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Blog: Australia vs India, First Test, Day 4

ABC News logo ABC News 11-12-2014 James Maasdorp

Match Pictures

1:01 PMTHAT'S STUMPS! AUSTRALIA 5-290, LEAD BY 363 RUNS. (Smith 52*, Haddin 14*)

India did well to restrict Australia in patches throughout the day, thanks partly to a slow over-rate, but Steve Smith (52*) and Mitchell Marsh (40) let loose late on to increase the rate of scoring. Australia's 290 was set up by David Warner's (102) second century of the match, outlining his super rise to the pinnacle of Test cricket as one of the game's finest batsman.

363 runs may be enough to ensure an overnight declaration after a feisty day where both teams were at each other's throats over some unpleasant words said on the pitch.

12:56 PM - AUS 5-290 (Smith 52*, Haddin 14*) - lead of 363 runs

Mohammed Shami will bowl what should be the last over of the day.

The first ball sees Smith trying to give himself room down leg, but he can't get the ball away towards cover.

RUN OUT CHANCE! Smith pulls Shami straight back into the non-striker's stumps and Shami could run out the sprawling Haddin here! But he can't pull the stump out in time! Haddin's a lucky man.

Smith plays the ball down to fine leg for one run.

FOUR! Shami strays too far down the legside and Haddin nudges it around the corner. That will run fine and race away for four.

Haddin gets two more runs, chopping it behind point.

Haddin gets a single to fine leg to end the day. That's stumps.

12:51 PM AUS 5-282 (Smith 51*, Haddin 7*) - lead of 355 runs

Ishant Sharma to start a new spell. Stumps will be called in about 10 minutes.

Haddin swipes the first ball over mid-wicket, but there's a fielder on the boundary. One run.

Smith cuts Ishant behind point and he settles for a single.

Haddin looks to scoop Ishant over the legside but it's a swing and a miss. Ishant narrowly misses the edge.

12:51 PMAUS 5-280 (Smith 50*, Haddin 6*) - lead of 353 runs

Haddin cracks a short and wide Rohit ball to the sweeper for a single.

12:49 PMFIFTY FOR SMITH! 5x4s, 0x6s, 59 BALLS. AUSTRALIA 5-279 (Haddin 5*)

Smith plays this to extra cover and gets the single to bring up his half-century. A lively innings that dovetails perfectly with that amazing 162 not out he crafted in the first innings.

12:49 PMAUS 5-278 (Smith 49*, Haddin 5*) - lead of 351 runs

Smith dinks this over Rohit's head, and he hurries home for two very well taken runs.

12:45 PMAUS 5-276 (Smith 47*, Haddin 5*) - lead of 349 runs

Smith and Haddin exchange singles against Karn Sharma.

Now Smith looks to reverse sweep the bowler to third man. It's kept just inside the rope, so he'll pick up three.

Haddin takes a swing at Karn's next ball but misses, and Saha is appealing for a stumping. Third umpire shows Haddin's toe was well behind the line.

FOUR! Haddin rocks back and cuts hard and there's no stopping that ball as it races to point.

12:43 PMAUS 4-267 (Smith 43*, Haddin 0*) - lead of 340 runs

Brad Haddin is the new man in. Smith, who is on strike after the batsmen crossed before Vijay took the catch, takes a single to long on.


Smith goes big against Rohit with the slog sweep! It's high enough, but not far enough! Vijay gets under it at fine leg and takes the catch. A vital knock for Australia. Someone had to get a move on, and Marsh was that man. Only 26 balls for those 40 runs, which included four boundaries.

Match Pictures

12:39 PMAUS 4-265 (Smith 41*, Marsh 40*) - lead of 338 runs

All of a sudden, Mitchell Marsh is on 40 from just 25 balls.

Smith is on strike, he drives into the covers and picks up two.

Two more for Smith, playing Rohit to third man and that's well run. That brings up the 50-run partnership.

12:34 PMAUS 4-261 (Smith 37*, Marsh 40*) - lead of 328 runs

SIX! TOP TIER! That's an ENORMOUS swipe over mid-wicket from Marsh! Karn Sharma just looks on in total bemusement.

FOUR! Now Marsh makes room and advances down the pitch, lifting the bowler over the cover infield with a lofted inside-out drive! It nearly clears the rope as well! One bounce for four runs.

SIX RUNS! Marsh has middled this again and it's over mid-wicket once more! Player One has turned on the cheatcodes, now. This is excellent hitting.

Marsh and Smith scoot back for two runs the next ball.

SIX, AGAIN! KABOOM! Marsh has gone big again, powering this over long-off! What an over! 24 runs off it! Wow!

12:30 PM AUS 4-237 (Smith 35*, Marsh 16*) - lead of 310 runs

Aaron is back and pitches it short to Marsh, who pulls uppishly! It lands safely in the mid-wicket area and he picks up two for it.

FOUR! Marsh goes for the slog on-drive! It's not the cleanest of hits but it's flighted and placed in the right area as it rolls over the mid-on rope.

Aaron responds with a fiery bouncer that comfortably clears head height.

Now Marsh drives along the ground, again, not the cleanest of contact, but he gets one to long on.

Marsh flicks Aaron with a wristy shot behind square leg, and the pair are back for two thanks to some brilliant running between the wickets.

