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You Could Be The Owner Of Your Own Italian Village!

Easyvoyage logo Easyvoyage 05-07-2017 The Editorial Team

Nestled amongst the Apennine hills in the Abruzzi region of central Italy is the quaint medieval village of Frattura Vecchia di Scanno. What sets this village apart from the other settlements scattered across the region is that it has been abandoned for over half a century and is now for sale for 1.5 million euros.

Whoever acquires the site will own a one acre plot with some 70 abandoned buildings of around 540 square feet each. Amongst these are bars, barns, artisan shops, and a village fountain and chapel that sit on the overgrown stone roads that unfurl through the village.

All yours for just 1.5 million euros © Provided by Webedia SAS All yours for just 1.5 million euros

The village became progressively uninhabited during the first half of the 20th century and was completely empty by the 1950s. Its desertion was motivated by damaging earthquakes and emigration to cities in search of more profitable employment than agriculture.

Now the only visitors are the descendants of its previous inhabitants who visit a few times a year to hold processions down the village's dilapidated streets and then celebrate in and bring life back to its otherwise ghostly square.

The investor will also have a chance to bring life back to the village, with the proposed business model being the refurbishment of the houses to be rented out to tourists wanting to stay in an authentic historic location.

Architect and estate agent Edoardo Carboni has said that the listing would be best suited for overseas investment stating "Foreigners are the ones most interested in recovering dwellings in ancient, forgotten towns because it's like living in a real medieval world frozen in time, full of history and traditions,"

"This is the ideal solution for investors wanting to turn the place into an exclusive resort, while keeping a few cottages to themselves," Carboni said. "Abandoned hilltop towns are like tiny, secret Pompeiis we'd all like to own a slice of, and such desire is stronger among tourists who visit for the first time and are spellbound."

If 1.5 million seems a little steep for acquiring your own village then Italy has some even cheaper locations on the market. The village of Calsazio close to Turin is currently on sale for just 350,000 euros and the hamlet of Gilli for is at auction for just 180,000 euros offering multiple dwellings for less than the price of a studio in central London!

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