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Blog: Australia vs India, Day 4, Sydney Test

ABC News logo ABC News 09-01-2015 Jon Healy

In pictures: Sydney Test, Day 4

12:30 PM THAT'S STUMPS! AUS 6-251 (Harris 0*, Haddin 31*) - leads by 348

The rain has arrived with one over left and the teams go off the field, with Australia 348 runs ahead after putting on 251 runs in 40 overs.

Brilliant work by Joe Burns (66 off 39 balls) to give Australia a big enough lead to set up a probable overnight declaration.

Steve Smith (71 off 70 balls) also deserves all the plaudits he receives for another brilliant innings on a day on which he became the greatest Australian run-scorer in a series against India. Congratulations also to Chris Rogers (56) on his sixth consecutive half-century.

India would have been thrilled with the start, dismissing David Warner (4) before tea, and adding Shane Watson's (16) scalp after the break.

But Australia proceeded to take the bowlers apart, setting up a near impossible chase should Smith declare overnight, as he is expected to do.

Ravi Ashwin deserves credit for opening the bowling very capably, but he did cop an absolute pasting after his opening spell.

IND bowling

Ashwin: 4-105 off 19 overs

Kumar: 1-46 off 8 overs

Shami: 1-33 off 6 overs

Yadav: 0-45 off 3 overs

Raina: 0-18 off 4 overs

12:18 PMBURNS IS GONE FOR 66!! c Yadav b Ashwin. AUS 6-251

He goes for another slog sweep but top edges and it sails to Yadav at backward square.

That was a spectacular innings. Now Ryan Harris strides out.

In pictures: Sydney Test, Day 4

12:17 PMAUS 5-251 (Burns 66, Haddin 31) - leads by 348 runs

Ashwin replaces Raina.

SIX! Burns smashes another six over mid-wicket.

He whips a single behind point, batting from outside leg.

Haddin edges in the same area for one more run.

12:15 PMAUS 5-243 (Burns 59, Haddin 30) - leads by 340 runs

FOUR MORE! Burns belts it straight back over Yadav's head and it bounces over the rope.

AND ANOTHER! He hooks a short ball, and it sails between the boundary riders for four more runs.

Burns farms the strike with a single off Yadav's last ball.

12:13 PMFIFTY FOR BURNS!! 33 balls (6 x 4s, 2 x 6s)

He whips off his pads and gets four more to fine leg to bring up his second 50 for the game.

12:11 PMAUS 5-230 (Burns 46, Haddin 30) - leads by 327 runs

Yadav will continue. He's gone for 27 from two overs.

Haddin works a single through gully.

FOUR!! Burns guides a late cut past the slips and gets four.

12:09 PMAUS 5-225 (Burns 42, Haddin 29) - leads by 322 runs

Raina replaces Ashwin.

There's two leg byes taken around the corner.

And Burns gets a single.

SIX!! Haddin belts over mid-wicket and Sharma can't track it down on the rope.

He gets a quick single to cover.

12:05 PMAUS 5-215 (Burns 41, Haddin 22) - leads by 311 runs

Five overs left. Umesh Yadav will bowl to Haddin.

FOUR!! Yadav pitches short and wide and Haddin cuts hard for four.

AND ANOTHER! He checks his next cut shot, but it races out of the middle and to the boundary for four more.

They take a single on an overthrow from mid-wicket.

Burns gets one of his own to end the over and will keep the strike to Ashwin.

12:01 PMAUS 5-205 (Burns 40, Haddin 13) - leads by 302 runs

Ashwin continues to Burns, who turns a single off his pads to Kohli at mid-wicket.

There's an LBW shout as Haddin sweeps, but he was outside the line.

Haddin gives the strike back to Burns.

SIX! And Burns goes big against with a monstrous slog sweep over mid-on.

11:58 AMAUS 5-197 (Burns 33, Haddin 12) - leads by 294 runs

Shami beats Haddin outside off yet again.

SIX!! He finally opens up the shoulders and hammers a big one over the mid-on boundary.

He tries again, but this one is edgier and flies over cover for just two runs.

He flashes outside off but misses everything with his next effort.

And he gets two more to the mid-wicket boundary rider.

He guides the last ball of the over on the bounce to gully.

That's 25 runs off the last two overs.

11:54 AMAUS 5-187 (Burns 33, Haddin 2) - leads by 284 runs

Haddin gets another single behind square leg with a whip off his pads.

FOUR!! Burns plays a big slog sweep over mid-wicket and it gets over the rope in one bounce.

AND ANOTHER!! He goes again, this time over mid-off.

BIG SIX!! Burns dances down the wicket and absolutely clobbers one wid of mid-on for six.

11:51 AMAUS 5-172 (Burns 19, Haddin 1) - leads by 269 runs

Shami will bowl.

Haddin takes a wild swing at a wide ball but can't get to it.

The next ball is just outside off stump and stays low. Haddin's beaten all ends up.

Three straight swings for three straight misses. This time he tries a wristy whip through cover but is beaten again.

He finally gets bat to ball, and it's edged to gully.

Haddin gets off the mark with a push to mid-on.

In pictures: Sydney Test, Day 4

11:46 AMAUS 5-171 (Burns 19, Haddin 0) - leads by 268 runs

FOUR! Ashwin bowls to Burns, who charges and whips a four through mid-on.

Burns looks to defend but gets an inside edge and picks up two on the French cut.

