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Indian boxers to be disqualified for not being patriotic enough? No INDIA on their shirts!

The Financial Express logo The Financial Express 11-08-2016

In what could be a huge humiliation for the country, which comes quickly in the wake of so many others suffered by the nation at the Olympic Games as their sportsmen and women have been doing nothing but failing to even pose a challenge to others and losing easily, officials are now threatening to disqualify their boxers – and the event has barely begun. So now, India faces the prospect that its top boxers, some of whom are Olympic medal prospects, will not even be able to take to the ring! Does it have anything to do with sponsors.? Maybe, maybe not!

What all this hue and cry is about is the fact that the Indian boxers uniforms, jerseys in particular, do not have the basics right. There is no INDIA written on them and the officials have launched a crackdown. The Olympic Games are all about national performances and not just about individuals. The sportsmen represent their countries, not themselves. They are in fact playing for their country. So, how come they don’t have India written anywhere? In fact, none of the kits of the boxers has India written anywhere! So, where are they from? Whom are they playing for?

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The greatest Indian Olympians

All the other nations are proudly displaying their countries names prominently and yet there is India without any! In fact, it is a rule in the Olympic competitions that every player has to identify which nation he or she represents. And that is to be done by prominently by writing the name of the country on the back of the shirt – the stress is on PROMINENTLY.

Now, the situation that it has created may get Indian boxers Vikas Krishan, Manoj Kumar and Shiva Thapa disqualified from Rio Olympics. And what is worse, what may really hurt the pride of India, is the fact that both Vikas Krishan and Manoj Kumar have progressed further in their respective events by beating their first round opponents.

Now, with boxer Shiva Thapa to come out soon into the ring, will the Indian officials manage to procure new uniforms or will they try and brazen it out? Officials have let it be known that Thapa cannot take to the ring without a shirt with India written on it! He barely has hours to procure the shirt or forfeit the match!

No clarification is coming from anywhere and if the boxers are disqualified, then who will be held responsible? Accountability is a must. Also, what needs to be found out is what was the reason behind Indian pugilists not donning uniforms with India emblazoned prominently on them? And this is required immediately to send a strong message to all.

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