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Uber Can Now Track Passengers' Location After Drop Off

Ruby Lin Praises Wallace Huo as a Perfect Father

(Ruby Lin Posing) After a long absence Ruby Lin shows up in a jewelry promotion. After giving birth to a baby, it’s her 1st public appearance in Taiwan. Now you need to take care of a baby, and you must reduce your working hours, right? There’s not a time restriction. But when working I will always check the time with my agent. Is it over? Is it the time? Can I go home now? Ruby reveals that when she goes out to work, she uses the monitor at home to watch every move of her baby. She will look for me when I call her. because she cannot see me. I use the monitor at home to talk to her. So every time when I call her, she cannot see me and starts look around for the source of my voice. She’s a lively baby. (What do you call her?) I call her "Baby". (Is your hubby also called “Baby”?) Right. Do you mean you call your hubby by that? (Do you mean what I call my hubby?) (sudden realization) No. I just call my hubby the… I will not tell you. Ha ha ha. How do you rank him as a father? He’s a 100% father.

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