12:27 PMAUS 4-228 (Smith 35*, Marsh 9*) - lead of 301 runs

FOUR! He actually pulled that off! Karn Sharma spots the attempted reverse sweep early and sends it well done the leg side, but Smith simply reverse pulls it instead, and it flies away to point (or square leg, depending how you interpret it) for four runs! Talk about agricultural.

Smith puts Marsh on strike with a single to third man.

FOUR MORE! Marsh gets his second boundary, whipping Karn Sharma off his toes through to the deep midwicket fence. The lead is now 300.

Marsh works the bowler to short fine leg and scampers through for a single to retain strike.

12:24 PMAUS 4-218 (Smith 30*, Marsh 4*) - lead of 291 runs

Smith gets a single to put Marsh on strike.

FOUR! Marsh eventually gets one of his charging shots right, coming down the wicket before swatting Rohit Sharma down the field to the long-on boundary.

12:20 PM - AUS 4-213 (Smith 29*, Marsh 0*) - lead of 286 runs

Mitchell Marsh is the new man in.

Karn Sharma thinks he's got him already with a leg-break that balloons off the pad and is pouched by the silly mid-off fielder, but there was no bat on that.

Marsh hits it straight back to the bowler, who throws the ball straight back at the stumps! Marsh just about ducks out of the way of it - the ball whizzing narrowly past his helmet - and hits wicketkeeper Saha in the shoulder! And Sharma apologises to his keeper, not the batsman. The gentleman's game, for you.

12:18 PM - OUT! WARNER IS GONE FOR 102. BOWLED KARN SHARMA. AUS 4-213 (Smith 29*)

Another gem of an innings comes to an end as Warner goes for the unorthodox reverse slog sweep, and Karn Sharma's leg-break takes out the offstump. It looked like the two batsman were just about to start hurrying things along, but Warner's innings is over, and he gets another big round of applause by the Adelaide Oval faithful.

12:15 PM - AUS 3-213 (Smith 29*, Warner 102*) - lead of 286 runs

Warner looks to sweep Rohit Sharma, but misses. It bumps off his thigh pad and behind for a leg bye.

FOUR! Smith comes charging down and slogs a cover drive over the infield for another boundary.

12:12 PM - AUS 3-208 (Smith 25*, Warner 102*) - lead of 281 runs

Karn Sharma is back into the attack. Smith drives him to deep mid-off for one run.

Warner inside edges one ball onto his thigh attempting the big sweep. He gets a run eventually the next delivery, giving himself room to cut hard to point for a single.

12:08 PM - AUS 3-206 (Smith 24*, Warner 101*) - lead of 279 runs

Warner sweeps Rohit behind deep square leg for a single.

Smith gets a single himself to put Warner back on strike.

12:07 PM - AUS 3-204 (Smith 23*, Warner 100*) - lead of 277 runs

Shami starts a new over, bowling to Smith.

SHOT! Great cover drive from Smith who finds the gap after attacking a fuller delivery. That's four.

Match Pictures

12:00 PM - AUS 3-200 (Smith 19*, Warner 100*) - lead of 273 runs

FOUR! Smith dispatches a Rohit full toss through the covers for a boundary. That's a gift.

I'm honestly not sure what's going on here but the bickering between Indian and Australian players has started up again. Something was said between either Saha or Kohli to Smith, who in turn responded, then Warner came in to have some words, and now everyone's sharing their opinion, and I'm not sure what it's about. The tempers are fraying again in Adelaide.

Once it's all calmed down, Smith plays Rohit off his pads for one run.

The last ball sees Warner attempting a cheeky reverse sweep, but he checks himself midway through the shot and 'reverse blocks' it to leg slip for no run instead.

11:57 AM - CENTURY FOR WARNER! 11x4s, 1x6s, 154 BALLS. AUS 3-195 (Smith 14*)

Warner goes for the pull and it's clipped JUST over mid-wicket and bounds away to the rope! Twin centuries for Warner! What a star! It's been a very mature innings where he's taken his time, but he is in such an incredibly rich vein of form. I'm certain we're witnessing a player we'll be telling the grand kids about.

11:54 AM - AUS 3-191 (Smith 14*, Warner 96*) - lead of 264 runs

After a seven minute period of no play (over-rate controversy!), Shami sends one in to Smith, who clips it square for a single.

CLOSE! Shami has Warner driving at a good length delivery and it just misses the edge!

11:47 AM - AUS 3-190 (Smith 13*, Warner 96*) - lead of 263 runs

Warner turns Rohit around the corner for a single to move to 96.

Lovely back-foot drive from Smith, who punches the ball towards the extra cover boundary. Ishant Sharma chases hard, slides in and prevents the boundary. Smith gets three runs.

11:40 AM - AUS 3-186 (Smith 10*, Warner 95*) - lead of 259 runs

Ishant Sharma comes steaming in from around the wicket to Warner.

Another no-ball from Ishant for overstepping. He's struggled with his run-up all day.

Ishant gets one to move from outside off stump in to the left-hander. Warner plays it down into the ground and away to square leg for one run.

11:39 AM - AUS 3-184 (Smith 10*, Warner 94*) - lead of 257 runs

Rohit Sharma returns to the attack. He has Smith trying to sweep and the batsman misses it, although it spoons up off his arm and over the keeper. They cross for two with the ball picked up at fine leg.

11:32 AM - AUS 3-182 (Smith 8*, Warner 94*) - lead of 255 runs

Ishant Sharma to Smith, who digs out a well-placed yorker.

The bowler sends it short and outside off, and Smith blocks it down to backward point for a quick single. An extra is added on as Ishant oversteps again for a no-ball.

