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Blog: Australia vs India, Day 4, Brisbane Test

ABC News logo ABC News 20-12-2014 Dean Bilton

Brisbane Test, Day 4: In pictures

A fantastic cover drive from Mitch Marsh has sealed the deal! Australia made it nervy by losing a flurry of wickets at the death, but Rogers (55) and Smith (28) had already done enough to sort out this small total. The match was really won this morning when Mitchell Johnson finally found his form to take four wickets and roll through India's batsmen.

It was an exciting day, made more exciting by Australia's refusal to make the small run chase an easy one. India bowled quite well in their second innings, and will be hoping to take that form to Melbourne, but the damage had already been done. Once again for Australia, Johnson made the difference.


AUS 6/126 - M Johnson 2*, M Marsh 2* - 2 to win

Aaron to Marsh.

AUS 6/123 - M Johnson 1*, M Marsh 0* - 5 to win

Mitch Johnson now to try and finish this game!

He's off the mark with a single to point.

Marsh guides one now away to third man for another single. Four to get.

Another sharp single to Johnson to mid-wicket. Not many to get now.

Match pictures from Day 4


What is going on!? Australia doing their best to muck this up! The bouncer was telegraphed and Haddin fell for it, hitting it straight to Kohli at short-fine leg. Goodness me, India are making a game of it! Surely not?

AUS 5/122 - B Haddin 1*, M Marsh 0* - 6 to win

Mitch Marsh comes out now, six to win.

Aaron around the wicket to Marsh, starts with a harmless bouncer.

Three bouncers in fact, and that's the over bowled.


It was off a no-ball as well, but that's perfectly fine. Smith's beef is that Aaron quite obviously impeded him while running between the wickets and its cost Smith his wicket. I don't like that one bit. But Dhoni's keeping was smart, he flicked it onto the stumps from wide to catch him just short.

AUS 4/120 - B Haddin 1*, S Smith 27* - 8 to win

Aaron to Smith.

THE SWAT! How about that?! The overhead slam shot through mid-wicket goes for four. Not overly attractive, but very effective!

RUN OUT SHOUT! I think Smith is gone, but there is some drama because Aaron has clearly blocked Smith while running between the wickets!

AUS 4/116 - B Haddin 1*, S Smith 23* - 12 to win

Brad Haddin is the new batsman.

Yadav around the wicket to Haddin, that one is short and pulled away for a single.

Nice punch behind point from Smith earns him one more. Over bowled.


Australia are making hard work of this! Yadav put an innocuous ball towards Marsh's hip, but he has got the tiniest hint of glove onto it through to Dhoni behind the stumps. No doubt about it, and he's gone for 17.

AUS 3/114 - S Marsh 17*, S Smith 22* - 14 to win

Yadav to Smith.

Just a little tickle off the pads gets Smith on strike.

Marsh with a thick inside edge that looked destined for the boundary rope, but the fieldsman kept it to two.

AUS 3/111 - S Marsh 15*, S Smith 21* - 17 to win

Aaron again to Marsh.

FOUR MORE! Lovely work off Marsh's pads. Clipped away to the fine leg rope with ease.

BEAUTIFUL! Aaron throws one wide and Marsh throws his hands at it! A belter of a stroke to the point fence.

And there's a bouncer that would have sailed over Peter Crouch's head. Clearly a wide.

Marsh cuts hard but straight to the fieldsman to end the over.

AUS 3/102 - S Marsh 7*, S Smith 21* - 26 to win

Umesh Yadav to replace Sharma.

BANG! What a lovely cover drive from Marsh! That's what he is capable of, that has flown for four.

A strong pull shot to follow, but Marsh just gets one.

OH BOY! What a ramp from Smith! That is such glorious batting, it almost went for six! Straight over the slips for four.

MASSIVE APPEAL! Smith leaves it alone and it's hit him on the pad! It looks really, really good but Erasmus doesn't like it. Maybe just a little high? Not out regardless.

Over bowled.

AUS 3/92 - S Marsh 1*, S Smith 17* - 36 to win

Aaron to Marsh now.

Aaron sends down a good bouncer that strikes Marsh somewhere around the rib cage. He got some glove on it too, so luckily it went straight down.

And then a single for Marsh... Nope, a leg bye. Still just one run.

Smith edges to square leg and grabs himself another single.

Nice punch down the ground earns Marsh a single, and that's the over bowled.

AUS 3/90 - S Marsh 1*, S Smith 16* - 38 to win

Shaun Marsh is the new batsman to face Sharma.

A very quick single gets him off the mark immediately.

CRASH! Smith drives off the back foot to the vacant point region and picks up a boundary to end the over.


