounder keeps hitting that line in and around off stump.

Haddin comes up to the stumps.

WHACK! Kohli gets some rare width from Watto and takes advantage, driving well through cover for another four.

8:58 AMIND 2-179 (Kohli 41, Rahul 82) - trails by 393

Smith replaces himself with Nathan Lyon.

CHANCE! Rahul turns off his hip and Burns cops it on the thigh. It would have taken a very special, reflex effort to snaffle that one, but no doubt still frustrating for Australia, Lyon and Burns.

FOUR! Rahul whips through cover for four more.

8:54 AMIND 2-175 (Kohli 41, Rahul 78) - trails by 397

Hazlewood gets a few to move in to Kohli who's looking to defend.

BANG! The last ball of the over is the worst of the bunch. Wide, full and given the treatment by Kohli, who quickly sends it to the cover boundary for four.

8:50 AM IND 2-171 (Kohli 37, Rahul 78) - trails by 401

Smith will bowl the next over to Rahul.

He almost finds the edge with his first delivery as Rahul defends.

Follows it up with a rank full toss, but Rahul can't take advantage.

FOUR! Smith drags one down and Rahul pulls with force through mid-wicket. Cummins tries to cut it off in the deep but it bounces off his hand and goes over the rope.

That brings up 100 runs today. It has taken 52 overs.

8:46 AMIND 2-167 (Kohli 37, Rahul 74) - trails by 405

Hazlewood continues to Kohli who defends the first delivery.

He drives back past Hazlewood on the next ball but Harris comes around from mid-on to cut it off well.

Hazlewood gives him width and Kohli cuts powerfully but it bounces straight to Burns. Good shot for no run.

He leaves the last ball of the over and that's a maiden.

8:40 AMIND 2-167 (Kohli 37, Rahul 74) - trails by 405

Smith continues.

He finds Rahul's outside edge and it bounces away off Haddin's shoulder.

Rahul gets two runs with a drive through the off side.

CHANCE! There's a shout as Rahul drives Smith into his toe and it pops up to Smith. The umpires send it upstairs but it clearly bounced before hitting his foot. Not out.

Rahul whips the next ball to cover and it's stopped well on the second grab.

That's a good over from Smith. He's getting some good shape and turn.

In pictures: Sydney Test, Day 3

8:36 AMIND 2-165 (Kohli 37, Rahul 72) - trails by 407

Josh Hazlewood returns to the attack.

BANG! Kohli immediately drives to the cover boundary. It wasn't quite out of the middle but that's four runs all the same.

Those are the only runs of the over as Kohli defends five deliveries from Hazlewood right on the money.

8:33 AMIND 2-161 (Kohli 33, Rahul 72) - trails by 411

Skipper Steve Smith is into the attack. I saw he was loosening his shoulders during the last over and assumed he was just keeping ready in the field.

BANG! Rahul sends the part-timer's first ball for four with a powerful pull shot.

He tries the same shot to a similar ball but this one's a bit straighter and David Warner moves like lightning to keep it to a single.

Kohli emulates his batting partner and Warner fields again. The crowd erupts as he sends another return throw right over the stumps.

Six from Smith's first over.

8:24 AMIND 2-155 (Kohli 32, Rahul 67) - trails by 417

Harris will continue to Rahul. Interesting choice here. He's coming around the wicket.

Rahul takes advantage of the angle and gets three runs with a drive through point. He was aiming more towards cover but it was a bit edgy.

He's back over the wicket to Kohli and the captain is watching very closely as he defends and ducks out of the way.

He defends the end of the over.

8:22 AMIND 2-152 (Kohli 32, Rahul 64) - trails by 420

FOUR! Kohli works Lyon to the leg side for four more runs.

AND ANOTHER!! This time Kohli plays that wristy whip through cover and it runs away quickly to the padding.

He tries the same shot off the next ball but it's straight to Marsh at cover this time.

He defends the rest of the over.

8:19 AMIND 2-144 (Kohli 24, Rahul 64) - trails by 428

Harris continues to Rahul. He gets one to go underground and Rahul leaves it alone. It looked like Haddin hurt his hand as he fumbled to pick that up.

Rahul continues to defend solidly. He really does look at his best when he's defending on the front foot.

He looks for a single but is sent back as David Warner swoops on the ball from mid-off.

8:14 AMIND 2-144 (Kohli 24, Rahul 64) - trails by 428

Lyon maintains his around the wicket attack to Rahul, who's comfortably defending.

He whips the third ball off his pads to deep mid-wicket and picks up a single.

