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Man drops surprise proposal on stage at Adele’s Melbourne concert logo 19/03/2017

Superstar singer Adele has admitted she was shocked after a fan she pulled out of the crowd and onto the stage got down on one knee and proposed to his partner.

The Grammy-award winner was in the middle of her second sold out Melbourne performance last night when she brought 37-year-old Chris and his partner Wade on stage.

Usually, the singer places signed letters on some of the seats in the arena to surprise fans, but she said she fell asleep yesterday afternoon and didn’t get around to writing the letters.

To make up for it, Adele brought the pair on stage after she saw Chris burst into tears when she opened her concert with her song ‘Hello’.

Little did she know that the gesture would cause a heart-stopping moment for the couple - and the crowd - when Wade asked Chris to marry him in front of the packed Etihad Stadium.

A cheer went up with Chris said “yes”, despite looking a little shell-shocked.

“That wasn’t planned, I had no idea,” Adele said after the show.

It wasn’t the only dramatic moment in the performance – the singer stopped singing at one stage to reprimand a security guard.

“Just before we got to the next song…excuse me sir? Could you stop telling people to sit down?” Adele said

“If you don’t like dancing, don’t come to a f---ing music show.

“If I see one more person get told to sit down, I swear to God.”

The Melbourne gig was her last Australian show for her tour.

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