11:43 AMSMITH'S GONE FOR 71!! LBW Shami. AUS 5-165 (Burns 13*)

Shami launches a yorker in and Smith's plumb LBW. He was trying to whip off his pads as he's done so well all series but was beaten for pace.

HotSpot suggests there was a feathered inside edge.

Brad Haddin is in.

11:41 AMAUS 4-165 (Burns 123 Smith 71) - leads by 262 runs

Mohammed Shami replaces Kumar.

Smith tries to heave him over the leg side, but his inside edge dribbles to mid-on.

He backs away to give himself room to hit over off, but he's gone too far and reprimands himself for doing so.

Smith pushes a single to cover.

Burns gets a single with a bottom edged pull shot to mid-wicket.

11:37 AMAUS 4-163 (Burns 12, Smith 70) - leads by 260 runs

WHACK! Smith backs away and clobbers to the point boundary for four. That was almost identical to the ball that dismissed Watson. Stayed very low.

He gets a single past slip as a ball rears up at him.

Burns turns a single to square leg after surviving a pretty good shout for LBW.

Smith looks to turn the last ball of the over off his hip but he doesn't get anything on it. He runs a bye.

11:31 AMAUS 4-147 (Burns 5, Smith 62) - leads by 244 runs

Smith dances at Ashwin and defends.

Smith works to mid-wicket, Kohli cuts it off, but he's fallen awkwardly and gets up very gingerly holding his hip.

Burns takes the strike as Smith works behind square.

11:28 AMAUS 4-146 (Burns 5, Smith 61) - leads by 243 runs

Smith coolly pushes Kumar to mid-on for another single.

EDGED! Burns plays back and edged to Rahane at gully. It wasn't quite a legitimate chance. Bounced just in front of him.

Burns gets a single to mid-on.

Smith follows suit, getting one run to mid-off.

11:24 AMAUS 4-143 (Burns 4, Smith 59) - leads by 240 runs

FOUR! Burns waits on one and late cuts to third man for four.

He smothers a defensive shot to end the over.

11:23 AMMARSH IS GONE FOR 1!! c Vijay b Ashwin. AUS 4-139 (Smith 59*)

He prods at a defensive shot but is beaten by the turn and gets an edge to Vijay at slip.

That's very similar to Warner's dismissal, but at least Marsh got a good stride in.

Joe Burns is the next man in.

11:20 AMAUS 3-139 (Marsh 1, Smith 59) - leads by 236 runs

Smith gets one to mid-on.

11:18 AMAUS 3-138 (Marsh 1, Smith 58) - leads by 235 runs

Kumar bowls and Smith gets a single off his hip through mid-wicket.

FOUR!! Smith hammers over mid-on, Kohli chases it back, puts in a great dive, can't reach it and makes an absolute meal of trying to stop it with his foot.

He turns another single off his thigh.

Marsh drives hard and straight but it's cut off by the bowler.

In pictures: Sydney Test, Day 4

11:15 AMAUS 3-133 (Marsh 1, Smith 53) - leads by 230 runs

He adds another single to mid-on to end the over.

11:13 AMFIFTY FOR SMITH!! 44 balls (6 x 4s, 1 x 6)

He brings it up with a reverse slap over leg slip that races away for four more.

11:12 AMAUS 3-128 (Marsh 1, Smith 48) - leads by 225 runs

Ashwin bowls to Smith, who dances down the wicket and gets one to mid-on.

Marsh adds a single off his hip.

11:11 AMROGERS IS GONE FOR 56! c Raina b Kumar. AUS 3-126 (Smith 47*)

He wanted a piece off Kumar, pulled hard at a short ball, but picked out Suresh Raina on the boundary.

Good innings from Rogers but that ball wasn't short enough to pull.

Shaun Marsh is in the middle

11:09 AMAUS 2-126 (Rogers 56, Smith 47) - leads by 223 runs

Rogers swings hard and takes two as he gets a healthy inside edge to run behind square leg.

He adds two more behind point.

11:08 AMFIFTY FOR ROGERS!! 72 balls (7 x 4s)

He hammers a four through cover to bring up yet another half-century. That's six in a row.

11:05 AMAUS 2-118 (Rogers 48, Smith 47) - leads by 215 runs

The lights have come on as the clouds come across.

Kumar will continue.

11:02 AMAUS 2-118 (Rogers 48, Smith 47) - leads by 215 runs

Smith keeps Ashwin out to start the over.

He tries to sweep the next ball and it pops over the keeper for two runs.

SIX!! He charges and hits six over cover.

He tries a reverse sweep and misses everything on the next ball.

The last ball of the over goes straight on and Smith pushes at it but is beaten for pace.

Very interesting over. And that's drinks.

10:58 AMAUS 2-110 (Rogers 48, Smith 39) - leads by 207 runs

Bhuvneshwar Kumar replaces Raina at the Paddington end.

Smith tries to hammer back over the bowler's head but he doesn't get all of it and takes two as mid-off runs back.

Smith opens the face on one and runs it through the slips for two more.

Kumar bowls wide and Smith cuts for a single.

Rogers plays a nice off drive and mid-off cuts it off. That was a good shot that deserved runs.

10:54 AMAUS 2-105 (Rogers 48, Smith 34) - leads by 202 runs

Rogers dances down the pitch and whips through mid-wicket for three runs.

Smith adds another single, easily turning to the leg side.

In pictures: Sydney Test, Day 4

10:52 AMAUS 2-101 (Rogers 45, Smith 33) - leads by 198 runs

Smith gets off strike with a single to mid-on

Rogers gets too off Raina with a paddle sweep around the corner.