Lyon goes back over the wicket to Kohli who sees out the rest of the over.

8:11 AMIND 2-143 (Kohli 24, Rahul 63) - trails by 429

Harris gets back into the attack from the Paddington end and launches one at Kohli's leg stump. It's turned off his toes but there's no run as it goes straight to square leg.

Strangely enough, Harris is bowling with just a second slip in place. Perhaps it's because the ball isn't carrying very quickly and Haddin should have enough time to cover most of what would be first slip's catches.

Anyway, Harris' first over is a maiden as Kohli defends every ball.

8:07 AMIND 2-143 (Kohli 24, Rahul 63) - trails by 429

Lyon continues around the wicket to Rahul who gives himself room and cuts off the stumps for three. That was better running.

CRACK! Kohli gets down low and hammers a sweep shot to the square-leg boundary for four runs. Great shot.

He retains the strike with a prodded single behind point to end the over.

Expensive over from Lyon. Eight runs off it.

8:03 AMIND 2-135 (Kohli 19, Rahul 60) - trails by 437

Hazlewood continues and Rahul leaves outside off.

Rahul sneaks through for a single after bunting off his hip to the leg side.

Kohli cuts behind point. It runs almost to the boundary but still, they only get two. Both batsmen to blame for that. They clearly thought it would race away for four and almost walked the first run.

8:00 AMIND 2-132 (Kohli 17, Rahul 59) - trails by 440

Kohli gets a single past slip to start Lyon's next over.

Lyon comes around the wicket to Rahul who walks across his stumps and whip through mid-wicket for one more run. Even then, there probably wasn't two runs to be had, but a quick first would put pressure on the fielding side.

Harris stops one at mid-wicket to end the over. It's been a while since Ryano trundled in. He can't be too far away.

In pictures: Sydney Test, Day 3

7:57 AMIND 2-130 (Kohli 16, Rahul 58) - trails by 442

Hazlewood continues to Rahul, who's defending to start.

Rahul moves to 56 with two more off his hip through mid-wicket.

He adds two more (that really should have been three) after pushing through a tiny gap between catching cover and mid-off. That's pretty poor running not to get three on that.

7:53 AMIND 2-126 (Kohli 16, Rahul 54) - trails by 446

Lyon bowls to Kohli who turns off his hip for a dot to square leg.

He finds the edge a couple of times as Kohli attempts to smother the ball outside off.

Great fielding! Kohli tries to whip Lyon through cover on the last ball of the over but a diving Shaun Marsh cuts it off to keep it a maiden.

7:50 AMIND 2-126 (Kohli 16, Rahul 54) - trails by 446

Josh Hazlewood starts his ninth over to Lokesh Rahul. The stingiest bowler versus the most watchful batsman.

BANG! Rahul puts in a big stride and strikes a beautiful cover drive for four. That's the best shot he's played all morning.

Rahul tries to drive down the ground and Harris barrels around from mid-on to cut it off well. Harris had to run a long way AND dive to stop that. There was definitely a run on offer but it's not taken.

7:46 AM IND 2-122 (Kohli 16, Rahul 50) - trails by 450

Nathan Lyon will get us back underway. But not before Haddin and Kohli exchange some words. It all looks pretty friendly though.

Lyon bowls his entire first over on the thigh of Kohli. He's going a bit too straight for my liking. But that's a maiden to start.

7:05 AMTHAT'S LUNCH! IND 2-122 (Kohli 16*, Rahul 50*) - trail by 450 runs

India survive a couple of chances and reach lunch with Kohli and Rahul still at the crease.

Australia bowled very well in that session and Rahul in particular was fortunate to survive a couple of clear chances.

The first came immediately after Rohit Sharma fell for 53 when a comedy of errors and a lack of awareness by Brad Haddin saw him narrowly avoid being run out. The next came shortly before the break when Smith dropped what looked like an easy chance off a skied pull shot.

Regardless, Rahul has notched his maiden Test half-century and batted nicely to reach the milestone as he was tied down for long periods by Australia's pacemen.

Australia will be very worried about the prospect of Kohli settling in. He's looked typically strong for his 16 thus far.

AUS bowling:

Lyon: 1-39 off 15 overs

Starc: 1-32 off 12 overs

Harris: 0-30 off 13 overs

Hazlewood 0-11 off 8 overs

Watson: 0-10 off 7 overs

7:00 AMIND 2-122 (Kohli 16, Rahul 50) - trails by 450

Watson will bowl the last over before lunch.