That's a fair catch! Rogers has laced another cut shot, but this one was well hung onto by Dhawan at third slip. A good innings ends, and there's still just a bit for Australia to do. Well bowled by Sharma as well, he has been quite good in this second innings.

AUS 2/85 - C Rogers 55*, S Smith 12* - 43 to win

Sharma to Rogers again now.

AUS 2/85 - C Rogers 55*, S Smith 12* - 43 to win

AND FOUR MORE! Consecutive boundaries for Rogers, this time through the gully from an edge!

Another leg bye down to fine leg ends the over.

Latest match pictures


Rogers is leading the way brilliantly, and has brought up the half-century with an outstanding pull shot to the rope. They've needed leadership to chase this slight total down and he's doing it in style. Fantastic batting.

AUS 2/76 - C Rogers 47*, S Smith 12* - 52 to win

Aaron around the wicket to Rogers.

AUS 2/76 - C Rogers 47*, S Smith 12* - 52 to win

Sharma to Smith.

And a single straight up to Smith.

FOUR MORE! Rogers is on fire! A gorgeous straight drive races away for four.

One more from an extravagant pull shot for Rogers.

Smith gets one on his toes but he whips it away to fine leg for a single.

A leg bye ends the over as the target gets ever closer.

AUS 2/68 - C Rogers 42*, S Smith 10* - 60 to win

Varun Aaron on now to Smith.

AND FOUR! A delightful leg glance races to the fine leg fence. Easy batting.

DROPPED HIM! A sitter for Kohli at second slip! Smith lashed at a wide one and nicked it straight to Kohli at head height and he's put it down. Uh oh.

And then a single for Smith to get off strike.

FOUR MORE! Rogers is straight onto anything a little short, that one again cut away to the fence. Supreme batting.

And that's the over, an eventful one.

AUS 2/57 - C Rogers 36*, S Smith 5* - 71 to win

Sharma to Smith.

A drop and run single onto the off-side.

Another ball down the leg side, and another no-ball!

Another one thrown down the leg side, Rogers missing out there.

LOVELY SHOT! That one was outside off-stump, but Rogers has still managed to take it through mid-wicket thanks to good hands and expert timing. And a no-ball!

Two more for Rogers through the covers this time, excellent batting.

More runs for Rogers! Two more to deep-square leg, Rogers doing a great job in that over.

AUS 2/48 - C Rogers 30*, S Smith 4* - 80 to win

Yadav to Rogers.

A leg bye to fine leg gets Rogers off strike.

There's a point out for some reason, so Smith only gets one run for that cut shot.

SLASHED! Too short from Yadav and Rogers has pounced all over it. A delightful cut shot races to the fence.

Rogers then misses out on a full toss to end the over.

AUS 2/42 - C Rogers 26*, S Smith 3* - 86 to win

Sharma bowling to Smith now.

Smith tried to swat that bouncer down the ground, quite a strange shot. He's actually quite capable of that shot, but he didn't time that one.

Sharma has thrown another one wide down the leg side, but Dhoni used his feet and got to that one.

That's a maiden over from Sharma.

AUS 2/42 - C Rogers 26*, S Smith 3* - 86 to win

Yadav to Rogers.

BEATEN! A lovely ball from Yadav moves away from Rogers and beats the edge. Still tense stuff.

Rogers is squared right up but he still gets two for an edge to point.

AUS 2/40 - C Rogers 24*, S Smith 3* - 88 to win

Sharma now to Smith.

Smith bunts one away to mid-wicket and grabs a single.

Another single for Rogers behind point.

Another no-ball bowled by Sharma.

FOUR BYES! It has flown down the leg side, straight off one of those cracks and raced away to the fence. Dhoni had no chance!

Smith leaves the final ball alone, that's the over.

AUS 2/33 - C Rogers 23*, S Smith 2* - 95 to win

We are back from the tea break and Yadav is bowling to Rogers.

FOUR RUNS! Nice stuff from Rogers coming from a loose Yadav ball. It was a full toss and Rogers helped it to the point fence.

BANG! Now there's a shot! A beautiful square drive from Rogers, he's started well after tea.

Rogers wears one on the arm to end the over.

THAT'S TEA! Australia 2 for 25 - C Rogers 15*, S Smith 2* - 103 to win

We should have known this match would have another twist left in it! Ishant Sharma has come out with the new ball and taken the big wickets of Warner and Watson to make things look really awkward for Australia. The hosts only need 103 to win, but a couple more wickets straight after the interval could make things look really tricky.

I'll be back soon to take you through the day's, and possibly match's, final session.

