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Tips to Remember Your Kid's in the Car - Even If You Don't Think You'll Forget

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When the topic of a hot-car death is brought up, most parents have an initial jerk reaction that says, "How could any parent ever let this happen?" Although it seems like such an impossible mistake to leave your child in the back of a hot car, when this happens, it usually is just that: a mistake. And according to science, it can happen to anyone.

We posted a status to our Facebook to gather some reader responses, which read: "Because it can happen to anyone, we're looking for the best tips for remembering your little one's in the car with you during the hot Summer months. What are yours?" We are extremely appreciative to those who offered up their tips, free of judgments.

Of course, no one of us wants to believe this could happen to us, but it's never a bad idea to be overly cautious, seeing as every Summer, these heatstroke deaths do tragically happen. Here are the tips our readers shared that will be worth it if they can save even one child's life:

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