FOUR! That's a stand-and-deliver shot from Warner! A slog straight drive into the vacant long-off area. A couple of bounces to the boundary rope. He moves to 94.

11:22 AM - AUS 3-176 (Smith 7*, Warner 90*) - lead of 249 runs

Ishant Shama is back into the attack. Warner is happy to block out a maiden.

Aaron comes back with a tidy over, conceding just the one run as Smith clips him to deep square leg.

Ishant Shama is back into the attack. Warner is happy to block out a maiden.

11:21 AM - AUS 3-175 (Smith 6*, Warner 90*) - lead of 248 runs

DROPPED CATCH! Warner is living a totally charmed life today! Shami sends it wide and Warner flashes at it outside the off stump, and it's flown up to Murali Vijay at gulley, who for some reason goes for it one handed and drops a regulation catch! Terrible fielding! India could have had two wickets in two balls. Warner picks up one amid all the chaos.

Smith is off the mark the next ball, clipping Shami to long-on for two runs.

FOUR! Shami drifts too far down the legside and Smith steers it just wide of Saha and gets a boundary to fine leg.


Caught behind! Clarke gets a feather edge on Aaron's stock delivery and Saha takes the catch! Clarke is out cheaply but at least he looks in better physical condition than earlier in the Test. Steve Smith is the new man in.

Match Pictures

11:12 AM - AUS 2-167 (Clarke 7*, Warner 88*) - lead of 237 runs

Aaron comes around the wicket and Warner moves his feet to athletically glance the ball to the fielder at fine leg. Quick running sees Warner pick up two.

Lovely hands! Warner guides the ball past point and it's chased down by Ishant Sharma on the boundary. Warner gets two. No-ball as well for overstepping.

11:08 AM - AUS 2-162 (Clarke 7*, Warner 84*) - lead of 234 runs

Clarke can't get Shami away as the bowler registers a maiden thanks to a leg-side dominated field. He's angling his deliveries in towards middle and leg and Clarke can only clip it along the ground to the men at mid-wicket and short square leg.

11:01 AM - AUS 2-162 (Clarke 7*, Warner 84*) - lead of 234 runs

Warner clips a full Aaron delivery to square leg for one run.

IN THE AIR, BUT SAFE. Clarke's been found out by this delivery! He gets turned inside out while trying to guide it to square leg, but he's left his bat face open and it spoons up and over the bowler, and between the mid-off and mid-on fielders. Clarke gets home for one lucky run. It's been one of those days for Aaron.

10:57 AM - AUS 2-160 (Clarke 6*, Warner 83*) - lead of 233 runs

Shami bowls and Warner clips him off his toes to fine leg for a single, taking him to 80.

Clarke turns Shami to square leg the next delivery, and gets a single.

Shami comes around the wicket to Warner, who glances it fine and he will run three as Aaron gives chase. Warner briefly thinks of a fourth run but opts against it.

10:52 AM - AUS 2-155 (Clarke 5*, Warner 79*) - lead of 228 runs

Aaron to Clarke. Aaron sends down a wild, loose ball down the leg side. It's only semi-stopped by Saha and Clarke gets across for one bye.

FOUR! Imperious drive through cover from Warner! He finds the gap off an overpitched ball for another boundary!

Short from Aaron and Warner is quick to pull it away to square leg for one.

10:48 AM - AUS 2-149 (Clarke 5*, Warner 74*) - lead of 222 runs

Shami to Clarke, who is unable to get the bowler away for the first three balls.

Shami sends down a short ball to Clarke, who gets underneath it, spotting the bouncer late on.

FOUR! Glorious cover drive from Clarke! It's through the covers and the ball beats the chasing fielder to the rope. Great way to get off the mark.

A good ball to end the over from Shami, angling it towards middle and leg, but Clarke clips it out towards square leg for a single.

10:45 AM - AUS 2-144 (Clarke 0*, Warner 74*) - lead of 217 runs

Aaron to resume hostilities with Warner.

IS THAT AN EDGE? Short and wide from Aaron and Warner tries to follow it with a pull shot, and it's come off something as Saha takes a good catch! The umpire says not out but, after a number of replays, there remains a suggestion he feathered that with some glove. Warner gets a big let-off.

FOUR! Warner does get one away in an over where Aaron has been in charge, punching the bowler through the gap at cover for four runs.

10:45 AM - AUS 2-140 (Clarke 0*, Warner 70*) - lead of 213 runs

First ball to Clarke is full and inswinging from Shami. Clarke prods it out to short mid-wicket for no run.


BOWLED HIM! Watson's gone, going for the drive but Shami's delivery sneaks between bat and pad and takes out the middle stump! A crucial wicket for India!

Michael Clarke, who looks to be moving a little more freely now, is the new man in.

10:36 AM - AUS 1-140 (Watson 33*, Warner 70*) - lead of 213 runs

Right. The players are back out for the final session of day four. Will we see some fireworks from Warner and Watson? We're about to find out.

Mohammed Shami is starting a new spell. His first ball catches Warner on the pad just outside the leg stump, prompting a brief appeal.

Warner waits for a slower ball and paddles it behind point for a quickly-run single.

Match Pictures

10:14 AM - THAT'S TEA. AUSTRALIA 1-139, LEAD OF 212 RUNS (Watson 33*, Warner 69*)

Over a hundred runs in the session, so a good one from Australia's perspective. David Warner (69*) has looked completely in charge, apart from when his stumps were skittled by Varun Aaron, only to be recalled for a no-ball. It sparked a fiesty episode of heated words and pointed fingers between Warner, Aaron, Virat Kohli and Shikhar Dhawan.

