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Blog: Australia vs India, Day 5, Sydney Test

ABC News logo ABC News 10-01-2015 Jon Healy

In pictures: Sydney Test, Day 5

12:35 PMIT'S A DRAW!! India ends the Test 97 runs short of victory at 7-252

Steve Smith shakes the batsmen hands with one ball left and that's a draw. A hard-fought, fitting end to the end of a well-played series.

Well done to India for surviving the last session. Virat Kohli (46) and Murali Vijay (80) started the session looking for victory, but once they fell India's batsmen, particularly Rahane and Kumar did well to change into defensive mode and make it to stumps.

The declaration came at the right time and gave both teams a look at victory today, but slow batting by India combined with tight bowling from Australia through the first two sessions made an Indian victory a near impossibility.

After a mini-collapse, during which India went from 2-178 to 7-217, it looked like an Aussie win was imminent. But Australia's bowling in the final session of the day was solid but simply not threatening enough.

That's it from us for the Test summer. Hope you enjoyed it. The ODI tri-series between Australia, India and England starts next Friday.


He batted exceptionally well and became the greatest run-scorer in any India-Australia Test series. The new Aussie skipper finished the four Tests with 769 runs at 128.16 (4 centuries, 2 half-centuries).

Smith scored 189 runs in this Test and picked up man of the match as a result.

12:23 PMNathan Lyon will bowl the last over of the day.

FOUR! He starts to Kumar and, with all the fielders under his nose, the number nine whips a boundary to long-off.

He defends the second ball for no run. Four left.

The third ball stays low, and Kumar somehow gets a bat down to it just in time.

Kumar defends the third-last ball of the day. Two left, three wickets needed.

FOUR! The ball jumps at him and he hooks hard for four.

12:19 PMIND 7-244 (Rahane 38, Kumar 12) - needs 105 to win

Mitchell Starc replaces Harris at the Paddington end.

Kumar edges through gully for a single. Australia wanted that to run for four to keep Kumar on strike, but no such luck.

CLOSE!! Starc goes short and very wide, and for some reason Rahane has a flash at a high cut shot. I have absolutely no idea what he was thinking playing at that one.

Rahane pushes through cover and picks up two more runs to keep the strike.

He continues to defend.

Starc angles a vicious bouncer at Rahane who gets caught on the gloves. It goes to ground, luckily for him.

Starc sends one down leg to end the over.

12:14 PMIND 7-241 (Rahane 36, Kumar 11) - needs 108 to win

Lyon to Rahane to start the third last over.

He finds Rahane's inside edge but he keeps it down.

Rahane defends well outside off before pushing two runs through point.

He gets on to the back foot and defends as Lyon comes around the wicket.

Rahane gets forward to the last ball of the over and gets a thick inside edge for no run.

12:10 PM IND 7-239 (Rahane 34, Kumar 11) - needs 110 to win

Ryan Harris will replace Starc.

Harris bowls at off stump and Rahane defends.

The next ball rises up at Rahane. He defends but has to take his hand off the bat.

Every defensive stroke is eliciting applause.

FOUR! Harris bounces and Rahane hooks hard. Rogers puts in a great diving effort at short fine leg. They take a single.

In pictures: Sydney Test, Day 5

12:06 PMIND 7-238 (Rahane 33, Kumar 11) - needs 111 to win

Lyon bowls outside off to Kumar, who defends well.

SHOUT! Kumar pads up, there's a shout for LBW but it was too high. Smith tries to track down the ricocheted catch off the glove at silly point, but can't get there. Very, very close.

FOUR. Kumar pushes through cover and it trickles out to the boundary.

Kumar defends the last ball of the over.

12:02 PMIND 7-234 (Rahane 33, Kumar 7) - needs 115 to win

Josh Hazlewood replaces Starc.

He goes outside off and Rahane is more than happy to leave that alone. He's not going to push at anything away from his body.

Rahane works off his pads to Starc at fine leg. He opts not to run a single.

FOUR. Rahane works a boundary off his pads and Kumar will face Lyon.

11:57 AMIND 7-230 (Rahane 29, Kumar 7) - needs 119 to win

Nathan Lyon replaces Harris.

The ball fires down leg side and Haddin stops it, but can't handle.

He goes done leg again, and Kumar just gets a bat to it.

Smith moves in to silly point.

Lyon sends another down leg side. He NEEDS to get on or outside off.

Kumar hooks hard into Burns at leg slip. That's another maiden. Not a great over from Lyon.

11:54 AMIND 7-230 (Rahane 29, Kumar 7) - needs 119 to win

Starc will continue from the other end.

Rahane defends the first ball from back of a length.

He follows up with a bouncer and Rahane easily gets under it. He needs to make Rahane play.

Starc sends another ball short and wide down the leg side.

FOUR! Starc bangs one in short and Rahane cuts well for four through point.

He defends the last ball of the over.

11:49 AM IND 7-226 (Rahane 25, Kumar 7) - needs 123 to win

Ryan Harris will bowl the next over.

He's on the money to start. He's got three slips and two gullies in place and a short leg.

Hariis gets a ball up off a length and raps Rahane on the gloves.

Rahane gets off strike with a single to cover.

Kumar pushes hard outside off and takes two through cover. I don't understand why Rahane didn't push for the third run on offer to take the strike.

Kumar adds two more off his pads.

11:44 AMIND 7-221 (Rahane 24, Kumar 3) - needs 128 to win

The second new ball has been taken, and Mitchell Starc will get first use of it.

Kumar allows the first ball to sail across him and well wide of off.

The next ball swings down the leg side harmlessly. He does it again.

Starc swings in a full ball and Kumar whips off his pads for a single.

Rahane keeps himself on strike with a single to cover to end the over.

