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Experience mystical India through these destinations


India is a land of mystic charm and many travellers visit India every year to experience India's rich cultural heritage. Discover mystical India through these beautiful destinations:

1. Little known places in North India for history buffs
© Polka Cafe A major part of India’s historical, architectural and archaeological treasures are located within North India. These historic places exhibit the different traces of human life, over the ages, on the Indian subcontinent! So if you’re a history enthusiast, here’s a list of places from North India you can immerse yourself into for a slice of the bygone eras! Click here to read more

2. Mysterious temples of Kerala
© Polka Cafe The God’s Own Country has in possession a culture rich with temples, traditions, mythical stories and many amazing facts. The deeper we dig up, the more fascinated the land turns us! With a deep rooted cultural heritage and diversities threading out and connecting regions, Kerala is a land of historical treasures and spiritual destination. Picking a few on any given criterion is indeed troublesome, however, you may not afford to miss having known about these temples. Click here to read more

3. 10 mind blowing natural marvels in India
© Polka Cafe
There are no second thoughts about the fact that India has been blessed with some phenomenal places that always leave people in awe. With all our incredible historical monuments, there are scores of natural marvels, too. Listed below are some of these natures wonders. Click here to read more

4. 10 most mysterious places across India
© Polka Cafe India is a land full of wonders. Many man-made and natural marvels exist here that have never failed to leave people in awe and sometimes even quizzical. Following is a list of such incredible cases that have dazed everybody. Call them mysteries or miracles, they are attention-grabbing and baffling enough for our logical minds. Scroll down to have a look at them. Click here to read more

5. Five temples in India with super spooky stories
© India is a fascinating land with equally fascinating people and cultures. You can always find something spooky if you look hard enough and we have done just that. Click here to read more

6. 5 stunning monasteries you MUST visit in Sikkim
© Polka Cafe Sikkim, with its snow clad peaks, misty emerald slopes and multi-hued prayer flags fluttering in the mountain breeze, is home to several stunningly picturesque monasteries which have long been a place of retreat, meditation and learning. Click here to read more

7. Five weird & mysterious places in Rajasthan
© Apart from being famous worldwide for the palette of vivid colours its landscape offers, Rajasthan hides some secrets of its own! A land known for holding its culture and traditions dear- be it the folk inspired music or the rustic cuisine, Rajasthan is also home to some of the most eccentric places one might ever come across! Click here to read more

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