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The Internet is going crazy for the ’60 second rule’ oily skin hack logo 16/1/2019 Laura Bermingham
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The Internet is buzzing about a new hack for oily skin that follows the ’60 second rule’. It’s pretty interesting and a good habit to develop for clearer skin in the long term. Plus, it won’t cost you a thing, the perfect skin hack for January!

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The rule applies to your cleansing ritual, it’s pretty easy to follow and you can use pretty much any foaming cleanser you need to rinse away.

This is what is involved, step two is an added extra that will keep shine away from oilier parts of the face.

Step One- 60 Second Cleanse

Step One- Most people wash their face every morning in the shower or at a sink for 10-15 seconds max.

From today, if you want really great skin that clear and without blocked pores you will wash your skin for 60 seconds.

Make sure to get into problem areas like around the nose and jaw line. Wash gently, no scrubbing, but give the cleanser the full minute to break down grease, dirt and any remaining makeup from the day before.

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Step Two- Zero Oil & Shine

Step Two- If you are normal to oily in the skin department you won’t feel the urge to jump straight into moisturiser in the same way someone with dry skin would want. They are best getting straight into applying a serum and moisturiser to replenish skin, but you don’t need to so hold off for an hour.

One hour after cleansing, or two, take a cotton pad and smooth toner over your skin where oil causes shine. The point of waiting 60-90 minutes between steps is that after cleansing oily skin produces a little sebum to compensate.

Using a quick swipe of toner removes this excess oil and helps close pores. Simple, zero oil, no shine and skin is ready for an oil-free hydrating moisturiser. At night your regime  can be a little faster, cleanse properly and follow with something restful but oil-free like a gel sleep mask. 

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