11:39 AMIND 7-219 (Rahane 23, Kumar 2) - needs 130 to win

Lyon to Kumar.

Kumar keeps him out to start the over.

Two men are now under the lid on the on side, with a leg slip, regulation slip and silly mid-off.

Kumar plays back and whips a single between the legs of short leg.

Rahane defends the rest of the over. The second new ball is now available.

11:36 AMIND 7-218 (Rahane 23, Kumar 1) - needs 131 to win

He tries the same ball first up to Kumar and he whips away for a single.

Rahane negotiates the rest of the over.

11:34 AMASHWIN'S GONE FOR 1!! LBW Hazlewood. IND 7-217 (Rahane 23*)

Hazlewood swings in and cannons into his front pad. That was crashing in to leg.

He's been swinging them in all day and this one beats Ashwin inside edge.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar is at the crease.

11:32 AMIND 6-217 (Rahane 23, Ashwin 1) - needs 132 to win

Hazlewood will bowl his 16th over.

The first ball is wide outside off and Ashwin happily watches it go by.

In pictures: Sydney Test, Day 5

11:30 AMIND 6-217 (Rahane 23, Ashwin 1) - needs 132 to win

Lyon's first ball to Ashwin is on off stump and Ashwin keeps it out with toe of the bat it keeps low.

Ashwin's doing well to resist this full bowling from Lyon, just outside off.

He gets off the mark and off strike with a pushed single to point.

Rahane comfortably defends the last ball of the over.

11:27 AM IND 6-216 (Rahane 23, Ashwin 0) - needs 133 to win

Hazlewood swings in to Rahane, who defends well.

Now Hazlewood comes around the wicket to Rahane. Interesting tactic.

Rahane pulls the last ball of the over hard to mid-wicket for a dot ball. Lyon will bowl to Ashwin.

11:24 AMIND 6-216 (Rahane 23, Ashwin 0) - needs 133 to win

Lyon continues to Rahane. Australia can't afford to relax here. Ashwin and Rahane are both obviously very talented and Bhuvneshwar Kumar has a first-class century. Lyon needs to bowl really well from his end.

Rahane plays back but it stays low again. It's outside off and Rahane gets bat to ball.

Rahane turns off his hip for a single to fine leg. Too straight from Lyon.

He turns one on to Ashwin's thigh. He needs it on or outside off stump.

SHOUT! Ashwin prods outside off and Marsh snaffles it at silly mid-off. There's some debate as to whether it carried. We're off to the third umpire.

It clearly bounced, and that's not out. Well done to Haddin for saying in real time that it wasn't out.

Over bowled. One from it.

11:18 AMIND 6-215 (Rahane 22, Ashwin 0) - needs 134 to win

Josh Hazlewood comes back into the attack in place of Starc.

Rahane defends a few and gets a single off his thigh to square leg.

One off the over. And that's drinks

11:13 AMIND 6-214 (Rahane 21, Ashwin 0) - needs 135 to win

Lyon spins one from outside off down leg and they get two byes as he evades it. There should have been three there.

Ashwin defends with two leg slips, a regulation slip, short leg and silly mid-off in place.

He tries to push the last ball of the over through cover, but gets an inside edge straight back to Lyon.

11:10 AMIND 6-212 (Rahane 21, Ashwin 0) - needs 137 to win

Starc continues to Rahane. He remains over the wicket and Rahane's defending on his pads.

He returns to around the wicket to see if he can get something to swing away.

FOUR!! Starc spears in at leg stump and Rahane just turns it away to straight fine leg.

11:06 AMIND 6-208 (Rahane 17, Ashwin 0) - needs 141 to win

Ashwin gets a similar ball to start but gets some bat on it.

He defends the rest of the over, and there are at least 18 left to go today.

11:03 AMSAHA'S GONE FOR A DUCK!! LBW Lyon. IND 6-208 (Rahane 17*) - needs 141 to win

Lyon gets one to turn and just about roll along the ground. Saha can't get his bat down to it in time and he is plumb LBW.

That was unplayable. That's what a day-five pitch can do.

Ravi Ashwin is at the crease.

11:01 AMIND 5-208 (Rahane 17, Saha 0) - needs 141 to win

Saha will look to negotiate Lyon's next over.

10:59 AMIND 5-208 (Rahane 17, Saha 0) - needs 141 to win

Starc bowls to Rahane, who's pushing forward defensively.

Starc changes to over the wicket to try and get something going across Rahane.

He does so, but it's very wide and Rahane leaves.

FOUR!! Rahane whips a leg glance off his pads and to the square leg boundary.

In pictures: Sydney Test, Day 5

10:56 AMIND 5-204 (Rahane 13, Saha 0) - needs 145 to win

Lyon continues to Saha.

Shaun Marsh is moving in to silly mid-off.

Saha gives himself room and cuts hard. That looked similar to the ball that bowled Watson yesterday, but this one didn't stay low.

Saha gets forward and is entirely beaten by the turn. It hits him in the left armpit.

10:53 AMIND 5-204 (Rahane 13, Saha 0) - needs 145 to win

EDGED!! Starc squares Saha up from around the wicket and finds the outside of the bat, but it doesn't carry to second slip.

Rahane gets a single with a leg glance to mid-wicket.

Saha fends away the last ball of the over.

10:51 AMRAINA'S GONE FOR A DUCK!!! LBW Starc. IND 5-203 (Rahane 12*) - needs 146 to win

Raina gets a pair as Starc angles in at him and traps him in front for his second duck of the game.

Wriddhiman Saha is the next man in.

10:49 AMIND 4-203 (Rahane 12, Raina 0) - needs 146 to win

Starc spears down leg and Raina narrowly avoids edging to Haddin off his toes.

Same again, this time off his hip. Haddin though he heard an edge but it was clearly just hip.

