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F1's wish list for 2016

Sky Sports logo Sky Sports 31-12-2015

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The start of a new year always ushers in a period of fresh optimism and excitement and, although it may still be over two months away, that certainly applies to the 2016 F1 season. 

So, with that in mind, six members of the Sky Sports F1 team have outlined their respective wishes for the forthcoming 12 months…

Ted Kravitz

"Let's not sugar-coat it, we're had two years of domination by one team, and that's not good for the sport.

"So my first wish would be that we can have three teams fighting it out for the championship. I think we're certainly going to have two - but I don't know where the third one is going to come from because I don't see Red Bull or Williams really getting in there for the title.

"But, hey-ho, at least if we can have four title-contending drivers in Mercedes and Ferrari that would be good.

"The other wish would be that we get more exciting races where the teams, and the engineers specifically, are a little more hands off and don't try and control their drivers' races according to a computer programme that they've perfected in the days leading up to the grand prix. There were too many races last year that you watched and thought 'this has been designed by computer' - and that's not sport."

Simon Lazenby

"I hope Ferrari can challenge Mercedes - it's as simple as that.

"We've got to have a race at the front. They've got to take another second out of them, realistically, so that's the challenge."

David Croft

"My wish would be that some of the greatest drivers in the world are able to go out and race and show us exactly how good they are and put on an entertaining spectacle week after week after week.

"As let us not forget - that's why we're all here. So my wish would be that the politics, for a change, get shoved to one side, the racing dominates the headlines and we get varied, close, competitive, thrilling, exhilarating racing."

Johnny Herbert

"I'd like to see track limits controlled. I want to see drivers racing on the track between the white lines - only - and not flying off the track and gaining an advantage.

"Even if you're on your own, you still are gaining some time if you run wide."

Anthony Davidson

"I hope that for the sake of the show, and the Brits out there, that McLaren really turn it around. They've had a really difficult season and it's been hard for everyone in the factory. So I hope they turn around the situation and have a decent car this year.

"Another wish would be more competition at the sharp end to spice things up more, so it's not just a two-horse race between the Mercedes drivers."

Martin Brundle

"We are surviving on history, heritage and momentum generated over 65 years. Those responsible to add new energy to the F1 flywheel can only shout at each other in calamitous meetings, create unnavigable processes for change, think in the short term and only of their own interests, and seem fearful of true competition. They have allowed a totally financially unviable situation to develop where many teams are as good as broke and surviving rather than flourishing, and so have to employ the richest rather than the fastest drivers. And many great circuits are on the brink too.

"All despite billions coming into the sport. Sort it out guys and girls, you're the guardians who have to engage the next generation. I am, however, already looking forward to the 2016 season."

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