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Kate Middleton Considers Herself 'The Best,' Says Expert

International Business Times logo International Business Times 10/8/2018 Catherine Armecin

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge smiling for the camera © Provided by IBT US

Kate Middleton is confident about herself, based on her handwriting.

The Duchess of Cambridge sometimes appears less confident compared to her sister-in-law Meghan Markle, who has been in the showbiz industry for years before she dated Prince Harry. However, Middleton's handwriting reveals otherwise.

A handwriting analysis examines the characteristics of the words, the slant of the letters and how close the letters are to determine the author's personality. According to a handwriting expert, Prince William's wife's script has some idiosyncrasies.

"If you look very closely you'll see there's a period after her name. That basically means, 'I'm the best, period," Michelle Dresbold told Good Housekeeping (via Daily Express). "People who are really assured of who they are and know they're the best in their field will put a period after their name."

The publication noted that this is not surprising considering Middleton's achievements. The royal mom-of-three was a dedicated sportswoman and even won a place at a top UK university where she met Prince William.

The expert also added that while Middleton is confident, the duchess is also sensitive. "The wider that upper 'T' stem is, the more sensitive they are," Dresbold added. "If a person has a wide 'T' like that, they're sensitive to personal things, how they're perceived, and about their job."

Another handwriting expert Trace Trussell has the same opinion about the Duchess of Cambridge. In fact, according to him, Middleton is more confident than the Duchess of Sussex whom he considered as "insecure."

"As we suspected Kate is delightfully natural and genuine, but she's also happy to take charge when needed," Trussell said. "The capital C joined to the next letter shows she's approachable. Her large, broad letters indicate she's warm-hearted and the slant to the right means she's very compassionate."

He also added that Middleton is not a "walkover." "Kate has the driving energy to get things done - hence the long t-bar," the expert added. "The strong finish means she likes to have the last word - there's an implicit barrier to people taking liberties with her."

In related news, Middleton doesn't wear orange. She has been seen wearing vibrant colors over the years but not this shade. According to reports, this could be a personal choice.

Prince William and Middleton have just returned from their vacation in Mustique. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expected to join Queen Elizabeth II at the Balmoral castle this summer. 

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