10:46 AMIND 4-203 (Rahane 12, Raina 0) - needs 146 to win

Lyon will bowl to Rahane.

Rahane chips one, but it flies too wide of mid-off and he picks up two runs.

He gets a few to spit out of the rough to Rahane, and he just keeps them down.

Very, very, very nervous over for India.

10:43 AMKOHLI'S GONE FOR 46!! c Watson b Starc. IND 4-201 (Rahane 10*) - needs 148 to win

Starc gets one to move away from kohli and finds the edge again. This time it carries to Watson who takes a good low catch to his right at first slip.

That is the man Australia wanted and now they are right in the box seat for victory.

Suresh Raina is in.

10:40 AMIND 3-201 (Rahane 10, Kohli 46) - needs 148 to win

Mitchell Starc replaces Hazlewood.

Kohli whips off his pads hard but it's brilliantly stopped at short mid-wicket by Chris Rogers.

FOUR!! Kohli pushes outside off and an outside edge flies past a diving Nathan Lyon at gully.

10:37 AMIND 3-197 (Rahane 10, Kohli 42) - needs 152 to win

Lyon continues, and his first ball fires up off the pitch outside off. Rahane tries to cut but gets himself in a tangle and misses.

He adds a single to the vacant short cover region.

SHOUT!! Kohli looks to turn behind square and it pops up to Warner at leg slip. There's a huge shout ... but just thigh pad.

Kohli gets two with a whip through cover, and adds a single off his hip to end the over.

Lyon is bowling far too straight to Kohli. He desperately needs to get closer to off stump.

10:34 AMIND 3-193 (Rahane 9, Kohli 39) - needs 156 to win

Hazlewood will continue to Kohli.

Two more runs to Kohli with a slightly uppish push through cover from a Hazlewood in-swinger.

Kohli takes another ball off his pads for two runs to mid-wicket.

He defends the last ball of the over.

10:30 AMIND 3-189 (Rahane 9, Kohli 35) - needs 160 to win

Nathan Lyon replaces Watson at the Randwick end and will bowl to Kohli. This over is huge.

CHANCE!! Kohli gets a leading edge but it doesn't quite carry back to Lyon. Kohli was just looking to turn to mid-wicket but it held in the pitch a touch.

Kohli takes a single off his hip.

FOUR!! Lyon's first ball to the new batsman is short and Rahan plays his favourite pull shot to square leg for four.

In pictures: Sydney Test, Day 5

10:27 AMIND 3-184 (Rahane 5, Kohli 34) - needs 165 to win

Rahane pushes Hazlewood through cover to get off the mark with two runs.

Hazlewood swings one in to Rahane, but the in-form batsman keeps him out, albeit it a touch on the inside edge.

He pushes hard outside off and gets two more, once again off the edge.

Kohli takes the strike as Rahane works a single off his hip.

Kohli retains it with cheeky single to the right of point.

10:22 AMIND 3-178 (Rahane 0, Kohli 33) - needs 171 to win

Watson bowls to Kohli, who can't get him away.

He tries to guide one between slips and gully, but goes too square and Lyon stops it.

Haddin comes up to the stumps to force Kohli back into his crease.

The skipper defends the last ball of the over for another maiden.

10:19 AMIND 3-178 (Rahane 0, Kohli 33) - needs 171 to win

Rahane leaves his first delivery, but it's incredibly close to off stump.

Rahane's second ball elicits half a shout for LBW, but it was going well down leg.

Great over from Hazlewood.

10:16 AMVIJAY'S GONE FOR 80!! c Haddin b Hazlewood. IND 3-178 (Kohli 33*) - needs 171 to win

He tries to cut Hazlewood going after the victory, and he's nicked off to Haddin. That's great reward for Hazlewood, who's bowled incredibly consistently all day.

That's the danger of going for victory. That ball moved away a fraction, and Vijay's out.

Ajinkya Rahane is out there now.

10:13 AMIND 2-178 (Vijay 80, Kohli 33) - needs 171 to win

Hazlewood continues.

Kohli gets a single to square leg, a bit edgily.

10:11 AMIND 2-177 (Vijay 80, Kohli 32) - needs 172 to win

Kohli turns Watson off his hip for a single to fine leg. Watto's bowling a lot on Kohli's pads and I don't think that's the best idea. Mind you, Kohli cover drives so well that's understandable.

Watson spears in the off-cutter and India gets two leg byes off Vijay's thigh.

FOUR! Watson bowls back of a good length and Vijay cuts hard behind point for four.

They're really going for it.

10:08 AMIND 2-170 (Vijay 76, Kohli 31) - needs 179 to win

There are 32 overs left today. The required run rate is creeping towards six an over.

Vijay whips a single to mid-wicket off Hazlewood.

Hazlewood, Starc, Harris and Watson have all been very economical.

Kohli pushes down the ground and it looks like it will run away for four, but Ryan 'Bloody' Harris has chased it down from mid-on to keep it to three with a dive on the rope. He was obviously limping during that chase. A great effort in the last session of the last Test.

FOUR! Hazlewood swings in and Vijay swings hard. That's whipped through mid-wicket for four.

Eight from the over. His previous nine overs went for six runs total.

10:04 AMIND 2-162 (Vijay 71, Kohli 28) - needs 187 to win

Shane Watson bowls the first over of the final session of the Test summer.

Kohli turns off his hip and gets two through square leg.

Watson swings one in and Kohli lets it go outside off. That stayed low and didn't carry to Haddin.

Kohli defends the las tball of the over. Two runs from it. Not any blatant attacking intent.

9:42 AMTHAT'S TEA! IND 2-160 (Vijay 71*, Kohli 26*) - needs 189 to win

Kohli and Vijay reach the break and India need 189 runs in the final session if they want to win ... and they still have eight wickets in hand.

