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'Vettel will regret Baku response'

Sky Sports logo Sky Sports 30-06-2017
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Sebastian Vettel has dealt badly with the fallout from his "road rage" with Lewis Hamilton in Baku and should regret his actions, according to this week's F1 Report guests. 

Found at fault by race stewards for "steering into" Hamilton's Mercedes behind the Safety Car, Vettel's lack of explanation or contrition in his post-race interviews surprised many.

"What really upset me in the aftermath of all this was Seb's reaction post-race, and even during the race on the radio," says Marc Priestley on Wednesday's F1 Report at 8.30pm on Sky Sports F1.

Hamilton vs Vettel and the craziest F1 moments in history (Readsport)

Craziest moments in Formula 1 history: The title rivalry between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel hit a fiery new level in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix as the Ferrari driver twice drove into Hamilton’s Mercedes whilst under the safety car period.Vettel crashed into the back of Hamilton at turn 15 before accelerating up next to the Brit in a show of rage, where he appeared to purposely steer straight into the left side of Hamilton’s car.The stewards put the incident under investigation and handed Vettel a 10 second stop and go penalty and three penalty points on his licence for ‘dangerous driving’.Vettel complained via his team radio that Hamilton had decelerated too much and ‘brake tested’ him at the corner, but the German has come to face a flurry of criticism for the controversial incident, with Hamilton himself describing Vettel’s driving as “disgusting”.Former World Champion Damon Hill has since called Vettel’s behaviour “petulant” as the four-time World Champion now faces a severe backlash from the media for his antics.That incident got us looking back at some other crazy moments in F1 history: Craziest moments in Formula 1 history

"He didn't admit there was any fault on his part at all and I hope he has watched the incident back and he sees that he has dealt with that badly.

"That doesn't show a good Sebastian Vettel."

Vettel now has nine penalty points on his superlicence - the most of any driver - and Hamilton said of the incident that "there are kids watching us on TV and to see a multi-world champion…you would think he would behave better than that".

Jamie Chadwick, a 19-year-old driver in the BRDC British F3 championship, told the F1 Report that as a young racer she admired Vettel's passion, but still reckons he would have been wise to publicly admit some blame.

"From a young driver's point of view, I can see it from the sense of emotion and heat of the moment," said Chadwick.

Vettel should set an example (Sky Sports)

"With Seb you would expect a lot more from him. I'm a massive Vettel fan and to see the emotion and how much he really cares about this championship, and how much it means to him, it's nice to see that.

"But it would have been nice to have seen a bit of ownership and afterwards hold his hands up, because ultimately as a young driver that's what I would respect."

Priestley added: "It wasn't a great example for aspiring racing drivers. It was essentially road rage and I don't think there's a place for that in Formula 1."

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While widely condemned, and labelled "disrespectful" by Hamilton, the wheel-banging incident has nonetheless suddenly added tension into an already tight championship battle between F1's two most successful current drivers.

"We've got a bit of needle in the fight now," said Priestley.

"It makes it really interesting because to have that little bit of grit between the two adds a little bit of spice."

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