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These are the most difficult places to travel to in the world

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© Provided by Independent Print Limited If you were to leave your phone, laptop or PC behind, where couldn't you go?

The answers have become less limited with time and technological advances.

In 2015, this map became popular on one of our favourite subreddits.

Null © Provided by Independent Print Limited Null It's from 1914, and depicts the time taken to travel a certain distance from London.

An update for 2016 showed that the scale has changed dramatically (from days to hours). 

Null © Provided by Independent Print Limited Null

There really are very few places on the planet we can't reach within a day.

But where's the most difficult to get to?

This is the question the YouTube channel RealLifeLore recently attempted to answer.

They believed the answer would be in difficult environments. While submarines can take us to ocean depths, they believe the answer is one of the most treacherous mountain ranges.

They cite Muchu Chhish, a 7,453m high peak in the Western Karakoram mountains. The peak is highly inaccessible and, as far as is known, no-one has scaled it before.

However, Adventure Travel magazine suggest three others alongside it that could give the peak a run for its money.

Most Dangerous Islands in the World

Australia: Visiting this island continent poses a lot of risks. It has more venomous snakes than any other nation. Sharks and deadly spiders are not helping this surfing paradise’s reputation either. A lot of saltwater crocodiles live there as well. They have the most powerful bite of any species. Another danger is the southern blue-lined octopus because of its highly toxic venom. A single bite leads to paralysis in a few minutes, followed by heart failure. Most Dangerous Islands in the World

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