He starts with a no ball as he knocks the bail off at the non-striker's end.

Kohli drives well and picks up two through point.

CHANCE! Haddin takes a great grab down the leg side while standing up to Watson. He whips the bails off and appeals but the replay shows Kohli front foot was behind the line.

He adds a single to point to end the session.

6:56 AMFIFTY FOR RAHUL! 161 balls (5 x 4s). IND 2-118

He frees his arms and whips a cover drive for four to reach his half-century. He's been solid in defence but has also been very lucky to survive two clear chances.

Now he needs to settle in for his next stint.

6:54 AMIND 2-114 (Kohli 13, Rahul 46) - trails by 458

Kohli turns a single off his hip and get Rahul on strike.

6:51 AMIND 2-113 (Kohli 12, Rahul 46) - trails by 459

Watson bowls to Rahul who remains stubborn in defence.

CHANCE!! DROPPED! Rahul top-edges and Smith runs back from first slip. He's dropped an incredibly easy chance.

Smith has one of the safest pair of hands in cricket and that was an absolute sitter. He was struggling with the sun but it looks like he was blaming the spider-cam wire for the drop.

In pictures: Sydney Test, Day 3

6:48 AMIND 2-113 (Kohli 12, Rahul 46) - trails by 459

Lyon continues to Kohli.

He remains watchful as Lyon persists with a good line.

Lyon's last ball turns a bit more that expected and catches the inside edge but Kohli smothers it well enough to avoid popping a catch to Burns at bat-pad.

6:45 AMIND 2-113 (Kohli 12, Rahul 46) - trails by 459

Shane Watson will bowl the next over from the Paddington End.

Rahul continues to defend. We saw a similar period for Burns yesterday as he looked for his maiden half-century, but it wasn't quite this slow. Rahul is now 46 off 152 balls.

He pushes the last ball of the over to point, Warner comes around to cut it off but fumbles. Rahul looks for one but there's nothing there.

6:42 AMIND 2-113 (Kohli 12, Rahul 46) - trails by 459

Lyon continues over the wicket to Rahul. Good to see Lyon resisting the temptation to go around the wicket.

Damn. No sooner have I said it and he comes around the wicket. I'm not a fan. It just makes it too easy for the batsmen to work singles to the leg side.

He comes back over the wicket and Rahul retains the strike with a single to mid-wicket.

6:39 AM IND 2-112 (Kohli 12, Rahul 45) - trails by 460

Starc continues and Kohli looks to drive, but checks himself and it's a dot ball to cover.

FOUR!! Starc bowls on Kohli's hip and the skipper coolly glances it fine and to the boundary.

He leaves the next few alone as they sail past off stump.

Starc brings Kohli forward and he defends right out of the middle to short cover.

Watching Kohli is very similar to watching Steve Smith at the moment - both players appear to have all the time in the world at the crease.

6:36 AMIND 2-108 (Kohli 8, Rahul 45) - trails by 464

Rahul pushes at a Lyon delivery outside off and edges to a diving Shane Watson at first slip ... but on the bounce.

He defends the rest of the over, getting well forward and trying to smother these balls to prevent himself from being beaten by the bounce.

6:32 AMIND 2-108 (Kohli 8, Rahul 45) - trails by 464

Starc continues to Rahul.

He works a single off his hip as Chris Rogers leaves the field holding his lower back.

FOUR! Starc pitches short and outside off, but Kohli hammers a pull shot to the boundary. This bloke is in unbelievable form.

Kohli looks for a single to mid-wicket but sub fielder Pat Cummins is up to the task, diving in and sliding to cut it off.

6:28 AMIND 2-103 (Kohli 4, Rahul 44) - trails by 469

Lyon continues to Rahul who pushes a single to point off the back foot.

Kohli's defending Lyon but after each ball he's practicing attacking strokes.

He tries to whip Lyon down the ground again but the spinner gets down to it and cuts it off.

6:26 AMIND 2-102 (Kohli 4, Rahul 43) - trails by 470

Mitchell Starc is back into the attack.

Starc beats Rahul's outside edge to start.

The next ball's short and on the body. Rahul, now with no bat-pad in place, works off his hip for an easy single.

Kohli gets down low and pushes the last ball of the over to gully.

6:23 AMIND 2-101 (Kohli 4, Rahul 42) - trails by 471

MIX-UP!!! Kohli plays and misses, the ball flies off Haddin's thigh and Rahul takes off for a run. He falls over as Kohli sends him back but Haddin's not aware. Rahul's hurt his shoulder, and that's a chance gone begging.

