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The great ear-piercing debate: 13 moms on why they didn't pierce their babies' ears

PopSugar logo PopSugar 19/4/2017 Lauren Levy
Why You Shouldn't Get a Baby's Ears Pierced © Flickr user Ashley Webb Why You Shouldn't Get a Baby's Ears Pierced

No matter who you ask, parent or non-parent, it seems like everyone has a strong opinion on whether or not a parent should pierce their baby's ears. This decision isn't always so clear for moms and dads who are thinking about whether or not to accessorise their little one's ears when they're an infant or wait until they're older and ask for earrings themselves.

Although no one should ever judge another parent's choice, with so many opinions out there, it's hard to keep the shaming away. To help others make this big decision, 13 real moms who didn't pierce their babies' ears open up about their reasoning for making that call.

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  1. "Piercing the ears of a baby is purely for the mom. There is no medical benefit to having ears pierced so young." - Jennifer A.
  2. "I have two girls and I didn't pierce their ears as babies because I think it's ridiculous to inflict unnecessary pain on an infant to satisfy your vanity. I'm glad I didn't now because at 9 and 11, one wanted hers pierced and the other one doesn't." - Brandy S.
  3. "No, my daughter is nearly 13 years old and still hasn't had hers done. It is their body; what gives us the right to put holes in their body? They are humans not toys." - Tracy J.
  4. "I will let her decide for herself whenever she wants. Her body, her choice. I was forced to get my ears pierced as a child. I didn't want earrings and I sat in the chair against my will and cried my eyes out. Still remember the pain." - Adriana G.
  5. "My mom didn't pierce mine or my sister's ears when we were babies. Because of that, I didn't pierce my daughter's ears when she was a baby either. Six weeks before her sixth birthday, she decided she was ready. She got to pick out her own first pair of earrings herself and spent the rest of the day showing them off and bragging about how she didn't cry. I can see the benefits of having it done when they are babies and won't mess with them or remember the pain, but I wouldn't trade her proud grin for anything!" - Theresa E.
  6. "As a professional piercer, I don't recommend piercing the ears of infants due to the fact that THEIR EARS ARE STILL GROWING. The placement of the piercing NOW might not be great for your child later and can greatly impact the longevity of the piercing. And for the sake of bodily autonomy, how about we let our kids decide if that's something they want for themselves?" - Krissy C.
  7. "Babies have enough obstacles there first years getting through vaccines and adjusting, the last thing you need to worry about is putting that infant through unnecessary BS! I say when they're old enough to care for them." - Stacie V.
  8. "I didn't want to deal with the aftercare on such a little baby and I was worried that she'd grab them and pull on them." - Mayo W.
  9. "I had planned to with my first, but her paediatrician at the time practically begged me not to. He told me he had seen far too many babies get ear infections, play with the earrings, pull them out, and swallow pieces. I decided to go with her doctor's advice and waited. I let her decide for her eighth birthday and she felt like such a big girl because of it! She was so proud of herself after it was over. She would have missed out on that had I done it when she was a baby, so I don't regret waiting." - Bethany K.
  10. "I waited until they were old enough to decide for themselves. Glad I did because my oldest ended up being allergic to pretty much all metals and had to have one surgically removed less than a week later." - Chrislyn S.
  11. "I didn't [pierce my daughter's ears as a baby], but only because I remember choosing to get my ears pierced and doing it as a really big moment (as far as big moments for a 4-year-old can be). It was nice to decide for myself. It was an exciting day, and I hope it will be that for my little girl when/if she decides she wants to get her ears pierced." - Allison L.
  12. " I didn't do it when she was a baby just because I didn't want to hold her down and hear her cry just for earrings." - Heather R.
  13. "I would not have. All I can imagine is the earrings bothering her and not able to tell me. Bad enough we have to constantly guess what they need or don't need as infants then add piercings? No thank you." - Mille R.

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