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Gemini: Your daily horoscope - December 14

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Persuasion is just negotiation taken to a higher level. Today you'll feel a strong desire to communicate, but the oddest thing about this desire is that your discussions will be centered on freedom and, specifically, freedom of expression. Regardless of the topic, remember that the person who shouts the loudest will be victorious! At the end of the day, you'll be given an amazing chance to consider what this all means. Still unsure what to do? Contact a medium today, and get a special on your first 10 minutes!Our top advisors are waiting to guide you along your path to success.

Your love horoscope

You could feel lighthearted and a bit silly. Your sense of humor will be stimulated. People don't always realize that you are a kid at heart! You might spend some time cracking funny jokes. Or you could have fun sending some silly e-mails to your friends. You'll be entertained by TV or movie comedies. You might even come up with a comedy routine of your own. Celebrate the laughter in your life.

Your career horoscope

You don't always like to be the center of attention, although your ego sometimes needs to be stroked. Today you could find that your clever way with words attracts some positive responses from other people. You might share jokes or anecdotes around the coffee machine with coworkers. Or you could end up telling a personal story as you are dealing with others at work. Don't be afraid to express yourself, because people will enjoy listening to you today.

Your finance horoscope

Money matters might seem especially worrying today. Expenses may have been mounting over the past month, and you could be concerned about the bills. In addition, you may be feeling that your home is looking a bit dull. Therefore it's possible that you might want to invest a little more in making your home look good. Don't panic. Your innate money sense should enable you to get it all together.

Your wellbeing horoscope

You have been under a lot of stress lately, and you need to make a serious commitment to relaxing and relieving stress. If you don't, there could be consequences to your health! Today is a good day to make this commitment. It would be a good idea to join a gym, as regular exercise is a proven stress-reducer. You may also wish to schedule yourself in for regular full-body massages. If none of this is feasible for you, try renting a yoga video and committing to daily meditation and stretching.

Tomorrow's horoscope

If there's been something that you've been wanting to take on, today's the day. Yesterday saw an increase in physical and mental strength and this continues on for you. Put any insecurity or a lack of confidence in the trash and take the steps you must to tackle the project or goal. You have an innate ability to make sound judgements and it's this that you need to put your trust in. Take steps to get what you want.

Here are your free predictions for the week, from December 08 to December 14

Life: Mars has taken you under his wing this week, and you’ll be filled with the passion of a fighter. What’s more, Uranus lets you reflect on how far you’ve come lately, and you’ll kick off your next plan of action.

Love: As of Thursday, the Full Moon in Gemini is set to be badly connected with Jupiter- which can only spell trouble for you and your judgement. Be wary of new encounters throughout this period as things won’t be as they seem!

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December horoscope: Making a change

You fight with all your might to improve conditions in the workplace. Your dynamism and determination really come to the fore, and it doesn’t take much for your colleagues to take your side.

Monthly love horoscope: Time to cut some ties

It’s time for a change of tack when it comes to your relationships. The festive period is a time for those you care about, and you’ll be urged to contemplate the intentions of several people that you call your “friends”.

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