And adds a single with a hideous slog that goes to mid-off.

They trade singles to end the over.

10:49 AMAUS 2-95 (Rogers 41, Smith 31) - leads by 192 runs

Ashwin continues to Rogers and he defends watchfully.

Rogers pushes behind point and Smith's backing up well enough to take the single.

BIG EDGE. Smith charges and swings hard but gets the inside edge and takes a single to square leg.

LBW SHOUT! Rogers plays back and wears one on the thigh. The Indians are adamant it's out, but Umpire Dharmasena is having none of it. Looked too high.

Spectacularly good carom ball.

10:45 AMAUS 2-93 (Rogers 40, Smith 30) - leads by 190 runs

Raina continues to Rogers, who's looked very uncomfortable against the spin.

Rogers turns too square for mid-wicket and gets a single. Rogers cleans up Raina as he runs and Raina helps him up.

Smith plays a smart paddle sweep for another single.

Rogers adds one of his own with a push wide of point.

10:42 AMAUS 2-90 (Rogers 38, Smith 29) - leads by 187 runs

Rogers will face Ashwin. Nervous times.

Rogers cuts a shorter ball but straight to the fielder.

He puts one on a length and beats the outside edge again.

Now Rogers cuts behind point and Smith gets down for a quick single.

Smith backs away and pushes through gully for two more runs to end the over.

10:38 AMAUS 2-87 (Rogers 37, Smith 27) - leads by 184 runs

Suresh Raina bowls to Rogers.

And he's beaten straight away.

India goes up for LBW but Rogers has hit the cover off it as he looked to defend on the back foot.

Rogers gets away from the strike with a single off the back foot to point.

And Smith defends to end the over.

10:35 AMAUS 2-86 (Rogers 36, Smith 27) - leads by 183 runs

Ashwin continues and finds Rogers' edge again.

Rogers pushes at another one but he's beaten again and they steal a quick bye.

Smith gets down the wicket and pads away the last ball of the over.

10:33 AMAUS 2-85 (Rogers 36, Smith 27) - leads by 182 runs

Umesh Yadav is into the attack.

FOUR MORE RUNS. Yadav starts on Smith thigh and he turns it fine to the boundary.

AND AGAIN! Smith gets some width and hammers a cut shot behind point for four. And it's a no ball.

BOOM!! Yadav goes back of a length and Smith hammers him for another boundary through mid-wicket.

AND ANOTHER! Yadav decides to try a bouncer and Smith hooks for another well struck four.

Steven, this is getting silly.

17 from that over.

10:27 AMAUS 2-68 (Rogers 36, Smith 11) - leads by 165 runs

BEATEN! Rogers tries to defend Ashwin and it goes by the outside edge.

He tries to turn the next down leg but can't get any but on it. Leg gully has been put in place to prevent him sweeping for easy runs.

Rogers defends edgily to end the over. That was a bad one for Buck.

10:24 AMAUS 2-68 (Rogers 36, Smith 11) - leads by 165 runs

Shami will bowl to Smith.

CRACK!! Shami pitches short and Smith absolutely hammers a front-foot pull shot for four.

He adds two more off his pads. He's back into a defensive mindset for the next three balls.

Smith tries to drive the last ball but it's stopped well at mid-on.

10:19 AMAUS 2-62 (Rogers 36, Smith 5) - leads by 159 runs

Ashwin continues to Rogers. And he pulls out a nice paddle sweep for three. He almost got out playing a similar shot to start against Ashwin but now there's no-one behind square, so it's pretty safe.

Smith pushes a single to mid-on.

Rogers gets on to the back foot and punches through mid-wicket off his hip. They get a well-run two.

He tries to do the same again but gets an edge to point. He wants a single but is sent back, wisely, by his skipper.

In pictures: Sydney Test, Day 4

10:16 AMAUS 2-56 (Rogers 31, Smith 4) - leads by 153 runs

Shami continues to Rogers. He starts with a no ball and Rogers pushes it to mid-on.

WHACK! Shami bowls very wide Rogers absolutely crunches a square drive for four.

He picks up another single off his pads.

Smith adds two more with another whip off his pads as Shami angles in at the stumps.

10:10 AMAUS 2-48 (Rogers 26, Smith 2) - leads by 145 runs

Smith defends the first ball and whips the second off his pads very nicely for two runs.

Smith ends the over getting a good stride in to cover the uneven bounce in defence.

10:09 AMWATSON'S GONE FOR 16!! b Ashwin. AUS 2-46 (Rogers 26*)

He backs away to give himself room but it cramps him and he chops on. He wanted to get on with things but he should have just played that straight rather than backing away.

Now Steve Smith comes to the crease. This is a more daunting prospect for Ashwin.

10:07 AM AUS 1-46 (Rogers 26, Watson 16) - leads by 143 runs

Ashwin bowls to Watson, who turns off his pads for two behind square.

10:06 AMAUS 1-44 (Rogers 26, Watson 14) - leads by 141 runs

Mohammed Shami will bowl to Rogers.

BANG! He pitches short and Rogers calmly pulls off his hip and it races through mid-wicket for four.

CHANCE! Rogers pushes to backward point and there's a mix-up. Rogers doesn't know whether to run, Watson's already gone. Luckily for Australia, Rohit Sharma's throw was off target and there was no-one behind the stumps.

Watson gets an easier single as Kohli stops but can't handle a powerful off drive.

The last ball of the over skids across Rogers and he can't touch it.

