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The art of subtlety- Inspirations from a Japanese house

Homify logo Homify 16/2/2017 Swapnil Kangankar

They say "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication".

This Japanese house located in the beautiful city of Kyoto personifies simplicity and sophistication through an extremely modern yet functional layout. The house is an urban single-bedroom apartment and is developed on a relatively limited-sized budget. Wood and exposed concrete are the primary elements in the house that go on to combine gracefully with the neutral white walls to make a subtle design statement.

Let's take look!

1.The kitchen

Similar to the rest of the house, the kitchen follows a simple yet highly functional layout. The main cooking counter is fabricated entirely of stainless steel due to its robustness and ease of maintenance. Storage spaces are provided through sleek wooden ledges, which ensure that the narrow kitchen does not struggle for room and look as spacious as possible.

The small window opening ensures that the kitchen receives adequate daylight and necessary ventilation while in use. Lastly, to control costs, the light fixture, as well as the ducting for the chimney are kept extremely basic. However, instead of affecting the quality of space, their contrast against the exposed ceiling makes them look all the more artistic.

2. The living room

homify / こより: modern Living room by こより © homify / こより modern Living room by こより

The texturally rich material palette of wood and exposed concrete dominates the entire space. The living room features a solid black sofa and is complimented with a vividly colorful rug, which is a rather interesting choice made by the architects.

The contemporary light fixture contrasts brilliantly against the exposed concrete ceiling to give the living room a very trendy look. The entire setting is also complemented by beautiful indoor plants, which have been a hallmark of contemporary Japanese architecture.

3.The dining area

The dining table is aptly located beside the kitchen counter for ease of use and maintenance. Further, the presence of the full height window ensures that the dining space receives ample daylight as well as allows the users to connect with the beautiful outside views.

To add some spice, the architects have experimented with the legs of the table by designing each one of them slightly different from the other. Lastly, the small potted plant on the dining table, although unusually placed, adds a nice charecter to the enitre setting.

4.The bedroom

homify / こより: modern Bedroom by こより © homify / こより modern Bedroom by こより

The bedroom, although not very large, looks relatively spacious owing to the ample swaths of natural light flooding the room. The color palette of the bedroom is designed to be sober keeping in mind the nature of the space and the desire of users.

To avoid unnecessary glare, the windows are provided with two different shades of curtains in order that the users can control the intensity of sunlight entering the room as per their preference.

5.The storage space.

The wardrobe in the bedroom is designed to look more like a minimalist wall partition than a typical storage cabinet. The veneer for the wardrobe panels is similar to the veneer of the main door in order that material homogeneity is maintained.  

The door handles for the wardrobe doors are kept concealed in order for its design to be as sleek as possible. Lastly, the small potted indoor plants on top of the wardrobe and the storage cabinet look extremely pleasant and add a nice touch of green to the otherwise monotonous space.

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