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A colourful apartment full of character

Homify logo Homify 16/2/2017 Will Sayner

 Here at homify we often question what it is exactly that makes a house a home, and try our best to provide some insight. It’s a question that has no easy answer, but the individuality and character of a property certainly plays a part. An original colour scheme, unique accents and mixing elements from different styles help to shape this character, and turn a property into an individual, personal home.

 Today we’re taking a look at a modern apartment in Spain’s capital, Madrid, in which bold colour choices have been combined with other unique attributes to give the property a wealth of character and individual style. Let’s take a look…

A modern kitchen with a turquoise twist

 In essence the kitchen has a fairly generic modern design leaning toward a more minimalist aesthetic. This is by no means a criticism; the tried and tested design is practical and attractive, but contemporary white cabinetry and light wooden toned flooring are a very common and fairly neutral style choice. However, the architects chose to infuse the room with energy by opting for a bold turquoise wall that gives the room a very cheerful, welcoming feel.

A truly bespoke bedroom

homify / StudioBMK: modern Bedroom by StudioBMK © homify / StudioBMK modern Bedroom by StudioBMK

 The bedroom is undeniably original with its one-of-a-kind wallpaper and unusual furnishings. The room’s composition is elegant and focused with the wallpaper drawing the eye to the back of the room, while the use of bright gold and blue colours counteract the minimal furnishings to give the room a rich, vibrant feeling despite the fact that it contains only two nightstands, two lamps and the bed.

Building on a neutral base

 The colourful living room makes a big impression, but if we start to examine it piece by piece we can see how a relatively simple design has been shaped into a highly personal living space. The most basic elements of the room – the walls, floor and sofa – are all in light neutral tones with little colour variation, and from this simple starting point a blend of varied shapes and colours have been built around it through the furnishings and accents. In particular, through the use of gold and turquoise for the curtains and rug respectively, that also tie the room together with the colour schemes of the kitchen and bedroom.

A little Scandinavian style

 The high contrast bathroom is breathtaking. Here the style deviates somewhat from bright colours to contrasting neutral tones. The sublime black subway tiles on the walls and beautiful black and white floor tiles make the bathroom incredibly attractive, as well as hinting at Scandinavian style; perhaps making it the only room in the property that can be ascribed a typical theme.

The modest space that makes a big impression

 Here we can see how the largely open-plan apartment fits together. In fact, the property is a fairly modest size, but its bold, cheerful character makes the space count.

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