To anyone saying there's no way India can get the runs, remember we're in this position because Australia scored over 200 in the last session yesterday.

We're all well aware of what Kohli can do in a short space of time and Vijay has taken to Nathan Lyon on a couple of occasions today.

The Aussie bowlers have bowled well but without luck. Josh Hazlewood had Vijay plumb LBW but was turned down, and he was dropped at cover when Marsh failed to handle a tough chance.

Australia's best chance for victory will come if India tries to get the win, but it remains to be seen whether that's Kohli's plan.

Smith bowled the last over before tea and it will be worthwhile to bowl a few more because the Indians will desperately.

AUS bowling

Lyon: 1-81 off 18 overs

Watson: 1-15 off 5 overs

Starc: 0-15 off 12 overs

Hazlewood: 0-6 off 9 overs

Harris: 0-28 off 11 overs

Smith: 0-7 off 2 overs

9:39 AMIND 2-160 (Vijay 71, Kohli 26) - needs 189 to win

We'll get one more over in. Steve Smith will bowl it.

He lands a couple and Vijay's defending.

Vijay whips a single to mid-wicket.

Kohli watchfully defends, before getting a single off the last ball.

In pictures: Sydney Test, Day 5

9:36 AMIND 2-158 (Vijay 70, Kohli 25) - needs 191 to win

Lyon will bowl the last over before tea. Kohli's on strike.

India called for the support staff between overs to ensure this would be the last over.

Kohli turns one off his hip to bring Vijay on strike.

Vijay tries to sweep, but it gets the toe of the bat and they run two as the ball pops up through the vacant leg slip position.

He goes for another sweep and connects this time. He gets a single to the man in the deep.

9:33 AMIND 2-154 (Vijay 67, Kohli 24) - needs 195 to win

Starc continues and Kohli is defending.

Kohli takes Starc from short and outside off to square leg with a well controlled pull shot.

Starc goes short again and Vijay lets it go outside off. It looked like he thought about cutting that.

Vijay keeps out the last ball of the over as Starc attempts yorker, but it's a bit too wide.

9:30 AMIND 2-151 (Vijay 67, Kohli 21) - needs 198 to win

FOUR! Vijay reaches for Lyon's first ball and sweeps off the top edge for four.

AND ANOTHER!! He gets down the pitch and hammers a full toss to the long-on boundary.

Vijay dances down again and whips over mid-wicket but it's cut off by Harris in the deep. Two runs.

SIX!! The field has been brought up and Vijay goes over long-on again, this time for a maximum.

The target is less than 200 runs away.

9:27 AMIND 2-135 (Vijay 51, Kohli 21) - needs 214 to win

Starc continues, and Vijay watches the ball go by him.

He turns a single off his pads for a single to fine leg for the only runs of the over.

9:24 AMFIFTY FOR VIJAY!! 135 balls (3 x 4s, 1 x 6)

It's taken a long time but he's gotten another Test half-century at a vital time for India. He brings it up with an easy single to mid-wicket off Lyon.

9:21 AMIND 2-133 (Vijay 49, Kohli 21) - needs 216 to win

Vijay turns Lyon around the corner and just gets home for a single as Lyon fields a good return throw from Warner at short fine leg.

Kohli gets one to mid-on.

9:18 AMIND 2-131 (Vijay 48, Kohli 20) - needs 218 to win

Starc bowls to Kohli. He's persisting around the wicket.

Kohli plays and misses outside off. That jagged away and stayed low. Even with the form Kohli's in, it's tough to get a bat to that.

Starc goes back over the wicket. Good to see but it looks like he's doing so on the advice of David Warner. Bizarre.

Starc tries a yorker to end, but Kohli keeps it out.

9:14 AMIND 2-131 (Vijay 48, Kohli 20) - needs 218 to win

Nathan Lyon returns to the attack.

Immediately he finds an edge as he gets a ball to turn and bounce down leg.

Vijay tries to sweep, but goes straight to short fine leg.

OOH! Vijay tries a reverse sweep and it sneaks under his arms and over the stumps. Almost gloved, almost bowled.

Now he works a single to square leg. And Kohli gets one more through mid-wicket.

He ends the over with another attempted but poorly executed reverse sweep well outside off.

9:09 AMIND 2-129 (Vijay 47, Kohli 19) - needs 220 to win

Starc continues and Kohli gets two runs as he opens the face and runs the ball behind point.

FOUR!! He gets a short ball, leans back and pushes a late cut between gully and slips for four.

Kohli keeps out an in-swinging yorker.

Starc ends the over with are sharply angled delivery that goes away from Kohli a little bit.

9:05 AMIND 2-123 (Vijay 47, Kohli 13) - needs 226 to win

Shane Watson replaces Harris.

Kohli takes a single to mid-on. And Vijay is immediately defending.

FOUR. Watson sends the last ball of his over down the leg side and it swings away from Haddin and down to the boundary for byes.

In pictures: Sydney Test, Day 5

9:01 AMIND 2-118 (Vijay 47, Kohli 12) - needs 231 to win

Mitchell Starc returns and immediately comes around the wicket to Vijay.

He's drawing Vijay forward and he's continuing to defend.

Starc's beginning to get that shape away from the right-hander from around the wicket. It's not quite as impossible as it was yesterday, but still no fun to bat against.


8:57 AM IND 2-118 (Vijay 47, Kohli 12) - needs 231 to win

Harris bowls to Kohli, who pushes hard to cover and Marsh makes a brilliant diving save.

Kohli shoulders arms to a ball outside off and it stays low to Haddin. He just took that on the bounce. He may need to stand a bit closer with the pitch the way it is currently.

Kohli defends the rest of another maiden.

