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The 10 most expensive beach destinations in the world

Easyvoyage Logo By Bella Eadie of Easyvoyage | Slide 1 of 11: The Maldives are known as one of the most exclusive, romantic and naturally beautiful holiday destinations in the world. It is unlikely you'll find anywhere to stay other than an overwater villa which offers spectacular views all round, private pools, private spas, in fact - private everything. Just one night in a resort like this could cost a minimum of £650 per night, not to mention the higher end of the spectrum. Velaa Private Island is the most luxurious option with a single night costing a whopping £30,000. We have a winner.

When booking a beach holiday we all look for similar things: sun, sea, sand, tranquility, beauty, luxury... However for the most of us the problem is usually found in our pockets not being quite deep enough, which more often than not results in ending up on an overcrowded beach on the Costa del Sol sipping on a 3EUR cocktail. But what is a beach holiday like for those of us for whom money is no object? Where are the places where people with a few extra thousand go to holiday in pure luxury and blissful serenity? Here are the most expensive beach destinations in the world.

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