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Gemini: Your daily horoscope - September 22

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If you've given up on something that you've lost, you might get a real surprise tonight when a dream sheds light on where you might find it. However, it's important that you either get up and search for the object immediately, or write the dream down in as much detail as you can remember. Otherwise this could be one of those dreams that disappears as soon as you wake - and you won't want that!Discover the wonderful world of Tarot!

Your love horoscope

Your heart and intuition will rule today much more than your mind. Trust what your instincts tell you. If you are in a sales profession, you can expect the orders to come rolling in today, as your extrasensory perception helps you know your clients' needs almost before they do. Plan a romantic encounter with someone you love, and put your ESP to work on them tonight.

Your career horoscope

You may have a hard time figuring out why everyone is so worked up today. Don't waste your time trying. You are better off accepting that things simply are the way they are, and allowing other people to have their own drama. Your job is to maintain the balance. This may be easier said than done, as you are working with some pretty intense issues, but this is nothing you can't handle.

Your finance horoscope

This could be a day that tests your patience. It's not that anything bad is going to happen. You might just be having some conflicts with your entourage, particuarly over financial disputes. Sometimes your way of handling things is at odds with your staff's views. Right now, you need to find a method of compromise and a way to collaborate more as a team. If you give it a try, you'll be able to brainstorm your way towards some powerful solutions.

Your wellbeing horoscope

today you could be feeling a lot more detached from recent situations that may be causing you stress. You'll be able to adopt a more philosophical attitude. You may see how challenges you have been going through are part of your spiritual path. Everything that has been happening is teaching you something about yourself, about another, or about life. You'll be more relaxed today and more willing to allow events to naturally unfold.

Tomorrow's horoscope

It takes two to tango. Remember that life is not a one-way street. There needs to be a bit of give and take if you expect others to treat you the way you want to be treated. Don't let people take control when it comes to taking charge of your own life. Others may be emotionally charged and quite stubborn. Don't waste your breathe with useless drivel. Say something meaningful.

Here are your free predictions for the week, from September 16 to September 22

Life: Despite your evident efficiency, you tend to react violently to constraints. Therefore, you risk starting an open dispute with someone.

Love: Watch out for familial misunderstandings which risk harming your relationship: It is not always good to chose sides, especially when it involves your in-laws. That is only unless your partner involves themselves too much in your personal affairs 

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Here are your free predictions for the month of September

Love: Everything looks to be smooth sailing in your love life until September 10 when misunderstandings are set to create some tension between you and your partner. When it comes to family problems, it’s sometimes best not to get involved.

Life: Everything is going great for you, Gemini and the planets really are on your side this September which means that anything is possible! Your ideas are about to materialize into something amazing, so be prepared to dream big.

Bonus: Be firm and stand up for your ideas.

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