8:53 AMIND 2-118 (Vijay 47, Kohli 12) - needs 231 to win

Hazlewood continues and Vijay works a single off his hip down to fine leg. No he doesn't. That was given leg byes.

Kohli picks up two as Rogers makes a bit of a mess of fielding at mid-wicket. He didn't handle his initial dive, then missed with his slide.

Hazlewood follows up with a very nice yorker, but Kohli's just in too good a form to miss that.

Hazlewood tries the same ball but it spears down the leg side.

Kohli gets a single off his inside edge to fine leg to end the over.

8:49 AMIND 2-114 (Vijay 47, Kohli 9) - needs 235 to win

Harris replaces Watson after drinks.

Warner and Kohli had a few words during drinks. It was either very friendly or very passive aggressive. Richard Kettleborough also took the captains aside and tried to calm them down. He must have heard something harsh because I haven't seen anything particularly aggressive.

Kohli pushes through cover and takes two on Warner's arm.

Harris is holding the ball in his left hand as he runs in, trying to fool the batsmen with some reverse swing. He did draw an inside edge as Kohli looked to defend once in that over.

8:42 AMIND 2-112 (Vijay 47, Kohli 7) - needs 237 to win

Hazlewood continues and Vijay leaves outside off.

Vijay's drawn forward by the straighter ball and defends, but it comes off the inside edge and goes to square leg.

Hazlewood angles in at leg stump and Vijay works to deep square leg for a single.

Kohli's first ball from Hazlewood goes underground, sneaking under the toe of the bat as he looked to defend.

RUN-OUT CHANCE! Kohli dabs to mid-on and takes off for a quick single. The throw comes in but misses. That was close.

Two runs from the over, very expensive by Hazlewood's standards.

8:36 AMIND 2-110 (Vijay 46, Kohli 6) - needs 239 to win

Watson bowls to Kohli, and he pushes to mid-on for no run to start.

Kohli looks to punch through mid-off, but it's uppish and bounces to Starc at mid-off.

The skipper's defending well to end the over, and that's a maiden for Watto.

8:33 AMIND 2-110 (Vijay 46, Kohli 6) - needs 239 to win

Hazlewood bowls wide to Vijay who reaches for it and pushes hard to Burns at point for a dot ball.

SHOUT!! Hazlewood gets one to cannon into Vijay's thigh and it pops up to Lyon in the gully. There's a huge appeal from the Aussies but Kettleborough says no again.

The replays show it hit Vijay in the box and there was no bat involved. Good call. Unlike the last one.

Vijay pushes a full, swinging delivery to mid-on for no run. This is a great spell from Hazlewood.

Another maiden for the lanky quick. He has bowled seven overs for exactly one run and has threatened regularly. He needs to remain patient.

8:29 AMIND 2-110 (Vijay 46, Kohli 6) - needs 239 to win

Kohli will face Watson and he's defending to start.

Watson spears one down leg side and Haddin does well to stop it as the ball swings away.

Kohli pushes through cover and gets off the mark with two runs as Marsh tracks it down.

FOUR! Kohli walks at Watson and plays a shot nearly identical to the one that saw Sharma heading back to the sheds, but this one sails just wide of Smith and down to third man.

8:24 AMIND 2-104 (Vijay 46, Kohli 0) - needs 245 to win

Josh Hazlewood replaces Harris and Vijay continues to defend.

Now he walks at Hazlewood but can only block.

BIG SHOUT!! Hazlewood swings one in to Vijay, it raps into his pads and the Aussies go up. That was very, very close. But Kettleborough says no.

In real time it looked like he may have gotten some bat on it and that's the only thing that could have saved him because that ball was cannoning into middle and leg.

Replays show the only thing Vijay hit was his pad. He should be on his way back to the pavilion. Very lucky.

8:21 AMSHARMA'S GONE FOR 39!! c Smith b Watson. IND 2-104 (Vijay 46*)

Sharma tries to guide a short ball through the slips but Smith leaps high and gets a hand to it to take a freakish catch at second slip.

That is one of the greatest slips catches you will ever see. His second screamer in two games, boith off the bowling of Watson.

Huge breakthrough, but now Virat Kohli is out in the middle with Vijay.

In pictures: Sydney Test, Day 5

8:17 AMIND 1-104 (Vijay 46, Sharma 39) - needs 245 to win

FOUR!! Watson continues to Sharma, but he gets on to leg stump again and it's whipped away to fine leg.

8:15 AMIND 1-100 (Vijay 46, Sharma 35) - needs 249 to win

Harris will continue.

Vijay gets forward, plays little more than a forward defensive and it races through cover for three runs as Warner tracks it down from mid-on.

Now Harris gives him a half-volley and Sharma dries straight back past him. He only gets three as it's cut off just before the boundary by, you guessed it, David Warner.

DROPPED!! Harris gets Vijay to drive and its smashed at Shaun Marsh at short cover who drops a huge chance. That was tough.

FOUR! Harris bowls a full toss, it's defended back to him and he launches an unnecessary throw back at the stumps. It's reared up off a foot mark and sails over Haddin and down to the boundary. That was incredibly stupid.

Steve Smith turns to Harris and screams "For f**k's sake!!"

8:10 AMIND 1-90 (Vijay 39, Sharma 32) - needs 259 to win

Shane Watson replaces Nathan Lyon. Maybe Watto can use this natural variation or get some reverse swing going.

He start on leg stump and Sharma defends to square leg off his thigh.

Watson pitches up and gets it tail in but it's defended well.

He gets hit on the thigh AGAIN as Watson seams a ball back in to him.

Ooh. Sharma whips off his pads but it's nowhere near middled and it chips up over Chris Rogers at short mid-wicket for three. That's frustrating for Australia.

Vijay works off his hip for a single and Sharma blocks the last ball of the over.