9:42 AM THAT'S TEA. AUS 1-38 (Rogers 21*, Watson 13*)

India will be thrilled with those six overs - losing David Warner (4) is a monstrous blow for Australia.

Well done to Virat Kohli for throwing caution to the wind and using Ravi Ashwin as an opening bowler. And well done to Ashwin for using that turn and bounce to dismiss Warner.

India will, however, be furious about missing a blatant run-out chance, in remarkably similar circumstances to the opportunity missed by Australia yesterday.

Rogers and Watson signalled Australia's intent to attack. Both of them are scoring at better than a run a ball and looking solid while doing it.

IND bowling

Ashwin: 1-21 off 3 overs

Kumar: 0-17 off 3 overs

9:39 AMAUS 1-38 (Rogers 21, Watson 13) - leads by 135 runs

Ashwin continues to Watson.

FOUR! Watson charges and gets another boundary to square leg. He didn't get that in the middle. Might have been the carom ball.

He pulls the next ball very hard but straight to the man in the deep for one.

Rogers turns off his thigh and takes a quick single as mid-wicket tracks it down at square leg.

Watson gets back and defends. One more ball before tea.

Watson blocks it.

9:36 AMAUS 1-32 (Rogers 20, Watson 8) - leads by 129 runs

FOUR!! Rogers uses the pace of the ball and eases it down to the boundary past the slips.

Kumar comes around the wicket to Rogers.

FOUR MORE! Kumar angles down leg and Rogers just whips very fine off his pads.

9:33 AMAUS 1-24 (Rogers 12, Watson 8) - leads by 121 runs

Ashwin gets one to rise and turn on Rogers and he bunts it down.

FOUR! Rogers gets inside the next ball and drives well to the boundary through point.

AND ANOTHER!! Ashwin drags one shorter and Rogers gets back and cuts to the third-man boundary for four.

Now he takes a single through mid-wicket.

BANG! Watson slog sweeps and it rockets to square leg for four more runs. He didn't get all of that.

CHANCE!! Watson watches one go past leg and sets off for a run as Raina fakes a throw. Vijay tracks it down and throws to Saha, but it's too low and Saha can't handle. Watson was gone for all money.

9:28 AMAUS 1-11 (Rogers 3, Watson 4) - leads by 108 runs

Rogers works Kumar off his pads and gets a single behind square.

FOUR! Watson takes a swipe outside off and top edges over gully for his first runs and the first boundary of the innings.

In pictures: Sydney Test, Day 4

9:24 AMAUS 1-6 (Rogers 2, Watson 0) - leads by 103 runs

Watson defends his first two from Ashwin comfortably.

The third, however jags back at him and he just keeps it out.

9:21 AMWARNER'S GONE FOR 4!!! c Vijay b Ashwin. AUS 1-6 (Rogers 2*)

The off-spinner has picked up a massive wicket with the new ball.

Warner and Rogers have both looked out of their comfort zone playing Ashwin and Warner is the man who falls.

He tried to get forward but was stuck defending on the crease and edges to Murali Vijay at first slip.

Shane Watson is out in the middle.

9:17 AMAUS 0-6 (Rogers 2, Warner 4) - leads by 103 runs

Ravi Ashwin is going to bowl the second over. Interesting call by Virat Kohli.

Warner looks to attack and gets a bit surprised as the new ball skids on a touch. He gets a quick single to point.

Rogers gets caught in an awkward position as he tries to play a sweep. Gets a single to leg slip.

9:14 AMAUS 0-4 (Rogers 1, Warner 3) - leads by 101 runs

Kumar will open the bowling.

Rogers defends to start then gets the first runs of the innings with a single off his hip.

Warner whips off his pads and gets two runs to start his innings.

He gets off strike with a single off his hip. His aggression will be key in this innings.

Rogers defends the last ball of the over. That just stayed down a bit.


Australia finally ends the resistance of this much-improved Indian tail and will start its innings with a 97-run lead.

That was an irritating session for Australia as Ravi Ashwin (50) and Bhuvneshwar Kumar (30) hung around for a while before Mohammed Shami (16*) landed some lusty blows late.

None of the Aussie bowlers will be too angry with their efforts but the pitch is quite batsman-friendly. Mitchell Starc will be particularly pleased with his last volley as he bowled some spectacular deliveries.

AUS bowling

Starc: 3-106 off 32 overs

Harris: 2-96 off 31 overs

Lyon: 2-123 off 46 overs

Watson: 2-58 off 20 overs

Hazlewood: 1-64 off 29 overs

Smith: 0-17 off 4 overs


He tries another slog but skies it and Haddin takes the catch.

9:04 AMIND 9-475 (Yadav 4, Shami 16) - trails by 97

Ryan Harris replaces Lyon.

Shami takes a big heave, trying take it from outside off to cow corner, but he can't get anything on it.

He goes for another big swing and gets a high top edge over cover. Three men converge on it, but it falls between them all.

FOUR! Yadav goes hard at Harris and tonks a boundary to past mid-on.

The new ball's been taken for the last two balls of Haris' over.

9:00 AMIND 9-470 (Yadav 0, Shami 15) - trails by 102

Starc bowls to Yadav, and he continues with these unplayable deliveries from around the wicket to the right-hander.

The third new ball is available, but Starc's got it going reverse so I don't think it will be taken.

Starc gets another to swing just past Yadav's edge. He needs to york him here. Get the ball on off stump.

He angles in at the stumps quickly and Yadav keeps it out ... just.

Yadav watches the final ball go by outside off stump, and Shami will face the next over.

