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Hilarious tourist photo goes viral

Newshub logoNewshub 23-08-2017 Newshub staff

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A tourist's clever travel snap in which he strategically places his body in front of similarly shaped mountains has drawn plenty of Moana jokes.

The photo went viral after it was published to Reddit, getting more than 60,000 upvotes.

"Te Fiti? More like Te Fatty," one user wrote.

"Came here for the Moana comments...was not disappointed," another commented.

It is believed the photo was taken at the Island of the Pregnant Maiden in the Andaman Sea between Malaysia and Thailand.

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The mountains take the shape of a pregnant woman, leading many users to believe the person in the photo was too.

"For real seriously thought this was a pregnant woman at first and was surprised she was topless," one user replied.

To their disbelief it was instead a man with a 'dad-bod' perfectly matching the landscape.

The location is a popular destination for those hoping to achieve parenthood.

Local legend says that those that swim in the lake next to island will have better success conceiving.

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