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Aries: Your daily horoscope - December 14

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This is an important day of evaluation and assessment, and the planetary energies are giving you an opportunity to observe the facts. Let's face it, you're not necessarily a very assertive person. Are you satisfied with the image you give off? Have you taken enough risks lately, or have you shied away from the spotlight? In short, are you satisfied with yourself? These are difficult questions, but ones worthy of thinking about! Still unsure what to do? Contact a medium today, and get a special on your first 10 minutes! Discover what the future has in store for you.

Your love horoscope

You might find that you need to be more assertive. Sometimes it can be challenging to show yourself off in your best light. But you have the ability to be more outgoing if you try. If you are looking to advance your career, you could update a Web site that features your resume or your rates for your professional services. If you wish to meet new romantic prospects, organize a singles party where everyone brings a single friend that they're not interested in dating themselves.

Your career horoscope

Don't be afraid to let loose with that wacky sense of humor today. You'll feel inspired today to express yourself in fun and creative ways. You could end up playing a prank on a coworker that makes him laugh and creates a good feeling in the office. Or you could share some jokes with others that make them giggle and feel better. You might be the office clown today, but it is a talent that comes to you naturally!

Your finance horoscope

A lot of letters or phone calls, not all of them pleasant, might come your way today. On the up side, you might be given some new and interesting information, and on the downside, a fretful neighbor or relative might decide to dump a lot of negative emotions on you. You may need to run a lot of errands in your near neighborhood, taking care of boring but necessary business. In the evening: Go out and have a little fun!

Your wellbeing horoscope

Today you are more in the mood to play the role of silent observer rather than active participant. You're not sure what is making you so reticent-exhaustion, perhaps, or more likely a feeling of spirituality that seems fragile and necessary to coddle in order to keep it alive. Don't give in to the pressure to join in any activity that doesn't inspire you. You may wish to spend the day like a monk in meditation!

Tomorrow's horoscope

There is a solid grounding to the day that might have you feeling less than energetic to get the ball rolling. Don't be surprised if there is a sense of restriction and duty that is weighing you down. In the natural cycle of things, times of rest and reflection are extremely important. Don't think that you always need to be on the go in order to make progress. Put your warring nature aside for a day and take it easy.

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Life: Jupiter continues the work that it’s been carrying out over recent weeks, and your optimism over your career and future will skyrocket as a result. Doors that you always thought closed are swung open this week, so seize opportunities whilst you can.

Love: The upcoming period is not easy for your love life. You’ll be forced to make a difficult decision, and whilst it’ll test your resolve to the very limit, you’ll feel all the better once you arrive at a verdict.

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December horoscope: The opportunities are endless

Jupiter brings you a whole host of new opportunities. Doors that you always thought closed are swung open! If you want to take your career to the next level then it’s essential that you seize the chances put in front of you.

Monthly love horoscope: You come to a decision

Something has been playing on your mind lately, and the time has finally come to make a decision. Whatever the outcome, a weight will be taken from your shoulders and you’ll be feeling all the better from it.

Extra insights:

Financially, your situation goes from strength to strength!

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