FOUR!! Kohli follows that up with a slapped boundary down the ground.

Steve Smith is furious with his keeper for being unaware of the chaos taking place at the bowler's end.

6:19 AMSHARMA'S GONE FOR 53! b Lyon. IND 2-97 (Rahul 42*)

Great pressure bowling from Australia and Lyon takes advantage, bowling Sharma as he looked to sweep.

Sharma got a little bottom edge on that but it probably would have gone on to hit anyway.

In-form skipper Virat Kohli comes to the crease, but he is facing some very tight bowling from Australia.

In pictures: Sydney Test, Day 3

6:17 AMIND 1-97 (Sharma 53, Rahul 42) - trails by 475

Lyon continues to Rahul.

He gets himself off strike with a single off his hip.

6:16 AMFIFTY FOR ROHIT SHARMA! 132 balls (5 x 4s) IND 1-96 (Rahul 41*)

He brings it up with an uppish drive off a leading edge that races away for four over cover. Not very convincing.

Well played by the man promoted to first drop. He's looked a little iffy in defence from time to time but this is a very important innings.

6:14 AMIND 1-92 (Sharma 49, Rahul 41) - trails by 480

Harris continues and is banging away at that nagging line and length.

Sharma's just one run away from a half-century and I'm sure he wishes he was facing Lyon.

6:09 AMIND 1-92 (Sharma 49, Rahul 41) - trails by 480

Nathan Lyon is into the attack for the first time today.

Good to see him coming over the wicket to the right-hander.

He finds the inside edge as Rahul gets forward to him but it trickles safely to bat-pad.

CHANCE! The Aussies go up as a ball balloons off the thigh pad and straight to Burns under the lid. The umpire says no and that looks right. I couldn't see any edge.

But hot spot appears to show a mark on the glove. Just a glancing blow. Neither Haddin nor Burns appealed for that but it turns out Rahul should probably be gone. Although that's just about impossible for the umpire to see.

6:05 AMIND 1-92 (Sharma 49, Rahul 41) - trails by 480

Harris returns to the attack and Sharma just leans on his first ball and it flies through cover. Warner tracks it down and keeps it to two runs.

Sharma watches a few more go by the off stump. He defends the last ball of the over. Another tight one from Harris. Two from it.

6:02 AMIND 1-90 (Sharma 47, Rahul 41) - trails by 482

Watson continues to Rahul and he remains watchful in defence.

The last ball of the over is short and rears up at Rahul, but he's equal to it and defends well.

That's drinks.

6:00 AM IND 1-90 (Sharma 47, Rahul 41) - trails by 482

Hazlewood continues and Rahul's defending.

Hazlewood goes very short and Rahul controls it well down to fine leg for a single.

Another edgy defensive shot from Sharma ends the over.

5:57 AMIND 1-89 (Sharma 47, Rahul 40) - trails by 483

Watson bowls to Rahul.

FOUR! Rahul gets a wider ball from Watson and hammers a cut shot to the backward-point boundary. That must be a relief, although he didn't look too flustered with just defending.

He keeps the strike with a worked single off his hip to end the over.

5:54 AMIND 1-84 (Sharma 47, Rahul 35) - trails by 488

Hazlewood bowls to Sharma, who's back in defensive mode.

His next block comes off the inside edge and into his front pad. This is great bowling from Australia. Building a lot of pressure.

Half a shout as Hazlewood angles one in at the pads of Sharma but there was some bat on it and probably missing leg anyway.

Another awkward stroke by Sharma as he looks to turn on to the leg side. It hits him on the pads but far too high.

Another maiden. The pressure is really building on both batsmen. Rahul's not scoring and Sharma's edges are getting a work-out.

5:51 AMIND 1-84 (Sharma 47, Rahul 35) - trails by 488

Watson continues to Sharma who drives past cover for the first run in 23 deliveries.

Rahul, on the other hand, is still defending and sees out the rest of the over despite a nifty leg-cutter from Watson to finish.

He hasn't scored since hitting the first runs of the day with a four in the second over.

In pictures: Sydney Test, Day 3

5:48 AMIND 1-83 (Sharma 46, Rahul 35) - trails by 489

Hazlewood will bowl to Rahul, who's defending the first ball.

There was a catching mid-wicket in place for Watson and that's remained for Hazlewood.

Rahul leaves very close to the off stump and defends the last ball of the over.

That is the third consecutive maiden.

5:45 AMIND 1-83 (Sharma 46, Rahul 35) - trails by 489

Shane Watson has the ball in his hand to bowl his first over of the Test.