8:04 AMIND 1-86 (Vijay 38, Sharma 29) - needs 263 to win

Harris continues to Sharma.

He gets one to rise on Sharma and draws an inside edge, but it's straight into the thigh pad.

Same line, same inside edge, but this one stayed a bit lower.

Harris pitches up, draws Sharma on to the front foot and it pushes hard to cover.

He draws another inside edge. Harris is trying a few cutters here and there.

Now he gets one to move away from him and Sharma reaches for it and just gets the toe of the bat to it.

Sharma picks up a single off his hip to square leg to end the over.

7:59 AMIND 1-85 (Vijay 38, Sharma 28) - needs 264 to win

Lyon bowls around the wicket to Sharma, who defends.

He looks for a single as he turns to fine leg but Vijay wasn't ready and sends him back.

Sharma retains the strike with a single off his hip.

7:52 AMIND 1-83 (Vijay 38, Sharma 26) - needs 266 to win

Lyon bowls and Sharma gets down the pitch and defends.

SMASHED!! Sharma dances down and hammers the ball back over Lyon's head. He felt free to do that because long-on had just been brought into a more regulation mid-on position. Great shot.

He comes down the wicket again and hits a full toss to mid-on for one.

Vijay waits for Lyon, prods behind point and picks up two.

7:47 AMIND 1-74 (Vijay 36, Sharma 19) - needs 275 to win

Ryan Harris bowls from the other end and Vijay defends.

Vijay plays a punched cover drive as Harris continues to bowl a good line and length. It's straight to short cover though.

He goes for the same shot, gets it past Marsh at cover, but Warner cuts it off at mid-off. Brad Haddin reprimands him for scuffing the ball up with his return throw.

7:44 AM IND 1-74 (Vijay 36, Sharma 19) - needs 275 to win

Nathan Lyon will get us started. He'll be bowling to Murali Vijay, who defends the first ball.

The second ball is swept and Vijay takes one.

Lyon's first ball to Sharma spits up at him and he keeps it down.

He then pads up outside off but it goes straight. Lucky he didn't play for turn.

OUCH! Sharma tries to sweep but top edges straight into his own grill. Lucky for him.

He defends the last ball of the over.

7:02 AM- THAT'S LUNCH. IND 1-73 (Vijay 35*, Sharma 19*) - needs 276 to win

Australia will be happy to have gotten the early wicket of Lokesh Rahul (16*) but disappointed not to have at least doubled up.

Both Murali Vijay and Rohit Sharma had some nervous moments, with edges avoiding the hands of fielders. Sharma also survived a stumping chance by a whisker on his opening delivery.

This game is nicely poised now. India has done well, defending to build a platform from which to attack. The in-form Vijay and big-hitting Sharma are both keys for India, while Virat Kohli will again prove vital if and when he's brought to the crease.

Australia bowled very well and, bar three or four overs here and there, were very economical. Nathan Lyon created a few chances and got the sole wicket of the morning, but he needs to do that all day.

AUS bowling

Lyon: 1-45 from 11 overs

Starc: 0-5 off 7 overs

Hazlewood: 0-1 off 5 overs

Harris: 0-14 off 5 overs

Smith: 0-5 off 1 over

6:58 AMIND 1-73 (Vijay 35, Sharma 19) - needs 276 to win

Starc will bowl the last over before lunch.

He gets a short leg after Sharma defends the first ball but, without the reverse swing from yesterday, this around-the-wicket stuff has gone back to being annoying.

Sharma continues to defend. He's not going to swing hard with just one ball left before the break.

Sharma sees off the final delivery.

In pictures: Sydney Test, Day 5

6:55 AMIND 1-73 (Vijay 35, Sharma 19) - needs 276 to win

Steve Smith brings himself on to replace Lyon. I like this. He was landing a few and getting turn in the first innings.

He gets turn but it's too short and Sharma cuts easily for a single.

They trade a couple of singles with pushes to cover. The first was a bit uppish from a well-flighted ball by Smith.

Vijay gets a quick single to mid-off, but they steal a second on an overthrow by Hazlewood. That was an ill-advised shy at the stumps but someone should have been backing up.

6:52 AMIND 1-68 (Vijay 32, Sharma 17) - needs 281 to win

Starc bowls down the leg side to start.

Sharma late cuts and it runs almost to the backward-point boundary. Joe Burns tracks it down and Sharma gets three.

Starc pitches up on a good length to Vijay, who defends the rest of the over.

6:49 AMIND 1-65 (Vijay 32, Sharma 14) - needs 284 to win

Shikhar Dhawan has come out to give Vijay and Sharma a drink, and Watson chirps up from first slip. Dhawan comes back at him and there's smiles all around.

Sharma comes down the pitch and pads up, but it's very awkward. That turned sharply.

EDGE! Sharma sweeps, but top edges and it doesn't carry to Harris at short fine leg.

Now he gets an easy single to mid-on.

Vijay turns off his hip to end the over. Lyon can't get too straight because the Indian batsmen will feast on those deliveries.

6:46 AMIND 1-64 (Vijay 32, Sharma 13) - needs 285 to win

Starc returns after Hazlewood went 0-1 off five overs.

His first ball is on a length from around the wicket and rears up hard at Vijay, who defends. A short leg might have snaffled that.

I'm not normally a fan of the left-armer coming around the wicket to right-handers, but he was unplayable from this angle yesterday afternoon.

Vijay leaves outside off and defends to end the over.

That's Starc's third maiden. He's gone for just two runs from his five overs thus far.

6:41 AMIND 1-64 (Vijay 32, Sharma 13) - needs 285 to win

FOUR! Sharma gets his first boundary with a sweep to fine leg.

SIX!! No he dances down and hammers over the long-off boundary.

