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Hamilton wants to play himself on the silver screen

Sport360° logo Sport360° 31-03-2017
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Lewis Hamilton isn't going to entrust the job of playing him in a movie to anyone else.

Three-time world champion Lewis Hamilton plans to play himself in a biopic he hopes will come to fruition one day.

While no production plans are currently in the pipeline, the F1 driver aspires to bring the story of his life to the silver screen, and play his own role while he’s at it.

“I would probably play myself,” Hamilton confessed in an interview on the Confidential On Nova radio show.

“I have not seen an actor that looks like me or that I’d particularly want to represent me.”

“My story is about coming from humble beginnings. I am probably the last of a dying breed because pretty much every other driver I’m racing with has come from wealth,” he added.

“It will be really telling a family story about where we’ve come from, how we did it as a family, the sacrifices my family made and the trials and tribulations we came across along the way.”

The Mercedes driver believes his personal story embodies the values which nourish courage, drive and the ambition to succeed.

“I think it is an inspiring story for people around the world, not to be racing drivers but for anything, for families to stick together as a unit and having dreams and following those dreams and actually achieving them.”

It’s doubtful Hamilton would commit to such an ambitious project while still active as a Formula 1 driver.

But he’s often spoken about his desire to get involved in show business in one form or the other once he leaves racing behind. When will that be, is anyone’s guess.

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