8:56 AMIND 9-470 (Yadav 0, Shami 15) - trails by 102

BANG!! Shami gets down the wicket to Lyon and hammers a four to long-on.

SIX!! He goes down the pitch again but this one's even bigger. Six runs to cow corner.

FOUR MORE!! He swings hard and it bounces just in front of the square leg boundary. This is the epitome of reckless abandon.

The final ball of the over elicits a big shout as it rears up at Shami and he tries to get out of the way. Haddin takes the ball and the Aussies think he's gotten something on it. Umpire Kettleborough says no.

8:52 AMASHWIN'S GONE FOR 50!! c Haddin b Starc. IND 9-456 (Shami 1*)

Starc continues a great over and Ashwin gets a feather through to Haddin.

Shami missed two identical deliveries just a few balls ago but Ashwin is good enough to get something on it. Very nice innings by the all-rounder.

Umesh Yadav is out in the middle.

In pictures: Sydney Test, Day 4

8:48 AMIND 8-456 (Ashwin 50, Shami 1) - trails by 116

Great bowling. Starc darts two absolutely unplayable balls away from Shami from around the wicket for a couple of plays and misses.

Shami gets squared up but steals a single as the ball squirts through cover.

8:46 AMFIFTY FOR ASHWIN! 110 balls (6 x 4s) IND 8-455

He pushes the ball to gully and Lyon's fumble allows him to pick up a single to reach his fourth Test 50.

8:45 AMIND 8-454 (Ashwin 49, Shami 0) - trails by 118

Starc will continue to Ashwin after the break.

The first ball is driven gently straight to Marsh at catching cover. Ashwin remains on 49.

8:42 AMIND 8-454 (Ashwin 49, Shami 0) - trails by 118

Lyon bowls to Ashwin.

He turns one more off his hip as Lyon is coming around the wicket.

Shami defends the rest of the over and survives to drinks.

8:39 AMIND 8-453 (Ashwin 48, Shami 0) - trails by 119

Mitchell Starc replaces Hazlewood. Good call in my opinion.

Ashwin turns off his hip and it bounces down to the boundary, but Hazlewood zooms around to keep it to two runs. Great sliding stop on the rope.

He pushes a single to deep point.

Play and miss! Starc seams one across and away from Shami who gets tangled up trying to defend.

And again! Starc must like the look of bowling to Shami.

8:35 AMIND 8-450 (Ashwin 45, Shami 0) - trails by 122

Lyon continues to Ashwin, who's played him very well.

Ashwin pushes one through cover but doesn't take the single on offer.

He turns to the leg side and Lyon will get a look at Shami as Ashwin takes the single.

Shami smothers the last ball of the over with a defensive stroke.

8:32 AMIND 8-449 (Ashwin 44, Shami 0) - trails by 123

Hazlewood continues and Ashwin defends.

He gets one run closer to a half-century with an edgy drive through point.

Play and miss as Shami prods aimlessly at a ball outside off. David Warner and Chris Rogers might want to start limbering up.

Hazlewood gets his last ball to swing in and Shami drives hard, but straight to cover to end the over.

8:28 AMIND 8-448 (Ashwin 43, Shami 0) - trails by 124

Shami defends Lyon's next ball.

He just barely keeps out the next one, playing very late.

He survives the end of the over, and that' s a wicket-maiden.

8:26 AMKUMAR'S GONE FOR 30!! c Watson b Lyon. IND 8-448 (Ashwin 43*)

The replays weren't exactly conclusive, but it's been given. That's a bit of a surprise.

No angle really showed a definite answer and even Lyon looked a little shocked. I'm on the fence but probably leaning just towards the side of that being the right call.

But I change my mind with every replay I watch.

Mohammed Shami is out in the middle.

In pictures: Sydney Test, Day 4

8:23 AMIND 7-448 (Ashwin 43, Kumar 30) - trails by 124

Lyon bowls to Kumar.

He bowls full and it's chopped at by Kumar. Watson takes it at first slip and Australia appeals.

Umpire Kettleborough goes upstairs to see if it was a catch or a bump ball. The replays are very close.

8:19 AMIND 7-448 (Ashwin 43, Kumar 30) - trails by 124

Hazlewood bowls to Ashwin and he takes a big swing outside off, but no contact.

Ashwin gives Kumar the strike with a single.

Now Kumar takes two off his hip as Hazlewood goes down the leg side again.

He keeps the strike with another run off his pads. There's not a lot in this bowling from Hazlewood.

8:15 AMIND 7-444 (Ashwin 42, Kumar 23) - trails by 128

Lyon continues and Ashwin takes a single to Warner at square leg.

EDGE! Lyon gets one almost through Kumar's gate but his edge takes the ball just past leg stump. That must have missed by two inches at most.

One run from the over.

8:12 AMIND 7-443 (Ashwin 41, Kumar 23) - trails by 129

Josh Hazlewood comes in to the attack from the Paddington end.

Ashwin guides a ball past gully and picks up a single.

Kumar bats out the rest of the over comfortably.

Smith needs to try something different. Ashwin and Kumar are handling Australia's tired quicks too easily.

8:08 AMIND 7-442 (Ashwin 44, Kumar 23) - trails by 130

Nathan Lyon replaces Watson and will bowl to Ashwin.

He gets one to spin hard out of the rough and it flashes past Ashwin's hip for three runs as Starc cuts it off.

FOUR!! Ashwin clobbers Lyon through square leg with a shot halfway between a sweep and a pull shot.

