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Remember when these celebrities thought these cell phones were cool?

StarsInsider Logo By Stars Insider of StarsInsider | Slide 1 of 30: Já se sabe que a tecnologia evolui num piscar de olhos. Aquilo que é considerado hoje como o equipamento mais moderno, poderá já estar ultrapassado daqui a uns meses.As maiores marcas de telemóveis estão constantemente a lançar novos modelos e as celebridades adoram andar com os mais recentes.Lembra-se de quando as estrelas usavam estes telemóveis? Clique e relembre.

Do you remember when celebrities used these cell phones?

Technology evolves in a blink of an eye. What's considered modern and high-tech one day becomes obsolete and low-tech the next. However, the top-end cell phone companies are always launching new devices and celebs love to be seen with the latest bit of mobile kit. But do you remember when they used to make calls using these ancient handsets? Click to chuckle.
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