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AMP AIT Global Infrastructure - UT04

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    Equity Region World

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    Above Average

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AMP Group

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Large Growth

The Cohen & Steers investment process begins with the identification of the core global infrastructure investment universe. Analysts then formulate independent views on all infrastructure and utility companies. A proprietary macro sector overlay is used, which ranks the attractiveness of the infrastructure sub-sectors based on several key drivers. After sector level over and underweights are established, security level weightings are determined based upon the output of the analyst-driven fundamental research and valuation models. A stock screen identifies companies that exhibit the key infrastructure characteristics - stable cash flows, largely regulated and monopolistic businesses, and high barriers to entry. This leaves a global listed infrastructure investment universe that includes approximately 300 companies totalling $2.1 trillion of market capitalization. Sub-sectors include utilities, gas pipelines, water, toll roads, airports, railroads, ports and telecommunications.

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Initial Purchase 1,000
Initial Purchase: IRA NA
Initial Purchase: AIP NA



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