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Top 20 countries where English travels well

Easyvoyage Logo By Alex Walker of Easyvoyage | Slide 1 of 21: And finally, our victor. The Netherlands is a true forward thinker. The first country to introduce coffee shops with a twist, the first country to produce the Cruyff turn, and now the non-English-speaking country with the greatest command of the English language. Unless you've an aversion to red lights, why on earth wouldn't you go to Amsterdam?

Top 20 countries where English travels well

Are you linguistically challenged and fed up of rummaging through collins dictionaries scrambling for the correct way to ask for an umbrella, or directions to the nearest toilet? Luckily for you, Education First has compiled a list of the top 20 places where the English language travels with the sort of effortlessness that will distress your excursions forever.

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