There looked to be some reverse swing in Harris' last over so Watson should be able to take advantage.

Sharma defends off the inside edge again as Watson continues to bowl at the stumps.

The final ball is a bit short and Sharma's attempted back-foot drive is mis-timed to mid-off.

Another maiden

5:40 AMIND 1-83 (Sharma 46, Rahul 35) - trails by 489

The birthday boy, Josh Hazlewood, comes into the attack. Happy 23rd, Josh.

Straight away he's on the money, landing his first four deliveries on a good length outside off.

Rahul tries to drive the fifth ball and does so nicely but it's straight to mid-off.

The last ball of the over is defended and that's a maiden to start for Hazlewood.

5:36 AMIND 1-83 (Sharma 46, Rahul 35) - trails by 489

Harris bowls to Sharma.

FOUR! Sharma drives hard but again catches the edge. No luck for Harris as it skids past a diving Lyon at gully and rolls to the third-man boundary.

He follows it up with another no ball.

Harris gets one to hold in the pitch and Sharma's defensive stroke is a bit awkward. There's a yell from a fielder but nothing was on. The number of half and quarter chances must be frustrating for Harris.

Speaking of which, Sharma tries a leg glance and it bounces just in front of Chris Rogers at square leg.

He ends another very good over with one on the pads of Sharma.

That might be his last over. Looking a bit tired. He was really struggling at the end of day two.

5:32 AMIND 1-78 (Sharma 42, Rahul 35) - trails by 494

Starc will bowl to Rahul with bat-pad in place again, although he's pitching up and bowling across him.

No he aims one at his ribs but it's not quite a bouncer and Rahul dabs it down to mid-on for another dot ball.

Starc gets another ball to rise on him and Rahul defends a little uncomfortably to cover.

Maiden for Starc. He's bowling very well, using the bouncer but not relying on it. Most of his deliveries are on a good length.

5:27 AMIND 1-78 (Sharma 42, Rahul 35) - trails by 494

Harris continues to a watchful Rohit Sharma.

Play and miss from Sharma. For as good as he's been in defence, he has prodded at a few too many outside off. A couple of nervous moments, just about all of them coming off the bowling of Ryan Harris.

Sharma swings hard at a wide one but it catches the edge and goes straight to point on the bounce. Harris will like the look of that.

Sharma defends the next ball, but Harris has stepped miles over the line and it's a no ball.

The last ball of the over is left alone outside off.

In pictures: Sydney Test, Day 3

5:20 AMIND 1-77 (Sharma 42, Rahul 35) - trails by 495

Starc angles his first ball across Sharma, who plays a slightly awkward defensive stroke to point.

The next ball gets on Sharma's pads and he tries to whip to the boundary but it's stopped by Burns at square leg. Looks like Starc won't bother peppering Sharma with short balls.

This is a good start from Starc - he's landing a lot on the right spots.

Sharma pushes the ball to extra cover and picks up a single as cover tracks it down.

The bat-pad immediately gets back in position for Rahul and Starc goes short, but it's going across the batsman who defends it well to the off side.

5:15 AMIND 1-76 (Sharma 41, Rahul 35) - trails by 496

Harris squares Sharma up with a straight ball that might have jagged away a touch. He edges to cover as he looked to drive to leg.

Sharma gets his first run of the morning and gives Rahul a look at the persistent Harris.

Rahul leaves the last ball of the over alone. Another good one by Harris.

5:10 AM IND 1-75 (Sharma 40, Rahul 35) - trails by 497

Mitchell Starc will continue from the Paddington End. There's a short leg and leg gully in place. Expect some short stuff here.

Or not. The first ball is on the money and Lokesh Rahul gets an inside edge on to his pad.

The next ball is on leg stump and Rahul looks to turn it to leg for runs but it's well stopped by Joe Burns at bat-pad.

FOUR! The first runs of the day come as Starc bowls too wide and Rahul opens the face of the bat and toes one to the boundary behind point.

Starc sends one down the leg side from back of a length but it's stayed very low and Rahul can't get anything on it as it bounces through to Brad Haddin.

Four runs from Starc's first over.

5:06 AM IND 1-71 (Sharma 40, Rahul 31) - trails by 501

Ryan Harris bowls the first ball of the day to Rohit Sharma, who keeps out the yorker.

Sharma watches as the second goes by his off stump.

Sharma looks to hit down the ground a couple of times but Harris and the non-striker's stumps conspire to stop the ball both times.

Sharma leaves two more and that's a maiden to start.

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