AUS 2/25 - C Rogers 15*, S Smith 2* - 103 to win

Steve Smith is in now to face Sharma around the wicket.

A no-ball straight away.

Smith misses one down the leg side, this around the wicket plan from Sharma is very interesting indeed.

But now he's back over the wicket for the last ball before tea.

A nice punch from Smith, he'll take two to end the session.


Now then! India have a second wicket and Watson is gone for a globe! That was a really high bouncer from Sharma and Watson has had a crack at it, only to top edge it straight up in the air to present a sitter for Dhoni. Sharma has his tail up, Australia look nervous and maybe this one isn't quite done yet!

AUS 1/22 - C Rogers 15*, S Watson 0* - 106 to win

Sharma to Watson.

Maybe the last over before tea, maybe one more after this.

AUS 1/22 - C Rogers 15*, S Watson 0* - 106 to win

Yadav to Rogers.

Rogers clips away smartly for two more behind square on the on-side.

IN THE AIR! But it has skewed away safely somewhere on the on-side. Rogers was in all sorts, and lucky to get away with two runs.

Over bowled.

AUS 1/18 - C Rogers 11*, S Watson 0* - 110 to win

Shane Watson is the new batsman, and it seems like the perfect sort of situation for him.

A sharp bouncer straight away from Sharma, Watson just gets underneath it in time.

Solid defence from Watson ends a good over from Sharma.


Warner was clearly impeded by that thumb injury, but I don't think it would have mattered much as that was a fantastic ball from Sharma. Angling in and then moving away, it took a slight edge through to Dhoni. Brilliantly bowled, there's a good one for India to get early.

Match pictures: Day 4

AUS 0/18 - C Rogers 11*, D Warner 6* - 110 to win

Sharma around the wicket to Warner.

He's hit on the pads, but it's a no-ball in any case.

AUS 0/17 - C Rogers 11*, D Warner 6* - 111 to win

Yadav to Warner.

BEATEN! Good bowling from Yadav, but Warner looks a little shaken up.

A half appeal from behind the stumps as Warner pulls poorly, but the ball clearly hit the pad on the way through to Dhoni.

And again he pops that up poorly into the covers, and is lucky not to be caught! He takes two, but isn't looking himself.

That's a little better from Warner, but he had to take his hand off the bat. He's in real pain now, but still got three runs to point.

Nice shot from Rogers, a punch through point picks him up two more. Over bowled.

AUS 0/10 - C Rogers 9*, D Warner 1* - 118 to win

Sharma to Rogers now.

FOUR! Rogers away with a boundary from a fine leg glance to the rope.

CRACK! Now that's a shot from Rogers! A smashing cover drive that has flown to the fence, excellent batting from Rogers.

A couple of dot balls ends the over, some pressure released for Rogers.

AUS 0/0 - C Rogers 0*, D Warner 0* - 128 to win

Umesh Yadav now to bowl to David Warner, this could be fun.

Solid defence from the first ball.

OUCH! That one has reared off a length and got Warner on the glove and that has really hurt! It's got him right on thumb, that will not be feeling too good.

It's got him right on the point of the thumb, I'd be surprised if that isn't a broken thumb.

I think he's going to continue though, tough stuff from Warner.

He's off the mark with an inside edge to square leg, the run chase finally underway.

Rogers off the mark now with a quick single.

Warner hit in the guts this time! He's copping some punishment as the over ends.

AUS 0/0 - C Rogers 0*, D Warner 0* - 128 to win

Here we go, Australia's run chase about to get underway. Can the Aussies sort these runs out today, or will India offer up another twist. I said before, it's an awkward total to chase so Warner might think attack is the best way to go.

Ishant Sharma will open the bowling, Rogers to face.

First ball is left alone.

BEATEN! A beauty from Sharma, straight past Rogers' outside edge. Lovely bowling, they'll need plenty of that.

AND AGAIN! Rogers on the drive this time but the angle from Sharma took it past him.

Rogers plays the rest of the over better, but a great start for Sharma. A maiden.


There it is, Yadav finally gets a nick on one of those lashing cover drives and that will be that! Haddin takes his ninth catch of the match and Johnson ends with 4 for 61, he made the difference. Australia need just 127 to win, which could be an awkward total, but I would wager David Warner will have a serious crack at knocking them off quickly.

That was a strong performance from the Aussie bowlers today, only Shikhar Dhawan could provide any resistance as Australia marched towards what surely will be victory.

IND 9/224 - I Sharma 1*, U Yadav 30* - Lead by 127

Johnson to Yadav.

The batsman fishes at it and misses again. How long until the big hoik again?

Another swing and a miss.

IND 9/224 - I Sharma 1*, U Yadav 30* - Lead by 127

Sharma to face Lyon.