8:04 AMIND 7-435 (Ashwin 40, Kumar 23) - trails by 137

Harris will continues with two slips in place for Ashwin.

Ashwin takes an easy single to cover.

BANG!! Harris bowls too short and too wide and Kumar cuts powerfully past point and to the boundary.

AND AGAIN! Harris comes around the wicket, and he's sliced behind point for four more runs.

7:59 AMIND 7-426 (Ashwin 39, Kumar 15) - trails by 146

BANG! Watson bowls to Kumar and he's dispatched for four runs past gully.

Now he gets back on to the pads for a couple of dot balls.

Watson's getting a few to shape in to Kumar, but he's handling them pretty well.

7:55 AMIND 7-422 (Ashwin 39, Kumar 11) - trails by 150

Harris continues to Kumar and he gets a single as Starc comes around from mid-on to cut off a well-played flick off the pads.

FOUR! Ashwin flashes at another ball outside off and four more runs are conceded between gully and the slips.

As a result, Harris asks for and receives a man in place to plug that gap.

7:52 AMIND 7-417 (Ashwin 35, Kumar 10) - trails by 155

Shane Watson will bowl the next over.

There's a big shout as Watson's first ball pops up high off the pad and floats to short mid-wicket. It's taken by Rogers and the Aussies go up for an appeal but Ashwin's bat got nowhere near it.

Ashwin pushes through cover and gets two more runs.

He gets one more off his pads to get off strike.

He angles an in-swinger to Kumar, who works off his pads and gets another single.

7:48 AMIND 7-413 (Ashwin 33, Kumar 9) - trails by 163

Kumar will face Ryan Harris to resume. And he takes two through cover as he pushes at a wide ball.

Kumar follows it up with an attempted cut shot that doesn't connect.

FOUR! Very nicely played cover drive by Kumar. He doesn't look anything like the batsman we saw before lunch.

Or maybe he does. He prods outside off and plays and misses for the second time this over.

He defends the last ball of the over solidly. This bloke's no slouch with the bat. He averages 24 in Tests and has three half-centuries to his name.

He also has a first-class century.

In pictures: Sydney Test, Day 4

7:05 AMTHAT'S LUNCH. IND 7-407 (Ashwin 33, Kumar 3)

Ashwin gets some words from Haddin and Watson as they walk off. It all looks very friendly as Ryan Harris joins in.

That's a good first session for Australia, getting rid of Virat Kohli (147) and Wriddhiman Saha (35), but they would have liked to have made more inroads into the Indian tail.

They could have done that if Joe Burns had held on to an easy chance at short leg just after Kumar came to the crease. Very frustrating for Nathan Lyon and the team. No two ways about it, Australia has been terrible in the field this Test.

Ashwin and Kumar settled into a very defensive mindset heading to lunch and Steve Smith will be desperate to to see the back of them soon after lunch.

That should be doable as they'll be more willing to play some shots in the second session. Smith bowled himself for four overs yesterday and got some turn. I think he should give himself another chance with the ball today, particularly to Kumar.

Australia's bowlers continued to hit good areas and it was nice to see Ryan Harris and Josh Hazlewood get some reward for their consistency and patience.

AUS bowling

Starc: 2-101 off 29 overs

Watson: 2-51 off 18 overs

Harris: 1-71 off 27 overs

Hazlewood: 1-58 off 26 overs

Lyon: 1-102 off 40 overs

Smith: 0-17 off 4 overs

6:59 AMIND 7-407 (Ashwin 33, Kumar 3) - trails by 165

We'll sneak one more over in before lunch. Lyon will bowl to Ashwin.

Ashwin gets forward and smothers the first ball. And the second. I don't expect he'll play any attacking shots this over.

Well, shows what I know. Ashwin pushes through cover and takes two.

No he's back into defence and Lyon comes back around the wicket.

Lyon will bowl the last ball before lunch from over the wicket.

Ashwin keeps it out.

6:57 AMIND 7-405 (Ashwin 31, Kumar 3) - trails by 167

Starc bowls to Ashwin.

Ashwin is complaining about having something in his eye. Maybe a bit of gamesmanship, trying to make this the last over before lunch.

Starc sends his next ball short but way down the leg side.

Ashwin finally picks up a run with an edgy defensive shot behind point.

Starc has some heated words with Ashwin, I assume about time wasting.

Kumar works off his pads and picks up two runs.

WOOF! Starc bowls wide and Ashwin takes a huge swing at a cut shot but misses.

6:53 AMIND 7-402 (Ashwin 30, Kumar 1) - trails by 170

Lyon continues to Kumar and he defends on the back foot.

Kumar gets forward as Lyon goes fuller and gets an inside edge as he looks to work through leg. Lyon almost got that one to sneak through the gate.

Another maiden.

6:50 AMIND 7-402 (Ashwin 30, Kumar 1) - trails by 170

Starc bowls to Ashwin, who defends.

Starc fires one across Ashwin and he has a slash at it, but Lyon does well to stop it at gully.

Starc bowls a bouncer, but it's too high and Ashwin barely has to move to avoid it.

Ashwin has put away the drives we saw him edge in the last over. He's defending watchfully as we head into the last 10 minutes of the session.

Maiden over.

6:46 AMIND 7-402 (Ashwin 30, Kumar 1) - trails by 170

Kumar continues to defend anxiously against Lyon.

He whips to mid-on. That will encourage Lyon.

That's a quick maiden from Lyon. Kumar looked a bit more comfortable in that over than he has in previous Lyon efforts.

