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9 Essential Gadgets Every Man Should Own

SPY logo SPY 21/5/2019 Brad Smith
a person on a computer: Essential Tech Gadgets Every Man Should Own © Image courtesy of Shutterstock Essential Tech Gadgets Every Man Should Own

* Up your gadget game with these essentials

* Choose from smart speakers, watches, mugs and more

* Keep your devices (and your drinks) charged at home and on the go

Tired of dealing with dead devices, low batteries or little storage space? Maybe you’re looking to up your gadget game and need a few handy gizmos to help start 2019 off right. Whatever the case, we’ve curated a list with nine of the biggest, best and most popular gadgets on the market. Sure, you may have a few variations, but do you have all nine?

1. Amazon Firestick

Because cable is so passe, syncing your smart TV with a Firestick is the new way to watch your favorite shows and movies. Easy controls let you switch between live TV and all your favorite streaming services. You can also download apps to help enhance your experience.

Buy: Amazon Firestick $49.99


2. Charging Station

Because a little extra charge never hurts, this handy charging dock features multiple charging ports so you can keep your phones, tablets, laptops and more charged at all times. Plus, the elegant design and easy cable storage mean it looks great anywhere – especially at the office.

Buy: Charging Station $39.99


3. Fitness Tracker

A built-in GPS helps track your steps while the smart internal sleep tracker helps you better monitor (and adjust) your sleep habits. A sturdy build backed with a water-resistant design lets you wear this bad boy all day.

Buy: Fitness Tracker $49.00


4. Portable Charger

Keep your devices charged on the go with this handy (and discreet) portable charger. Roughly the size of a tube of lipstick, this charger offers speeds up to 1 amp for an even faster charge. Keep in your bag or pants pocket for a quick top up at work or on the go.

Buy: Portable Charger $19.99


5. Car Mount

Remember those old cell phone car mounts that were extra large and extra wobbly? This isn’t anything like that. With a full 360-degree rotation, easy installation and a sturdy and surefire build, this car mount makes it easier to take calls without ever having to take your eyes off the road.

Buy: Car Mount $19.99


6. Smart Speaker

The latest Echo Dot offers more features, more commands and more options than ever before. With easy installation and tons of usability, you’ll never know how you lived without it. Seriously, it’s that good.

Buy: Smart Speaker $49.99


7. External Hard Drive

In need of a little extra data storage? No, you don’t need a new computer – this external hard drive’s got you covered. With 2TB storage capacity and up to 5 GB/s, this handy hard drive is small enough to keep in your bag but powerful enough to more than enough data.

Buy: External Hard Drive $51.00


8. Heated Travel Mug

Because no one likes cold coffee (note that ice coffee and cold coffee aren’t the same thing – for starters, one is made over ice while the other is just melted water with a bit of coffee mixed in), this travel mug is able to keep your hot coffee or tea at the perfect temperature, so you won’t have to worry about drinking lukewarm mush when you finally get around to it.

Buy: Heated Travel Mug $139.00


9. Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

Whether you work in a loud environment or simply find yourself easily distracted, these beautiful Bluetooth headphones are able to block out any outside noise so you can tune out, tune in and enjoy the music.

Buy: Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones $59.99


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