He settles back into defence. He looks more comfortable after getting through that awkward opening period.

Ten from the over.

6:38 AMIND 1-54 (Vijay 32, Sharma 3) - needs 295 to win

Can Hazlewood continue his run of maidens?

Hazlewood bowls full and outside off, and Sharma leaves alone. That stayed a bit low. There's a lot of up and down bounce out there.

Sharma edges to gully. Lyon does well to stop a run, diving to his left. He knows the pressure that's building up.

Sharma attempts to drive but gets an inside edge back into his body.

Hazlewood finally concedes a run on his 28th delivery as Sharma pushes through cover for a single.

Vijay defends the end of the over.

6:34 AMIND 1-53 (Vijay 32, Sharma 2) - needs 296 to win

Lyon bowls and Vijay defends, again off the inside edge and into the pad. Almost got that through the gate.

Vijay sweeps for one more. It looks like that's the only way he can score at the moment.

Sharma looks to defend and gloves one that just falls short of Burns at short leg. That was close, but not a genuine chance.

Sharma ends the over with a bunt to point for a single.

6:30 AMIND 0-51 (Vijay 31, Sharma 1) - needs 298 to win

Hazlewood persists outside off, and Sharma leaves.

He defends the next ball and follows up with another leave that nips back a bit closer to the stumps than Sharma would have liked.

Now finds Sharma's inside edge as he looks to defend.

Hazlewood surprises him with a bouncer, his first of the innings, and Sharma chases a hook shot above his head.

The last ball's on the stumps and Sharma turns to mid-wicket. Rogers fields and that's four consecutive maidens to start for Hazlewood.

6:25 AMIND 0-51 (Vijay 31, Sharma 1) - needs 298 to win

Sharma tries to get down the pitch and work Lyon to mid-wicket but can't middle it.

He turns again and Smith fields at mid-wicket.

A RUN IS SCORED. Sharma turns off his thigh behind square and they get a single.

Vijay adds two with a sweep to fine leg. The runs are coming thick and fast now.

Three from that over.

6:20 AMIND 0-48 (Vijay 29, Sharma 0) - needs 301 to win

Hazlewood continues and gets the inside of Vijay's bat as he plays a forward defensive.

The next ball is allowed to sail by outside off.

Vijay defends again on the third but quickly takes his bottom hand off the bat. It got a bit big on him.

Hazlewood continues with some Harrisesque consistency outside off, and Vijay continues to block.

Hazlewood bowls out Australia's fifth-straight maiden and his third from his first three overs.

"Phenomenal," says Drew Morphett.

In pictures: Sydney Test, Day 5

6:16 AMIND 0-48 (Vijay 29, Sharma 0) - needs 301 to win

Lyon beats Sharma's outside edge again at the start of his first over.

And again with his fifth delivery. A bit of variation off the pitch.

Sharma defends the last ball of the over but may be better off playing a few shots. He hasn't looked great in defence and still hasn't scored.

Another maiden.

6:13 AMIND 0-48 (Vijay 29, Sharma 0) - needs 301 to win

Hazlewood will bowl to Vijay, who leaves to start.

SHOUT!! Hazlewood seams in to Vijay, there's a noise and Haddin takes the catch. The appeal is stifled because that came of the thigh.

Hazlewood swings in at the off stump and Vijay defends off the inside edge.

Vijay defends the last ball, and that's another maiden.

6:10 AMIND 0-48 (Vijay 29, Sharma 0) - needs 301 to win

Lyon continues.

Sharma defendsbut if his bat was another inch away from his pad he would have been bowled through the gate. Very edgy.

Sharma turns to short leg, Burns handles and gets it back to haddin as Sharma just makes his ground. A clean pick-up and/or a direct hit and Sharma was probably gone there.

The next ball is edged but falls short of Watson at first slip.

He looks to get a single to point but, after a small mix-up, is sent back. Maiden.

6:05 AMIND 0-48 (Vijay 29, Sharma 0) - needs 301 to win

Josh Hazlewood is into the attack for the first time. And Vijay defends.

Vijay leaves the penultimate ball of the over, but it's nipped back and can't have been too far from taking off stump.

Vijay defends the last ball of the over and that's a maiden to start for Hazlewood.

6:00 AMIND 0-48 (Vijay 29, Sharma 0) - needs 301 to win

BIG CHANCE! Lyon beats the outside edge, Haddin takes it and whips the bails off. They go upstairs and will check the stumping.

It's very close. I think it's not out. Just a millimetre of his shoe behind the line perhaps. Nervous times for India. They copped a tough decision from the third umpire yesterday.

NOT OUT! Simon Fry says Sharma got back just in time and I have to agree.

Sharma defends the next two balls.

He gets down and pads up. The ball flies to fine leg but there was no shot offered so it will remain one run and one wicket from the over.

5:57 AMRAHUL'S GONE FOR 16! c Warner b Lyon. IND 1-48 (Vijay 29*)

He looks to get down the pitch and gloves to Warner at leg slip.

He just wanted to push that back to Lyon but the spin beat him, the ball clipped both hands and Warner took the easy catch.

Rohit Sharma is in. He is a very, very dangerous player if he gets his eye in.

5:53 AMIND 0-47 (Vijay 28, Rahul 16) - needs 302 to win

Harris continues to the defensive Rahul.

Swing and a miss. Rahul tries to drive wide of off, and misses everything. Close.

FOUR!! Rahul gets a full ball from Harris and sends it quickly to the mid-off boundary.

5:48 AM IND 0-43 (Vijay 28, Rahul 12) - needs 306 to win

Lyon continues, this time to Rahul.

Rahul looks to defend but is totally beaten by the turn and bounce and he's hit on the thigh.

Now he looks to turn off his hip and gets two more leg byes.