Shane Watson (33*) has played a more circumspect support role for Watson after Chris Rogers slogged straight to mid-wicket to be dismissed for 21. The lead is currently 212 runs. Will Australia declare some time in the third session? It will depend on how quickly the hosts can rack up the runs to set a challenging target for India.

10:10 AM - AUS 1-139 (Watson 33*, Warner 69*) - lead of 212 runs

Aaron to bowl the last over before tea. The first ball is full and driven towards cover by Warner for a single.

Aaron sends one wider down the offside and Watson tries to follow it with a cover drive, but hits nothing but air. Good ball.

A full toss this time from the paceman, and Watson fends it square for one run. That brings up the 100-run partnership.

Warner digs out a yorker behind point for a single.

10:08 AM - AUS 1-136 (Watson 32*, Warner 67*) - lead of 209 runs

Rohit Sharma bowling to Watson. He's 0 for 3 after three overs - tidy bowling without really threatening. This should be the last over before tea.

Rohit gets through a very, very rapid maiden over. It's quick enough for India to squeeze in one more over before tea.

10:04 AM - AUS 1-136 (Watson 32*, Warner 67*) - lead of 209 runs

Rohit Sharma gets through a maiden to Warner. Good on him.

FOUR LEG-BYES! Aaron's back and he's looked to bounce Watson, and it clips his shoulder and races away to fine leg!

FOUR WIDES! Aaron's totally lost his mojo now! This bouncer is loose, and wide down the leg side to the boundary again! Five more to the total with the wide added on.

FOUR! Runs this time as Watson clips a brilliantly timed shot off his toes to the square leg boundary! Aaron is totally shaken up. The crowd absolutely loves it.

CRACKING YORKER! Aaron's appealing for LBW but the umpire says no. That was heading down leg but Watson was beaten for pace. What an over.

Last ball of the over drifts down leg and is clipped by Watson with a thick inside edge, behind square for a single.

9:53 AM - AUS 1-121 (Watson 28*, Warner 66*) - lead of 194 runs

Aaron drifts down the leg side and Watson gets a tap behind square leg for one run.

BOWLED HIM!!! Aaron gets Warner going for the big pull shot but skittles his middle stump at pace! Warner has to go for 66 ... wait, no! Replays show a big, big overstep from Aaron, and it's a no-ball. You can come straight back, Mr Warner! Not out!

Warner leaves the next ball as it goes past the off-stump. Now there's an altercation between Warner and Kohli, and Watson's joining in too. Shikhar Dhawan is having words too. "They're all having a go. It's like a footy match!" says Jim Maxwell. The umpires look to have calmed things down.

Aaron pitches it short and Warner fends it behind point for a single. He gives Aaron a smile at the other end, blowing a kiss for good measure. The Indians don't take too kindly to that either, and it's kicking off again! The umpires quickly diffuse the situation. Plenty of afters happening in Adelaide!

9:51 AM - AUS 1-119 (Watson 27*, Warner 66*) - lead of 192 runs

Rohit Sharma continues to Warner, who walks a single after playing it out through the covers.

Watson hits an off-drive to deep mid-off for another run.

9:49 AM - AUS 1-117 (Watson 26*, Warner 65*) - lead of 190 runs

Varun Aaron is starting his first over of the day. Who knows why he's been left out for so long. Perhaps his searing pace can cause some trouble?

The first ball is quick and Warner hurriedly pulls Aaron off his ribs behind square leg for one run.

ON THE PAD! Good line from Aaron, but the appeal is stifled almost immediately as the umpire shakes his head. It hit Watson well above the knee roll.

Great fielding! Watson nearly gets this away but Ajinkya Rahane makes a tremendous, sharp stop at square leg.

9:44 AM - AUS 1-116 (Watson 26*, Warner 64*) - lead of 189 runs

Rohit Sharma comes on for a new spell.

Warner works Rohit behind square leg for a single in what turns out to be a tidy over.

9:37 AM - AUS 1-115 (Watson 26*, Warner 63*) - lead of 188 runs

OH, NEARLY! Warner is in two minds about blocking or glancing Ishant Sharma to square leg, and instead just spoons it up and just wide of the bowler! Virat Kohli and Ishant both have hands on heads in exasperation.

Warner gets a driven shot to the fielder at mid-on and scampers home for a single. The crowd applauds as he reaches 63 not out.

Ishant attempts a big bouncer against Watson, forcing Wriddhiman Saha to make a very athletic stop. But it's another no-ball as Ishant oversteps again.

9:33 AM - AUS 1-113 (Watson 26*, Warner 62*) - lead of 186 runs

Karn Sharma bowls a full toss to Warner, who dispatches it to deep square leg for a single.

SIX RUNS! Far too short from the bowler, and Watson makes room for himself before smashing a big pull-shot over the mid-wicket fence.

Match Pictures

9:29 AM - AUS 1-106 (Watson 20*, Warner 61*) - lead of 179 runs

Ishant Sharma oversteps again for a no-ball, bowling to Watson. Otherwise, Ishant is tidy as ever, with no other runs coming in that over.

9:24 AM - AUS 1-105 (Watson 20*, Warner 61*) - lead of 178 runs

FOUR! Warner stretches across the line of offstump to sweep Karn Sharma to the square-leg boundary.

