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10 Tourists Who Ruined History for Everyone

Fodor's Logo By Meg Butler of Fodor's | Slide 1 of 11: What kind of person would deface a prison camp where over a million people died? Auschwitz museum officials are struggling to find the answer. In the meantime, visitors graffiti the bunks where prisoners once slept and break off small pieces of the sacred site to take home.Says Antoni Dudek, board member of Poland’s Institute of National Remembrance, “This isn’t really vandalism because vandalism is something you do to a bus stop. This is barbarism.” Former Auschwitz prisoner Bogdan Bartnikowski, added, “If they had been there and feared they would be leaving the next day via the chimney, then they would not be so eager to scratch their name onto a bunk.”

10 Tourists Who Ruined History for Everyone

Who would break off pieces of ancient monuments, or spray paint priceless works of art? 


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