First three all defended with ease.

In fact the whole over is defended well by Sharma, that's a maiden.

IND 9/224 - I Sharma 1*, U Yadav 30* - Lead by 127

Mitchell Johnson straight back on now to Sharma.

A swing and a miss straight away, these batsmen will be throwing some willow at this.

Oof, Sharma fends away towards short leg and Labus.... The sub fielder nearly got there again! Just a single though.

Yadav has just about dislocated his shoulders with that swing. Ridiculous slogging, he has missed that by a mile.

And that one ends the over.

IND 9/223 - I Sharma 0*, U Yadav 30* - Lead by 126

Ishant Sharma is the last man in now.

Yadav is on strike though...

SIX OF THEM! Bang! He hit that one alright! It's gone dead flat into the fence, what a shot!

SIX AGAIN! Warner was right underneath it at cow corner and ready... but it sailed agonizingly over his head! Really valuable runs here!

Over bowled.


Aaron doesn't get Yadav's luck, and his skied slog goes straight down the throat of Hazlewood at point. Some genuine tail-end batting going on here, and this time Lyon has profited. Just one more wicket needed for Australia now.

IND 8/211 - V Aaron 3*, U Yadav 18* - Lead by 114

Lyon to Yadav.

Another slog and the ball just makes it over mid-wicket! He's getting lucky here Yadav.

Match pics: Australia vs India, Day 4, Brisbane Test

IND 8/210 - V Aaron 3*, U Yadav 17* - Lead by 112

Hazlewood to Yadav.

BEATEN! Somehow he hasn't nicked that, it looked like he was trying to!

Yadav pulls away and grabs one, before Aaron takes a single into the covers.

SHAMBLES! It should have been a run out! They wanted two, then three, then two, then three and should have been run out, but Haddin couldn't glove it! A comedy of errors, three runs in the end.

Aaron defends a couple more and that's the over bowled.

IND 8/205 - V Aaron 2*, U Yadav 13* - Lead by 108

Well done Nathan Lyon, he has found a way through.

Varun Aaron is the new batsman.

We've finally seen a replay of the LBW... Dead plumb. Good decision.

Aaron has a woosh at one and it flies over cover, they hurry back for two and make it thanks to a poor throw from Starc.

A wicket-taking over comes to an end.


The resistance may well be over! A brilliant innings from an injured Dhawan comes to a close as he tries to paddle a sweep around the corner again. It has taken Dhawan on the pad and umpire Erasmus was in no doubt. A big wicket for Australia, the last real batsman for India is gone.

IND 7/203 - S Dhawan 81*, U Yadav 13* - Lead by 106

Hazlewood to Dhawan again.

MASSIVE APPEAL! The Aussies are convinced Dhawan has nicked that one! But Ian Gould says now! The Australians can not believe it!

Looks like it might have been an excellent decision! Good umpiring there.

And then a single for Dhawan to turn the strike over.

FOUR MORE! A wild slog from Yadav sends the bowl somehow over point and for four. This must be so frustrating for Australia now, there was nothing textbook about that one!

There's the end of the over.

IND 7/198 - S Dhawan 80*, U Yadav 9* - Lead by 101

Lyon to Dhawan.

Skips down the pitch and clips it up and over the mid-on fielder for two. Dhawan is still taking the attack to Australia.

Dhawan will take the single to mid-wicket this time.

Yadav blocks out two more. India doing this easily now.

IND 7/195 - S Dhawan 77*, U Yadav 9* - Lead by 98

Hazlewood to Dhawan, who has settled this innings down excellently.

LOVELY SHOT! Bang! Dhawan whips that one off his pads with real venom, and picks a tight gap perfectly. Four more!

Thick edge to third man, no run taken.

This time Dhawan takes the single, only one for Yadav to face.

It's a harmless bouncer, easy as you like for Yadav to avoid.

IND 7/190 - S Dhawan 72*, U Yadav 9* - Lead by 93

Lyon to Dhawan.

Watchful defence from Dhawan.

Dhawan punches one into the covers and calmly strolls through for a single.

Yadav blocks his two allotted balls and there's another over bowled.

IND 7/189 - S Dhawan 71*, U Yadav 9* - Lead by 92

Another break in play as India's 12th men run drinks and gloves out to Dhawan.

Hazlewood to Dhawan.

The field is spread for Dhawan, inviting him to take a single. He's not interested.

Now he is, a quick single into the covers.

Yadav presents the backside and is cracked right on it.

Gee, that was ugly. Yadav has swung from the bootlaces and luckily skewed it over point. Nothing pretty about that.

