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Meet the man who has vowed to travel across the globe without engines!

ANI logoANI 24-02-2014

London: A British man has embarked on an expedition to travel across the world without using any motorised transport.

Dave Cornthwaithe had started adventuring the world in unconventional ways several years back and has so far broken eight world records, the Daily Star reported.

The 34-year-old former graphic designer, who has already traveled 8,000 miles all over the globe, has refused to use any motor-powered machines and plans to complete 25 expeditions over 1,000 miles by these rules.

Cornthwaithe, who lives according to his passions, as opposed to expectations, has used a skateboard, kayak, tandem bicycle, paddleboard, sail boat, elliptical bicycle and has traveled by simply swimming.

He is also the first person to skate the length of Britain, and holds the record for the longest journey by skateboard and the longest journey by stand-up paddleboard.

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