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Watch: Dust devil sweeps through football match in Peru

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Watch: Dust devil sweeps through football match in Peru © Provided by Firstpost Watch: Dust devil sweeps through football match in Peru

Fans who came to watch a football match were shocked to see a dust devil or whirlwind during the Tambogrande district final between Semillero and San Andres in Copa Peru. The incident happened on 8 May, when a strong dusty whirlwind interrupted the football match, forcing players to flee the field.

The natural phenomenon was caught on camera during a live broadcast of the game by a Piura-based media company. The swirling column of dust invaded the field and caused a frenzy among the players on the field as well as viewers in the stands.

In the now-viral video, the dust devil can be seen making its way through the middle of the field, making everyone run and temporarily delaying the game. Since being shared, this clip has left everyone stunned on the internet.

Watch the video here:

According to The Guardian, soon after a goal was scored by Semillero making the score 1-1, the unusual whirlwind suddenly hit one end of the pitch. It crossed the entire field and briefly interrupted the match while the onlookers were left stunned looking at it.

The whirlwind, which is often mistaken for a tornado, caused no apparent damage but delayed the match for some time.

For the unversed, dust devils are small whirlwinds that pick up debris, dust, or anything that comes their way as they roll over land at high speed. People often mistake them for tornados, which are formed with a downward motion of wind as contrasting to upwards.

This was not the first time when such an incident has taken place. Last year in July, footballers at a tournament in Bolivia faced the same scenario when suddenly a whirlwind of dust interrupted their play.

A shocking video was captured wherein the powerful gust of wind dragged a person’s clothes into the air as players ran for their life. However, the whirlwind caused no damage but only delayed the start of a tournament final in Achocalla, NBC News reported.

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