Warner pulls to square leg for two more runs.

9:17 AM - AUS 1-99 (Watson 20*, Warner 55*) - lead of 172 runs

Ishant Sharma is back in the attack after a drinks break. I still can't quite figure out what India's strategy is with Ishant and why they're not giving him an uninterrupted spell.

Warner nudges the bowler to mid-wicket and gets two runs. Ishant follows that up with an overstep for a no-ball.

APPEAL FOR LBW! Not out. Warner inside-edged a good Ishant delivery onto his pads.

Warner flicks Ishant off his pads to square leg and picks up two more runs.

Warner again nudges Ishant to square leg for a single, retaining strike for the next over.

9:12 AM - FIFTY FOR WARNER! 6x4s, 1x6s, 63 BALLS. AUSTRALIA 1-93 (Watson 20*)

Warner drives towards mid-off and picks up an easy single to bring up his half-century, to go with his magical century in the first innings. He could easily be on his way to a twin century this innings. Top batting.

9:11 AM - AUS 1-92 (Watson 20*, Warner 49*) - lead of 165 runs

This is bizarre. Ishant Sharma, who has been very good this session, is off for Murali Vijay.

And the pressure is released immediately as Warner cuts a short Vijay ball hard through point and picks up three runs.

Now Watson comes across his offstump before paddling a low Vijay delivery around his pads to fine leg for a single.

9:07 AM - AUS 1-88 (Watson 19*, Warner 46*) - lead of 161 runs

Warner sweeps Karn Sharma to fine leg for the one run, bringing up the 50-run partnership between these two batsmen.

Just the one run from another tidy over.

9:03 AM - AUS 1-87 (Watson 19*, Warner 45*) - lead of 160 runs

Ishant Sharma is looking to keep Shane Watson quiet from over the wicket.

He holds a very disciplined line to register a maiden over.

9:00 AM - AUS 1-87 (Watson 19*, Warner 45*) - lead of 160 runs

Karn Sharma gets through a good over, troubling Warner at times. That's a maiden.

8:56 AM - AUS 1-87 (Watson 19*, Warner 45*) - lead of 160 runs

Ishant Sharma is back into the attack, around the wicket to Warner.

Warner looks to pull a shorter ball away, but it comes off the body instead and dribbles towards fine leg. One leg-bye is awarded as the batsmen cross. It's a no-ball on top of all that for overstepping, too.

FOUR! This one's travelling wide down the leg side and Watson helps it along its way with a leg glance to the fine leg boundary. You can never stop those.

FOUR MORE! Overpitched by Ishant and Watson punches this off his legs between square leg and mid-wicket for another boundary. Good timing.

8:50 AM - AUS 1-77 (Watson 11*, Warner 45*) - lead of 150 runs

Those runs in the previous over brought up Warner's 1000th run in Tests this calendar year. That is marvelous. 

Warner sweeps behind square leg for one run.

FOUR! Watson moves into double figures, using his feet to hit a sharply-timed shot through mid-wicket to the boundary.

Match Pictures

8:45 AM - AUS 1-72 (Watson 7*, Warner 44*) - lead of 145 runs

Watson comes down the ground to smack Vijay down the ground. There's a fielder out there, so it's just the one run.

SIX RUNS! Warner goes for the big swipe shot out towards mid-wicket, and it clears the rope! Australia's first maximum of the Test.

Warner keeps strike for the next over with a clipped shot to long-on for one run.

8:41 AM - AUS 1-64 (Watson 6*, Warner 37*) - lead of 137 runs

Watson comes down the wicket and drives Karn Sharma to mid-on. He's eager for the single! Watson will be safe at the one end but Warner has to hurry. The throw comes in but Warner makes it home. One run.

DOWN THE GROUND, FOUR! Warner charges at Karn Sharma and it whistles away for a boundary.

FOUR MORE! Now Warner brings out the reverse sweep. It's deftly timed and gets past the fielder at backward point. No stopping that one.

8:36 AM - AUS 1-55 (Watson 5*, Warner 29*) - lead of 128 runs

Short on the legside from Vijay, and Watson swats it off his thighpad to square leg for one.

FOUR! Warner goes hard and very high! Lofted down the ground and bounces half a metre inside the boundary rope.

8:32 AM - AUS 1-50 (Watson 4*, Warner 25*) - lead of 123 runs

Warner gets a single to square leg via the sweep shot off Karn Sharma.

Watson uses his feet to drive to mid-off for one run.

Now Warner gives himself room to cut through cover. He picks up two runs.

HAMMERED! Warner rocks back again and cuts even harder this time, and that races away for four runs to the extra cover boundary.

8:27 AM - AUS 1-42 (Watson 3*, Warner 18*) - lead of 115 runs

Ishant Sharma is back and immediately beats the inside edge of Watson's forward defensive shot.

Watson does get a single past the bowler to mid-off, before Warner pushes a fuller ball between cover and mid-off for one.

8:23 AM - AUS 1-40 (Watson 2*, Warner 17*) - lead of 113 runs

Vijay's sending his off-breaks to Watson from around the wicket. Watson is able to get a single with an inside-edge to fine leg.

8:19 AM - AUS 1-39 (Watson 1*, Warner 17*) - lead of 111 runs

Field comes in for Watson. He's off the mark with an on-drive to the chasing mid-on fielder for a single.


