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Live blog: Australia vs India, Day 2, Adelaide Test

09-12-2014 ABC News (AU)

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8:59 AM - The ground staff are taking planks off the covers, but the radar still says more rain is incoming, possibly even heavier than what we've had so far today. At the moment, there's no word on when the players will be back out in the middle.

8:37 AM - Another rain delay. Can you believe it? First we have to wait an insufferable amount of time for Smith to reach his century and now ... whoops. Better not say anything more. #Ibelieveinjinxes #touchwood

Anyways, hopefully this won't be too lengthy a delay.

8:36 AM - AUS 6-423 (Clarke 98*, Smith 103*)

Murali Vijay enters the fray with the ball.

Smith whips the bowler towards the leg side for one, before Clarke works the ball in similar fashion to deep mid-wicket for another single.


8:35 AM - AUS 6-421 (Clarke 97*, Smith 102*)

Clarke on strike as Karn Sharma comes in to bowl. Clarke drives it hard at the man at mid-off and scampers through for a single, which takes the score to 408. Another big round of applause in memory of Phillip Hughes is sounded around the ground, marking his Test number for Australia.

Smith works the next ball to mid-on for one run.

FOUR! Now Clarke takes the aerial route, hitting the bowler over his head to the long-off boundary. Clarke moves into the nineties!

EDGE! Clarke flashes at a wider delivery down the off side and gets the edge, but it falls safely in the gap behind the vacant slips area and he rushes home three runs.

Smith gets another single to keep the scoreboard ticking over.

FOUR MORE! Clarke rocks back and cuts hard, and there's no stopping that ball as it races to the point boundary!

8:32 AM - AUS 6-413 (Clarke 90*, Smith 101*)

Clarke on strike as Karn Sharma comes in to bowl. Clarke drives it hard at the man at mid-off and scampers through for a single, which takes the score to 408. Another big round of applause in memory of Phillip Hughes is sounded around the ground, marking his Test number for Australia.

Smith works the next ball to mid-on for one run.

FOUR! Now Clarke takes the aerial route, hitting the bowler over his head to the long-off boundary. Clarke moves into the nineties!

8:29 AM - A CENTURY FOR SMITH! 14x4s, 0x6s, 172 BALLS. AUS 6-407 (Clarke 85*)

First ball of the resumed session, and Smith just guides this through mid-wicket for two runs! A terrific knock from Mr Reliable in the middle-order. That's his fifth Test century, and he gets a very warm round of applause. He gets a fist-bump, then a hug from his captain.

8:27 AM - AUS 6-405 (Clarke 85*, Smith 98*)

Smith is taking guard on 98. He will face off against Varun Aaron. Clarke is at the non-striker's end.

8:26 AM - Michael Clarke and Steve Smith are heading back out. India's players are also out there as the crowd cheers for the resumption of play. Fingers crossed the rain is kept at bay.

8:24 AM - Looks like the covers are off again. Hopefully the game will be back underway in about five minutes.

8:00 AM - Hold the phone - the hesham covers are back out on the pitch, and the Indian players are heading off the pitch along with the umpires. This is frustrating.

7:59 AM - We're just a few minutes away from the resumption of play for the second session. There's still a fair bit of gloom about Adelaide with a thick band of overcast clouds hovering above, but the umpires are out there and the Indian players are in a huddle, psyching themselves up.

Latest match pictures

7:16 AM - LUNCH CALLED EARLY: AUSTRALIA 6-405 (Clarke 85*, Smith 98*)

Michael Clarke came out to resume his innings in a brave showing as he battled his back injury this morning. Resuming on 60 alongside Steve Smith on 72, the pair of batsman began totting up the runs in an assertive display of batting, despite some obvious grimaces from Clarke.

Smith raced away to 98 not out before the rain called an early end to the first session. He will come back out hoping for a fifth Test century as his stock in the Test team continues to grow at a rapid pace. The covers are off and play is set to resume at 1:30pm AEDT, weather permitting.

6:40 AM - RAIN DELAY. AUSTRALIA 6-405 (Clarke 85*, Smith 98*)

There's some "nuisance rain", as Jim Maxwell calls it, falling in Adelaide at the moment, and the players are jogging off as the groundsmen rush on with some hesham covers. Hopefully it's not too long a delay.

Sympathies are with Steve Smith too, who looked all set for a fifth Test century.

6:36 AM - AUS 6-405 (Clarke 85*, Smith 98*)

FOUR! Aaron over-pitches and Smith drives hard through extra cover for a superb boundary! He moves to 98!

6:32 AM - AUS 6-401(Clarke 85*, Smith 94*)

Shami comes back into the attack for India.

Smith gets forward to caress the ball towards mid-on for a single.

NEARLY! Clarke throws his bat at a wider delivery down the offside. It's chopped straight down and over the stumps as Clarke has a word with himself.