No single taken from the final ball.

IND 7/186 - S Dhawan 70*, U Yadav 7* - Lead by 89

Nathan Lyon on to bowl again now. Australia kinda need a wicket now. They don't want this to get to an awkward 130-150 target.

Dhawan flicks the first one over his own head for two. Clever batting.

Half an LBW shout, looked like it was going down leg.

Dhawan takes the single early in the over this time, obviously trusting Yadav with Lyon.

Yadav gets through the over, well played.

IND 7/183 - S Dhawan 67*, U Yadav 7* - Lead by 86

Josh Hazlewood to bowl now.

FOUR MORE! A wild swing that Dhawan miscued, but just got enough on to clear the man at mid-on. We're in for some action here!

More verbals from Dhawan to the Aussies behind the wickets. This bloke loves a scrap.

Dhawan is running all over the crease here, Hazlewood darted one in at leg stump but it was clipped away for a single.

A good bouncer to end the over, Yadav just manages to keep it away.

IND 7/178 - S Dhawan 62*, U Yadav 7* - Lead by 81

Watson to Dhawan.

Dhawan charges but gets a bouncer. He ducks underneath well.

EDGED FOR FOUR! A thick edge from Dhawan races away to third-man for four. Every run valuable now.

Dhawan tried a little ram shot there but missed it completely. Almost a little feather on that, but Dhawan survives.

And a single from the last ball of the over, too easy for India.

IND 7/173 - S Dhawan 57*, U Yadav 7* - Lead by 76

Johnson to Dhawan.

Dhawan pulls away to fine leg... But doesn't take the single. Hmm, they probably need the runs.

Dhawan defends as Johnson hones in on the stumps.

Now he takes the single, Yadav only has to face one ball this over.

Yadav defends well and there's another over down.

Latest pictures from Day 4

IND 7/172 - S Dhawan 56*, U Yadav 7* - Lead by 75

Watson to Dhawan.

Another aggressive cut shot from Dhawan, well fielded on the point boundary by Lyon. Just two.

A single to Dhawan off a thick inside edge.

BEATEN! Yadav drives but misses, the outswing almost enough for Watson to grab the wicket.

WOOF! Yadav has swung harder than any man has ever swung before! He's missed it by a mile, but he's tried to hit that out of the Gabba.

Over bowled.

IND 7/169 - S Dhawan 53*, U Yadav 7* - Lead by 72

Dhawan takes a single from the following ball.

Yadav defends a pair of balls and the over is bowled.


He wants a piece now! He's backed away and pulled it with great power through mid-wicket for four to bring up the half-century! Dhawan is laying his cards on the table and batting very well, especially considering his arm injury. Brave stuff.

IND 7/164 - S Dhawan 48*, U Yadav 7* - Lead by 67

Mitchell Johnson has the ball from the other end to bowl to Dhawan.

CLOSE! Dhawan plays it back to Johnson, who fields and has a shy at the stumps but misses! If he hit the stumps it would have been out! A bad miss really.

IND 7/163 - S Dhawan 47*, U Yadav 7* - Lead by 66

Welcome back from the lunch break, time for the cricket to start up again. It's all on Dhawan now I think, India need to bat for at least the first hour and a bit to have any prayer.

Shane Watson will bowl to Dhawan.

First ball is harmlessly left alone.

Dhawan is struck on the pad, a stifled appeal from Watson. Big inside edge on that one.

Wow! Dhawan has charged Watson had a massive go at that! One hand came off the bat as it fell meekly away to mid-on for two.

FOUR! Watson is a bit wide and Dhawan punishes it to the point fence. Clearly India want runs quickly!

Dhawan ends the over with a pull shot away for a single, so he will keep the strike.

THAT'S LUNCH! India 7 for 157 - S Dhawan 41*, U Yadav 7* - Lead by 60

There's some verbal between Dhawan and Australia as the players leave the field. India have had plenty to say in this series, I presume this agro has something to do with the pitch complaints. Which seem to be ridiculous, but I digress.

What a session that was for Australia! Six wickets taken as Johnson tore through the top order removing, Kohli, Rahane and Sharma in a hurry to change the game. Hazlewood and Starc got amongst it as well and now India are in real big trouble. They will desperately need the tail to wag like Australia's did yesterday to stand a chance, but a four-day Test now seems much more likely.

I'm sure we will hear more about India's complaints shortly, but for now we will have some lunch and see if this match has any more twists and turns after the break. See you then!

IND 7/157 - S Dhawan 41*, U Yadav 7* - Lead by 60

Hazlewood to Dhawan, probably the last over before lunch.

SHOT! That's a perfect pull shot from Dhawan, delightfully timed and it picked the gap on the way to the fence.