Rogers goes for the aggressive sweep, but he's smacked Karn Sharma straight to his namesake Rohit at mid-wicket! It's the breakthrough India wanted. Was the slog sweep even warranted? There was no need for panic from Rogers who had got himself in, but he's gone and thrown his wicket away.

Shane Watson comes to the crease.

8:15 AM - AUS 0-38 (Rogers 21*, Warner 17*) - lead of 111 runs

Vijay comes to Rogers from around the wicket. He's kept quiet for much of the over, before clipping him square off his toes for a single on the final delivery.

8:09 AM - AUS 0-37 (Rogers 20*, Warner 17*) - lead of 110 runs

India's players are back out on the pitch. Warner and Rogers follow close behind.

Karn Sharma will resume his spell. Rogers blocks out the first ball towards mid-on.

Rogers works the ball behind square leg for a single.

FOUR! Warner's gone aggressive on his first ball in the session, slogging Karn Sharma over mid-on with a lifting on-drive. It finds the gap and rolls to the fence.

Match Pictures

7:30 AM - THAT'S LUNCH. AUSTRALIA 0-32, LEADS BY 105 RUNS. (Rogers 19*, Warner 13*)

Australia's bowlers did the business early on with five wickets to wrap up India's innings at 444 all out. Peter Siddle (2 for 88) was slightly expensive but picked up two scalps, but the main man today was Nathan Lyon (5 for 134) who completed a deserved five wicket haul.

David Warner (13*) and Chris Rogers (19*) have resisted the urge to go out with all guns blazing, opting instead to carefully accumulate runs to close out the session. At 0 for 32, Australia could be poised to take the attack to the Indian bowlers to set up an insurmountable total, before the hosts try their hand at skittling the Indian batsman to claim what will be a difficult win.

7:27 AM - AUS 0-32 (Rogers 19*, Warner 13*) - lead of 105 runs

Murali Vijay is now into the attack.

FOUR! The offspinner's first ball is short and down the offside. Rogers leans back and cracks a cut shot through backward point.

APPEAL, but not out. Vijay sends one down towards leg stump and catches Rogers high on the pad. Immediate 'not out' from the umpire.

Now Vijay gets one to spin away from Rogers, who nearly gets an edge with an attempted block.

EDGED! The edge comes the very next ball as Rogers gets lucky. The slips fielder can't get down in time as the ball flies past Virat Kohli. Rogers picks up three.

Last ball before lunch. Warner blocks it away towards cover for no run.

7:23 AM - AUS 0-25 (Rogers 12*, Warner 13*) - lead of 98 runs

Ishant Sharma gets two balls to connect with Warner's pads. The first delivery prompted a decent appeal, but again it was travelling down leg. Always hard for the right-arm bowler to get an LBW from around the wicket.

Ishant gets through a maiden over.

7:19 AM - AUS 0-25 (Rogers 12*, Warner 13*) - lead of 98 runs

Karn Sharma, around the wicket to Warner. Warner sweeps the first ball cleanly to backward square leg for a single.

Rogers nudges a ball past the leg slip for a single. Warner will keep strike in the next over after getting one run to mid-on.

7:14 AM - AUS 0-22 (Rogers 11*, Warner 11*) - lead of 95 runs

Ishant Sharma comes around the wicket to Warner, who goes for the quick single, playing the ball to mid-wicket.

APPEAL! Ishant gets one on Rogers' pads, but it was going down leg.

FOUR! Rogers gets his first boundary of the innings. He gets on the back foot and clips it off his pads to the square leg fence.

7:10 AM - AUS 0-17 (Rogers 7*, Warner 10*) - lead of 90 runs

Karn Sharma is on to try out his leg-spin, in just the sixth over of the innings.

FOUR! Well, how about that for a first-up shot? Warner is immediately onto the reverse sweep as Karn Sharma sends one down full and wide of offstump, and it races away to backward point for a boundary.

Warner rotates the strike with a single, pushing out behind square leg.

7:04 AM - AUS 0-12 (Rogers 7*, Warner 5*) - lead of 85 runs

The groundsmen is out to thump the pitch with a big mallet. Some footmarks have been left following both Ishant and Shami's spells.

Rogers works Shami off his hips to square leg for a quick single. Hints of an inside edge onto his body in that.

UGLY SHOT - Warner looks to have a swipe at a short Shami ball but doesn't nearly as much contact on it as he'd like. It lands safely at mid-off and he's able to run home two. That would have been an easy catch for mid-off, were India to have a man there.

Warner's on the back foot and playing the ball past the bowler. Just the one run.

Match Pictures

6:59 AM - AUS 0-8 (Rogers 6*, Warner 2*) - lead by 81 runs

Ishant Sharma comes around the wicket to Rogers, and gets one to swing away from the left-hander. The batsman leaves well alone.

Good shot. Rogers does get it away with a clipped on-drive, working Ishant through the line towards long-on for three runs.

6:55 AM - AUS 0-5 (Rogers 3*, Warner 2*) - lead by 78 runs

Shami to Rogers, who's still looking to get off the mark.

And Rogers does exactly that, driving Shami beautifully down the ground. It won't reach the rope, but he gets three.

PLAY AND A MISS! Good ball from Shami as Warner looks to drive, but it misses the edge. Warner quite lucky there with some mediocre footwork.

6:50 AM - AUS 0-2 (Rogers 0*, Warner 2*) - lead by 75 runs

Ishant Sharma begins his first spell, bowling to Warner.

