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7ft 9in Giant Lands His First Ever Job | BORN DIFFERENT

WHILST A 7’9” GIANT continues to grow, he’s also finally achieved his dream – by landing his very first job. Formerly crowned the ‘world’s tallest teen’, Broc Brown spends every Saturday working at the Jackson YMCA sporting centre in Michigan. Broc, now 22, was born with Sotos syndrome, known as cerebral gigantism, and his mother was told he would not outlive his teen years. His growth has somewhat slowed down recently, but he’s managed to gain another inch in the last three years, much to the bemusement of doctors around the world. With size 28-inch feet, and being 5’2” in Kindergarten, Broc has always needed custom-made clothing – and has made use of a specialised 8ft bed and chair that were given to him by the community. Back in 2016, Broc told Barcroft TV: “I dream of working in a sporting goods store when I’m older, hopefully I can make that happen.” And just three years on, Broc has made that dream a reality.
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