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Finally! Now We Know What These Mysterious Flight Codes Really Mean, According to a Pilot

Reader's Digest Logo By Aly Walansky of Reader's Digest | Slide 1 of 15: Bulkhead seating refers to the area of seating that divides each class of travel (first, business, premium and economy). Sometimes when the economy section is quite large, an extra bulkhead will divide the extra galley in the middle. 'Usually these bulkhead seats are reserved for passengers with disabilities, the elderly, or parents with babies as there is usually a bassinet holder against the bulkhead,' says Boland. (By the way, these are the very best airplane seats for every single need.)

Flying can be a really stressful experience—and once we get to the plane, sometimes there's a lot of jargon being used that we simply don't understand that can add to an already frustrating experience. Here, a pilot explains those terms, and why we don't have to worry about any of them.

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