RUN OUT CHANCE! Dhawan takes off for a quick single but Yadav was lagging! Warner threw the stumps down brilliantly and we went upstairs... But he's safely home.

Now Yadav has a few balls to survive himself!

Excellent fielding from Starc on the rope keeps a certain boundary to just two. Yadav gloved a short ball down to fine leg and almost got four.

NOW IT IS FOUR! Yadav has whacked that! Well, I didn't see that coming! He's had a huge swing and cracked it straight down the ground for four.

Yadav leaves the final one alone. Is it lunch?

IND 7/146 - S Dhawan 36*, U Yadav 1* - Lead by 49

Lyon again to Dhawan.

Dhawan grabs a single down to mid-off.

Somehow Yadav gets off the mark with a strange prod to the covers.

Dhawan taks another single after using his feet well, and Yadav survives the final ball of the over.

IND 7/143 - S Dhawan 34*, U Yadav 0* - Lead by 46

Hazlewood to the new batsman Umesh Yadav.

Ooh, that one darted in at Yadav but he kept it out well. Hazlewood will be licking his lips.

Over bowled, Hazlewood breaks through and Australian smiles return.


There's that extra bounce again! Pujara prods at one that was rising at his gloves and spoons it straight to Lyon in the gully. That's a big wicket as that long Indian tail is now very exposed. Hazlewood grabs the important breakthrough and Australia are in a commanding position now.

IND 6/143 - S Dhawan 34*, C Pujara 43* - Lead by 46

The umpires aren't at all happy with the break between the overs as Indian support players run out gloves and drinks and all sorts. Ian Gould is telling them off like a cranky school teacher.

Josh Hazlewood will bowl now.

Dhawan picks up a single to get off strike.

IND 6/142 - S Dhawan 33*, C Pujara 43* - Lead by 45

Lyon to Dhawan.

Haddin appeals for a ball that seemed to hit the middle of Dhawan's bat. Keepers.

Dhawan grabs a single to short third man.

Pujara pulls hard away to deep square leg for just one more.

Lyon misses his length again and Dhawan takes another single to the covers.

Over bowled, three from it.

IND 6/139 - S Dhawan 31*, C Pujara 42* - Lead by 42

Johnson to Dhawan.

FOUR WIDES! Not that is a serious bouncer! That has absolutely taken off and Haddin didn't have a prayer. Maybe it took a crack? Add five to the total.

Dhawan clips to the on-side and takes two more. Every run essential now.

Dhawan prods smartly into the covers for a single.

Excellent running that time, just like this pair did last night. A drop and run single onto the off-side.

And another single for Dhawan. This pair looking far more comfortable.

There's the over bowled, a better one for India.

IND 6/129 - S Dhawan 27*, C Pujara 41* - Lead by 32

Here's Lyon to Pujara.

BEATEN! Almost identical to his dismissal in Adelaide, Pujara prods at one that didn't turn much and nearly got a nick.

A stifled appeal as Pujara is struck on the pad, but it spun far too much.

LOVELY SHOT! Pujara leaned back and guided it down to third man. Excellent shot to end the over.

Brisbane Test: Day 4 in pictures

IND 6/125 - S Dhawan 27*, C Pujara 37* - Lead by 28

Here he is. Mitchell Johnson returns to rapturous applause.

Johnson around the wicket... Gets a thick outside edge from Pujara there. Chopped away for a single.

BEATEN! Dhawan has a lash at a cut shot and misses out! Johnson briefly thought there was a nick, but nothing there.

EDGED BUT SAFE! Same shot, this time it did get a nick! But somehow it has died off the bat and fallen well short of Haddin.

Dhawan sees out the rest of the over. No he doesn't, there's one to come.

Okay, now it's the over.

IND 6/124 - S Dhawan 27*, C Pujara 36* - Lead by 27

Nathan Lyon will bowl for the first time in this innings.

Pujara gets himself off strike with a pull shot. Didn't get much of it, just a single.

A nice tidy over from Lyon to start.

IND 6/123 - S Dhawan 27*, C Pujara 35* - Lead by 26

Starc to Dhawan.

A comfortable single around the corner to get him off strike.

FOUR! A clever shot from Pujara, rocking back and deflecting that one away through the gully and to the rope. Smart batting.

Another single for Pujara to fine leg.

IND 6/117 - S Dhawan 26*, C Pujara 30* - Lead by 20

Watson to Pujara.

He is still finding some outswing, and is hitting good areas. His accuracy at one end has played a massive part in the wickets tumbling at the other.

And that's the over bowled, another maiden.