It takes five balls for Warner to get off the mark, but he works Ishant to extra cover for two runs. First runs for Australia.

6:44 AM - AUS 0-0 (Rogers 0*, Warner 0*) - lead by 73 runs

Chris Rogers and David Warner are out in the middle. They will face off against Mohammed Shami, looking for quick runs.

First ball is blocked away easily enough by Rogers.

OOF! Great ball from Shami and Rogers bravely leaves it. It narrowly brushes his thigh and just over the offstump.

Rogers looks to tuck Shami off his hip behind square, but opts against taking the run.


The party's over, people. Shami's entertaining 34 ends after 24 balls as he goes for another big heave against Siddle, but can only edge it to Shane Watson, who dives low to his left to pouch a good catch.

Overall, a good innings from the Indians to reduce the deficit to 73 runs after Australia made a mammoth 517. Nathan Lyon ends the innings with figures of 5 for 134, which will vindicate him as Australia's number one Test spinner. A fine effort from him this morning as he triggered a rapid collapse in India's tail.

But can either team produce a result other than a draw from this match? It will be interesting to see how hard Australia's openers come out in the beginning of the second innings.

6:32 AM - IND 9-444 (Shami 34*, Aaron 3*) - trail by 73 runs

SIX! Short from Siddle and Shami's just gone for it! A well-timed pull shot sails over everyone's head and nestles into the deep midwicket stands.

6:28 AM - IND 9-438 (Shami 28*, Aaron 3*) - trail by 79 runs

FOUR! Shami charges down the pitch and lofts Lyon over to the long-on boundary. Two bounces before it hits the rope.

Shami slogs Lyon towards deep-midwicket along the ground. Just the single.

Aaron's off the mark, chipping Lyon down the ground for one.

Now Shami lobs Lyon over mid-off and gets a couple more.

Shami swipes Lyon to mid-wicket along the ground. One run.

Aaron comes down the wicket on the last ball of the over and drives over the bowler's head for two runs.

6:23 AM - IND 9-427 (Shami 20*, Aaron 0*) - trail by 90 runs

In the air! Shami has gone airborne against Siddle with a weak on-drive slog, but Michael Clarke can't cover enough ground as his diving catch attempt falls short. Shami gets two runs.

In the air again! Shami goes for an agricultural pull shot and gets the top-edge. It lands safely at fine leg and he picks up three runs. Varun Aaron on strike for the first time.

Aaron blocks it out to cover and looks for the single, but is sent straight back.


Another Lyon wicket! That's a five-wicket-haul! Lyon gets one to spin up at Ishant, who gets a touch on it with a forward defensive stroke, and it spoons up for Steve Smith to take the catch at short leg! India unravelling, Lyon excelling.

6:19 AM - IND 8-422 (Shami 15*, Ishant Sharma 0*) - trail by 95 runs

Ishant Sharma is the new man in. He has a high score of 31. We're into the tail good and proper now.

Match Pictures


Another Lyon breakthrough! The last recognised batsman departs after Saha edges a ball off his pads, and Shane Watson at first slip dives forward to take the catch.

Oh oh! Replays don't exactly lend credence to the theory that Saha made batting contact with that. No DRS, no complaints, I guess.

6:12 AM - IND 7-421 (Shami 15*, Saha 24*) - trail by 96 runs

Dear oh dear. Siddle has quite a bit to make up for that piece of fielding comedy. He's bowling to Shami now.

Short ball, and Shami gets down before flicking his bat at it, over his head, and he gets two runs to square leg. "A table tennis shot", says Harsha Bhogle.

6:06 AM - IND 7-419 (Shami 13*, Saha 24*) - trail by 98 runs

Lyon continues, to Shami. The new man in offers a big stride to block out the first ball.

BIG SWING! Shami charges down the pitch and slogs it through mid-wicket. The briefest of catching chances but it bounces safely, and he gets two runs. Streaky!

DROPPED! Shami goes big in a very ill-advised slog shot over mid-wicket. Siddle is the man on the boundary rope and he's dropped a regulation catch! It's rebounded off his forehead in admittedly hilarious fashion, and dribbled over the boundary rope. Four runs to rub salt in the fielder's wounds.

6:05 AM - IND 7-413 (Shami 7*, Saha 24*) - trail by 104 runs

FOUR! Mohammed Shami is the new man in and he cuts his first ball through backward point! Not the worst way to get off the mark.

Good ball from Siddle angled towards the offstump and Shami edges it along the ground, past Gulley. It's chased down and the batsmen return for three runs.


THAT'S BOWLED. Great response from Siddle who managed to move the ball in the air before straightening, beating bat and pad to take out the middle stump. Parity looks further and further away now for India.

6:04 AM - IND 6-406 (Karn Sharma 4*, Saha 24*) - trail by 111 runs

BIG APPEAL! Karn Sharma doesn't offer a shot and this is plumb, surely? Siddle demands an LBW dismissal but Marais Erasmus says not out. Replays show it would have just missed off stump, having hit him on the back pad.

5:54 AM - IND 6-406 (Karn Sharma 4*, Saha 24*) - trail by 111 runs

Karn Sharma is off the mark in Test cricket, whipping Lyon towards deep mid-on for three runs.

Saha steps towards leg and guides Lyon behind point for one, before he's immediately sent back by his partner while attempting a second.

BIG APPEAL! Lyon produces a beauty to Karn Sharma which misses the edge. Haddin's not fussed but Lyon issues a huge appeal for caught behind. Nothing doing.