Rahul pushes outside off and it runs almost to the backward-point boundary but David Warner as zoomed down from leg slip and kept it to three. He got there before Marsh, who was running from cover.

Vijay tries to sweep to end the over but misses and it hits the pad outside off to end the over.

5:42 AMIND 0-38 (Vijay 28, Rahul 9) - needs 311 to win

Rahul defends the persistent Harris.

Since pushing for four to start the scoring, Rahul hasn't really looked to score.

FOUR MORE! Rahul edges but it sails through the vacant third-slip position. Harris can only blame himself, he pulled the man out of there.

The last ball of the over is short and Rahul pulls behind square for a single to the man on the boundary.

5:38 AMIND 0-33 (Vijay 28, Rahul 4) - needs 316 to win

Lyon bowls to Vijay.

FOUR! Vijay dances down and whacks four more runs, this time through mid-on.

Vijay sweeps, but the man at 45 is back in the circle and cuts it off.

He adds to with a push through cover.

SIX!! Vijay dances down and smashes over the leg side for six.

MISSED CHANCE! Lyon finds the outside edge and Haddin doesn't get his gloves anywhere near it. The batsmen run two as it flies off Haddin's pad.

ANOTHER EDGE!! Vijay edges past Watson at slip and they get two more. I don't know if that carried to Watson.

Expensive, but a promising over from Lyon.

In pictures: Sydney Test, Day 5

5:34 AMIND 0-17 (Vijay 12, Rahul 4) - needs 332 to win

Harris replaces Starc.

He bowls at the stumps and Vijay looks to drive to the off side but an inside edge sprays off and they get a single to mid-wicket.

Rahul keeps out Harris' yorker.

Rahul continues to leave and defend.

One run from the over.

These batsmen don't have to rush, because if Virat Kohli and/or Rohit Sharma spend an extended period at the crease they can score at far more than a run a ball.

5:32 AMIND 0-16 (Vijay 11, Rahul 4) - needs 333 to win

Vijay sweeps Lyon and gets a top edge down to straight fine leg for two runs. Lyon had a fine leg up in the circle last over but he's gone now. Might be worthwhile bringing him back.

BANG!! Vijay dances down and smashes over mid-off for four.

The next ball turns sharply and Vijay inside edges his attempted cover drive back to Lyon.

He finishes the over by pushing in front of point for one.

5:27 AMIND 0-9 (Vijay 4, Rahul 4) - needs 340 to win

Starc will continue.

He goes wide on the crease and angles in to Vijay, who leaves just outside off, but it's still too short. Pitch it up, Mitchell.

Vijay pushes a single to cover.

Rahul defends to end the over and Starc has words. I don't know what he's saying, the openers have looked untroubled thus far.

5:22 AMIND 0-8 (Vijay 3, Rahul 4) - needs 341 to win

Nathan Lyon replaces Harris. Will the batsmen look to attack him?

Lyon turns one past leg to start. Vijay leaves and Haddin collects it and takes the bails off.

The next ball's on a better line and Vijay sweeps well for one.

Lyon goes shorter and Rahul gets back and tries to turn a single off his thigh. That turned more than he expected and got on to his pad.

Vijay follows suit as Lyon gets too short.

Rahul tries to whip the last ball of the over through mid-wicket but is beaten and that could have gone anywhere. But it's just a dot ball.

5:18 AMIND 0-5 (Vijay 1, Rahul 4) - needs 344 to win

Starc bounces Rahul to start, and the batsman gets under it.

He tries another bouncer, but launches it well down the leg side. He's bowling very short.

The last ball of the over is short but stays very low and Rahul shoulders arms as it goes across him.

5:14 AMIND 0-5 (Vijay 1, Rahul 4) - needs 344 to win

Harris continues and Vijay defends.

After watching Vijay middle another defensive stroke, Harris asks Smith for a field change and Shaun Marsh moves from third slip to catching mid-off.

Harris bowls the last ball of his maiden over and immediately looks back at the crease. He might have slipped there.

The big man's been struggling with those leg injuries this Test.

5:10 AMIND 0-5 (Vijay 1, Rahul 4) - needs 344 to win

Vijay has called on the groundsman to come out and flatten the spot on the crease where he stands.

He lets Starc's first couple go by outside off. He's bowling a little bit short and wide with some of these deliveries.

He pitches up but it's too wide and Vijay leaves again. He hasn't swung one yet this over.

Starc bowls on to Vijay's toes and it's clipped to Josh Hazlewood at fine leg for a single. There was a hint of movement in the air there.

Rahul defends to end the over. Is the swing already disappearing? That would be consistent with what we've seen so far this Test.

5:06 AMIND 0-4 (Vijay 0, Rahul 4) - needs 345 to win

Ryan Harris bowls to Lokesh Rahul from the Randwick end, and the first-innings centurion defends his first three balls.

FOUR! Rahul gets the first runs of the day, just leaning on an off drive. With the bats the way they are and the ball new and hard, it runs away for four.

Rahul lets the last ball go through to Brad Haddin.

5:02 AMIND 0-0 (Vijay 0, Rahul 0) - needs 349 to win

Mitchell Starc will bowl the first over of the day and Murali Vijay lets the first delivery go across him.

The next ball is a yorker that swings in and Vijay keeps it out well. Hopefully the bowlers can get some sideways movement today.

Starc tries for the same delivery but it spears down the leg side.

He bowls one back of a length and Vijay just watches it go past him again.

Starc bowls another ball down the leg side and Vijay tries to clip off his pads but it swings away from him.

SHOUT! Vijay shoulders arms and the Aussies go up as it swings into his pads. The appeal is shut down quickly though as Umpire Kettleborough shakes his head. That looked too high.

Maiden to start. How long will the new ball continue to swing?


In pictures: Sydney Test, Day 5

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