IND 6/117 - S Dhawan 26*, C Pujara 30* - Lead by 20

Shikhar Dhawan is out to bat now, brave stuff from him. He's going to cop some short stuff at that arm, but this is impressive stuff from the opener.

And that's the over bowled, another good one for Australia.


Ashwin isn't happy (shock horror) but he has to go! Starc went straight through him and there was a noise... but it wasn't bat! Straight off the thigh pad I think, Ashwin might have been unlucky there. If only there was some way to reverse incorrect decisions... Anyway, there's a sixth wicket down. Australia still marching ahead.

Latest pics from Day 4

IND 5/117 - R Ashwin 19*, C Pujara 30* - Lead by 20

Here's Starc to Ashwin.

MISSED! Ashwin has a flash at a pull shot but he couldn't reach it really. Quite a high bouncer from Starc.

A nice shot from Ashwin gets him two more.

IND 5/115 - R Ashwin 17*, C Pujara 30* - Lead by 18

Shane Watson is back into the attack to bowl to Ashwin.

Ashwin punches through the covers off the back foot and takes three more.

BEATEN! A beauty from Watson, just past the outside edge of Pujara's bat. He's been good again this morning.

Two more for Pujara thanks to a clever leg glance, and that's the over bowled.

IND 5/106 - R Ashwin 14*, C Pujara 24* - Lead by 9

Starc to bowl to Pujara.

FOUR! That's a full toss and helped on its way to the backward point fence. Nice shot, poor ball.

IND 5/102 - R Ashwin 14*, C Pujara 20* - Lead by 5

Hazlewood to Ashwin.

A nice drive down the ground picks him up two more. Scores are level.

Hazlewood now around the wicket to Ashwin.

They are probing at his rib cage with some catchers on the on-side, but no luck for the bowlers yet.

FOUR! Lovely shot from Ashwin, a delightful cover drive that has given India the lead. Plus a no-ball.

IND 5/95 - R Ashwin 8*, C Pujara 20* - Trail by 2

The new bowler is Mitchell Starc. Can he mimic Johnson's heroics?

BEATEN! Straight through him. Starc hoops that one in and it goes between bat and pan and nearly bowls him. Ashwin has to tighten up.

The word is Dhawan is padded up and will bat. As he has to, really.

Ashwin clips one away for a single to end the over.

IND 5/94 - R Ashwin 7*, C Pujara 20* - Trail by 3

Hazlewood to Ashwin.

BEATEN! He didn't need to play at that, but Ashwin has had a nibble outside the off-stump. Almost a little tickle.

He's pulled his head in a little now and is letting a few go.

EDGED FOR FOUR! Nope, he's still playing his shots! He has skewed this one away past gully and to the fence. Ashwin is still having a crack.

And then a single to square-leg ends the over.

Latest match pictures

IND 5/89 - R Ashwin 2*, C Pujara 20* - Trail by 8

Johnson to Pujara, who has had to watch the chaos from the non-striker's end.

This is the sort of spell we've become accustomed to from Johnson. Super quick, right on the money and the bounce has been the difference.

Pujara is nice and watchful here.

Johnson around the wicket now to Pujara.

Pujara gets through a maiden. A deep breath for India.

IND 5/89 - R Ashwin 2*, C Pujara 20* - Trail by 8

Goodness me, this is bedlam.

Ravi Ashwin is the new batsman.

He's off the mark with just two through mid-wicket. A brief reprieve.

OOH! A very sharp bouncer there from Hazlewood brushes past Ashwin's nose. Another great over for Australia.


Can you believe this? India is collapsing horrifically! Dhoni tried to walk down the pitch at Hazlewood but has ended up caught plumb in front and the debutant has another for the match. India have now lost 4 for 9 in 19 balls and the match is almost out of their grasp.

IND 4/87 - MS Dhoni 0*, C Pujara 20* - Trail by 10

Josh Hazlewood into the attack now to bowl to Pujara.

A single to fine leg straight away.

IND 4/86 - MS Dhoni 0*, C Pujara 19* - Trail by 11

Right, MS Dhoni is the new man. Can he stop Johnson?

He leaves the first one alone. What an over from Mitchell Johnson! He is back in a big way!


Johnson's heel is again only the slightest bit behind the crease, so Sharma has to go! Sharma, the man who thought it would be a good idea to throw some chat at Johnson when he was batting yesterday, is looking foolish now. A beautiful, rising length ball from Johnson took the outside edge and Haddin took an easy catch. Johnson has turned this match on its head.

IND 3/86 - R Sharma 0*, C Pujara 19* - Trail by 11

Johnson is finally up and about here in Brisbane. The vocal Rohit Sharma is the new man.


