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Bizarre budget airline advert featuring NAKED air hostesses to promote bargain deals sparks 'sexist' claims

Mirror logo Mirror 07-08-2017

Credits: CEN/Chochotravel © Provided by Trinity Mirror Plc Credits: CEN/Chochotravel A travel company's outlandish advert featuring nude air hostesses has gone down like a lead balloon with customers.

Kazakhstan's Chocotravel released a video promoting their budget flight services, which adds nothing to the price of a plane ticket.

But the bizarre footage hasn't had the desired effect, with customers lambasting the company as sexist.

The advert starts with just a head shot of one hostess as she gasps in apparent ecstasy at the offer. Then a second stewardess blows a kiss to the camera.

But it is only when the camera pulls back that it is revealed that the seven stewardesses in the line up are naked apart from their caps and neckerchiefs.

Only a strip running across the screen like a booking form hides their breasts from view.

Then as the camera pulls back even more, they whip off their caps to protect their modesty and hide their private parts from view.

The ad looks like a spoof that would not be out of place on a show with Sacha Baron Cohen's comedy Kazhak creation Borat.

It hasn't gone down well with all social media users, with some accusing the company of sexism.

One, named as 'Niko Cherchenko’, said: "This is too much. Kinda disgusting."

Anoher, identified as 'Binibur Saparova’, added: "This is so shallow, the company must be really in huge financial trouble to release it. I will never buy tickets from them."

And 'Konstantin Gorozhankin’ said: "This is a failure, guys. You should ban it and make another video of people who created this ad in the same naked manner, making an apology."

Then 'Gulzhanat Ryskali’ commented: "Guys, you are fine people. But you shouldn’t do such things. As a woman I feel offended."

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