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‘Miracle’ Girl With Tumour Awaits Groundbreaking Treatment | BORN DIFFERENT

LITTLE Olivia Chicchon remains upbeat despite battling a rare condition that has made the right side of her face heavily swollen. Two-year-old Olivia, was born with a lymphatic malformation that crosses her facial midline, reaches back towards her ear and goes up to her eyelid. Affecting only one in every 4,000 births, lymphatic malformations produce a small mass in the head or neck after an abnormal formation of lymphatic vessels. The Chicchon family, who reside in Lodi, California, has already experienced numerous health scares with Olivia; a bubbly girl who loves to sing and take ballet lessons with her friends. And her parents, Ivan and Teresa Chicchon, are now anxiously waiting for ground-breaking treatment that could see Olivia’s swollen tumour shrink up to 50% in size.

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