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Vettel supports engine changes

Sky Sports logo Sky Sports 08-04-2016


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Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel says if he could make one change to F1 it would be a return to normally aspirated engines. 

The German feels a lot of F1's current problems stem from the decision to switch to V6 hybrid units and feels it was the wrong direction for the sport to take.

"I personally think the current power unit regulations are too expensive and it would be beneficial for all the teams and the whole sport to go back to something normally aspirated," Vettel said.

Pointed out to him that a proposal to cap engine costs was vetoed by Ferrari last year, Vettel stood by his comments - after a moment of awkwardness.

"What I said and I stick to what I said is that these power units are too expensive," he added. "They have cost a lot of money already and they will keep costing a lot of money.

"Everything else that we have been trying to with changes to rules doesn't change the key problem and I think a lot of problems that we face now goes back to the fact it was the wrong way to go. It is easy now to raise your hand and admit that, but we are still stuck with what we have.

"I can't change the rules, I think it is a good thing that you don't let one driver or one person change the rules, but the way it is currently set up is probably not the best either."

Vettel's views were echoed by Bernie Ecclestone who says the alternative engine idea is "absolutely" not dead and doesn't feel F1 should be used for road car technology experiments.

"This [V6] engine is good, I'm told, for the car manufacturers - although nobody can ever use that engine," the F1 supremo told Sky Sports F1.

"But if it is and they want to use it to experiment they should use it in the World Touring Car Championship.

"It's very difficult for Mercedes, and Ferrari for that matter I suppose, to agree to change a power unit that they've spent a fortune developing."

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