ANOTHER BEAUTY! Lyon beats Karn Sharma's drive and Haddin whips the bails off, but he's safe in the crease.

THREE IN A ROW! Lyon again beats the outside edge as Karn Sharma comes forward on the defensive.

Karn Sharma ends the over with a drive into the covers for a single. What a bowling display from Lyon!

5:53 AM - IND 6-401 (Karn Sharma 0*, Saha 23*) - trail by 116 runs

The score tips over 400 as Saha gets two runs, guiding Siddle behind point towards the boundary.

5:49 AM - IND 6-399 (Karn Sharma 0*, Saha 21*) - trail by 118 runs

Rohit Sharma departs, and Karn Sharma enters the arena. The left-handed tail-ender comes forward and defends his first ball in Test cricket. A crucial over from Lyon comes to an end.


Catching chance! And taken brilliantly by Lyon! It's a weak prod from Rohit and it travels low and to Lyon's right, but he gets down superbly to take a diving return catch! Excellent wicket from Lyon.

Match Pictures

5:45 AM - IND 5-399 (Rohit Sharma 43*, Saha 21*) - trail by 118 runs

Saha leans back to guide Lyon with a back-foot punch through backward point for a single.

FOUR! Rohit charges at Lyon and lofts an on-drive over mid-on. It won't go all the way, in fact it takes a number of bounces before touching the rope. Remember, this is the guy who belted a 264 in a one-day international. If he gets going, this could be interesting.

5:40 AM - IND 5-394 (Rohit Sharma 39*, Saha 20*) - trail by 123 runs

Peter Siddle makes it a double bowling change for Australia.

He sends down a short ball outside of off, moving in towards the batsman. Saha ducks away from it.

Good shot from Saha - Siddle slightly overpitches and strays towards middle and leg. Saha clips it towards long-on with a drive and picks up three.

The last ball of the over is angling towards middle and kept a little bit low. Rohit's block has a hint of inside-edge to it. Nearly got through.

5:35 AM - IND 5-391 (Rohit Sharma 39*, Saha 17*) - trail by 126 runs

Nathan Lyon will bowl his first over of the day.

First ball sees Sharma lean forward and sweeps to square leg for one run.

Lyon's still hunting out the footmarks he's aiming for. He gets one to jag back at Saha, who leans back and guides the ball past the slips for two runs.

The last ball is played out by Saha through point for one run.

5:31 AM - IND 5-387 (Rohit Sharma 38*, Saha 14*) - trail by 130 runs

FOUR! Wide and too full from Johnson and Saha drives this through the gap at cover! The first boundary of the day.

ANOTHER BOUNDARY! Saha's got a gun of a cover drive on him as he shows excellent timing to caress Johnson through cover and point.

5:27 AM - IND 5-379 (Rohit Sharma 38*, Saha 6*) - trail by 138 runs

Harris's first ball to Rohit sees an inside edge off a defensive stroke onto the batsman's pads.

A shorter ball is hooked away by Rohit to backward square leg for a single.

Another short ball sees a skittish Saha tuck the ball to square leg for another run.

5:23 AM - IND 5-377 (Rohit Sharma 37*, Saha 5*) - trail by 140 runs

Johnson attempts a yorker at Saha's offstump, but the batsman prods it away back to the bowler with an uncertain drive.

Johnson gets through another maiden. India looking happy to occupy the crease.

5:18 AM - IND 5-377 (Rohit Sharma 37*, Saha 5*) - trail by 140 runs

Harris is back, and starts off with another superb length delivery which again misses the edge of Rohit's forward defensive stroke.

Harris chalks up a maiden.

5:14 AM - IND 5-376 (Rohit Sharma 36*, Saha 5*) - trail by 141 runs

Harris to Saha. The first ball is full and driven, but straight to point. No run.

Saha attempts the drive again and finds the gap well enough. He'll get one run as Siddle runs from mid-off to cover to field the ball.

Rohit will also get a single, clipping the ball to mid-off.

Match Pictures

5:09 AM - IND 5-376 (Rohit Sharma 36*, Saha 5*) - trail by 141 runs

Harris to Saha. The first ball is full and driven, but straight to point. No run.

Saha attempts the drive again and finds the gap well enough. He'll get one run as Siddle runs from mid-off to cover to field the ball.

Rohit will also get a single, clipping the ball to mid-off.

5:05 AM - IND 5-374 (Rohit Sharma 35*, Saha 4*) - trail by 143 runs

Mitchell Johnson to bowl his first ball of the day to Wriddhiman Saha.

"He showed some good bottle to get through yesterday, didn't he?" quips Jim Maxwell on air. Johnson, you might remember, peppered Saha with a series of bouncers before the close of play.

The first few balls of this over are blocked competently.

Now Saha attempts a drive and gets a bit of an edge, steering the ball through gulley. He gets three runs as it flies past the diving David Warner.

5:01 AM - IND 5-371 (Rohit Sharma 35*, Saha 1*) - trail by 146 runs

First ball of the day! Ryan Harris bowling to Rohit Sharma.

Harris (1 for 49 after 17 overs) sends down a yorker towards middle stump, which Rohit does well to dig out.

First runs of the day come from a full Harris delivery, which Rohit comes forward to and plays around the corner for two runs.

PLAY AND A MISS - there's an appeal from Harris as a ball pitched on excellent line breezes past Rohit's bat, but it's not out. Two from the over.

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