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Couple left spooked after train ticket from 30 years ago with eerie date mysteriously appears in their home

Mirror logo Mirror 23-07-2017 Nicola Oakley

A couple have been left thoroughly spooked after finding an old train ticket from before they were born in their kitchen - with no idea how it came to be there.

Harriet Hunt, 27, from Romford, posted on Facebook asking others to solve a 'mystery' and explained how her partner Ryan Omer had got a shock when he went to pick up his railcard in their home.

"[He] goes to pick up his railcard off the side in our house - it's a new build, no clutter, always tidy so not like we have drawers/cupboards with old things in - and when he looks at it he realises it isn't his rail card, it's a day travel card from 1988 in almost perfect condition?!

"His travel card was in his pocket, we have absolutely no idea how this has got into our house and on to the kitchen counter!

Credits: Harriet Hunt © Provided by Trinity Mirror Shared Services Limited Credits: Harriet Hunt

Harriet Hunt

"No one but us and our two-year-old has been in the house.

"I do have some vintage furniture but only a wardrobe from the Romford area which I cleaned top to bottom when I bought it five months ago, so doubt it could be hiding in there."

Others on Facebook immediately pointed out the spookiness of the date on the ticket - August 8, 1988 or 8/8/88.

Some told the couple to buy a lottery ticket. In China, the number eight is meant to be a symbol of luck.

A medium even told Harriet that she believes it was a "powerful message from the angels and spirits".

Credits: Harriet Hunt © Provided by Trinity Mirror Shared Services Limited Credits: Harriet Hunt

Harriet Hunt

Teacher Harriet told Mirror Online: "We can't work out where it came from and how it's in such good condition for its age!

"We were both just really confused and hope it hasn't been brought in off the street if someone has been keeping it safe for some reason."

When asked if she thought anything ghostly was going on, Harriet said: "The only strange thing is that our daughter - who was only 2 last week - constantly talks to someone called Pedro.

"This has only started in the last couple of weeks, hopefully it isn't a ghost! Such a random name though and she's very young for an imaginary friend."

Harriet and Ryan are hoping somebody knows something about the origins of the ticket. If you know where it came from, e-mail

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