They are checking the no-ball.... It's really tight... But it's out! So close to a no-ball, but Rahane has to go. It was an outstanding ball though, reminiscent of Johnson from last summer. Short, fast and flying off the pitch, it took the shoulder of Rahane's bat and went spooning away to Lyon in the gully. Excellent bowling, Johnson is on fire. India must be worried now.

Match pictures

IND 2/86 - A Rahane 10*, C Pujara 19* - Trail by 11

Johnson to Rahane.

FOUR MORE! Rahane leans on a full ball and watches it race to the cover fence. That's better batting, he picked the right ball that time.

The next ball really should have been a wide. Johnson has sprayed that, but it's just a dot ball.

IND 2/82 - A Rahane 6*, C Pujara 19* - Trail by 15

Watson to Pujara.

Pujara edges away to gully where Lyon makes an acrobatic stop.

BEATEN! Now Watson is going past the edge! Watson is just wobbling that ball around and he so very nearly picked another one up there.

Watson is doing Harris's job at the moment, a very smart bit of captaincy to open the bowling with him. Watson will keep things tight and Johnson can tear away with a bit more reckless abandon at the other end.

A good over from Watson is completed.

IND 2/82 - A Rahane 6*, C Pujara 19* - Trail by 15

Johnson continues his over to the new batsman Ajinkya Rahane.

Rahane is off the mark with two through the covers.

BEATEN! Johnson has his tail up now! Rahane flashed at one outside off-stump and got nothing on it. Things are happening now!

LUCKY FOUR! Oh boy, Rahane looks nervy! He's tried to pull that one away and gotten a big top edge on it. It has sailed away to the boundary rather fortuitously.


A huge wicket for Australia, and it's Mitchell Johnson who has made the difference! Kohli has chopped that one on, pushing a little too hard at a ball just around the off-stump. Kohli doesn't want to go, but he is going to have to. He is out for 1 and Australia have made a good start.

IND 1/76 - V Kohli 1*, C Pujara 19* - Trail by 20

Watson again to Kohli.

By the sounds of things, Dhawan's knock isn't too bad. He may be able to bat later on if required, but I guess we will have to wait and see.

MISSED! Kohli tries to pull a short ball that was well outside the off-stump. A poor shot.

Kohli is off the mark with a single to mid-wicket.

Watson ends the over with another bouncer, but Pujara deals with it comfortably.

Latest match pictures

IND 1/75 - V Kohli 0*, C Pujara 19* - Trail by 21

It will be Mitchell Johnson from the other end to bowl to Pujara.

I think we will have to wait and see how bad Dhawan's injury is, and if he will be able to bat later in the day. Doesn't sound great for now though.

Johnson's first ball is left alone.

FOUR RUNS! A good short ball from Johnson caused Pujara to try and jump out of the way, but he got a bit of glove on it. That could have gone anywhere, but it went for four.

There's the over bowled, Johnson starting to warm up.

IND 1/71 - V Kohli 0*, C Pujara 15* - Trail by 26

Right, the players are back on the field and Pujara is taking centre which means we are almost ready to roll again.

WAIT! HOLD THE PHONE! Dhawan is not out there! Virat Kohli is taking strike right now to face Shane Watson! As soon as we know what's going on there we will let you know.

Watson has started tightly against Kohli, three dot balls to start the day.

The word is Dhawan was struck on the arm in the nets and is unable to continue. Big news!

There's a maiden over to start the day, Kohli gets through his first over.

Pitch and weather

The good news for the players is that it shouldn't be as hot over the weekend as the first three days have been, which hopefully will mean we won't have to stop every five minutes for a drinks break. The heat has also meant that the pitch is just starting to break up a little, which may offer the bowlers some much-needed help. This tweet from Quentin Hull gives you an idea of the state of the wicket.

State of play

It's anyone's game! India took early wickets on day three, and looked likely to burst away with the match only for Australia's bowlers to pile on late runs and seemingly take the game away. A few late wickets last night for Australia may have done just that, but India consolidated to reach 1 for 71, only 26 behind Australia, leaving the match pretty much dead even.

Australia v India: Day Four at the Gabba

Good morning and welcome back once again to this see-sawing Test match in Brisbane. We are three days into this one now and both teams have enjoyed good sessions and bad sessions, but as it stands we are no closer to knowing who will take the match out. I'm Dean Bilton and I'm back in the chair, ready as ever to guide you through the action on day four.

Keep on sending in your comments and I'll keep bringing you every run, wicket and drinks break from this engrossing match. So get comfortable and enjoy the day, I'm sure it will be just as exciting as the last three have been.

Day 4 in pictures

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