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Top destinations to visit if you are hoping to spot a monster

Easyvoyage Logo By Editorial Team of Easyvoyage | Slide 1 of 11: The Pacific Northwest, specifically the state of Washington, is where you will reportedly find North America's very own Yeti - Big Foot. The origins of Bigfoot, also known as the Sasquatch, can be traced back to Native America legends of giant ape like creatures that lived in the forests. Along with Nessie, Bigfoot is perhaps the most famous cryptid on the planet. While scientists dismiss Bigfoot sightings as a combination of hoaxes and misunderstandings why not go and look for yourself.

This summer instead of a trip to Paris commemorated by a typical Eiffel Tower selfie why not go to British Colombia and grab a shot with a Cadborosaurus? Who wouldn't want a selfie with a mythical creature?

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