6:43 AM - IND 7-402 (Ashwin 30, Kumar 1) - trails by 170

Mitchell Starc replaces Hazlewood at the Paddington end.

FOUR!! Starc finds the edge immediately as he squares up Ashwin. But it flies low and fast straight between gully and second slip. I really think a third slip is worth it at this point.

Ashwin takes a swing at one outside off and misses it. There's a big reaction from the crowd but no edge.

He gets under a bouncer and, wisely, Starc follows up with a yorker, but it's kept out by Ashwin.

FOUR MORE!! Starc finds the edge and again it races through the vacant area between slips and gully. Maybe it wouldn't have been a catch but a third slip probably stops the runs.

6:39 AMIND 7-394 (Ashwin 22, Kumar 1) - trails by 178

Lyon will bowl to Ashwin. It might be worth giving him a single to give Lyon another look at Kumar.

Ashwin dances down the pitch and whips over the leg side. It looked to be going for four but Warner races around from long leg and slide to keep it to two runs.

Lyon goes around the wicket, and straight away Ashwin gets a single off his hip.

He comes back over to Kumar, who negotiates the last ball of the over.

6:36 AMIND 7-391 (Ashwin 19, Kumar 1) - trails by 181

Hazlewood bowls to Kumar, who defends the first ball and lets the second go well outside off.

Kumar isn't looking to attack anything, just blocking away as Hazlewood angles in at his body.

He defends the final ball of the over, and that's three maidens in a row.

In pictures: Sydney Test, Day 4

6:34 AMIND 7-391 (Ashwin 19, Kumar 1) - trails by 181

Lyon continues to Ashwin who's looking to defend. Burns is still at forward short leg.

Ashwin sees out the whole over. Maiden.

6:31 AMIND 7-391 (Ashwin 19, Kumar 1) - trails by 181

WOOF! Kumar takes a swing at Hazlewood's first ball and misses everything. Close to a feather through to Haddin.

No he finds the edge as Kumar gets forward and it's stopped well by Smith at second slip. That probably would have run away for four.

Kumar leaves outside off.

Meanwhile, Lyon gives Burns a high-five in the field. That's nice to see.

Maiden over.

6:24 AMIND 7-391 (Ashwin 19, Kumar 1) - trails by 181

EDGE! DROPPED!! Kumar pushes at one and Joe Burns butchers a chance as it pops up off the pad. That was a pretty easy chance and he totally misjudged it.

Kumar gets himself off strike with one behind square off his hip.

Ashwin defends the end of Lyon's over.

6:21 AM IND 7-390 (Ashwin 19, Kumar 0) - trails by 182

BANG! Hazlewood bowls short and wide to Ashwin, who cuts high and hard over backward point for four.

The rest of the over is defended for no more runs.

6:16 AMIND 7-386 (Ashwin 15, Kumar 0) - trails by 186

Lyon's first ball pitches well outside off and Ashwin can only keep it out with his inside edge.

Ashwin pushes through the off side and takes three runs as Starc chases it down on the boundary.

Lyon has two balls to Kumar. The first is defended edgily.

CHANCE! He tries to work the last ball of the over through the leg side and it pops up, but lands about a foot in front of Harris at catching mid-wicket.

6:13 AM IND 7-383 (Ashwin 12, Kumar 0) - trails by 189

Kumar pushes to mid-on and gets under a short ball to start. He'll be hoping to bat well after offering nothing with the ball.

6:08 AMSAHA'S GONE FOR 35!! c Smith b Hazlewood. IND 7-383 (Ashwin 12*)

He gets surprised by a bouncer and gloves it to slip as he tries to hook it down.

Saha had been evading bouncers from Starc well all morning but Hazlewood, who's spent most of the day bowling full, caught him totally by surprise and Saha was in all sorts trying to play that.

Very easy catch for Smith, who finally holds on to one.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar is in.

6:06 AMIND 6-383 (Ashwin 12, Saha 35) - trails by 189

Hazlewood continues.

6:03 AMIND 6-383 (Ashwin 12, Saha 35) - trails by 189

Lyon comes into the attack after drinks.

Ashwin gets on to the back foot and defends to start.

The next ball gets big on him and he just gets his body behind it.

Ashwin works the next ball off his hip for one. Too straight from Lyon.

Saha follows suit but it was a but higher than expected and wasn't as well controlled.

Lyon finishes well outside off to Ashwin, who defends.

In pictures: Sydney Test, Day 4

5:57 AMIND 6-381 (Ashwin 11, Saha 34) - trails by 191

Hazlewood will continue. Nathan Lyon can't be far away.

Saha adds two more with a beautiful leg glance as Hazlewood gets too straight.

CRACK!! Saha sends another drive between short cover and mid-off and it racing to the boundary to end the over.

5:54 AMIND 6-375 (Ashwin 11, Saha 28) - trails by 197

Saha gets forward to Watson to start and pushes a defensive stroke. Saha was early on that as it held in the pitch a bit.

Watson's brought Saha forward and forced him to play with every delivery this over. All of them defensive strokes, though.

But the last ball is angled down leg and Saha gets it away through square leg and picks up three runs as Hazlewood comes around from fine leg.

5:49 AMIND 6-372 (Ashwin 11, Saha 25) - trails by 200

Josh Hazlewood is into the attack for the first time today, replacing Mitchell Starc.

He's on a good line and length to start but is arrow straight being dealt with pretty easily.

The next ball is full and might have nipped in a bit as Saha tried to drive but got too far outside it.

