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Karena Lam talks designing clothes for her daughters

TPG Logo By tungstar3 of TPG | Slide 1 of 12: (Hongkong October 10 2017) Karena Lam attended the 70th anniversary exhibition of a brand ballet clothes by wearing the shoes she designed in person today. She demonstrated the completed processes of making ballet shoes and exclaimed over how difficult to make a pair of perfect ballet shoes. As a mother with talent of design, Karena said she plans to design clothes for her own children because she knew the need of them, but will not create clothes brand. Her eldest daughter is learning ballet and jazz, Karena said she will let children grow freely and learn whatever they like. Talked about Rex Tso’s boxing, Karena said she was so exciting to watch the game that cannot help to clench her fists firmly and moved with Rex\'s movements. But she will not learn boxing.

Karena Lam talks about designing clothes for her daughters and watching a boxing game

(October 10 2017, Hong Kong) Karena Lam attended the 70th anniversary exhibition for a branded ballet clothing line today and wore the shoes that she designed herself. 

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