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Cunning plane passenger gets free VIP meal for a year using just one plane ticket

Mirror logo Mirror 20-07-2017 Zahra Mulroy

Everyone loves a cheeky discount or - even better - freebie.

You only have to poke your head around a shop door during the January sales and witness the hordes to see how much we all love getting good bang for our buck.

But some clever folk almost it have down to a fine art.

Take Kwong Wah Yit Poh, a young man from China who made the system work in his favour beautifully.

He managed to eat the swanky food served in First Class airport lounges for free for a year.

Having bought just one ticket.

The bad news is he's been busted now by airport staff at Xi'an Airport in Shaanxi, China.

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The good news is, according to , there's no way to really stop this sort of extreme freebie-mongering.

What he did was buy one first class ticket to enjoy all the free meals and drinks available at a VIP airport lounge.

These lounges apparently are like oases in a desert (though we have yet to enjoy one ourselves).

Then, right before his flight, the clever passenger would reschedule his flight for the next day - and did this for over 300 days in a row - meaning he could repeat his fine dining experience for practically a whole year.

What's more, he cancelled his ticket for a refund when its validity was about to expire.

What a guy.

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