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Juventus will bounce back stronger, asserts Dybala

IANS logoIANS 06-06-2017

Juventus bagged a domestic hat-trick of Serie A -- record-breaking sixth in a row -- and Coppa Italia in the last season. They also reached the final of the UEFA Champions League but their hopes of season treble evaporated with a 1-4 thrashing at the hands of Real Madrid in Cardiff.

Dybala posted on social networking site Instagram on Monday: "Didn't end like we wanted, but we left it all. I am saddened by the team, for the fans and for me. We have been beaten but not defeated. The disappointment is huge and we will learn from this defeat that hurts. Today more than ever, more united and more determined to continue."

The 23-year-old was one of the many star players from the Serie A side who did not perform in the final. He was eventually substituted in the 78th minute when the scoreline read 3-1 in the favour of the Spanish champions.

"I feel sorry for the team and the fans. Disappointment is a lot, but we must learn from this defeat that now burns. Loser is defeated, but not won. Even more united, even more convinced, we start from here. More than before," Dybala, who in April signed a new contract till the summer of 2022 with Juventus, added.

"It's not over as we desired, but we did the best to go for the final goal. I feel sorry for the team for the fans and myself. The disappointment is huge, but we must learn from this defeat which now hurts. Stronger together and even more determined, let's start from here. Today more than before."

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