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The Science Behind Worrying Might Make You Worry

Hugh Jackman Visits Taiwan for "Logan" Premiere

Hello viewers, W we will show you Hugh Jackman the most friendly star. (Autographing) Hugh Jackman comes to Taiwan to promote his new movie. The block is overcrowded even before he shows up. The Wolverine is super nice. Shaking hands, autographing and taking selfies, he is so kind to his fans. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Hugh Jackman. Please had a microphone to Hugh Jackman. Hugh, welcome to Taiwan. Welcome to Taipei. Welcome to Taipei. Please say Hi to everybody. Hello. Hello. Hello. I love you, Taiwan. Hugh praises the tasty delicacies in Taiwan. He also shows off the Mandarin he just learned. I want, I want stinky To-fu. Stinky tofu. Very smelly tofu. Ah, stinky tofu. Yes. My son is 16 years old. I think it must smell like his room. The "Professor Charles Xavier" Patrick Stewart cannot make it tonight. It’s a shame. But the fans are content to see Hugh. Lovely.


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