6:29 AM - AUS 6-400(Clarke 85*, Smith 93*)

FOUR! Smith moves into the nineties as Aaron drifts too far wide down the leg-stump. Smith clips it deftly off his front pad and watches on as the ball races away to the fine-leg boundary.

Now Smith drives Aaron towards cover. The fielder gets a hand on it and keeps it to one run.

FOUR! Lovely shot from Clarke who leans back and deftly guides the ball past gulley with a cute late cut. 400 up for Australia.

6:27 AM - There's a bit of a delay here as a groundsman comes on to confer with the umpires about the weather. The umpires are going to keep the players on the pitch as play continues.

6:21 AM - AUS 6-391 (Clarke 81*, Smith 88*)

Ishant Sharma is back, sending them in short to Clarke first up. Then better length deliveries follow, with Clarke defending well on the front foot.

The last ball is outside the offstump and Clarke leaves well alone. A maiden over.

6:17 AM - AUS 6-391 (Clarke 81*, Smith 88*)

Varun Aaron is bowling his first over of the day. "He's slippery," says Grandstand's Jim Maxwell.

Clarke clips a shot behind square leg for one run to put Smith on strike.

Aaron hits Smith on the pads, but there's no serious appeal for LBW as it was drifting too far down the leg side. A missed opportunity for Smith, who was looking to glance it away.

6:13 AM - AUS 6-390 (Clarke 80*, Smith 88*)

Ishant Shama pitches it short to Smith, who gets a single off a back-foot defensive shot towards cover.

Clarke pulls another short ball at shoulder height - a very stiff shot - but it's good enough for one run to deep mid-wicket.

6:07 AM - AUS 6-388 (Clarke 79*, Smith 87*)

Karn Sharma is set to send down his first set of leg-spinners for the day.

Clarke prods an on-drive towards mid-wicket and he has to run hard to make his ground! In the end he's comfortably safe as the throw comes in, but he really had to push to get home.

Smith puts his captain back on strike with a clipped shot to square leg.

FOUR! Too short from the bowler and Clarke punches this with a paddling shot off his hips to the vacant mid-wicket boundary rope.

6:03 AM - AUS 6-382 (Clarke 74*, Smith 86*)

Ishant Sharma tests out Clarke with a short ball, and the Australia captain is equal to it, hooking it away from his helmet for a single to mid-wicket. The stump mic, however, did catch a grimace from Clarke has he made the shot. There's some obvious pain to deal with.

5:57 AM - AUS 6-381 (Clarke 73*, Smith 86*)

FOUR! Take that, says the not-at-all injured Clarke. Shami pitches it short and wide of the offstump, and Clarke simply guides it up and over gulley for a classy boundary.

Clarke gets a single before Smith takes another run, angling the ball off his hips behind square leg.

Clarke whips Shami off his toes for a single to square leg. Seven runs off the over.

5:53 AM - AUS 6-374 (Clarke 67*, Smith 85*)

FOUR! Smith gets forward and clips Ishant Shama's full delivery through mid-wicket for another boundary. He moves into the eighties.

ANOTHER FOUR! An awesome, authoritative shot from Smith as he rocks onto his back foot, stands tall and drives Ishant through cover for another boundary. A good start to day two for the Australians.

5:48 AM - AUS 6-366 (Clarke 67*, Smith 76*)

Shami back into the attack.

FOUR! Clarke gets his first runs of the day with a stand-and-deliver back foot drive. Fabulous shot to the cover boundary to take him past the now mythical 63 mark.

Clarke looks to pull Shami to mid-wicket and gets some air on it, but it lands safely as the batsman canter home for two.

Shami angles a full ball in to the off-stump. Clarke rocks back and pokes a well-timed cover drive towards extra cover, but it is well stopped in the field. He gets one for it.

Smith is back on strike, and he attempts a pull shot, but bottom edges it past the diving keeper. One run.

5:44 AM -  AUS 6-358 (Clarke 60*, Smith 76*)

Ishant Shama starts his first over of the day.

FOUR! His first ball is short and wide on the offside. Smith has no trouble with a dashing cut shot to the point boundary. He moves to 76.

5:40 AM - AUS 6-354 (Clarke 60*, Smith 72*)

Mohammed Shami will complete his over to start off day two. Clarke to face.

PLAY AND A MISS: Shami gets a great ball to seam away from the right hander, and Clarke has a nibble. His attempted cover drive narrowly misses the edge.

End of the over. A wicket-maiden for Shami after claiming Brad Haddin's wicket on the last ball of day one.

5:39 AM - Michael Clarke is resuming his innings. Is it courageous? Is it silly? Either way, captain Michael Clarke has opted to resume his innings on 60 alongside Steve Smith, who is unbeaten on 72. If this match needed any more narrative, it just got some delivered in spades.

We're just a few moments away from the resumption of play. Enjoy!

5:30 AM - Play is set to get underway at 11:10am (AEDT) at the Adelaide Oval due to a weather delay. That's 10:40am for those at home in Adelaide.

Latest match pictures

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