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Al Fresco - Vegetarian Picnic

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Vegetarian Picnic

This picnic has plenty of food that can be made ahead for convenience. The dishes are all easy to pack, and won’t spoil in hot weather. Even though it is vegetarian, it won’t disappoint the meat eaters, as there is a hearty pie and some meaty lentils.


Day before

Make the cheese and onion pie , leave to cool, and put in a sealable container.

Make the banana, date, and walnut loaf , leave to cool, and put in a sealable container.

2 hours

Prepare the potato and paprika omelet , leave to cool, slice into portions, and put into a sealable container.

1 hour

Prepare the lentils , cover, and leave to sit in a bowl while you prepare the chickpeas . Cover both dishes, and leave to sit so the flavors have time to develop.

30 minutes

Stir the lentils and the chickpeas , and pack in sealable containers.


Make the tomato, red onion, and mozzarella salad last, and pack in a sealable container.

Pre-slice the pie and loaf if desired, or pack a knife. Pack plenty of napkins and beverages.

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