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Did You Know About India's Floating Post Office? 6 Mind-Boggling Floating Wonders Of India logo 13-09-2017

Look at these gorgeous floating things in India that you must definitely experience once in a lifetime.

1. Floating Post Office In Dal Lake, Kashmir


Seriously! When you walk to the edge of this gorgeous lake, don't be surprised to find the government being so prompt about providing postal services to the people of Srinagar. More than seven thousand people use this post office every year and it's still going strong!

2. Poovar Island Resort, Kerala


HIQ Reviewer Prem Anand shares his experience at this hotel, "Far from the hustle bustle of city if you want a peaceful but luxurious stay then Poovar Island Resort is the place. While my Kerala trip, I stayed at floating cottage of resort for 2 days and believe me it was an awesome experience. They have a ground pick up point from where they pick guest in their boat to this beautiful island and on the way you may get a chance to watch lots of different species of birds. You can have a beautiful sunset view from inside the cottage floating on backwater of ocean subsidiary."

3. Levitating Stone Of Shivapur


Shivapur, a small town near Pune, is home to a levitating stone that is believed to be lifted up in the air by the spirit of Sufi Saint Qamar Ali. The interesting fact about the stone is , if 11 people touch their finger to the stone and shout the name “Qamar Ali Darvesh”, the stone flies up in the air. This is a huge stone weighting around 200kg. This claim is yet to be scientifically proved.Is the legend of the levitating stones freaky or fantastic? We’ll let you decide!

4. Floating Rocks Of Ram Setu, Rameshwaram

© Rameshwaram

According to Ramayana, Lord Rama walked to Lanka on the floating bridge commonly known as Ram Setu. Guess what? If you don't believe this, check out the floating rocks found in the Hanuman Temple of Rameshwaram and be mind blown!

5. Emarald Pristine Island, Alleppey


HIQ Traveller Libbin Mathaichen shares, "Great place to get lost. A piece of island in between the lake amazing experience, rooms are all floated in water at affordable price. Just 18 km from kochi. And they have activities like paddle boating, kayaking, indoor games. And they also have day out package and residential conference with conference boat."

6. World's Largest Floating Lake - Loktak Lake, Manipur


Reviewer A Majumdar shares his experience, "The beauty of the lake is its vastness and floating gardens. We loved to stay here. The nearby Keibul Lamjao National Park is an important spot. Here the rare Sangai Deer is available. One can enjoy boating in the lake."

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