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Female sports journalists are made to hear the tweets addressed to them and things get really disturbing

India Today logo India Today 27-09-2016

Women. Sports. Journalists.

There you go, we just spelled it out.

Did the world end? No.

In what is almost enraging and most definitely disturbing, a new campaign titled #MoreThanMean has gone on to reveal the dark side of internet that is enough to make one cringe.

That dark side, that is just not okay with the idea of women sports journalists. Or well, women doing anything besides cooking.

Launched by a podcast titled, Not Just Sports, the campaign involved a string of men reading out some tweets addressed to Julie DiCaro, a reporter with Sports Illustrated and Sarah Spain, an ESPNW reporter and radio host.

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The session that started on a somewhat non-disturbing-yet-offensive note with tweets like, "Sarah Spain sounds like a nagging wife on TV today," to "Sarah Spain is just a scrubmuffin"--took a grave turn soon enough.

Where one tweet read, "Hopefully this sk*nk Julie DiCaro is Bill Cosby's next victim. That would be classic"--(in reference to Bill Cosby's sexual assault case)

"I hope your boyfriend beats you," read yet another one.

"I hope you get raped again," was a tweet addressed to DiCaro.

The men who'd volunteered to read out the tweets, without the prior knowledge of what exactly their role in this campaign was, were visibly shaken and hesitant on whether or not to continue reading out the tweets.

The tweets just didn't end there. Neither did everything around it.

Watch the video here.

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