Saha pushes through cover, it races off the wicket block and Warner flies after it. He tracks it down and the batsmen run three.

5:46 AMIND 6-369 (Ashwin 11, Saha 22) - trails by 203

FOUR! Watson gives Ashwin width and the all-rounder cuts hard between slips and gully. Lyon dives but can only get a fingertip to it. A great gully fieldsman like Hussey or Warner might have snaffled that.

The next ball's on a length and Ashwin prods and misses outside off.

Ashwin defends the rest of the over from Watson.

5:44 AMIND 6-365 (Ashwin 7, Saha 22) - trails by 207

Starc continues, but he's gone around the wicket to the right-handed Saha. Why? I don't know.

BANG! The first ball's a half-volley and Saha drives through mid-off for four runs.

He follows up with another very sharp bouncer and again Saha does a great job to sway out of its path.

And again. This one was a bit lower and Saha Matrixes out of the way.

The last ball of the over is another bouncer, this time defended down to leg by Saha.

Starc really needs to mix in some full balls with these good bumpers.

5:41 AMIND 6-361 (Ashwin 7, Saha 18) - trails by 211

As expected, Harris has been replaced by Shane Watson, who changed the complexion of this game in the last session on day three.

Watson's first ball stays low as Ashwin watches it go by his off stump. 125 kph - already faster than most of Bhuvneshwar Kumar's deliveries.

Ashwin is continuing to defend as Watson keeps making the batsman play. If there's uneven bounce or reverse swing to be had today, Watto will find it.

Ashwin picks up two runs off his thigh to end the over.

5:38 AMIND 6-359 (Ashwin 5, Saha 18) - trails by 213

Saha gets a single past mid-wicket as Harris chases around from mid-on. He looked very ginger there (even more so than usual). Don't expect him to bowl next over.

Starc finds Ashwin's inside edge and it bangs into the pads.

Ashwin works a single off his hip to end the over. The Indian batsmen are very good with that shot.

5:34 AMIND 6-357 (Ashwin 4, Saha 17) - trails by 215

Harris continues to Ashwin and Shaun Marsh stops certain runs with some nice fielding on the bounce at short cover.

No ball from Harris. He's bowled more this innings than usual.

Harris keeps banging away outside off and Ashwin remains vigilant in defence.

He tries to work off his pads but catches the inside edge and it bobbles to Rogers at short mid-wicket to end the over.

5:31 AMIND 6-356 (Ashwin 4, Saha 17) - trails by 216

Starc continues bowling across Saha.

He gets back on to a short length and Saha gets under it nicely.

Now Starc gets one to rear up and Saha keeps it down very well, but it's off the handle of the bat so it really could have gone anywhere.

He ends his maiden with three more short balls, all of them left alone by Saha. There's a bit of vitriol being spat out by Starc.

In pictures: Sydney Test, Day 4

5:28 AMIND 6-356 (Ashwin 4, Saha 17) - trails by 216

FOUR! Ashwin gets off the mark with a whipped boundary off his pads to end the over.

5:24 AMKOHLI'S OUT FOR 147!! c Rogers b Harris. IND 6-352 (Saha 17*)

Kohli tries to whip through mid-wicket as he's done so many times this innings but it's well taken down low by Chris Rogers in close.

Huge breakthrough for Australia and just reward for Harris who has bowled brilliantly but without luck on one leg all innings.

Nice take by Rogers as well. Looks like his back is alright.

Replays show Harris held that ball across the seam so it might have gotten to Kohli a bit higher and slower than he expected.

He was furious with himself but received a nice ovation from the Sydney crowd. They know they're watching greatness.

Ravi Ashwin is the next man in.

5:21 AMIND 5-352 (Kohli 147, Saha 17) - trails by 220

Harris bowls and Kohli works off his hip for two runs.

5:18 AMIND 5-350 (Kohli 145, Saha 17) - trails by 222

Starc bowls across Kohli to start and he pushes another single through the off side. He's timing it that well and the bats are that good that he really doesn't need a full-blooded swing at any point.

Saha evades a bouncer to follow. Starc continues with the short-pitched stuff. Saha needs to be aware of the yorker, which is probably Starc's best ball.

He gets one on a good length across Saha and the keeper's in two minds but ultimately pulls out of his attempted drive for a good leave.

Saha knocks down a wide bouncer to end the over.

5:15 AMIND 5-349 (Kohli 144, Saha 17) - trails by 223

Kohli pushes Harris wide of mid-off and gets a single as Warner comes around to it. He was everywhere in the field yesterday.

Saha leaves his first ball from Harris alone outside off.

Lyon appears to be limbering up. I'd be very surprised if he wasn't first-change bowler today.

Saha leaves the last ball of an accurate over from Harris.

5:10 AMIND 5-348 (Kohli 143, Saha 17) - trails by 224

Saha slashes at Starc's first ball and it bounces just in front of Nathan Lyon at gully.

The first runs of the day come as Saha plays a nice cover drive and picks up three as Joe Burns chases it down.

Burns goes for another run from point after Kohli gets forward and pushes through the gap at cover. He runs

5:06 AM - IND 5-342 (Kohli 140, Saha 14) - trails by 230

Ryan Harris will bowl first and Kohli defends to start.

He continues to watch Harris very closely, leaving outside off.

There isn't any swing evident out there. That's particularly tough for Australia after Starc got one to swing away with the second new ball yesterday and found Kohli's edge only to see the catch put down by his skipper.

Maiden over to start from Harris.

In pictures: Sydney Test, Day 4

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