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Living As An Adult Baby: EXTREME LOVE

Yoga Lin Drinks Beer When Performing Live

Usually I drink water, but today when I sing, I’ll drink beer. Wow. Yoga drinks beer at online live concert. Is it all right? You have become more and more open. It turns out that he’s invited to the online live broadcast by a beer brand. It’s the 1st time he perform live in the studio. Yoga is excited. Usually when I’m at work, I feel very tight. But today I have the beer. When I drink beer, I’d… (What?) I’d be… a little more open. Starting gradually from the first sip, I drink slowly. When the beer is finished, I find my voice is different. It’s kind of a special performance. Yoga must can drink a lot. Otherwise if he gets drunk when singing, it would be awful. About my drinking capacity you can ask my father. My father used to be the champion of a beer drinking contest. So perhaps I have inherited some of his drinking talent. If I drink a little, I won’t lose control. If it’s a bottle, I’ll fall asleep. (Is that great?) After a couple of glasses, Yoga becomes livelier. He not only acts as the host, he carries the camera all around. May I ask the DJ a question? Do you listen to Mandarin songs? Yes. Who’s your favorite singer? Lin… (Me? I’m embarrassed.) Sandy Lam. (Your trick me. You are good.) I like Sandy Lam, too. (Imagine: Damn…)
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